Itzy Lia Speak english! Interview on M Countdown 140219

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • ITZY Interview on M Countdown!
    Itzy debut stage on 140219 at M Countdown
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  • Shooketh
    Shooketh 16 days ago

    her accent is a bit like Wendys. So kawaii 💞

  • faye nana
    faye nana 19 days ago

    OMG WJSN and ITZY together!!! BTW Lia is so fluent in english

  • Ruri Catherinee
    Ruri Catherinee Month ago

    i love “all around the worl”

  • Nama pi Japan Fan
    Nama pi Japan Fan Month ago

    Lia, I love ur english it's so fluent💖💖💖😄😄😄

  • aDorKable Girl
    aDorKable Girl Month ago


  • On the move
    On the move Month ago

    She speaks really good English.

  • i abandoned this account sksk

    Why do idols sound diffrent when they speak in english? Her voice sounds so cute i love the accent 😍

  • Kawaii Roy
    Kawaii Roy Month ago +3

    Lia sounds like Nancy and Rosé when she speaks English.

  • Emilee Sada
    Emilee Sada Month ago

    She sounds kinda like Nancy to me😂💙

  • ayumiś
    ayumiś Month ago +25

    Twice : One in a Million
    Itzy : All in Us

    So cute

  • mpiet
    mpiet Month ago +1


  • Terry A.J.
    Terry A.J. Month ago +2

    Is she really fluent?

    • loganlizg
      loganlizg Month ago +3

      Yes. She used to live in Canada and that's where she learned English. That's why her accent is so good.

  • Belinda :)
    Belinda :) Month ago +69

    Lia sounds american when she speaks English😂😂

    • loganlizg
      loganlizg Month ago +12

      She used to live in Canada.

  • DatVideoDoe
    DatVideoDoe Month ago +10

    A 2 minute video with a 20 second intro just to hear Lia speak 10 seconds of English

  • mac and cheese
    mac and cheese Month ago +40

    lmao that smooth subtle mic pass to lia tho

  • Camila Olguin Bustos

    yah her voice is beautiful hahaha

  • Deyna Orquera
    Deyna Orquera Month ago +38

    That "kpop fans all around the World " sounds like RM. I hope that one day itzy and TXT make a collaboration.

  • 🇰🇷🎤YoongTaeMin🎤🇰🇷 (Jeon Ji Min)

    I just found my bias

  • 서니다닉
    서니다닉 Month ago +16

    Omg lia is so awkward in this! How cute uwu

  • Crystal 07
    Crystal 07 Month ago +23

    In one girl group only one member can speak English is ITZY and Twice
    Look, I’m not Twice and ITZY anti fan
    I like them both
    My bias is Tzuyu and Ryujin

      STAN TALENT STAN ITZY 23 days ago

      Blackpink's Rosé, Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo(understands but too shy to talk) can speak English very well.

    • Crystal 07
      Crystal 07 Month ago +1

      I forgot Red Velvet
      Joy,Yeri and Wendy are my bias

    • Little Lamp
      Little Lamp Month ago +1

      red velvet's wendy is also a english speaker

  • illie
    illie Month ago +43

    Lia starts talking at 1:30

  • Althea Monte De Ramos
    Althea Monte De Ramos Month ago +52

    Omg to me she sounds like Wendy from red velvet and she kind of has a Canadian accent so cute

  • Rebel Queen830
    Rebel Queen830 Month ago +5

    She sounds like Lim from wonder girls

    BLACK PINK Month ago


  • 메메
    메메 Month ago +140

    when said be there i had the sudden urge to say "or be sqaure... nobody wants to be square."

    • Lois Lyn Padlan
      Lois Lyn Padlan 9 days ago +1

      this is NCT's line for sure hahaha mark and johnny 😂

    • Chenle's Laugh
      Chenle's Laugh 11 days ago

      bE tHerE? oR bE sQuARe?

    • SimplyOna
      SimplyOna Month ago

      *walks away astonished*

    • Belinda :)
      Belinda :) Month ago

      +a simple frog good one😉

    • a simple frog
      a simple frog Month ago +2

      fun fact: the reason people say "be there or be square" is because you wont be aROUND

  • lucia zarate
    lucia zarate Month ago +2

    My Lia 😍💋🌹

  • ragu girl
    ragu girl Month ago +13

    they all look so tall. are they actually?

    • himerinneYT
      himerinneYT Month ago

      +Jockegiirl ❶ Yeah its still wrong, but I hope she still wears the long pants until she turns 18, i dont want her to wear short skirts and shorts yet :(


      +Tzuyu Zhou but she grow up

    • Jockegiirl ❶
      Jockegiirl ❶ Month ago

      +BLACKPINK YOUR PATRONS so? its tell wrong

    • Tzuyu Zhou
      Tzuyu Zhou Month ago

      +BLACKPINK YOUR PATRONS they say Yuna is 170cm


      +Jockegiirl ❶ yeah.... but she does not look uncomfortable with those clothes, that's the good thing

  • Idkanymore
    Idkanymore Month ago +535

    her accent is so disney channel sounding😂😂 was not expecting that, so cute

    • Idkanymore
      Idkanymore 19 days ago

      +Rick Grayson really? haha makes sense now 😂

    • Rick Grayson
      Rick Grayson 20 days ago +3

      Its funny that you mention that because she has actually worked with Disney before for the Korean dub of some movies.

    • Muhd . Danish . Farihin
      Muhd . Danish . Farihin Month ago +1

      Yeah... She could do voice over Sofia the First

    • SUGArfish
      SUGArfish Month ago +4

      the accuracy eye-

    • wassup waddup
      wassup waddup Month ago +1

      It really is omg

  • 딸기달콤한
    딸기달콤한 Month ago +279

    *lia looks like jisoo and irene but when she smiles and speak english even doing aegyos she looks like jennie*
    edit: i did not expect having this much of likes it's my first time ㅋㅋㅋ

    • hello im Deadpool
      hello im Deadpool 21 day ago

      Is it me or does she kinda look like hyoyeon of snsd

    • i abandoned this account sksk
      i abandoned this account sksk Month ago

      She has jennies smile

    • Solo Asian
      Solo Asian Month ago +2

      +딸기달콤한 no, I just wish we can distinguish her as Lia instead of Jennie or Irene. You know?

    • 딸기달콤한
      딸기달콤한 Month ago +2

      Solo Asian just their faces and who they look like this isn't bad right? lol

    • Solo Asian
      Solo Asian Month ago +1

      Why is it that we always have to compare

  • Fira Miyashita
    Fira Miyashita Month ago +11

    But like korean i only understand rose BP if kpop girlgroup speak english

  • nuril hotijah
    nuril hotijah 2 months ago +126

    Lia speak English looks like Jennie 😂

  • Weirdotrix Weirdotrix
    Weirdotrix Weirdotrix 2 months ago +215

    I love how fluent Lia is in English ; I mean she did use to live in Canada 🇨🇦. Sending love to ITZY from the 🇬🇧 UK/Philippines🇵🇭!!! 🥰❤️❤️💕💝

  • Inquisitve m
    Inquisitve m 2 months ago +32

    Lia is cute!