Mysterious Bone Discoveries That Shocked The World

  • Published on Jun 6, 2018
  • These mysterious discoveries of strange bone formations around the world have puzzled archaeologists for some time. Lets find out some of the most mysterious recent discoveries!
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    BE AMAZED  Year ago +242

    Thanks for 3 Million subs everyone!
    You're the best!
    ...Especially the notification squad!

    • marybeth brodie
      marybeth brodie 25 days ago

      People live longer back then the longer you live the bigger your head gets… it never stops growing. It's a human head

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      Fortnite Toys and games ‘ Month ago


    • Delaney Kidman
      Delaney Kidman 3 months ago

      BE AMAZED I love your knowledge videos because they’re the best and you’re the best

    • Cj Jr
      Cj Jr 4 months ago +1

      I love how you right things off easily...I believe you almost everytime.... Like never

    • Rogue Ascendant
      Rogue Ascendant 5 months ago

      I hate you not being open-minded but that's your opinion.

  • kitsune spirit
    kitsune spirit Day ago +1

    Actually its not a dragon skeleton if u know billschannel its actually a pack of hyena eating some animal and the bones jungle up and I think the head is an antelope or a gazelle or a moose

  • Stan Webb
    Stan Webb 3 days ago

    Doing Research only on the Net just got you unsubscribed... Get out of your cubical and do the real thing!!!!!!!!! The Giants were real...I have seen a skull the size of a basketball or a little bigger with double row of teeth and other bones and axes heads no normal man could wield.. Religious Corrupted Bureaucrats At the Smithsonian Museum took all the skeletons and have lost them even the ones that were discovered in 1900's on Catalina Island are all gone!!! You are as bad as they are!!!!!!! Ding unsubscribed!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Fresh
    Michael Fresh 4 days ago

    Well that was a might big doe

  • Funtime Zach
    Funtime Zach 5 days ago

    10:09 that skeleton is fake because the bones would be scaterd from wolf's and the rib parts are from different animals

  • Robert Gregg
    Robert Gregg 8 days ago

    Not all are human. Some dont have the human top stitch, and unknown DNA. Modern scientists want to cover this knowledge up.

  • Bart Simson
    Bart Simson 10 days ago

    The elongated sculls shown come from Peru, not Antarctica! This is bullshit ! The DNA analysis from these sculls are not of any known human and the DNA traces the elongated red haired sculls back to the Balkans where there are numerous megalithic structures of which, because of the size of stones used, are beyond our present construction knowledge of how they built them.

  • Jairo Gutierrez
    Jairo Gutierrez 10 days ago

    1:50 of course it was an alien,
    Then why do think the government would not allow you to go to Antarctica, because there are alien bases.

  • Jesse Case
    Jesse Case 11 days ago

    Wow, this guy sure does dismiss everything as fake or a hoax quite easily! He must be trying to get this channel sponsored by the U.S. Government or mainstream academia! He definitely lost some credibility with me.

  • jim hump
    jim hump 14 days ago


  • Megan Stafford
    Megan Stafford 14 days ago

    This is just crap, awful and poorly done.

  • BonnieandGodzilla or Cload Mario Gonzelez

    Bring back ok the tiny things

  • Kalvin Houzer
    Kalvin Houzer 18 days ago

    Even if they are hoaxes, I enjoyed watching. Thanks for the video.

  • OmegaOlive
    OmegaOlive 23 days ago

    1:59 is that the skull from Indian johns and the crystal skull?

  • 侠帝皇
    侠帝皇 27 days ago

    Ofc clickbait

  • James H
    James H 27 days ago

    Not logical to think the government isn't hiding anything from us lol

  • Derek V
    Derek V 28 days ago

    The fetus was disproven. Its not human. Also a good portion elongated skulls are have different bone structure. The head binding skulls are easily different from some of the naturally enlongated skull..

