8 Cheese Recipes For National Cheese Day

  • Published on Jun 4, 2019
  • Happy National Cheese Day! It’s no secret that cheese makes everything better, so celebrate this glorious holiday with 8 Easy Cheesy Recipes that are sure to make you melt. These outstanding dishes range from appetizers to sides and entrees because you can never have enough cheese!
    0:08 - Cheesy Chilli Mash Cones
    1:30 - Cheesy Penne Lasagna
    2:55 - Cheesy Mash Potato Dippers
    3:59 - Cheesy Swedish Meatball Sliders
    5:51 - Cheesy Butter Chicken Naan Cake
    7:47 - Cheesy Hunters Chicken Pasta
    9:18 - Ham & Cheesy Mash Onion Rings
    11:25 - Monster Cheesy Chicken Burrito

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    Haadiyah Shaik 17 days ago +1

    Who else watches this but ends up having non of the ingredients?

  • sam el
    sam el 17 days ago +2

    omg i literally used to watch these whilst fasting in ramadan

  • sam el
    sam el 17 days ago +2

    who else watches these at 3 am when their hungry but can’t be bothered to get up and make food?😫

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  • Venky Jjyothi
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    This is one of the way to torture yourself.
    Watching these...
    But still I like the recipes

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    they are very nice, a like the cheese

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    there is no national cheese day you just made that up

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    When I frst saw ur videos
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    Cheese, I have dish that is spicy with cheese cubes. Good to know about this.

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    • sam el
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      Garima Joshee me too😅

  • Katherine May
    Katherine May 3 months ago

    Omg.. I tried the cone one and it was SO AMAZING!! i recommend it u guys!! Its really cheezy


  • anna varghese
    anna varghese 3 months ago

    I am a cheese lover and i am going crazy

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    CatsInBOOTS 666 3 months ago

    It looked like she dipped her hand in the oil for the first recipe 😣

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    What kind of food is this? I really wouldn't eat it never. What kind of recipes are these? Some of them are really disgusting. How can you ever mix up tomato sauce with sour cream? No no no.

    PUBG PRANK 3 months ago

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