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An update |

  • Published on Aug 17, 2021

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  • LetsBeClear
    LetsBeClear 6 months ago

    How’s mom life ? I bet Mika is running around being a crazy boy taking all your spare energy :) thank goodness you have an enormous back catalogue of great content to keep us all busy til you find time to shoot. Blessings up and down✨

  • Sugar Rose
    Sugar Rose 9 months ago

    Sid's face at the end 🤣🤣🤣
    😐😐😐😎unamused/slightly annoyed.
    🤣🤣🤣🤣 he's the world's greatest!

  • Sadia Murtaza
    Sadia Murtaza 9 months ago +1

    Oooh I can’t wait 😁

  • Spanglish with Taz
    Spanglish with Taz 9 months ago +2

    we're waitinggg 😍😍

  • s m
    s m 9 months ago

    Ooooo can’t wait 😆

  • Safina Yousaf
    Safina Yousaf 9 months ago +1


  • Sunshine Serene
    Sunshine Serene 9 months ago +3

    Don’t worry love because no one has really missed you not uploading any vlogs ! It’s been nice and peaceful for a few days lol