Most MYSTERIOUS Discoveries Made Under The Earth's Surface!

  • Published on May 31, 2019
  • Check out the Most MYSTERIOUS Discoveries Made Under The Earth's Surface! From massive oceans found deep inside our planet's core to other unexplained and bizarre mysteries, this top 10 list of earth discoveries will amaze you!
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    10. Mars-Like Structures
    With the next big challenge in space exploration being to travel to Mars, scientists are trying to find ways to prepare humans for the environment… but it turns out they don't actually need to look that far to see what it's like because there's a mine in England that's very very similar.
    9. Mountains
    We're used to seeing the range of topographical mountains on our planet at the surface, but underground?? Recent discoveries have led researchers to believe it's just as varied under the Earth’s surface. A study published in early 2019 explained how geophysicists analyzed seismic waves to infer what lay underground. A particularly strong magnitude 8.2 earthquake in Bolivia in 1994 provided the ideal dataset, and they were stunned to see what they found.
    8. A Lake of Molten Carbon
    Carbon is crucial to life on this planet, but also an element that’s linked with the increasingly changing environment that’s seen worldwide. As we learn more about the planet, more and more deposits of carbon are being found… such as in the permafrost and within the ocean, and in 2017 researchers discovered one of the biggest sources of all- a massive lake of molten carbon beneath the western United States.
    7. Heat Plumes
    In 2013, scientists announced the results of a study that used seismic waves to investigate the earth beneath volcanoes, and found something quite unexpected. Described as huge ‘fingers of heat’, with some as much as a few thousand miles long, these structures help to explain hotspot volcanoes that have given birth to islands like Hawaii and Tahiti.
    6. Diamonds
    Diamonds are a highly sought after stone, and very valuable because of their rarity. A recent discovery has shown that the earth has far more diamonds than anyone had previously thought, but don’t get too excited yet, because they’re currently well beyond our capability for extraction.
    5. A New Type of Ice
    Diamonds are formed deep within the earth's crust before working their way toward the surface. By studying them, scientists can find out what the conditions are like so deep down, and a recent discovery surprised everyone. They found, trapped within the rigid structures of a diamond, a type of ice that was not previously thought to occur naturally on earth.
    4. A Huge Reservoir
    As more research is carried out into looking at our planet’s structure, new evidence continually comes forward that forces a re-think as to how the earth was formed in the first place. In 2014, scientists looking at seismic data found an anomaly, at the boundary of the earth’s crust.
    3. Molten Iron River
    In 2016, researchers studying the magnetic field of the earth discovered a river flowing beneath the surface, but this isn't a river of water… instead, it's made from molten iron. The readings that were taken from space showed this formation to stretch from beneath North America to Russia, at depths of around 1800 miles and temperatures approaching those seen on the surface of the sun.
    2. Strange Sounds
    And now for the answer! The deepest man-made hole on earth in terms of depth below the surface is the Kola superdeep borehole in Russia which goes 40,000 feet deep into the crust.
    1. Billions of Tons of Microbes
    We spend so much time looking out to the stars to find signs of alien life, but researchers looking within our planet have found that the lifeforms that we know about on earth are just the beginning. Beneath the surface lives billions of tons worth of microbial life.
    Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

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      Exactly, they are almost worthless, with an estimated 4.7 BILLION pounds in the earths out layers

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