Itzy Lia Speak english! Interview on M Countdown 140219

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • ITZY Interview on M Countdown!
    Itzy debut stage on 140219 at M Countdown

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  • Anne Ree
    Anne Ree 14 days ago

    Let's talk about her earrings .. 🙄 anw., That's cute .. 😍

  • Mai Cohen
    Mai Cohen 16 days ago

    1:22 this is so funny how lia asked for the mic😂

  • Lxxrt
    Lxxrt 19 days ago

    I love YEJI’s eyes!!! And LIA’s cute smile

  • Jindora The Explorer

    Lia's face looks like she doesnt know how to speak english lmao but rhyujin face looks like she does

  • SAY_ME
    SAY_ME 23 days ago +5

    I love the way she pokes Yuna to give her mic. LOL

  • MARJ
    MARJ 24 days ago +4

    Lia: "Be there."
    Mark & Johnny: "Or be square."

  • Tatiana Choi
    Tatiana Choi 25 days ago +1

    She sounds like a little cartoon and I love it

  • 11 -
    11 - 27 days ago +1

    what is itzy's fandom name

    • 11 -
      11 - 8 days ago

      @kellyyuu kelly okay i am one of the midzies

    • kellyyuu kelly
      kellyyuu kelly 9 days ago

      Midzy.. i dont know how to explain the meaning but its about trust

  • Amy Gachie
    Amy Gachie 29 days ago +1

    0:39 Bona already tired 😂😂😂

  • angelie x
    angelie x Month ago +1


  • taesjacket
    taesjacket Month ago +1


  • Hannah Roest
    Hannah Roest Month ago +5

    Lia is the cutest thing ever!! Her accent is the cutest

  • samu casta
    samu casta Month ago +2

    Lia should be visual too

  • Angel Marleth
    Angel Marleth Month ago +4

    I don't get why also my bias name is jisoo haha black pink's Kim jisoo, twice park jisoo (jihyo), and itzy choi jisoo (lia)

    • kellyyuu kelly
      kellyyuu kelly 9 days ago

      @Leinad Tineo hahaha next time dont said people dumb when ur the one that actually dumb

    • Leinad Tineo
      Leinad Tineo 24 days ago

      Ipinkx7 oop nevermind sorry for being ignorant and kinda rude I didn’t know

    • Ipinkx7
      Ipinkx7 24 days ago +1

      Leinad Tineo she changed her name it was jisoo

    • Leinad Tineo
      Leinad Tineo 24 days ago

      jihyo’s real name isn’t jisoo it’s jihyo, you can literally search it up, don’t be dumb.

  • Mochi’s Wife
    Mochi’s Wife Month ago +2

    ShE bleW mY mInD
    Even i dont have that good english

  • LiSoo Chaeng
    LiSoo Chaeng Month ago

    Suprice mudafakaz!

  • Ghelianne Unnie
    Ghelianne Unnie Month ago +3

    her pronounciation is good just like Momoland's Daisy

  • Rizkan Humanity
    Rizkan Humanity 2 months ago +5

    The way she speaks, it's sound like she is good in English

  • EpicThe112
    EpicThe112 2 months ago

    does anyone know to which Canadian city is she from Pacific time zone Vancouver just like NCT Mark and Daisy from Momoland or Eastern Time Zone Toronto

    • EpicThe112
      EpicThe112 2 months ago +1

      @Eliwood Pherae thanks for telling me that would make her speak Canadian English Toronto dialect like Wendy & Henry Super Junior

    • Eliwood Pherae
      Eliwood Pherae 2 months ago +1


  • lerche noire
    lerche noire 2 months ago +2

    Why does lia say she’s “from Canada” when she was born in SK and only lived in Toronto for 2 years? Her accent isn’t even a native English speaker’s accent. But she’s gotten comments like her Korean is so good? Yeah, because she’s a Korean from Korea

  • Orea Cakes
    Orea Cakes 2 months ago +2

    Lia's accent is so mesmorizing and so cute!! I cant explain it, its just plain cute! ❤💛💚💙💜

  • whiazel yu
    whiazel yu 2 months ago

    The add was bts fake love it was 4 minutes long or so but I didn’t skip it

  • Dragon God
    Dragon God 2 months ago +1

    I know everyone's gonna judge me for this, but she sounds little bit like daisy from momoland when she speaks English but not exactly

