Feeling Blessed in Ft Myers FL at Stu's Motorcycle

  • Published on Nov 3, 2018
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Comments • 223

  • Jimmy Martin
    Jimmy Martin Month ago +1

    I’m glad your friend knows what’s up with the eagles blanket at 1:01. #flyeaglesfly

  • Jason Ritter
    Jason Ritter 2 months ago +1

    It is Sexy hot for your women to ride with you on her scoot and Chicago Pizza is the best . I miss running 45 mins in to Chicago for a Genos East deep dish 45min cook time Pizza

  • Robert Esposito
    Robert Esposito 3 months ago +1

    Stu’s is a great place with great people, I just joined their IMRG chapter

  • Robert Esposito
    Robert Esposito 3 months ago +1

    There’s only one Indian on the ride

  • Blades 22
    Blades 22 3 months ago +1

    Took your place behind the harleys were that bike belongs. It's not a real Indian sorry bro it ain't. Harleys will always rule. Nothing compares to them, and you have to compare other bikes to them, not like a sportster, but more like a dyna. Bury the hatchet with harley and get back on a real bike. Uno down deep you want to

    • Nobody Noone
      Nobody Noone Month ago

      That kind of brand loyalty is a bit silly.
      If you can’t even admit when a company makes a mistake or another company makes a great bike something is wrong.

  • Andrew Thrasher
    Andrew Thrasher 4 months ago +1

    You know for a dog scooter is one kool cat....

  • Nightraid yourface
    Nightraid yourface 4 months ago

    So do you prefer Indian to HD?

  • Nightraid yourface
    Nightraid yourface 4 months ago

    Shit wish I would have known would have came out I’m in North Fort Myers

  • The shadow govt consists of Trump, Clinton, Obama

    Unsubbed for being an ignorant military douche bag.

  • Melissa Hankoff
    Melissa Hankoff 6 months ago

    I don’t know why I’m not getting notifications on Ur new videos 😢

  • Woofer SD
    Woofer SD 6 months ago

    Yet another awesome video. Thank you.

  • Ricardo Rodriguez
    Ricardo Rodriguez 6 months ago

    Adam. You are. And always will be. Da man.

  • Lavre
    Lavre 6 months ago

    Sorry Adam... but my THUMBS-UP is for Scooter...

  • Bob Fairbrother
    Bob Fairbrother 7 months ago

    Lost me..... Not interested in Polaris bikes

  • Jennifer Bowen
    Jennifer Bowen 7 months ago

    So glad to see Ashley and Scooter. Thanks for sharing Adam.

  • Frank Cancel
    Frank Cancel 7 months ago

    I remember when you started we meet you in Davison Mi to ride to Ray C Harley in Lapeer Mi it was nice meeting you back then and i have followed ever since then keep up the good work, and hope to meet up with you again

  • zulu
    zulu 7 months ago

    Adam....I like your vids...and fix the brim on your hat!!! It makes you look like you're tryin' way to hard brother....

  • Jonathon Stankavich
    Jonathon Stankavich 7 months ago +1

    Haha I almost cut off the video thinking it was a fake. Then you found your shades.

  • Jacob Larson
    Jacob Larson 7 months ago

    That Sandwich looked bomb

  • Leslie Armstrong
    Leslie Armstrong 7 months ago +1

    and Blessed you are!

  • Hack Attack
    Hack Attack 7 months ago

    How you doin?

  • Luke Flupper
    Luke Flupper 7 months ago

    Awesome as always. Hope your surgery goes well and I am able to ride behind you again soon. I am looking forward to riding behind that Indian, Scooter and maybe Ashley on the back!! Bless you both, we love our Scooter. His book was a huge hit. Semper Fi!!

  • Tim Albright
    Tim Albright 7 months ago

    Adam You suck, not really but I can't help to be a little ( lot) jealous of you. Beautiful bikes galore a great partner in Ashley and the cutest dog any one every seen. But what I am really Jealous about is all the friends you have all over the country getting to ride with them and just enjoying life and supporting us veterans. Thank you for your passion and dedication. rubber side down and let the miles roll on. PS: did you get the flag pole up yet?

  • Lynn Michel
    Lynn Michel 7 months ago

    Didnt catch the red bike model. ??? Looks nice.

  • John Hurley
    John Hurley 7 months ago

    Indians are but ugly bike and they had to copy off the Harley Street Glide to have decent looking bike but ride like crab. I would rather own a Goldwing then a Indian!

