Ways Your Eye Color can CHANGE

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • Step in front of a mirror or turn on that front-facing camera and take a look at your eyes. They glisten and glow and convey emotions or a lack thereof. Some people aren’t happy with what they naturally have and wish to change it. Is this possible? Keep watching to learn all about how eye color works and what can change it!
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    5. Iris Implants
    The thought of placing a thin contact lens on your eyeball is enough to make some people squirm. If that’s not pleasant for you to think about, then the thought of inserting something inside your eye sounds even more awful. Iris implants are real, and they are a more drastic way to change your eye color. If you are completely unhappy with your natural eyes and do not want to settle for contact lenses or makeup, then iris implant surgery does exist. This is how it works: the surgeon cuts a small slit into the cornea and inserts an artificial iris made of silicone, colored to your choosing. Simple, right? Iris implant surgery was created for people who had irises that did not develop normally (as a result of certain health conditions). However, some surgeons have turned this procedure to serve an aesthetic purpose. Studies show that series complications such as cataracts, injury to the cornea, and blindness or reduced vision can happen after this procedure. With that information, you have to think to yourself, “is it worth it?”

    4. Health
    Your health plays a big part in what you look like. If you exercise and eat right, it will show in your skin, weight, and shape. Likewise, if you’re unhealthy on the inside, it will eventually show on the outside. You might not have realized this can also mean your eyes! Eye color may change in individuals with diseases like pigmentary glaucoma, Horner’s syndrome, or Fuch’s heterochromatic iridocyclitis. The iris is a muscle. Unlike the muscles in the rest of your body, we can see it without an X-Ray. Should the tissue be subject to disease, it will be apparent. Eye color may appear foggy, look more grey, and even have a tinge of dark blue.
    3. Food
    You are what you eat and the food you eat aligns with the state of your health. Similar to what we said previously your diet can affect your eyeballs. Some people swear that eating honey everyday for over two months can lighten your eye color. Those who abide by this method also suggest that you mix pure honey with water with bottled water and put that in your eyes. Doctors do not recommend this because you could end up with an eye infection! If you’re going to attempt to change your eye color, eat the honey instead. Other foods like chamomile tea, onions, and fish could alter your eye color, too. Another favorite method is eating more spinach. This leaf contains lots of carotenoids lutein, zeaxanthin, and iron which brighten your eyes if you consume it on the regular. Aside from aesthetic, spinach is also good for your eye health, skin, and hair. Some people claim that adhering to a raw vegan diet can supposedly cause a dramatic change, like turning brown eyes into blue. However, most experts say this is impossible.

    2. Laser Surgery
    Typically, people undergo laser eye surgery to improve their vision through a procedure known as “LASIK.” There are other ways to use lasers on the eye to change its appearance, too. Unlike implants, nothing is being added to your eye. Doctors use the laser to destroy dark pigment in the iris. Removing the dark pigment allows the iris to pick up blue wavelengths that reflect as blue eyes. California-based company, Stroma Medical, promote this method and say it only takes 20 seconds to complete. Is this method safe? The ones who perform it would probably say so, but laser surgery for cosmetic purposes is something that has yet to gain approval in the United States. Those who live in North America can travel to Mexico or Costa Rica to have the procedure done and pay around $5,000. For it to be approved in the US, expect to wait another couple years for the results of more clinical trials.

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