Top 10 Most Famous Queens in History

  • Опубликовано: 11 авг 2014
  • Whether hapless pawns, political power players or iconic princesses, these ladies broke their royal mold. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 most famous queens in history. Check us out at, and
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Комментарии • 3 003

  • Hansel Gutierrez Riera
    Hansel Gutierrez Riera 8 часов назад

    For sure Mary Queen of Scots is my favorites 🥰😍🥰

  • Loni Hoots
    Loni Hoots 4 дня назад

    Why the heck did Queen Catherine of Aragon only get an honorable mention? She did more than Anne ever did. Not only that, she taught Henry how to rule and govern as a king, as well being a daughter of two insanely powerful parents, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Castille of Spain.

  • Eduardo Cabredo Nora
    Eduardo Cabredo Nora 4 дня назад

    My favourite queen is marie antoinette

  • free lance
    free lance 5 дней назад

    Wrong title.
    Should be "10 famous queens in Western History" !!!!

  • Matias Figo
    Matias Figo 5 дней назад

    Where is Queen Madonna? Her Madgesty, the one and only Queen of Pop!!

  • Actually Nobody
    Actually Nobody 6 дней назад

    Where is Catherine de Medici, Isabella I of Castile and Mary Tudor ? There are too many famous queens to fit them into a top 10

  • Abdulmalik Alghamdi
    Abdulmalik Alghamdi 8 дней назад


  • anthony taylor
    anthony taylor 8 дней назад

    This documentary proved interesting and exciting! I did not know that Queen Maria Theresa of Austria was the mother of Marie-Antoinette. It gives an in depth outline as to why these women proved to be the Queens that they were during their time on this earth.

  • Mielad Melad
    Mielad Melad 8 дней назад

    Elizabeth 1 Queen of England

  • Rich Mothafucker
    Rich Mothafucker 9 дней назад

    Mary, the Queen of Scots is my queen

  • Alhan Firoz
    Alhan Firoz 10 дней назад

    How can u even not mention the highly famous and respected queens who ruled India(country bigger than any mentioned in this video).. Razia Sultan and Rani Padmavati.. they broke all norms and are known for their uniqueness !!

  • Arvin Paculaba
    Arvin Paculaba 14 дней назад

    Where’s Freddie?

  • Whitley Beaver
    Whitley Beaver 17 дней назад

    Do many queens yet no female American president

  • Jack Doomsday
    Jack Doomsday 18 дней назад

    Monica Bellucci as Cleopatra was the best queen of all time

  • Amohelang Kau
    Amohelang Kau 20 дней назад

    Cleo, my queen!!

  • Amohelang Kau
    Amohelang Kau 20 дней назад

    I have a weirdo obsession with the 1800s and the 1700s and the 1600s

  • Amohelang Kau
    Amohelang Kau 20 дней назад

    When i heard Austira i thought Hitler!!

  • Razer Shark
    Razer Shark 20 дней назад

    What about empress of assyria semiramis ?

  • Duke Wayne
    Duke Wayne 22 дня назад


  • Kenni Cumberbatch
    Kenni Cumberbatch 22 дня назад

    This list is absolute trash! You ignored so many good queens and emperesses.
    Isabela I of Castile, Isabella of Portugal, St. Olga of Kiev, Maria I of Portugal, Nzinga of Matamba, just to name a few! All much better options then some of names listed.

  • Shershah Safi
    Shershah Safi 23 дня назад

    This RU-clip channel is actually is a dickhead where is Isabella kosem hurrem turhan this is just a white history

  • litogor
    litogor 24 дня назад

    Aliénor of Aquitaine? Catherine of Medicis? Many queens in your rankings are historically much less important than these two queens!
    Your rankings are Hollywood .....

  • Srushti K
    Srushti K 25 дней назад

    Mary queen of Scots.! 💞

  • Anna Marie Embestro
    Anna Marie Embestro 26 дней назад

    Why do almost ALL of those queens die? It's like they betrayed the king or something!

