Nintendo Switch Lite review: Pure portability

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
  • The Switch Lite is for everyone who found the original Switch too big. Really, that's it. By going with a smaller screen and fixed controllers, Nintendo has crafted something that feels more like a genuine portable console. The Switch Lite is significantly lighter and more comfortable to hold, it can finally fit into your pocket and, at $200, it's $100 less than the Switch. The major downside: There's no more support for TV output. The Switch Lite is purely focused on portability, but I don't think many gamers will mind.
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Comments • 351

  • 111 111
    111 111 15 days ago

    *oh my god why do the same reviewers who complain about joy con drift stick the switch lite in their pockets*
    *makes absolutely no fucking sense*

  • Cheryl Allred
    Cheryl Allred 17 days ago

    If I want a switch that has less battery life, a smaller screen and can't dock to my T,V. I'll get this switch lite

  • Kurtis At SimplyGridless

    I can't decide whether or not to get the switch lite or save for the switch v2... Help me decide pls... I also dont have a TV atm so yeah

    T CREED 29 days ago

    Only thing is the screen to small 😪😪

  • Rigo 660
    Rigo 660 Month ago

    Thanks for getting straight to the point! I’ve seen a bunch of reviews that stretch to 10 minutes while it should’ve been 5 minutes, so thanks for the informative short video!

  • Rom, the Vacuous Spider

    Ugliest indian ive ever see

  • Najee Jackson
    Najee Jackson Month ago

    If it comes with GTA Liberty City, I'm down.

  • rem
    rem Month ago

    jesus that the real voice of this old indian guy?

  • joonas lehtonen
    joonas lehtonen Month ago +1

    @1:21 No shoelaesaes.

  • Muhammad Usman
    Muhammad Usman Month ago

    Nitendo games: Yes
    Nitendo console: No

  • Legendary Green Saviour

    What was the game that u started with

  • A2 TheK
    A2 TheK Month ago


  • Legend & Hero Toy Review

    Hey your the best sarcasam"

  • Ruben Camps
    Ruben Camps Month ago +2

    Change my OG switch for the lite version as if i play ps4 on tv. The lite is more comfortable to play in the couch or on the go than the OG switch so im happy. Love the design

    • manybalby
      manybalby Month ago

      I find myself playing switch games more with the lite. I never played the original on the tv or at all.

  • Don Fransisco
    Don Fransisco 2 months ago

    nigga scared me when he came out

  • Skylar Gray
    Skylar Gray 2 months ago

    So you can't transfer your games level from the switch to the switch l i t e when switching cartridge. practically you have to start the game from the beginningcorrect? Games data isn't saved. Also no vibration which makes it useless in some games reliant on vibration ie Mario Oddyssey. 🙄

  • Sunil Dinanath
    Sunil Dinanath 2 months ago


  • Ahmed Foad
    Ahmed Foad 2 months ago +2

    Me and the bois pulling out our switch lites at school to play super smash bros

  • Meme God
    Meme God 2 months ago

    The switch lite when it saw a regular switch: dad?

  • Shamar Mills
    Shamar Mills 2 months ago +1

    I would take the lite on road trips or school and keep the og switch home

  • John LoBo
    John LoBo 2 months ago

    The major downside is actually the dpad that ignores diagonals.

  • Star Wars Clone Wars
    Star Wars Clone Wars 2 months ago

    Love this vid

  • Nick Morphew
    Nick Morphew 2 months ago

    Ah "Marry-o Kart". Terrific game.

  • Gurpreet Dhillon
    Gurpreet Dhillon 2 months ago

    Although, the review was good you need to work on your delivery and show some emotions. You have poker face throughout the video show some emotions in order to keep the audience engaged. Just my two cents.

  • Adon Capcom
    Adon Capcom 2 months ago +2

    This guy reminds me of a character out of the simpsons franchise.

  • r1skt8k3r
    r1skt8k3r 2 months ago

    Yes or no??? Can I play all my physical & digital games seamlessly between my day 1 Switch and my new Switch Lite???

  • ItsJust TheFantes'
    ItsJust TheFantes' 2 months ago

    My switch is too big.... said NO ONE EVER LOL JJ

  • three bedrooms
    three bedrooms 2 months ago

    Dpad ISN’T accurate if the game needs diagonal inputs. Fucks sake, why does no one mention that???

  • zues121510
    zues121510 2 months ago

    Hey! I use tabletop mode with my friends!

  • kosta1605
    kosta1605 2 months ago

    I feel like they should have renamed it altogether. They took the "Switch out of the Switch.

    • Ne
      Ne 2 months ago

      I understand the point when people say this but from a marketing standpoint, I think if they didn’t put “Switch” in the name, lots of people would assume it doesn’t play Switch game

  • Benjamin Read
    Benjamin Read 2 months ago

    I strange is that switch v2 has more battery and I like that more

  • Cj Vaans
    Cj Vaans 2 months ago

    Its such a cute portable gaming console. Gonna get the Turquoise Blue in the future.

  • Sam 94
    Sam 94 2 months ago +1

    This guy looks like a legit goblin

  • demon
    demon 2 months ago +2

    This guys voice is really monotone on all the videos he’s in

  • StormRider2
    StormRider2 2 months ago

    I have the launch Switch and have never played on the TV as my PS4 Pro is there. I have preordered the Pokemon edition Switch Lite have to wait till November for the release. The Lite is more sturdier and a better handheld machine.