  • RedRider0151
    RedRider0151 7 months ago

    First FTR I have seen outside of a bike show!!! Cant wait for them to hit showrooms!!! Nice to see Scooter out and about!!

  • braxis 780
    braxis 780 7 months ago

    so i belong to a rv group on facebook, and there is a disabled vet looking for recommendations for military campgrounds. so i figured with your dedication to ( i'm gonna say our vets, even though i am canadian, and i know you would do the same for canada's vets) i gave him your youtube channel and campground website. So here's hoping he makes his way to your site. God bless you and keep up your incredible dedication to the men and women who fight for our freedom.

  • Scott McLinden
    Scott McLinden 7 months ago

    Well damn now I’m hungry....lol...Hi Ashley 👋🏻

  • Achim
    Achim 7 months ago

    Great Video, i like the way u life your life, keep moving on!!!
    Greetings from Germany

  • Gentry Cleek
    Gentry Cleek 7 months ago

    What kind of sunglasses are those?? I need those ASAP.

  • Paul Brinkerhoff
    Paul Brinkerhoff 7 months ago

    Thanks for all you do for Veterans and Americans. Before I had both knees replaced I sold my Vulcan 900 bagger, thought I was done. New knees at 61 yrs old and bought my first Harley 18 Street Glide. Saw your trip to Oatman, Az so we all had to go. From Las Vegas to Oatman we had a blast. My rider friend is 80 yrs old and we laugh because he just bought his Street Glide too! Keep on going and you’ll heal great like I did. Look forward to meeting you. Sorry for the long post. Bought the damn bike lol

  • Gavin Thorsrud
    Gavin Thorsrud 7 months ago +1

    I picked up my Springfield Dark Horse the end of August. 3,400 miles so far. Having such a blast! SO superior to the road king I had tried. Great to see you on America’s original motorcycle. The Polaris machines are a credit to the great Indian name. Heal well...ride on.

  • Michael Gurgone
    Michael Gurgone 7 months ago +2

    Indian is steadily gaining market share, seeing more Indians on the road, dominates the flat track circuit, treats their customers with respect and now has a great American patriot like Adam riding the Indian brand... that’s called WINNING! MAGA!

  • Don Lucero
    Don Lucero 7 months ago

    Food looked amazing!

  • Scott Silver
    Scott Silver 7 months ago +1

    What a great thing it is to be so blessed! That Indian checkerboard hat trips me up, lol. Glad life is treating you well minus some aches and pains

  • Bruce Kuhn
    Bruce Kuhn 7 months ago

    Navy Chief, Navy Pride!

    • Tim Albright
      Tim Albright 7 months ago +1

      Go Navy ET2 here.

    • Bruce Kuhn
      Bruce Kuhn 7 months ago

      Good to see a brother Chief in your vid! GO NAVY! Beautiful Indian!

  • Evan Crady
    Evan Crady 7 months ago +1

    you should come to fort bragg, nc. i’m sure a lot of soldiers would love to meet you, me included

  • david smolsky
    david smolsky 7 months ago +1

    Glad to see your still riding and blogging. I was hit by a drunk driver July of 2016 while on my bike. I'm 6 surgeries and waiting for my 7th deep. These videos help make my recovery tolerable. Cannot ride or walk yet. Thank you

  • skipman8yard
    skipman8yard 7 months ago


  • Matthew Dooley
    Matthew Dooley 7 months ago

    Awesome video bro, loved seeing you reunited with Ashley & of course your boy Scooter! Safe riding & stay safe!

  • Todd B.
    Todd B. 7 months ago

    Damn, I love Stu's bike! I might have to get me one of those! 😂 You are just all smitten and in love with Ashley. It's awesome to see good things happen to good people. The love you two share is visible on the channel, and I feel it when you two are together. That alone is the blessing, when you share your heart with someone who will take care of it. I always tell my GF, "My heart is your home ❤️" Tell Scooter I said hi! Peace and Love to you, Brother ☮️

  • Valerio dr
    Valerio dr 7 months ago

    It looks like Italian food! It would be to taste! 😀Have fun! Ciao!

  • Tana Staton
    Tana Staton 7 months ago

    So awesome!
    Great time of year to be in Florida !! Enjoy & have a great time ! Love that Indian Bike !