  • Ludivine REYNAUD
    Ludivine REYNAUD 27 дней назад

    This list should be named the most famous Queens from the point of view of the average Briton. How about Catherine de Medicis, Margaret of Valois or Empress Elisabeth of Austria ? Ann Boleyn is hardly one of the most famous worldwide although TV and films have popularized her recently, and mentioning her in this list is preposterous. It's also silly to say that "little is known about Marie Antoinette's true character" seeing as she's probably one of the most documented royal ever.

  • Danielle Dewitt
    Danielle Dewitt 27 дней назад

    I know who Elizabeth I favourite maid of honour was. Lady Margaret Radcliffe of ordsall hall. Margaret’s twin brother Alexanda was killed in ireland and heartbroken the same year she starved herself to death.

  • Mibsam Ali
    Mibsam Ali 28 дней назад

    Where is Margrete I

  • Kristijan Grdjan
    Kristijan Grdjan 29 дней назад

    What about Mary I? "Bloody Mary" wasn't even for honorable mention?

  • A.R.M.Y_ Squad
    A.R.M.Y_ Squad 29 дней назад

    Why isn’t JAMES CHARLES on here?!
    Just kidding


  • D'angelo Russell
    D'angelo Russell 29 дней назад

    Where’s Freddie?

  • Samik Basu
    Samik Basu 29 дней назад

    Isabella I of Castile, Empress Elizabeth of Russia, Dowager Empress Tzu Shi of China, Mughal Empress Noor Jahan and Queen Lakshmibai from India should have been mentioned. Just European Queens doesn't give the video a complete n actual worldwide representation.

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez Месяц назад

    Queen Isabella is missing, her union of Spain and conquests by far outdo the accomplishments of queen Elizabeth the firsts!

  • Winterhude
    Winterhude Месяц назад +1

    When you say "10 most famous", the question is famous where and to whom. As you would expect from an American/British video, it includes mostly British queens, with some "backup actresses" from Russia and Western Europe and an exotic falvour from Egypt. But with all due respect to Catalina de Aragon, who was Henry VIII's wife and this is why whe is mentioned, along with her rival Anne Boleyn, where is Isabella of Spain? The most influencial queen of her time? The queen who united Spain and began the era of the most powerful country of its time? The queen who invented the concept of modern state, who financed the Colombus missions and, together with Ferdinand of Aragon, completed the Reconquista and, also, expelled the Jews (yes, people can be famous also for negative actions which affected the whole continent). Not even mentioning her under honorable mentions, while other less influential queens (Europe-wise and globally) are in the main list, says a lot about this video's intentions.

  • djmm77
    djmm77 Месяц назад

    Littered with inaccuracies. Do a bit of research for goodness sake...

  • Arjon Printshop
    Arjon Printshop Месяц назад

    Where is
    Sorghaghtani Beki of mongol empire?

  • Axel Lee
    Axel Lee Месяц назад

    urmmm... you forgot CERSEI from GoT and Queen Elsa from Frozen LOL

  • my street
    my street Месяц назад

    Queen elizebeth I👑👑👗👗👗🧤🧤👛👛

  • Aub Rey
    Aub Rey Месяц назад


  • Deea Ava and IMVU
    Deea Ava and IMVU Месяц назад

    Where is Catherine de' Medici? The queen of France???

  • Regina Tiopengco
    Regina Tiopengco Месяц назад

    Catherine of Aragon is more deserving than Anne Boleyn.. She fought for England!and won the battle , killed James iv of Scots.

  • Nafa Kim
    Nafa Kim Месяц назад

    anyone knows the title of the song?

  • Bhavesh Parekh
    Bhavesh Parekh Месяц назад

    Queen of Sheba? Dowager Empress of China? Rani of Jhansi?

  • Apisalome Rokovu
    Apisalome Rokovu Месяц назад

    Where is Queen Mary of Teck ?

  • Wan Intan Syuhanna
    Wan Intan Syuhanna Месяц назад

    cik siti wan kembang pon famous ehh, asal xde? (sya gurau)

    JGN CHANNEL Месяц назад

    Mary, Mother of the World

  • Daniel Madrid
    Daniel Madrid Месяц назад

    WTF were is oprha?

  • Nelley Coco bean
    Nelley Coco bean Месяц назад +1

    What about Powerful African Queens??

