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  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
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Comments • 433

  • Beyond Tubular
    Beyond Tubular 3 months ago +199

    Plane: **lands**
    _Clapping time_

    • Raven Black
      Raven Black 3 months ago

      Beyond Tubular “And the they clapped”

  • Trey Younger
    Trey Younger 8 days ago

    Wedding invitation on a post card, with a smiling cactus?...

    What a prick.

  • cmagee14
    cmagee14 17 days ago

    Beyond killin me just scrollin thru and not havin anything full screen😫😫😫

  • RBEO22
    RBEO22 Month ago

    Hey guys I missed the last meeting. Can someone tell me where I can cash in on my privilege?

  • kakumee
    kakumee 2 months ago

    The gates of hell needs to say welcome to the MLM... Wer family here and your our victim. I mean our him not...

  • Tanaka Sensei
    Tanaka Sensei 2 months ago

    Something I once saw involving the Bud Light Wedding clip (paraphrased):

    Also Straight people:

  • beckybrown
    beckybrown 2 months ago

    The first one was from a city 2 hours away from me😂😂 there should be one with a dinosaur walking across the street too

  • ayumihamano
    ayumihamano 2 months ago

    That’s an umbrella, not a sombrero.

  • Professor Chaos
    Professor Chaos 3 months ago

    10:19 Blair's cousin?

  • Cly Blue
    Cly Blue 3 months ago

    The bud light wedding straight out of the trailer park

  • MarvAlice
    MarvAlice 3 months ago

    and you thought them saying they identify as an attack helicopter was a joke!

  • Bonefetcher Brimley
    Bonefetcher Brimley 3 months ago

    I don't smash spiders. I let them go into my yard. I am accumulating spideric karma points.

  • Ace houndberry
    Ace houndberry 3 months ago

    2:08 something isn't right about that pose 🤔

  • big SNEK
    big SNEK 3 months ago

    *walks in white*

  • Anthony Rausch
    Anthony Rausch 3 months ago

    12:11 - 12:18 = Why, White People, Why?

  • Anthony Rausch
    Anthony Rausch 3 months ago +1

    1:17 - 1:30 = that ain't CREEPY at all woman....

  • Andre Wave
    Andre Wave 3 months ago

    Looks like that subreddit needs some moderation because the guy with the propane tank want white

  • TheRichmaster
    TheRichmaster 3 months ago

    that last one mucst have take a lot of trial and error

  • Captain Soybeans
    Captain Soybeans 3 months ago

    iillumi why did you have to bring up Greta
    now the comment section is filled with war

  • Artimis whooves
    Artimis whooves 3 months ago

    Roll initiative

  • H
    H 3 months ago

    fucking white people 🤦‍♂️

  • Freja Hardsner
    Freja Hardsner 3 months ago

    The angry little girl is Greta Turnberg. (Don't know if I spelled that right)
    She's a climate activist

  • SyxxPunk
    SyxxPunk 3 months ago

    As for that human helicopter thing, I guess it's because I'm a pro wrestling fan that it didn't really phase me?

  • SyxxPunk
    SyxxPunk 3 months ago +1

    I know, skewed priorities, but if you're gonna have a beer based wedding, choose a good beer at least!

  • J Paterson
    J Paterson 3 months ago

    WTF comment did you just make about Greta Thunberg? That was low and showed your ignorance of the entire issue. If you don’t know about it, don’t comment on it.

  • Rebecca Bolick
    Rebecca Bolick 3 months ago

    Gurrrrrl! That cousin story tho lol felt that in my soul sis 😂💀

  • Otterface
    Otterface 3 months ago

    what makes these things 'white people things'?

  • Blue Rse
    Blue Rse 3 months ago

    As a Pagan.. I’m confused what the hell is happening..

  • Ahsram
    Ahsram 3 months ago +1

    I don't see why where the wedding is or what the invitation looks like is so important

  • blue into grey
    blue into grey 3 months ago

    0:54 its a winnipeg thing.

  • willow
    willow 3 months ago

    racism at its finest

  • Mythowrose 27
    Mythowrose 27 3 months ago

    Disliked and unsubscribed because of that wedding story. I liked this channel but now you just sound like a bitch.

  • Kaylamoon17
    Kaylamoon17 3 months ago

    first vid is obviously Ramona Flowers

  • TheScratchBully
    TheScratchBully 3 months ago

    “Said a smart thing once and now she’s god”
    My god🤣🤣🤣

  • Chloe Kittehs
    Chloe Kittehs 3 months ago

    Blaire, have you never had a rollerblading fiesta in a snow storm?

  • FLAPslapSLAPflap
    FLAPslapSLAPflap 3 months ago

    Me: Can't wait to see how many of these don't apply to me, a white person.
    Me after video: eh, yeah cute, weird, and sometimes scary, that's us.

  • technological akshually void spaghetti seeds

    it's irresponsible and absolutely horrible to condone killing animals.

  • technological akshually void spaghetti seeds

    i keep wanting to scroll around and browse Reddit in the vid aAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Athlynne
    Athlynne 3 months ago +1

    ...I have to say, I'm feeling damn proud of my ethnicity right now.