    • Dragon God
      Dragon God Month ago

      Since they both lived in Canada

    • Dragon God
      Dragon God Month ago

      Yeah, that makes sense actually

    • destiny rodriguez
      destiny rodriguez Month ago

      Daisy lived in Vancouver for 11 years and Lia studied in Toronto for a couple of years so that’s why they kinda sound a like

  • Ryujin's girlfriend
    Ryujin's girlfriend 3 months ago +32

    Lia should have ended her speech with: "And you're watching Disney Chanel" and do the wand movement thing and draw mickey mouse on the air

  • milorrad
    milorrad 3 months ago +1

    She sounds like Mark, I guess it must be a Canadian thing 💁🏻‍♀️

  • Dahmo4Life
    Dahmo4Life 3 months ago +1

    I am just SHOOK

  • Tiara Arum
    Tiara Arum 3 months ago +1

    Saya sama sekali suka lia yg suka lia komen di bawah

  • blandin50
    blandin50 4 months ago +1

    Omg I did not expect that love her vocie and how sassy she sounds

  • LlamaLlama Any Llama
    LlamaLlama Any Llama 4 months ago +1

    She kinda sound like a mix of Nancy and Daisy mixed

  • Melanie Pal
    Melanie Pal 4 months ago


  • hellybabef
    hellybabef 4 months ago +1

    It's very embarrassing. It's something they'll laugh at some years later hahaha

  • Jocelyn Lyv
    Jocelyn Lyv 4 months ago +11

    Is it just me or does JYP not care about Day6 anymore.....
    GOT7: Come and get it
    TWICE: One in a million
    Stray Kids: Step out
    ITZY: All in us
    Day6: Hello we are Day6 :/

    • Jocelyn Lyv
      Jocelyn Lyv 2 months ago

      @Eliwood Pherae i know that theyre a band but i didnt know about the greetibgs thing, thanks for telling me

    • Eliwood Pherae
      Eliwood Pherae 2 months ago +2

      @Jocelyn Lyv DAY6 is a band that's why they don't really need those greetings that idols do

    • Jocelyn Lyv
      Jocelyn Lyv 2 months ago

      @Eliwood Pherae what-

    • Eliwood Pherae
      Eliwood Pherae 2 months ago

      They're not idols so...

  • szonja urbanics
    szonja urbanics 4 months ago +9

    Hi I'm Lia and you're watching Disney channel!

  • Cat Bunny
    Cat Bunny 4 months ago +8

    Next Global GIRLGROUP

  • สมใจ พอแล้ว


  • Shooketh
    Shooketh 5 months ago +3

    her accent is a bit like Wendys. So kawaii 💞

    • 신비
      신비 3 months ago

      She lived in Canada for 2 or 3 years.

  • sssophyaa 1004
    sssophyaa 1004 5 months ago +4

    OMG WJSN and ITZY together!!! BTW Lia is so fluent in english

  • Ruri Catherinee
    Ruri Catherinee 6 months ago

    i love “all around the worl”

    • destiny rodriguez
      destiny rodriguez Month ago

      TAEHYUNG'S SERVANT how did you interpret this as “mocking” because when I read this I see someone saying that they love the way she said “all around the world” because the way she said it was really cute

      TAEHYUNG'S SERVANT Month ago

      are u mocking her accent? lol she has an american accent becuz she lived in canada for years and she doesn't have a korean accent

  • Emma Rose Delos Santos
    Emma Rose Delos Santos 6 months ago +3

    Lia, I love ur english it's so fluent💖💖💖😄😄😄

  • aDorKable Girl
    aDorKable Girl 6 months ago


  • On the move
    On the move 6 months ago +1

    She speaks really good English.

  • Im Nayeon
    Im Nayeon 6 months ago +71

    Lia sounds like Nancy and Rosé when she speaks English.

  • Emilee Sada
    Emilee Sada 6 months ago +8

    She sounds kinda like Nancy to me😂💙

  • Ayumiś
    Ayumiś 6 months ago +350

    Twice : One in a Million
    Itzy : All in Us

    So cute

  • mpiet
    mpiet 6 months ago +2


  • Terry A.J.
    Terry A.J. 6 months ago +4

    Is she really fluent?

