Trying Dollar General Makeup For The First Time

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm in Grand Rapids, Michigan and I'm going to a #DollarGeneral store for the first time!! Allegedly they have a makeup line called Believe Beauty and the products are ALL $5.00 or less!! Will any of these makeup products be Jeffree Star Approved?? Let's find out...
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  • Laura Lagacé Martinez
    Laura Lagacé Martinez 47 seconds ago

    Please post another reviEw thanks you love you

  • Killer Cookie
    Killer Cookie 30 minutes ago

    I love how he parked his expensive car in the dollar jeneral parking lot 😹😹

  • Glow-up or Shut-up vlog
    Glow-up or Shut-up vlog 37 minutes ago

    I’m in Cadillac Michigan omg 😮 omg that lagoon is beautiful 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Sami Gobeli
    Sami Gobeli Hour ago

    Jeffree bought false lashes.....never put them on

  • hi.
    hi. 2 hours ago

    I cant even afford cheap makeup like this lmao

  • Afireinside912
    Afireinside912 3 hours ago +1

    Do not ever work for this scam of a company though. They treat you like shit, pay you very little (yearly raise of 25 cents.. seriously?), and except you to work EVERY holiday and be away from your family. They are a JOKE. Please don't support them Jeffree.

  • Emily Truitt
    Emily Truitt 4 hours ago

    @jeffreestar I have been using the season believe beauty brand for about 2 weeks maybe a month now almost everyday and I tried doing my makeup today and I have chemical burns from the concealer my face is red and swollen

  • Valerie Carchia
    Valerie Carchia 5 hours ago

    I love that he tests all makeup, not just high end.

  • Itsdaniella_paigee Hammond

    His jawline tho

  • Itsdaniella_paigee Hammond

    I don’t even splurge at dollar general

  • Itsdaniella_paigee Hammond

    I want them to do a first time video

  • Joshua Price
    Joshua Price 5 hours ago

    You are beautiful.

  • Joshua Price
    Joshua Price 5 hours ago

    I like both sides :)

  • Carolina Cruz
    Carolina Cruz 12 hours ago

    when he said u have never been I felt so poor

  • Elenita Belen
    Elenita Belen 15 hours ago

    Hi,I really enjoy watching your vlogs

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 16 hours ago


  • Kriptonic33
    Kriptonic33 18 hours ago +1

    I love that Jeffrey said that if they had the James pallet and I know that they aren’t friends but Jeffry Said that he Lived the new James plallet

  • Reign Lorem
    Reign Lorem 18 hours ago

    please please please please please please I will keep asking every chance I get, please do a review of shopmissa

  • Kyra Partida
    Kyra Partida 18 hours ago

    BUSINESS WOMAN!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Victoria Giarrusso
    Victoria Giarrusso 18 hours ago

    I live in socal, and there are quite a few

  • Ashley Miller
    Ashley Miller 19 hours ago

    " I hate brown look how pretty this brown mascara is"

  • iAm Capri
    iAm Capri 19 hours ago

    “ i wonder if they have the James Charles pallet “ SHADYYYY AF 😂😂😂😂

  • Bugsyduggy
    Bugsyduggy 19 hours ago +1


  • Wynne S. Garcia
    Wynne S. Garcia 19 hours ago


  • Paula Easter
    Paula Easter 20 hours ago

    Yes i like r video jeffreetar.

  • mel langham
    mel langham 21 hour ago

    Jeffree, your skins so pretty you don't need to cover your face at all.

  • Jordan Archer
    Jordan Archer 21 hour ago

    Dude what? LMAO

  • Average Katastrophe
    Average Katastrophe 22 hours ago

    You really had a fun time with this one LOL it was fun seeing you super giddy

  • Lorraine Cottingham
    Lorraine Cottingham 22 hours ago

    I love how genuinely enthusiastic you are about everything, it's really nice and refreshing!