  • Bx Nvrr
    Bx Nvrr 3 months ago

    "You dumb bucket baby" is my new favorite insult

  • President Starscream
    President Starscream 3 months ago

    I would totally dance with a peacock spider.

  • 2000diamondman
    2000diamondman 3 months ago +1

    Greta Thunberg is an enviromental activist who literally sailed across the atlantic ocean in a sailboat instead of flying to SPEAK AT THE UNITED NATIONS AND YOU HAVEN'T HEARD OF HER

    • Steven Schnepp
      Steven Schnepp 3 months ago

      @2000diamondman I hope you're right; using a child is certainly a distasteful tactic even if it does work.
      But I don't think her activism will effect significant change. This is something we've seen before. The boomers in charge will just nod politely, wait for the general public to lose interest, and continue fucking up our planet until they get old enough that we get to pick out their retirement homes.

    • 2000diamondman
      2000diamondman 3 months ago

      @Steven Schnepp My point was she's up there with the whole world including heads of state listening to her, and it has already started working. The cause matters as does she

    • Steven Schnepp
      Steven Schnepp 3 months ago

      @2000diamondman My bad, I should've asked you to name people who weren't heads of state or former heads of state.
      Are you getting the point, though? Your average person isn't that up on shit that doesn't matter to them on the day-to-day, and a kid ranting about climate change doesn't matter at all.

    • 2000diamondman
      2000diamondman 3 months ago +1

      @Steven Schnepp Jens Stoltenberg, Obama, Trump...

    • Steven Schnepp
      Steven Schnepp 3 months ago

      Name three other people who've spoken at the United Nations without looking them up.

  • Elin Olsson
    Elin Olsson 3 months ago +1

    Imagine having a subreddit called "black people things" yikes

    • Elin Olsson
      Elin Olsson 3 months ago

      @Tuffy Logan I do but I think there's a difference between endearingly joking about stereotypes and/or sharing inside jokes, and flat out mockery

    • Tuffy Logan
      Tuffy Logan 3 months ago

      Do you not know about black twitter?

  • Alicia Stockton
    Alicia Stockton 3 months ago

    While I can appreciate the fact that your cousins were mean to you growing up, I am not sure it was good for you to criticize your cousin's wedding so harshly. Having a big fancy wedding isn't a sign that you have your life together.

  • LeonGarnet
    LeonGarnet 3 months ago

    I've seen non whites do these and even more cringy and pointless things... Also I'm not white and I almost always ask "What's the damage" when checking out at a store.
    9:19 Who knew "The Rake" was such a party monster?
    12:50 Greta, the newest political tool, her parents should be sent to prison for child abuse and the politicians should make a public apology for using this child to promote their fear mongering agenda.

  • berek clay
    berek clay 3 months ago

    Bud light wedding, looks like Florida Woman strikes again

  • Mimi Sardinia
    Mimi Sardinia 3 months ago +2

    2:28 - It may be set up, but it's a dramatisation of what everyone thinks will happen at a teenager's house-party.

  • - weaponized64
    - weaponized64 3 months ago

    At my brother's wedding, they lined up the bridesmaids and groomsmen to where i was matched with my sister. So at the reception, i had to slow dance with my sister... *supes' kward'*. luckily at my sister's wedding, she didnt make me dance at all... i hate my brother... even though hes a cool dude.

  • GuppyGang Rachel
    GuppyGang Rachel 3 months ago +1

    No don't squish leggy Bois let them outside or keep them in deli cups if non native

  • DreamMarko
    DreamMarko 3 months ago

    This should be renamed to White Americans gifs

  • egamflow
    egamflow 3 months ago

    of all these things there was only one thing i liked
    the sneaking up behind a friend then doing that snap chap thing and being behind him
    i found that funny
    the rest... no namely that wedding dress no... just no

  • Esther Denenga
    Esther Denenga 3 months ago

    When French people try to bop to hip hop 😆😆

  • So Many Humans, So Little Common Sense

    It could be argued that Emkay IS from Damien. The voice for Emkay videos does come from Damien's mouth after all.

  • ChesSkelington
    ChesSkelington 3 months ago

    "Last time on the walking dead"
    *you sent an wedding invite excluding blair*
    * blair will remember that *

  • Blake F
    Blake F 3 months ago

    7:15 looks like heavens gates to me

  • Blake F
    Blake F 3 months ago

    6:56 ketamine

  • Sarah Williams
    Sarah Williams 3 months ago

    5:08 I would be the bitch to go to her wedding anyways and say that ur parents couldn't leave u home or something lol

  • the Tan Van
    the Tan Van 3 months ago

    White people....they love going to ethnic restaurant's and complaining that the food is too spicy....it's a Mexican restaurant, Lauren, not Applebees.... (white people fucking love Applebees)....

  • Amburx
    Amburx 3 months ago

    What’s your damage h e a t h e r

  • Steven Higgins
    Steven Higgins 3 months ago

    Um, Balir? Didnt you already cover that last one on a Black Magic Fuckery video? Why are you so shocked?

    • Steven Higgins
      Steven Higgins 3 months ago

      @Steven Schnepp I know, but usually when she's seen something be for she isn't as impressed, and mentions it.

    • Steven Schnepp
      Steven Schnepp 3 months ago

      Because she plays up her reactions.