    • Logan Gray
      Logan Gray 6 months ago +7

      Yes. She used to live in Canada and that's where she learned English. That's why her accent is so good.

  • DatVideoDoe
    DatVideoDoe 6 months ago +40

    A 2 minute video with a 20 second intro just to hear Lia speak 10 seconds of English

  • mac and cheese
    mac and cheese 6 months ago +184

    lmao that smooth subtle mic pass to lia tho

    • 배주현Kaiyu
      배주현Kaiyu Month ago +1

      I didn’t even notice at first lmaoo i thought she had a third mic

    • Jasper Aecil
      Jasper Aecil 6 months ago +2

      I just noticed lmfao

  • Camila Olguin Bustos
    Camila Olguin Bustos 6 months ago +2

    yah her voice is beautiful hahaha

  • Deyna Orquera
    Deyna Orquera 6 months ago +128

    That "kpop fans all around the World " sounds like RM. I hope that one day itzy and TXT make a collaboration.

    • Juna Chuah
      Juna Chuah Month ago +3

      Wait what? RM is from bts?? Why does the topic suddenly change to txt?

  • 🇰🇷🎤YoongTaeMin🎤🇰🇷 (Jeon Ji Min)

    I just found my bias

  • 서니다닉
    서니다닉 6 months ago +47

    Omg lia is so awkward in this! How cute uwu

  • Crystal 07
    Crystal 07 6 months ago +55

    In one girl group only one member can speak English is ITZY and Twice
    Look, I’m not Twice and ITZY anti fan
    I like them both
    My bias is Tzuyu and Ryujin

    • Mikie E
      Mikie E Month ago +1

      @xxx revelink Lisa is not fluent speaking. However is fluent reading and listening. She is also a really good speaker although not fluent because she has a limited vocabulary simply because she never lived in an English speaking country. She far and away has the best English of any idol who hasn't lived in an English Speaking country. She would be the main English speaker if she was in Twice. Still the fact that she's the 3rd best English speaker in a group of 4 means it is a big advantage for the group. 3 of 4 are fluent or good at English enough to converse. Its a plus. Period

    • xxx revelink
      xxx revelink 4 months ago

      @STAN TALENT STAN ITZY Jisoo can't speak in english, just some few words and for Lisa she's kinda good and her pronunciation is lit but she's not that fluent like Jennie and Rosé.

    • SNSD/twice BTS/2pm
      SNSD/twice BTS/2pm 4 months ago +1

      @STAN TALENT STAN ITZY jisoo english not good and cant speak lisa good

    • Crystal 07
      Crystal 07 4 months ago

      Jeon Joi ok

    • Zoe Bernales
      Zoe Bernales 5 months ago

      We have the same bias in twice and itzy

  • bᥣᥙ
    bᥣᥙ 7 months ago +190

    Lia starts talking at 1:30

    • Hà
       7 months ago +2


  • Althea Monte De Ramos
    Althea Monte De Ramos 7 months ago +167

    Omg to me she sounds like Wendy from red velvet and she kind of has a Canadian accent so cute

    • — blossom
      — blossom Month ago

      Althea Monte De Ramos i am Canadian

    • Eliwood Pherae
      Eliwood Pherae 2 months ago +2

      @ant billionz Lia is from Toronto too

    • ant billionz
      ant billionz 2 months ago

      Wendy is from Toronto lol that's is at the bottom of Canada close to the US and people from Toronto have American accents . in order to hear a Canadian accent they would have to travel 8 hours away from Toronto

    • Lilly Teafield
      Lilly Teafield 6 months ago +24

      She actually lived in Canada!

  • Rebel Queen830
    Rebel Queen830 7 months ago +11

    She sounds like Lim from wonder girls

  • Bangtan Army
    Bangtan Army 7 months ago


  • 메메
    메메 7 months ago +423

    when said be there i had the sudden urge to say "or be sqaure... nobody wants to be square."

  • lucia zarate
    lucia zarate 7 months ago +4

    My Lia 😍💋🌹

  • ragu girl
    ragu girl 7 months ago +20

    they all look so tall. are they actually?