  • mariesella Miller

    ❤ 😁

  • Kairi Periodt
    Kairi Periodt Day ago

    Who does research on dollar general 😂

  • Alexandra Simmons

    have you played Dos I think thats how you say it it it's the second uno and its hard

  • Tana R
    Tana R Day ago +1

    Omg I live in Grand Rapids Michigan 😆

  • Abdul-Rahman Al-Habobi

    he looks like the 11 form stranger things

  • Dorkie Doodles
    Dorkie Doodles Day ago

    Come to Georgia. There is a dollar general every 5 miles (at least in my county).

    LLS LLS Day ago

    Hi Jeffree I’m not sure if you’ve decided yet but I never won a giveaway before and I would love to win on so plz can I get one of the pallets or a bag or anything also idk if you ship to the uk x

  • Tinisaurus Rex
    Tinisaurus Rex Day ago

    I just watched a girl use your makeup to color slime 😭 my whole heart broke you know she has money just to waste your makeup like that ,a bitch broke you’d never see me disrespecting your makeup like that

  • Elizabeth lawson

    He didn’t do the false eyelashes

  • Keri Williamson
    Keri Williamson Day ago

    I am living for this look you have created it looks really good on you

  • Keri Williamson
    Keri Williamson Day ago

    I have tried a concealer and mascara lash extension type and I absolutely love them! Dollar general has some good quality makeup at affordable prices. I definitely want to try the whole line of their makeup!

  • Demi Ryan
    Demi Ryan Day ago

    You slay that outfit girl

  • Nerak995
    Nerak995 Day ago

    Aweee I loved seeing that girl get so giddy an run back to her car , i could feel how happy she was 😭😁☺️

  • Jennifer Cooper
    Jennifer Cooper Day ago

    I just found Jeffree Star and started following you. Where have I been lol. All of the people I follow on You Tube were doing the Halloween unboxings and that is how I discovered you❤. I loved the mystery box products!! Omg...the mirror❤. I am really loving you!!❤

  • Princess Tabucol

    I am one of your fan from the Philippines.. I wish I will be one of the lucky person,who will win your berkin bag maam 🙏🙏🙏 take care always and God Bless Maam😊😊

  • Natosha Cole
    Natosha Cole Day ago

    Try doing 5-minute crafts makeup edition

  • Autumn Williams
    Autumn Williams Day ago

    here in Alabama, we have a dollar general every 1-2 miles. we have 6 in my town alone.

  • Faith Barbie
    Faith Barbie Day ago

    He gets me so excited about stuff I don't care about

  • Fernanda Sanchez

    Lol 😆 love ❤️ all of this ... you make this so much fun

  • That Girl
    That Girl Day ago

    I got to try that foundation because it looked beautiful!

  • Cassidy Billet
    Cassidy Billet Day ago

    That looks like a really fancy dollar general tbh

  • Gracie Hope
    Gracie Hope Day ago

    our dollar general is very organized 😂😂

  • Elora Chandler
    Elora Chandler Day ago

    Why is this me on a regular basis 😂

  • Eva Maria Curtis

    Well thank you for visiting a Dollar General. I work at one. 😁 You should do a makeover for a Dollar General employee with the Believe Makeup...😁🙃😎
    Be blessed and come visit again soon...🙏🏻😁😁

  • Melee Kirby 2004
    Melee Kirby 2004 Day ago +1

    7:12 period
    7:18 me 2 sis

  • Ashbash 0227
    Ashbash 0227 2 days ago

    I wanted he PR package but I'm watching it in the future!!

  • Lily Tucker
    Lily Tucker 2 days ago

    how many times did he say and we'll see what the hell happens lmao🤣

  • Emily R
    Emily R 2 days ago

    It would be a dream to win a giveaway 😫

  • Mia S
    Mia S 2 days ago

    the bags are so pretty

  • Jenna
    Jenna 2 days ago +4

    I’m in the east, and there are a *billion* Dollar Generals.

  • Ängelå M
    Ängelå M 2 days ago

    Christian has an accent???