  • Spencer Burk
    Spencer Burk 7 months ago

    Absolutely love the sound of that Indian. So glad Ashley was able to go. My wife wants her own bike but she loves riding with me to much to get her own ride. Eather way it just AWSOME to see the lady’s out on the road. Ashley Rocks👍👍👍

  • sith1962
    sith1962 7 months ago

    Indian motorcycle looking much better.

  • Ron Tuley
    Ron Tuley 7 months ago

    Great video Adam, good to see Miss Ashley and Scooter on the road with you.i love the black fish tail pipes on the Indian 👍.
    My 3 1/2 year old son Levi loves your latest book “Scooters First Trip” .
    Ride safe and keep the rubber on the ground .

  • BAD_DOG 69
    BAD_DOG 69 7 months ago

    Awesome video 👍🏼

  • Phil Meup
    Phil Meup 7 months ago

    Scooter is an Uber Stud.

  • Mark Fearn
    Mark Fearn 7 months ago

    Hi Adam, been following you on Utube for quite a while now, lovin the Indian side of things that you have been covering lately. I am on my 8th Harley now starting off with an 883 Sportster back in 2004 & then getting progressively bigger bikes since, but now I have gone full circle & I'm back on a brand new Sportster 1200 Iron & I must admit this 1200 Iron has made me fall in love with riding again. Would love to visit your new place. You & Ashley Ride safe Bro. All the very best. Mark From Cambridge England

  • Michael Zar
    Michael Zar 7 months ago

    Good job Ashley on the video. Always good to count your blessings. Food looked fantastic.

  • Randall Mcdaniel
    Randall Mcdaniel 7 months ago

    DAYUM that's a sweet bike Stu has. Awesome to see the support you have out there. Just goes to show that hard work and dedication pays off. You do inspire many people Adam myself included. Continued success my brother

  • G Sauve
    G Sauve 7 months ago

    Hi adam and ash. Love what you 2 do. I was in the marine's from 72 to 78. Retired now. My last dream is to own a Harley. But at 64 now i don't know if that will happin love your property u have. It you were not so far away i would love to help build it up.

  • Phillip Pence
    Phillip Pence 7 months ago

    Would love to see you up in the PNW next summer

  • Justin Dockery
    Justin Dockery 7 months ago

    Purchasing my Chieftan this week....but still keeping my Dyna (for now). Thanks to you for bringing more light on other brands. Keep it up!

  • br0wnmcse
    br0wnmcse 7 months ago

    God gave us oxygen, science figured out how to use oxygen under controlled pressure to heal over 60 different conditions. With 22 to 30 Veterans dying by suicide daily, time is of the essence. Since the first of the year we have lost 9,227 Veterans.
    We can stop this epidemic with your help and God's blessings. Please join us during the next 48 hours for a prayer vigil to get this clinic active to treat Veterans and 1st Responders with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post traumatic stress (PTS)? tvfaz.org/hbot-chamber/ Remember to Breathe, Pray, Donate & Share, Thank you!

  • Wayne Siminski
    Wayne Siminski 7 months ago

    Miss Ashley looks jut as great on the back as she does piloting her own ride. Looks like you are really getting into the “Indian” culture. Great video. Have a blast, you guys deserve it.

  • Freddie the Fly
    Freddie the Fly 7 months ago

    Those guys at Stu's seem really awesome. Sounds like they will do very well. I agree Adam, I love the new Indian FTR 1200. I want one bad!

  • SK8N LLC
    SK8N LLC 7 months ago

    JUST AN FYI THIS HAPPENED REAL CLOSE TO THE HARDIN COUNTY CUSTOM'S YA'LL VISITED WHILE IN/AROUND BEAUMONT,TX. HARDIN COUNTY - The Texas Department of Public Safety says a pickup truck driver trying to make a u-turn pulled into the path of a motorcycle in Hardin County, and a man and woman on the motorcycle died when they collided with the vehicle.
    James Horton, 34, facebook.com/james.horton.169/photos of Lewisville,TX and the passenger, Casey Tania Horton, 35, of Lewisville, died in the crash at about 9 p.m. Thursday on State Highway 326 about two miles south of Kountze. ...LEWISVILLE IS IN NORTH WEST DALLAS.

  • DSP
    DSP 7 months ago

    Very nice of Stu’s to loan you their bike. That new Indian looks sick. I’ll be in Naples for a couple of days this week so I may drive up to Stu’s and check it out..great video as always. Ride safe.