  • Jenna Tools
    Jenna Tools 29 days ago +1

    That sea Scorpion was not an arachnid. It’s just called a sea scorpion because of the way it looked. The arachnid scorpions alive today are something completely different. I wouldn’t have said anything if you didn’t go out of your way to use the term “Arachnid”
    Edit: christ all mighty, this comment section is cancer

  • Dorian James
    Dorian James Month ago

    the british sea monster looks like SCP 682

  • face tomato
    face tomato Month ago

    Just keep believing the govt. They would never lie to us

  • J G
    J G Month ago +1

    So the government has you saying it's all fake 😕👎

  • Janetta Schuch
    Janetta Schuch Month ago

    You got paid to tow the company line , no doubt? At the least your light thought video will get along fine with the keep everyone a sheeple narrative.👎🙃 .

  • Anton Kider
    Anton Kider Month ago

    What a bunch of crap

  • Braeden Tesser
    Braeden Tesser Month ago

    No offense people but for no 2 at first i thought british guards skulles
    Looked like that

  • John Gordon
    John Gordon Month ago

    Dinosaurs is jus a modern word for dragon!

  • John Gordon
    John Gordon Month ago +1

    Rubbish, whenever one doesn't want to accept the obvious ancient aliens or magic is blamed!

  • Kiz 2
    Kiz 2 Month ago

    Bigfoot nazi

  • Yoda
    Yoda Month ago

    Why would a dragon skeleton on a beach as a promotion for GOT be a spoiler? In the first book or second book there are dragon skulls in the dungeons of King's Landing and dragons are talked about although the series

  • Steven Hates
    Steven Hates Month ago

    Mysterious Bone Hoaxes That Shocked The Stupid

  • Bill Woehl
    Bill Woehl Month ago

    Elongated skulls are not a hoax, check out Brian Forrester, many videos on these skulls and DNA results. As for the pic of the dragon skeleton, it's not been dug up, it's laying in grass, intact, I don't think so.

  • G.Digital Pro
    G.Digital Pro Month ago

    "Ancient bones found and collected many years ago and is now owned by an artist so its fake" that didnt float well with me.

  • MintyCloud
    MintyCloud Month ago

    0:30 eat little babies ice cream

    DR JACK BRIGHT Month ago

    British sea monster is SCP-682

  • torrace12
    torrace12 Month ago

    We dont want the police that lectures us on how we must think in the same disgusting tone as the mainstream tv hoasts - when we watch youtube channels.

  • Banana Boi321
    Banana Boi321 Month ago

    1:30 yes

  • Chanakya Kahaduwaarachchi

    Obviously all are true.... These channels are promoted to convince us they're fake... Anyways there's things to come

  • Lukasz Balysz
    Lukasz Balysz 2 months ago


  • Merrill Mohan
    Merrill Mohan 2 months ago

    I read that the elongated skulls held a very large brain 🧠 so it wasn’t tampered with plus to achieve this it would have scars because of force being applied to the skull but these skulls are perfect so these beings were born so plus they found a new born baby with a elongated head

  • Nicholas Hall
    Nicholas Hall 2 months ago

    If there can be libster so huge why cabt there be scorpions between 8feet or more

  • Doop Derber
    Doop Derber 2 months ago

    That is a perhistorict claw

  • Noah Lovejoy
    Noah Lovejoy 2 months ago

    4:55 so whats where the primarchs went!!!!!! yes im aware of the flaws in my theory

  • michael davidson
    michael davidson 2 months ago

    Stop making these vids bro useless

  • Jamie Carney
    Jamie Carney 2 months ago

    i am not positive, but i do believe that some info i this video is inaccurate, and more research should be done. before we are being told what is or is not.

  • daniel worrell
    daniel worrell 2 months ago

    Some look real as fuck

  • Rod Brez
    Rod Brez 2 months ago

    If one may be a hoax, why add it to this video?

  • nixt noir
    nixt noir 2 months ago

    His voice reminds me if Nicolas Cage

  • silversurfer
    silversurfer 2 months ago +2

    "They're in possession of an artist so they must be a hoax" ??👿

  • Revocrednu GT
    Revocrednu GT 2 months ago +1

    If there’s nothing of actual historical facts at Antarctica why do the gov stop any architects from checking the continent more often without being refused access but yet gov officials can go there...

  • joses roblox channel luna

    5 is a black dragonfish

  • Austin Rogers
    Austin Rogers 2 months ago

    A warning about the spiders would have been appreciated.

