How To Make Homemade Japanese Food

  • Published on May 20, 2018
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  • Rie McClenny
    Rie McClenny 11 months ago +15457

    Hope you enjoyed the video ☺️
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    • John M. Smyth
      John M. Smyth 9 hours ago

      What's the red stuff on the omelette?

    • Jiminie Mochi
      Jiminie Mochi 6 days ago

      I love the bento lunch

    • Kathryn Tan
      Kathryn Tan 20 days ago

      Hello Rie, thank you for this video I watched over so many times to get the cheese cake ingredients at the end. I love it, cooked in the rice cooker but it does not look the same as yours. If I cook it in my oven what degrees should I set and how long?

    • m i n i m a l
      m i n i m a l 25 days ago


  • The Soap Surgeon
    The Soap Surgeon 3 hours ago

    American kids need food like this in school!

  • Not Darris vuu
    Not Darris vuu 7 hours ago

    Me watching this tasty video and knowing damn well I won’t make any of these dishes

  • Ellisa Bell
    Ellisa Bell 7 hours ago


  • Exotic_ Dummy
    Exotic_ Dummy 8 hours ago

    Their bento boxes r so smol I feel like I eat so much now lo

  • fatieh channel
    fatieh channel 11 hours ago

    Too bad if you don’t like fish

  • Kami sama
    Kami sama 13 hours ago

    Can I leave the mirin and sake out?
    I don't think they would look at me with good eyes in the store :(

  • Shahida_ A
    Shahida_ A 16 hours ago

    W8....ries married?!

  • Farhan aja
    Farhan aja 20 hours ago

    watching these made me want to marry a Japanese women

  • AlishaHenderson
    AlishaHenderson 21 hour ago

    Where can I find a kids bento box like the one in the video? Amazon has lots, but I'd like one like the one she showed

  • cute sadia
    cute sadia 21 hour ago


  • jb from YT
    jb from YT Day ago

    Hi....this video made my hand cut many times and im a kid.

  • Skipep cooks
    Skipep cooks Day ago

    Or if you do not have tamago pan, you can use round pan peeps

  • Davey Houston
    Davey Houston Day ago

    She is the reason I only date japanese women and speak the language nihongogah wakarimas

  • Niko
    Niko Day ago

    I am not Japanese but 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾this must take so much work and the healthy foods that are being displayed here is amazing this probably the first time I ever wanted to eat something so healthy 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

    I am african and it takes long too to make traditional type of foods and I luv it so much but it's always nice to come out and try other foods aside from my own culture

    PUMPKINIII Day ago

    Why is there always a guy saying "Oh Yes!" in the background of every video. Should I be worried what is going behind the scenes

  • Altus Polydarmus

    Wait a minute.
    You're a Japanese chef who went to culinary school, who comes from a fisherman town, and also makes food from said hometown...
    Rie are you secretly Megumi from Food Wars?

  • Pee Jee_Gamingz
    Pee Jee_Gamingz Day ago

    My Favourite Dish is the one for Breakfast

  • give minseok his damn marshmallow!

    Breakfast: meat
    Lunch: meat
    Dinner: meat

  • Kpop is my life
    Kpop is my life Day ago +2

    And a 14 year old me not knowing how to crack an egg😭

  • Chibimoon143
    Chibimoon143 2 days ago

    I'm american and my family eats a bunch of fish too. Mostly Salmon and tuna. We pretty much eat a bunch of seafood in general. Like shrimp, lobster, crab etc. With some rice and broccoli on the side. Every now and then we treat ourselves to pizza or fried catfish, but most of the time I eat fish!

  • Omar.p Rawidigdo
    Omar.p Rawidigdo 2 days ago

    This story literally made me cry

  • Thom Poz
    Thom Poz 2 days ago


  • Thom Poz
    Thom Poz 2 days ago

    3:01 Hahaha. I saw what you did there! You used Inga's bento box!

  • Heidi Lee
    Heidi Lee 3 days ago

    Asians:flavourful and nice(btw I’m Asian)
    Americans:Grease,oil and a lot of SWEET STUFF!!