  • BattleBornHD
    BattleBornHD 7 months ago

    Please burn that hat................... Not just because it's Indian 😛

  • Trublu tsunami
    Trublu tsunami 7 months ago

    President Trump today in his rally in Georgia, and I quote" Said Where are the biker's.. Because he knows we are Americans and he knows we ride for freedom for Liberty for life...I have asked before on this channel where's your voice people... VOTE...We are the Americans duh!!! Iam USMC Veteran IN OREGON...🇺🇸✝️🔥Chime ln

  • theChestnutMtnTinman
    theChestnutMtnTinman 7 months ago

    Good looking bike and some good looking food that made me salivate. Love seeing the three of you back together.

  • Scouse Adventures
    Scouse Adventures 7 months ago +1

    ADAM IS THE MAN!! I been watching him for some time now and he has inspired me to come out of my comfort zone and start to do my own MotoVlogs on my RU-clip Channel, I would love some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check me it. Live to Ride!

  • Tim Boatright
    Tim Boatright 7 months ago +1

    We like watching your videos maybe someday we will meet up on the road or we are planning a trip back to your camp grounds. Don't let anyone forget it's about the ride , friends, family and the memories. God bless and keep you both. Keep up the good work.

  • Palmer White
    Palmer White 7 months ago

    Damn shame that FTR has a seat height of over 33 “. Welp, it’s off the table for guys like me. Still looks sick though

  • 4-n
    4-n 7 months ago

    Next video. Adam test riding the FTR. He might not give it back.

  • BR
    BR 7 months ago

    Adam, what are the chances of you doing a review on the one non-American bike I like, the Triumph Bonneville?

  • Ron Pleake
    Ron Pleake 7 months ago +1

    Great food, Great people and doing what you like, riding motorcycles. Riding Indian motorcycles at that. That's a lot of blessings.

  • Brad Burlingame
    Brad Burlingame 7 months ago +1

    What a good man with a great woman, can't forget 🐕. Love watching and being apart of what you do when I can!

  • Sportster Works
    Sportster Works 7 months ago

    Love that waitress’s shirt. Me being from Chicago. Crook county is what we call it lol.

  • Motorcycle Momma
    Motorcycle Momma 7 months ago

    Looks like you all had a good time! Hope all goes well with your surgeries and you have time to heal and be back at it next riding season. Stay safe~

  • Michael Baumgardner
    Michael Baumgardner 7 months ago

    Friends and awesome food.

  • Charles Kittler
    Charles Kittler 7 months ago +1

    INDIAN 👍👍😎😎

  • IronSteed
    IronSteed 7 months ago +1

    Your lucky to be with a gal that enjoys riding. Way to go Ashley...right on!

  • Shannon Cruse
    Shannon Cruse 7 months ago +1

    Nice to se y’all enjoying a ride. Thanks for what you do for us veterans Adam. Always nice to see your videos & scooter with ya.

  • Dean T Maltese
    Dean T Maltese 7 months ago

    Dude The Red seat and fish tails Look Killer on that Ride...

  • Seabass 82
    Seabass 82 7 months ago +2

    Your videos are great. You have the motorcycle community support.

    GARY CHRISTIAN 7 months ago

    aww sorry adam been following you for a long time but your gone all indian you vaved to the dollar respect your charity work but thats all good luck to you and scooter

  • J Mac
    J Mac 7 months ago

    Another great video. I can't wait for an FTR 1200 VLOG!

  • Larry Mullins
    Larry Mullins 7 months ago

    Love Love Love Scooter!!!!!

  • Richard Olson
    Richard Olson 7 months ago +1

    Funny seeing you on Indians now, but ya gotta do...... Anyways, glad to see you, Ashley n Scooter out and about. Happy riding!

  • Jim Poston
    Jim Poston 7 months ago +1

    I fully concur with "Guerra379"... "We all should count our blessings! Great video and good to see Miss Ashley & Scooter Trash" !!!.

  • Biker Boot
    Biker Boot 7 months ago

    Being from New York I highly object the way that round pizza was cut 🍕 🍕. But I wouldn’t throw it off my plate either😎

  • Nob Ruoj
    Nob Ruoj 7 months ago +1

    All the people I know do what they love, everyday ; which is complain about everything.

    VICIOUS ARTWORX 7 months ago

    Half a million thank you for what you've done!
    Hope the surgery goes good and we'll see ya back on two wheels and on the roads!
    As always all the best to you scootz and Ashley!