  • oof doof
    oof doof 2 months ago

    2:12 omg I found three dickheads

  • Kevin Lomp
    Kevin Lomp 2 months ago

    00:8 hahhaha

  • SJ Gekht
    SJ Gekht 2 months ago +1

    spiders are cute


  • Sam Lomaad
    Sam Lomaad 2 months ago

    I. A. M... M. A. I.
    I A MAN
    M.. MAN

  • CptFox Trot
    CptFox Trot 2 months ago +1

    well no actual proof its not real unless you have a time machine cant prove something if you cant not prove that its fake or real. myths are there for a reason some where some something happened in the world that caused these myths to become a myth in the first place its not like some 1 woke up 1 day and said yah i think im going to make a lizard that flys as a story and spread it around cause that would be a benefit for the person making it up so if alot of this stuff is real or fake dosent concern us much unless its harming us i say. ps if the media and government thought something was fake or real they would just state it was a hox or something to throw people off so to not say anything is something itself.

  • donald darnell
    donald darnell 2 months ago

    Bull shit it’s a hoax those skulls and others like them are found in Peru and other places. But it is not cranial boarding do to the absence of a sagital suture .

  • Blast Swavy
    Blast Swavy 2 months ago

    It a fucking giraffe in the thumbnail

  • Wayne Warmack
    Wayne Warmack 2 months ago

    Those elongated skulls are NOT from Antarctica. They are from Peru, and they contain DNA that has origins in the Middle East. Search: L. A. Marzulli skulls

  • Narice Woolon
    Narice Woolon 2 months ago

    Nonsense is animal bones mixed with human bones, oh please.

  • aleksandar stokic
    aleksandar stokic 2 months ago

    Only sistem blind can think and say that is premature baby sceleton.I sow hundreds pictures of them and no1 was looking near to that one.When ever we found something we can't explain,after big debate we come to the stupidest explanation,just to stay in our comfort zone.

  • David Amora
    David Amora 2 months ago

    Dragons are real! I believe

  • David Amora
    David Amora 2 months ago

    The tiny winged humans are fairies

  • David Amora
    David Amora 2 months ago

    Giants are real

  • David Amora
    David Amora 2 months ago


  • Cindy Ingraham
    Cindy Ingraham 2 months ago

    Ok you are one of two things? You are either one of the dumbest humans, when it comes to using common sense. You actually don't think that Giants ever existed even though there is a plethora of articles, information of huge skeletons being found all across America. Not counting Europe and every other continent on planet Earth. The supposed dragon bones where that of a dog's put together, and all other kind of complete type of nonsense for what you think the rest of the items were. like the fish which was eating the bird that was eating the fish and the fish that was hitting the bird choked and they all drowned but for some reason the fish did drop the bird nor the bird let go of the fish. Completely amazing, the bones all stayed together like that, are you an idiot? Or the other thing you could be is a shell for the powers that be?

  • BANAWAG Kaiser
    BANAWAG Kaiser 2 months ago

    Spear of bone Dragons.......

  • Marty Mcmannis
    Marty Mcmannis 2 months ago

    I forgive your lie about the giants.

  • Jonathan Ramirez
    Jonathan Ramirez 2 months ago

    I believe in dragons because they could of been from 8,000,000,000 years ago

  • Patrick Sullivan
    Patrick Sullivan 2 months ago


  • D L
    D L 2 months ago

    How much did you get paid to help the cover up of basically every solid hidden pass peice of evidence on RU-clip today? Did you even do any research into these topics? If so please provide details of why your calling them fake?

  • Mhon Chavez
    Mhon Chavez 2 months ago

    chinese fake damb people

  • King Benhur Lopez
    King Benhur Lopez 2 months ago

    dragon is real, it is writtten in the bible

  • Renegade Punk
    Renegade Punk 2 months ago

    Unbelievable. How does a fetus such small has bones

  • Tyler Fresina
    Tyler Fresina 2 months ago


  • Kevin Lutz
    Kevin Lutz 2 months ago

    The number of commercial interruptions is amazing! What about the Piltdown man and the Cardiff giant?