  • leah Renee
    leah Renee Месяц назад


  • ratna ratna
    ratna ratna Месяц назад +1

    where are the ottoman Queens??????????????
    Hurrem Sultan??? Nurbanu Sultan??,Safiye Sultan???? , Kosem Sultan????,Turhan Sultan????????????????? where are they???????

  • Preet Sanghvi
    Preet Sanghvi Месяц назад

    Rani(Queen) of Jhansi

  • Bridget Fitzgerald
    Bridget Fitzgerald Месяц назад

    I don't know what it is about Queen Anne Boleyn and her daughter Queen Elizabeth that spark so much interest in me, but those are my favorites.

  • Gabriel mamusu
    Gabriel mamusu Месяц назад

    thank ...nice

  • Mayra Alexandra
    Mayra Alexandra Месяц назад

    WHERES #REGINAMILLS ???? #EvilQueen

  • Mila Burhanzai
    Mila Burhanzai Месяц назад

    Mary Queen of Scots👌🏻

  • Jeon Junookie
    Jeon Junookie Месяц назад

    i thought it would be Queen Elizabeth the I is on No.1

  • Yash Dasgupta
    Yash Dasgupta Месяц назад

    Where is Queen Manikarnika, whose bravery has inspired countless women after her and even has a section of our army named after her?

  • Astro Matrix
    Astro Matrix Месяц назад +1

    Oh shit, I just started watching Reign and the number 10 entry spoiled the end of the series for me noooo 😂😭

  • Maytal Acedo
    Maytal Acedo Месяц назад

    I honesty feel bad 4 Anne. She died 4 her husband selfish reasons.

  • Nigel von Habsburg-Lotharingen von Meerendonk

    Maria Theresia of Austria the Empress is my 7th overgrandma and Marie Antoinette is my 6 times overaunt!!😍💖

  • Rohan Saxena
    Rohan Saxena Месяц назад

    Rani of Jhansi should also be included a she was one of the most successful monarch in the indian rebellion of 1857

  • Nj Simmawa
    Nj Simmawa Месяц назад

    Queen Elizabeth I and Anne Boleyn

  • Cutiexoxo 344
    Cutiexoxo 344 Месяц назад +1

    How about Hurrem Sultan?

  • Priscilla Gray
    Priscilla Gray Месяц назад

    My favorite queen is Marie Antoinette

  • Cydney Senior
    Cydney Senior Месяц назад

    Freddie Mercury didn't even get an honorable mention

  • hamza elaloui
    hamza elaloui Месяц назад +1

    whats about sultan hurrem or sultan kosem from ottman empire or queen chajarat dorr of egypt or isabela of spain or catherein de madici

  • King BTS
    King BTS Месяц назад +1

    80 to 95% of the comments are about "Where is Isabella 1 of Castile?????"

  • The Crazy Colt
    The Crazy Colt Месяц назад

    Number one: Freddie Mercury

  • Larce Sakamoto
    Larce Sakamoto Месяц назад

    the virgin queen Elizabeth1

  • Just Kid
    Just Kid Месяц назад

    Where's Catherine de Medici? Isabella? Margaret of Anjou?

  • Evey Evel
    Evey Evel Месяц назад

    I was like are they going to put hupseput if I’m spelling it right but I did a project on her

  • S B
    S B Месяц назад

    Here was Queen Charlotte from Mecklenburg-Strelitz? She should’ve been in the #1 spot!!

  • Danna Vanessa
    Danna Vanessa Месяц назад

    I thought catherine the great was the number one because Im from Dominican Republic and she and queen victoria were the only ones in the list that I learned about in DR.

  • luke
    luke Месяц назад

    Queen Elizbeth II & Queen Victoria are my favourites

  • J. K.
    J. K. Месяц назад +1

    Next to Gloriana it's Queen Latifah all the way!

  • J. K.
    J. K. Месяц назад +1

    Queen Latifah rules!

  • Cynthia Martinez
    Cynthia Martinez Месяц назад

    I love Mary Queen of Scots and reign

  • Cynthia Martinez
    Cynthia Martinez Месяц назад

    Why isn't Catherine de Medici on here

  • Michael's Stupid Life
    Michael's Stupid Life Месяц назад +1

    I would have swapped Elizebeth I and Cleopatra

  • Michael's Stupid Life
    Michael's Stupid Life Месяц назад +1

    Marie Antoinette is a Gay Icon

  • Alejandro Marinie Cardona
    Alejandro Marinie Cardona Месяц назад

    And isabella of Castile?