  • Bradley Alexander
    Bradley Alexander 7 months ago +2

    Never underestimate the power of Mr Sandoval. Well done lad, well played. Ride Safe, Ride Often.

  • Casey Roskwitalski
    Casey Roskwitalski 7 months ago +1

    Hey Adam. I just went to Buddy Stubbs today. What an amazing place. Ride safe my fiend.

  • C B
    C B 7 months ago

    I really need to find out how to have your lifestyle

  • HaXaW 5150
    HaXaW 5150 7 months ago +1

    Scooter's getting a little geezer in him. Bless his little heart. I know how it feels buddy.

  • Ricky Harvey
    Ricky Harvey 7 months ago

    Its sad when you have to pay close to 30.000 thousand on a bike then you have to put additional 5.000 thousand in it to make it sound and run like a harley !!! Class action law suit

    • Gavin Thorsrud
      Gavin Thorsrud 7 months ago

      A brief review: given that Indian built the first V-twin in this country in 1906, and HD made their first attempt in 1909 which was deemed by an independent reviewer as "impossible to start".... HD's improved VT didn't come along until 1911, by which time Indian had moved on to their first 8-valve motors for their racing team... WHO has been trying to sound like WHOM??? One could also debate the integrity of certain companies pushing engine upgrades, accessories and apparel...while my Dark Horse cost me about 21K. Let's debate, Ricky. Bring it on.

    • Tim Boatright
      Tim Boatright 7 months ago +1

      Spoken like someone who has not ridden one

  • Fire Bird
    Fire Bird 7 months ago +1

    That red leather on that dark horse looks SWEEEEET!!!!

  • Crujiente SRT
    Crujiente SRT 7 months ago

    El perrito ya ha de llevar muchos kilómetros viajando 🛣

  • Jason Plant
    Jason Plant 7 months ago +1

    Your a verry great motivator to me Adam.I dont give a squirt about those who blatantly disrespect you and your life of honest servitude. You never served in THE military,but your bringing awareness for those who have.Your doing your service in THE wind,cold,and rain and Your actions and mission has never deviated,Talk about leading by example.
    opposition from those who disrespect the Americans. (Your great gift to all asphalt junkies)Will never be headed if honesty is a lifestyle to those who have been exposed to your mission and get to witness your Dedication to all.
    And i believe that You Will Transform and unify the riding community when the motor company relizes its mistake and COMPREHENDS the sacrafice and complete honest servitude that you are living,I believe that they will come bact to support the Wizard and his Familiar.YOU MAY BE THE BONDING AGENT FOR THE AMERICAN SCOOTER TRAMPS.I BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE ALLREADY,AND THE FREEDOM CHASERS WHO ARE EXPOSED TO YOUR MISSION WILL IMMEDIATLY SEE YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS AND SWELL OUR RANKS.
    One thing I really regrett is my reluctance and fear of rejection that keeps me from the campaign.I hold my morals and ethics of honesty loyalty to such a high degree im afraid to expose self to rejection from our treasured few completely dedicated educators.

  • Dave Redlich
    Dave Redlich 7 months ago

    Great video and those Bros at Stu's are top notch Coolio!

  • Mr. Borjas
    Mr. Borjas 7 months ago +1

    I was gonna ask if he was from Chicago then I saw his tattoo of the skyline. Definitely a Chicago boy. Also cutting the pizza into squares instead of triangles. Definitely Chicago

  • Woody Fletcher
    Woody Fletcher 7 months ago +1

    You asked on Facebook what we want to see you doing. This was it. Best vid in a while, not that they're not all good but You, Scooter Ashley and some friends. Perfect! I'd also like to see a few weekend vlogs on the goings on at K River. By the way, the whole Blessings bit at the beginning, loving it.

  • beekeeper95
    beekeeper95 7 months ago

    I love the music, who are they?

  • Anthony Orr
    Anthony Orr 7 months ago +2

    Looks like you had a great time. Was just getting into reading your book and got the notification for this video. Figured I would take a break from reading and watch. Keep up the great work Adam!

  • AboutMy FathersBusiness

    That FTR!!! Got my sites on the Scout Bobber. If I had more room in my stable, I'd snatch one up right now! Shout out to the Skootmeister!!!

  • Azzazel26
    Azzazel26 7 months ago +1

    Great video!