  • Myu CR
    Myu CR 3 days ago

    I love to eat the takoyaki the sell in isetan. the batter is slightly crisp and very soft, the octopus is very chewy, and the taste of the pickled ginger warms me up. not to mention the other toppings on it. it's best eaten hot. but I cant eat it very often :(

  • pimp master
    pimp master 3 days ago

    wholesome rie content

  • Short Clips
    Short Clips 3 days ago

    I thought onigiri was zoro's move

  • Short Clips
    Short Clips 3 days ago


  • Luo Chris
    Luo Chris 3 days ago

    rie:' i think the first time i made tamagoyaki was when i was twelve'
    i am twenty and its still so hard
    Rie's motto: once you know your rice cooker, its you friend

  • Vaishali Singh
    Vaishali Singh 3 days ago

    Your voice is so soothing 😁

  • ൠかさかさൠ
    ൠかさかさൠ 4 days ago

    from japan

  • Ulumalu
    Ulumalu 4 days ago

    This was great. Thank you.

  • Joseph Creel
    Joseph Creel 4 days ago +1


  • Steven Watt
    Steven Watt 5 days ago

    My favorite dish by far is Katsudon, my dad taught me how to make Tonkatsu when I was young but I never learned the next step with the miren and egg to make it into Katsudon

  • Weems Wong
    Weems Wong 5 days ago

    she makes it look so easy...but in reality.....

  • niggas変態と
    niggas変態と 5 days ago

    the cake said: wobbly wobbly wob wobble wobble

  • GachaMåtčhã
    GachaMåtčhã 5 days ago

    *thanks rie, I eat like a Japanese person eVeRy DaY*

  • david fortuin
    david fortuin 5 days ago

    I love Rie you can tell she cooks from the soul.

  • David LeClercq
    David LeClercq 6 days ago

    is there any specific reason for cooking the salmon on the parchment paper?

  • Lenovo Lenovo
    Lenovo Lenovo 6 days ago

    You are so blessed mashalah what a beautiful mother 🌸

  • Stephanie Balbuena
    Stephanie Balbuena 6 days ago

    What is the cloth with oil she used when cooking the egg?

  • Jordan Melgar
    Jordan Melgar 7 days ago

    Rie, you are simply amazing. Nothing else to add.

  • kamila20760
    kamila20760 7 days ago +1


  • James Harbour
    James Harbour 7 days ago

    my best friend from primary school was Japanese. Shall never forget his bento lunches :)

  • Anup L k
    Anup L k 7 days ago

    Please marry me I always wanted a Japanese wife... Even though they would refer me as gaijin

  • norwegian m8
    norwegian m8 7 days ago

    i have always wanted to vissit Japan and it stand at my number one thing i have to do before i go

  • Itz Gatcha Julz
    Itz Gatcha Julz 8 days ago

    Did rie say something about an husband?

  • GDcarlos0000
    GDcarlos0000 8 days ago

    It will be ramen

  • Phal Phara
    Phal Phara 8 days ago

    I love Japanese

  • Steve Ahlbom
    Steve Ahlbom 8 days ago

    I love Rie!! She makes it all looks so easy!

  • are you kirring mi irrriya??

    i’d love to try out the breakfast. as an asian myself i realized how i missed having a nutricious breakfast which is not sugar or nutella.

  • Anirban Datta
    Anirban Datta 8 days ago

    Japan is all about peace which reflects on the food

  • Fraggle Fkn Rock
    Fraggle Fkn Rock 9 days ago

    Octopus shaped weiner.. hmm interesting.

  • Deadly BEAST Tusar
    Deadly BEAST Tusar 9 days ago

    U r from Hiroshima !

  • Infor Mathe Music
    Infor Mathe Music 9 days ago


  • Nicola Valentine
    Nicola Valentine 9 days ago

    This is amazing

  • DarkSlidGamer
    DarkSlidGamer 10 days ago +3


    Sad Life...

  • Hamilton
    Hamilton 10 days ago

    that monotoned voice tho...

    • Aryana
      Aryana 3 days ago

      stop complaining

  • Michael Pugh
    Michael Pugh 10 days ago

    Chicken Fried Rice