  • Rijad Emrulai
    Rijad Emrulai Месяц назад

    Sorry im albanian from
    Europe but there is a queen whoo was not only a queen but she was queen of queens meaning Sultank which means she was wife of Sulltan and sultan is somthing like imperator but only Biger than him so Sultan after he died she was ruling for 10 years the whole Ottoman Empire and propably the steongest woman on throne was her she was to smart to beautiful and she keept throne untill her son was ready and grown up. Her name is this “ Kosem Sultan “

  • Aria David
    Aria David Месяц назад

    Mary, Queen of Scots was born a Queen. She was coronated formally after 6 days.

  • Anonymous Rock Fan
    Anonymous Rock Fan Месяц назад

    What about Freddie Mercury, he was the best queen of all time.

  • blueberry bae
    blueberry bae Месяц назад

    My favorite quen is without doubt
    Mary stewart

  • Cris Obare
    Cris Obare Месяц назад

    They potray Nefertiti, an ancient Egyptian queen, as a freckled caucasian woman. LMAO at the blatant white washing.

  • Hélène Kuragina
    Hélène Kuragina Месяц назад

    Catherine The Great should’ve been higher.

  • deepintosports
    deepintosports Месяц назад

    how dare can you not mention the most famous queen of all, The Catholic Queen of Spain the most powerful and first woman ever to rule an empire the lasted over 300 years, an empire that brought life to Europe, an empire that created a new race, the best empire ever period.

  • Amelie Paradis
    Amelie Paradis Месяц назад

    Razia Sultan? Laxmibai, Queen of Jhansi?

  • Reign is life Xoxo
    Reign is life Xoxo Месяц назад

    I love Mary queen of scouts

  • Lyle Petrov
    Lyle Petrov 2 месяца назад

    1.Our Lady Virgin Mariam mother of Jesus Yehushua 2.Cleopatra of Egypt
    3.Catherine of Russia
    4.Marie Antoinette of France
    5.Maria Théresa of Hapsburg

  • Vijay Sivan
    Vijay Sivan 2 месяца назад +1

    Where is queen of jhansi manikarnika ( India)

    • Vijay Sivan
      Vijay Sivan Месяц назад

      +Michael's Stupid Life she is famous too . Do check in Google

    • Michael's Stupid Life
      Michael's Stupid Life Месяц назад

      Vijay Sivan *Most Famous Queens

  • Rajat Prabhakar
    Rajat Prabhakar 2 месяца назад

    Queen of Jhansi & Razia Sultan both are missing

  • denzel curreee
    denzel curreee 2 месяца назад

    Isabella de Castille? Catherine de Medici?

  • mergirl2000 Dunne
    mergirl2000 Dunne 2 месяца назад

    Racist bastards Queen Cleopatra wasn't White

    • Fabian Hale
      Fabian Hale Месяц назад

      Kleopatra was Macedonian Greek mixed with Persian.

  • Roger Marcotte
    Roger Marcotte 2 месяца назад

    Again no mention of Isabella I of Spain, she was the creator of Spain, sent Columbus to the new world, and was the first woman ruler to give women property rights. Please talk about her in your most famous queens next time, ok.

  • aliclassiclibra100 libra100
    aliclassiclibra100 libra100 2 месяца назад +1

    Where is Hurrem Sultana and Kosem Sultana?

  • Zhain ‘96
    Zhain ‘96 2 месяца назад

    Mary Queen of scotssss everyone is My #1 QUEEN✨🥰

  • Venisse Alcontin
    Venisse Alcontin 2 месяца назад

    *causually waiting for Freddie Mercury to be #1*
    Dont mind me

  • Marjorie Machado
    Marjorie Machado 2 месяца назад

    Anne Boleyn💕

  • Caleb luvs locos
    Caleb luvs locos 2 месяца назад

    Fun fact: Elizabeth II has been on the throne since Wednesday 6th February 1952 and you didn’t mention that she is the longest reigning queen in the world.