  • nobody youknow
    nobody youknow 2 months ago

    your isepitude is amzing you should consider being a politician yes your bull shit is that bad

  • nobody youknow
    nobody youknow 2 months ago

    too bad you didnt end up a used condom instead of being born to spit this not backed up bs. back one freaking thing up with proof not just repeating stupid statements

  • checky monkey
    checky monkey 3 months ago

    What's shocking is this crap vid👿

  • Katie Tuhura
    Katie Tuhura 3 months ago +1

    no hoax 😊 just silenced 👍🏼

  • Charlles Smith
    Charlles Smith 3 months ago +1

    Your analysis supporting mainstream, lamestream obfuscation is disappointing.

  • kanet ville
    kanet ville 3 months ago

    not evry mystery is meant to be known becoz maybe rhose mysteries were just simple stories that scientists make us think too complicated

    MALKY WEY YT 3 months ago +2

    0:36 Flowey look what have u done u lil maniac

  • sunny John
    sunny John 3 months ago


  • 77hollyboyd
    77hollyboyd 3 months ago

    All I seen was you trying to convince people everything found was fake they discover over 150 animals in the Amazon every year and we have only explored 10% of the ocean so why dismiss every things as fake there are parts of this world never touched by humans trust me it's alot more weirder shit out there then the government wants us to see I'm not a conspiracy theorist but I do believe there are things out there they don't want us to find because it makes all the things and lies they told us change

  • Roy Madison
    Roy Madison 3 months ago

    1 to 9 ratio negative negative vs. Like. The comment section was over whelming negative. The narrator comes across as a fool, playing "the official position". down playing the discovery with opinion and not DNA evidence.

  • michael olson
    michael olson 3 months ago

    The public just keeps accepting science when we need to be accepting Jesus

  • Rezende II Z. Knight
    Rezende II Z. Knight 3 months ago

    remember not all arts made by paint colors on a canvas there is another way of art but wierd using bones remains of a dead animal create a master piece of art but made by bones which makes ur reality cone true from dragons or any myth& legends of certain look alike a animal or even humanoids!

  • Crystal Garcia
    Crystal Garcia 3 months ago

    Hay dude.... U need to get ur facts straight... ELongated skulls... A hoax? ... U ever watched the history channel... Or opened up a encyclopdia??? AND Dragons r talked about in the bible genious!!!! Your video SUCKED!!!

  • Delia Benito
    Delia Benito 3 months ago

    Number 9 When you accidently discovered alien instead of yeti

  • Cedric Joseph
    Cedric Joseph 3 months ago

    This one video makes speculates they are fake just by looking at pictures. Surely Untold ancient writings and eye witnesses that speak of these creatures can't all be wrong

  • Angel Cavazos
    Angel Cavazos 3 months ago +3

    This guy dosent have a clue what he is talking about he is scared thst this things might exist..

  • Jacques Ingram
    Jacques Ingram 3 months ago

    Wow you are great spin doctor

  • Donald Budd
    Donald Budd 3 months ago

    Yiu are ignorant and misinformed

  • Anthony Hodges
    Anthony Hodges 3 months ago

    your fake news

  • Nye Groover
    Nye Groover 3 months ago

    "Be Amazed" is obviously the government. Now with direct evidence, every one of these is a myth. Be Amazed is for you to be amazed, and stay ignorant. They don't want you to use common sense y'all! This is a great example of how the government is trying redirect your thinking.

  • Indrid Cold
    Indrid Cold 3 months ago

    There are still species that remain to be discovered.

  • rick Melto
    rick Melto 3 months ago

    thats some of the dumbest thinking ive ever watched

  • Matthew Scattergood
    Matthew Scattergood 3 months ago

    Biased point of view from you guys. Tell you've been influenced. I have seen a video of a giant human skeleton recently and wrapped around a skeleton of what initially looked like a centipede looking creature and one of the giant human hands around just below where this creatures head was. The exact same skull as the dragon skeleton at the end of your video. When the government takes it and says nothing there's truth as in reality linked to it. And that thing that washed up on british shores well I've seen other photos of something just like that being removed out the waters of Hawaii - speculation of it being a megalodon or one of these supposed shark looking black sea serpents - thing is our government who allow so called experts and scientist information out to us the public are so full of shit and the information is doctored to handicap us from our true potential as a species

  • Ali Zarar
    Ali Zarar 3 months ago

    Great Job !!!

  • Julio Decaleng
    Julio Decaleng 3 months ago

    Press "me"

    scroll down 👇

    ...See More