Which NFL teams might be interested in Antonio Brown? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • Despite being released from the Patriots and external turmoil, Mike Florio explains why some teams may still be in the market for Antonio Brown. #AntonioBrown #NewEnglandPatriots #NFL #NBCSports
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    Which NFL teams might be interested in Antonio Brown? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports
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Comments • 182

  • John Snow Kumar
    John Snow Kumar 27 days ago

    Antonio Brown should have been given a shot by the Patriots, which they did. Now that he proved himself with his performance, the Patriots should keep him.

  • Christian Hernandez
    Christian Hernandez 28 days ago

    the eagles wr kept dropping a lot of balls they could've used him.

  • Ivan Denike
    Ivan Denike 28 days ago

    Saturday nite beer league

  • Dept246
    Dept246 29 days ago

    Some team will sign him but will not offer a lot of guaranteed money seeing how risky his behaviour.

  • Prestige Shogun
    Prestige Shogun 29 days ago

    If only my Jets would pick him up. 🤔

  • David Murray
    David Murray 29 days ago


  • jeff lusty
    jeff lusty 29 days ago

    No Team should be interested. The League shouldn't allow this to happen until things are settled. Point blank. I am not against players, I am against players who think they are bigger than the league.

  • Antoine TheRealRoss
    Antoine TheRealRoss 29 days ago

    It'll be Jets or Browns

  • William Kahley
    William Kahley Month ago

    He is a CANCER

  • LordOfNothingham
    LordOfNothingham Month ago

    Whoever signs him next deserves him. No sympathy

  • T Squared
    T Squared Month ago

    The only place AB is eligible now is the XFL

  • J.D.W FORD
    J.D.W FORD Month ago


  • Lucas Neacsu
    Lucas Neacsu Month ago

    Join the raptors

  • The Fly Generation
    The Fly Generation Month ago

    We'll take him. The Ravens want AB and Ramsey. Could you imagine AB with Hollywood Brown?

  • mimicry88
    mimicry88 Month ago

    I can't stand to see any of this bad behavior rewarded with yet another NFL contract.

  • Greg Williams
    Greg Williams Month ago

    Sign AB for QB on Titans at least he'll be better than Mariota

  • Mikel Cividanes Bertini

    This was trash

  • The Fiend
    The Fiend Month ago

    The Miami dolphins need him XD

  • John Pro
    John Pro Month ago

    The reality is there’s probably a couple hundred players with Antonio Brown’s mentality inside NFL locker rooms today. I’m just being real!

  • stangnet83
    stangnet83 Month ago

    Brown has some serious narcissism going on.

  • B A
    B A Month ago

    Speculation click bait

  • Beachdudeca
    Beachdudeca Month ago

    No one should go near Brown

  • lamont lovett
    lamont lovett Month ago

    This Don't make sence

  • Chris Miller
    Chris Miller Month ago

    this time AB raped himself

  • Raheel Razvi
    Raheel Razvi Month ago

    AB NFL man of the year

  • Travis Bell
    Travis Bell Month ago

    It’s all his ego

  • Aaron Poisel
    Aaron Poisel Month ago +2

    Dolphins will take him

  • Mike Lopez
    Mike Lopez Month ago +7

    The Browns. If they signed Hunt, they'll sign him too.

  • Bruh Momento
    Bruh Momento Month ago +2

    Dolphins need him 😂

  • Ericka Jones
    Ericka Jones Month ago

    Business might be booming, but he's about to be bankrupt. He continue to make these dumb decisions.

  • Julian Coelho
    Julian Coelho Month ago +1

    Washington is his response 🙄

  • LeBears
    LeBears Month ago +4

    We’ll sign Antonio Brown for $1 take it or leave it🤣

  • Kevin Costello
    Kevin Costello Month ago +1

    The cowboys

  • Welco
    Welco Month ago +1

    The REDSKINS and dumpster fire Dan Snyder will give the Patriots number 1 picks and AB a max contract

  • sixtyton angel
    sixtyton angel Month ago +1

    Cowboys.... Gallup is hurt. No signing bonus, league minimum, behavior incentives.

  • mestaykool
    mestaykool Month ago +9

    The texts killed him. Otherwise he would have skated through the season. The investigation would take months plus it is a civil suit, not criminal. Texts / social media merks people. Smh.

    • insight001
      insight001 29 days ago

      @S M Either way he is clearly being targeted by his accusers. Lies are more entertaining than truth and its only getting worse.

    • Emirokel Khaos
      Emirokel Khaos Month ago +1

      He can't control himself.

    • S M
      S M Month ago +1

      Its because its solid written proof.. pretty dumb for AB sending it and thinking that stuff won't get leaked or seen.

  • William Stalvey
    William Stalvey Month ago +2

    Antonio Brown is Me guy, hes a cancer a problem, plus he needs a new do

  • Mark Wood
    Mark Wood Month ago

    Alright... if he sports a mustache only and with regular hair, he can start with the bears with a 2 year contract....I would sign longer but I don't know if we are keeping Mr. Mediocre Trubisky. I will make his charges go away.

  • In CogNito
    In CogNito Month ago

    THE bills

    NASSIR K Month ago +1

    Raiders? Lol

  • Dean Ly
    Dean Ly Month ago +4

    He needs to be the poster boy of CTE. Kids would think twice on playing football after seeing what this idiot is doing. Burfict knocked him silly...