  • Roblox for life
    Roblox for life 2 months ago

    Not sure if your 30 or 50

  • Nathan Amaral
    Nathan Amaral 2 months ago +1

    In my country, the switch lite is more expensive than the original one. WTF

  • jedi87
    jedi87 2 months ago

    You need to be online to really play anything???why

  • dark light
    dark light 2 months ago +1

    Shit is going to print money

    • Maple Miles
      Maple Miles 2 months ago

      dark light that's for damn sure

  • DreBone1986
    DreBone1986 2 months ago

    Can you please make the Switch just one thing, I'm sick of the only reason it exists, SMH

  • raceface_m
    raceface_m 2 months ago +5

    You can finally fit it in your pocket. *breaks thumbstick

    • red crimson102
      red crimson102 2 months ago +1

      I can fit the og switch in my pocket with no probelm, mabye u should stop wearin your little sister skinny jeans 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cruzinthruspace
    Cruzinthruspace 2 months ago

    Nice Gameboy

  • Jedson Teng
    Jedson Teng 2 months ago +2

    After using samsung amoled screens ,all screen I looked at sucks now,including this switch

    • Jedson Teng
      Jedson Teng 2 months ago

      @Muhammad Abbas samsung A series ,even A20 has better screen than this..

    • Muhammad Abbas
      Muhammad Abbas 2 months ago

      Jedson Teng they're not the same price bracket though. What $200 phone has an amoled display?

  • John Tziannis
    John Tziannis 2 months ago +2

    Nintendo is a genius

  • Proyeccion Astral Producciones

    You should change your name to Devindra Hardware :)

  • Roger Toledano
    Roger Toledano 2 months ago

    Sorry get a new guy to review. This is one of those guys that will nitpick at every little detail. Then he started talking about puppies and funko pop. Nah

  • Wolverine Scratch
    Wolverine Scratch 2 months ago +1

    It's my replacement for my 2DS

  • RS1
    RS1 2 months ago +2

    I dont get it... Why does it have to be online in order to play games??? I can play offline in my switch.. 🤔

    • Casual Saiyan Gaming
      Casual Saiyan Gaming 2 months ago

      I'm not saying you do, I was just pointing out that's what he meant and that it is a common practice with console gaming now

    • RS1
      RS1 2 months ago

      @Casual Saiyan Gaming i dont have a ps4.

    • Casual Saiyan Gaming
      Casual Saiyan Gaming 2 months ago

      He is saying that if this isnt set as your primary switch then it will need an online connection to play your games, exactly the same way PS4 works

  • ProXxGeo105
    ProXxGeo105 2 months ago

    Sad I would get it if it could dock 1080p

    • Christian Pimentel
      Christian Pimentel 19 days ago

      The reason they kept it only for portable mode is because if they had included a video output chip. It would make the $300 Switch become a scam and sell less.

    • ProXxGeo105
      ProXxGeo105 2 months ago

      Mr. JoJo hey thank you 😊

    • Sakurai
      Sakurai 2 months ago

      ProXxGeo105 I’m sorry.

    • ProXxGeo105
      ProXxGeo105 2 months ago

      Mr. JoJo Rude no I would of payed more

    • Sakurai
      Sakurai 2 months ago

      You are really dumb. You really expected that a $200 tablet could dock and output 1080p? No dude, not going to ever happen.

  • TranscendingPolygons
    TranscendingPolygons 2 months ago

    Sooo the PSVita is now better than the switch? PSVita has more games, more colors, and now almost the same size.

    • Maple Miles
      Maple Miles 2 months ago

      TranscendingPolygons the switch has higher end specs over the vita and the vita came out in 2012 and failed hard in the market well the switch is doing everything the vita did wrong

    • ProXxGeo105
      ProXxGeo105 2 months ago

      TranscendingPolygons PSVita worse CPU

  • Jesse Powell
    Jesse Powell 2 months ago

    I did love to get a switch lite

  • PKTV
    PKTV 2 months ago +1

    Finally someone that gets it and isn’t delusional like most Nintendo fans :) well done on the review

  • Brandon Carroll
    Brandon Carroll 2 months ago

    It's pronounced Mario... Not Mario


  • Ivan Onchengco
    Ivan Onchengco 2 months ago +6

    As someone with Low Vision. Font Scaling would be much appreciated.

    • Wayne Cyr
      Wayne Cyr 4 days ago +1

      Right there with ya on that one. I use my reading glasses when playing and that helps quite a bit but font scaling would be so much better.

  • InstantChildBirth
    InstantChildBirth 2 months ago +4

    I can’t believe this mans is actually talking trash about the Original Switch

    • Salvatore Pisano
      Salvatore Pisano 2 months ago

      He's comparing the portability between the 2, not the switch console in general.

  • Shank Adams
    Shank Adams 2 months ago


  • Shank Adams
    Shank Adams 2 months ago +7


    • Shank Adams
      Shank Adams Month ago

      @SourStrawberrys you like the colors so much youd buy a pink one😂

    • SourStrawberrys
      SourStrawberrys Month ago

      What are you taking about their is 3 colors? Including a natural grey color. There is nothing wrong with the color choices.

    • Asef Bodlox
      Asef Bodlox 2 months ago

      I'm upset there isn't any white color

  • Millennium Watcher
    Millennium Watcher 2 months ago

    I don’t see how joycons can fly off easily from the original switch. Very misleading.

  • Amat Mulisha
    Amat Mulisha 2 months ago +1

    Can’t wait for mine, the pokemon Edition this Nov. First game that i will play is ZELDA and luiggi mansion 😆

  • mike reyes
    mike reyes 2 months ago

    Awesome review.