    • umop apIsdn
      umop apIsdn Month ago

      Dean Ly if kids don’t play sports than how do we watch them in the future

  • Desert Hugh Freeman

    You love sh*t like this, don't you Mike?? CLOWN!!

  • Josh Dupee
    Josh Dupee Month ago +3

    He’s blacklisted now

  • Steven Martinez
    Steven Martinez Month ago +1

    Packers browns eagles cowboys

    • xSkillzx25
      xSkillzx25 29 days ago

      Steven Martinez Dallas and Green Bay don’t want nor do they need that kind of drama. They won’t touch him even after the investigation is over. Philly is dumb enough to though.

  • Souldogdave
    Souldogdave Month ago +1

    AB jacked himself out of the league. All you idiots who want him on your team , be careful what you wish for.

  • Major Bred
    Major Bred Month ago

    Antonio needs a mentor/adviser.

    • driftmaster206
      driftmaster206 Month ago


    • Kevin R
      Kevin R Month ago


    • Major Bred
      Major Bred Month ago

      @DannyBZ9 until they are fukd in a corner

    • DannyBZ9
      DannyBZ9 Month ago

      Major Bred narcissist ego maniacs don’t listen to anyones advice

  • Just vibe
    Just vibe Month ago +2

    He’s a stud, He’ll find a team. I’m calling Chiefs or Cowboys off the top.

    • Just vibe
      Just vibe Month ago

      Y’all are letting emotions cloud your judgement so hard right now, take away the two false accusations and you’re left with a player who is a top 3 receiver who is still eligible to play.

    • Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath
      Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath Month ago +1

      Bro please ...the only team he can play for is in The Longest Yard

    • Souldogdave
      Souldogdave Month ago +1

      He's an idiot and he's done

  • kenneth conner
    kenneth conner Month ago

    antonio clown should return to ne 5 mil/yr 3 years

    • Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath
      Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath Month ago

      Yeah he can return as a patron watching the team play like the other fans that come n paid for a ticket .

    • kenneth conner
      kenneth conner Month ago

      your mom speaks gibberish

    • Souldogdave
      Souldogdave Month ago +1

      You should be quiet now. There are Adults talking.

  • Alberto Manzo
    Alberto Manzo Month ago

    Cowboys and I’m not a fan of either. Seems like a great fix

    • Ekryzor
      Ekryzor Month ago

      @Alberto Manzo Jerry would sign him for a discount price. Cowboys would become the best team in the NFC, drop the mic! 🎤

  • Tom Wostoncroft
    Tom Wostoncroft Month ago +2

    The NFL would have suspended him if he weren’t cut by NE. Why would any team pay him so he can be suspended for the majority of the year? His latest “intimidating text” broke the NFL code of conduct. His suspension was imminent.

  • Clay Page
    Clay Page Month ago +8

    J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets. For league minimum. Fitting punishment.

  • jjcampbell80
    jjcampbell80 Month ago +10

    He didn’t make the 9mil clown lol

  • john wonder
    john wonder Month ago +1

    Pete Carroll will take him.

  • Cooldude Tru
    Cooldude Tru Month ago +8

    I still ride wit ab through prayer I'm not judge wat I haven't seen

  • James Allen
    James Allen Month ago

    The NFL will have a say in this.

  • Free Tom
    Free Tom Month ago +10

    Actually he didn’t make 9 million this year lol he was cut before the first 5 million of that 9 million would’ve been guaranteed Monday. He made less than $200,000 with NE

    • daniel stewart
      daniel stewart Month ago +1

      In 6 months he'll be asking "you want fries with that"?

    • Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath
      Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath Month ago +1

      He got about 120,000 playing for NE

    • Free Tom
      Free Tom Month ago

      Marc Vinci there are clauses in these agreements where if somebody is acting a fool and bringing negative light to the organization they are not entitled to that bonus if cut before the deadline.

    • Marc Vinci
      Marc Vinci Month ago

      Not true. He won't make some of his salary. The Signing bonus he will get.

    • jjcampbell80
      jjcampbell80 Month ago +2

      Free Tom you’d think this guy would know that simple yet important detail before he spewed false statements

  • Simak Santana
    Simak Santana Month ago +3

    bring him to Cleveland

    • Mike Hamilton
      Mike Hamilton Month ago +1

      OBJ and AB yeah that would be wonderful team dynamic

    • Trashy McNasty
      Trashy McNasty Month ago +1

      Do not want

    • Clay Page
      Clay Page Month ago +1

      That is either ingenius or embecilic. I swear I don't know which.

    • DoNisYoB055
      DoNisYoB055 Month ago +1

      Nope, his ego is too big for cleveland

  • Doctor Enigma
    Doctor Enigma Month ago +34

    The only thing boomin will be his lawyers bank account. Karma

  • johnpaul. art
    johnpaul. art Month ago +1

    AB killing the game.

  • Synful PK
    Synful PK Month ago +1

    You think the Dolphins could get him? They need their stats up. But only problem is theres hardly any team that wants him

    • Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath
      Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath Month ago

      No team wants to deal with the fanfare n such that is AB branded...except in The Longest Yard

    • Ekryzor
      Ekryzor Month ago

      Dolphins don't want him. They want #1 draft pick.

    • Techno-mage
      Techno-mage Month ago

      @IsThisTheKrustyKrab? That's the point

    • IsThisTheKrustyKrab?
      IsThisTheKrustyKrab? Month ago

      The Dolphins suck.