This Is How Much Money Chelsea Clinton Really Makes

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • Chelsea Clinton has been hustling since way back, going from presidential first daughter to mother, wife, and philanthropist. No matter what path she chose, she would have been famous, but she's also established a successful career for herself, amassing a hefty fortune. Here's how much she really makes.
    While her famous last name no doubt opened doors for her, Clinton hasn't relied on her parents to carry her through life. The former first daughter began studying ballet at the age of four, learned how to invest in the stock market when she was 11, and even skipped the third grade. Her stellar high school record gained her admission to the elite Stanford University, where she initially planned to become a doctor.
    She eventually changed her major from pre-med to history, earning her master's degree in international relations from Oxford University.
    After a few years in the workforce, Clinton went back to school to get yet another Oxford degree. And in 2014, she graduated with a Ph.D. in international relations, at the age of 34. Famous parents aside, such an impressive resume under her belt makes Clinton legitimately qualified for any number of high-paying jobs.
    Watch the video for more about how much money Chelsea Clinton really makes!
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    Putting in the work | 0:18
    Did she cash in on her parents? | 1:20
    Consulting with Chelsea | 1:53
    Hustling at a hedge fund | 2:27
    Teaming up with NBC | 3:01
    The Clinton Foundation | 4:08
    Jumping on board | 5:33
    She's a bestselling author | 6:24
    Her millionaire husband | 7:05
    A lavish wedding | 7:50
    Her future inheritance | 9:05
    The most special job of all | 9:56
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  • The List
    The List  4 months ago +12

    How much do you think Chelsea makes for herself, and how much is her parents?

    • christopher carrier
      christopher carrier 12 days ago

      These creeps personify the Real America...a bunch of criminals of low character...USA is headed for terrible times...USA is deeply morally sick.

    • Alisa Fehr
      Alisa Fehr Month ago

      @Cathy Bernard you are absolutely 100% correct

    • Miss America
      Miss America Month ago

      You mean, how much is Haiti's?

    • Cathy Bernard
      Cathy Bernard Month ago

      Alisa Fehr exactly and all the money 💰 all the Clinton’s stoled is only one of the many many crimes they done not to mention all the crimes they committed with the Obama’s

    • Alisa Fehr
      Alisa Fehr Month ago +1

      You're actually asking how much have they stolen, both Clinton couples. It is a ungodly amount into the very high millions and with the daughter earning"s at her cushy job she gets around $650k annually just for being a has been, presidential daughter, but she does nothing!

  • Joe Homeless
    Joe Homeless 3 days ago

    Hey look at me. I'm Chelsea ( my dads got his dick out ) Clinton.

  • Tony Campanelli
    Tony Campanelli 7 days ago

    dog dog real dog

  • Danny Boyle
    Danny Boyle 8 days ago

    IDGAF what chelsea clinton thinks about anything, she is a nobody.

  • Danny Boyle
    Danny Boyle 8 days ago

    chelsea clinton is EXTREMELY UGLY !!!!!!!!!

  • freelandsm1
    freelandsm1 10 days ago

    According to SNOPES???!!! Ok. This is BS....

  • christopher carrier
    christopher carrier 12 days ago

    Americans admire garbage like these people...the bottom Money is God. Money is credibility. Character is of no value. There will be a price to pay.

  • christopher carrier
    christopher carrier 12 days ago

    I wouldnt look twice at that dumb ass if i saw her type in a supermarket.

  • Richard Wood
    Richard Wood 13 days ago

    Jesus! I nearly sharted when that face came up. Can see she is a product of her parents. 900 thousand dollars a year out the Clinton Foundation!

  • shedrick orr
    shedrick orr 17 days ago

    I thought she studied foreign relations what is she doing at Wallstreet

  • Brenda Johnson
    Brenda Johnson 17 days ago

    We're do you people think her mother made her money,? 🤔, oh ya! INTERNATIONAL CHILD TRAFFICKING!

  • Brenda Johnson
    Brenda Johnson 17 days ago

    She is one ugly woman! Wow! That's what happens when you are concieved in evil,!

  • Cathy Bernard
    Cathy Bernard 20 days ago

    Cardfan you’re the one that needs to craw back under your rock because the evil demo demons don’t know the meaning of the word truth

  • Cardfan
    Cardfan 21 day ago

    How is this snyones buisness? She's not in politics. She writes childrens books.

  • Taylor Martinez
    Taylor Martinez 21 day ago

    How much money did they give you to make this video?

  • Vincent Illiano
    Vincent Illiano 22 days ago

    is this a joke?

  • DARLENE Hebert
    DARLENE Hebert 23 days ago

    The only reason she is making this Money is bec.her Parents STOLE from the AMERICAN people n today they owe us back This Money.That's why them Democrats are no good.They are pure EVIL n CORRUPT.OMG PLEASE GIVE US THE JUSTICE WE THE PEOPLE OF THE USA SO DESERVE

  • keith g w
    keith g w 25 days ago

    Who gives a rat's ass
    How ever much it is it's probably via criminal activity just like her felonious parents

    NARKOHAMPON TV 26 days ago +1

    White Supremacy STEALING EVERYBODY WEALTH facts

  • Patrick Forget
    Patrick Forget 27 days ago

    Who the hell you trying to lie to mommy and daddy made sure that her last name meant something if anybody got in her way trust me Hillary would have Clinton them they would have been Hillary so don't go trying to say mommy and daddy didn't help her not one little bit bulshit you know you can go to hell for lying as well as you can for stealing right

  • Patrick Forget
    Patrick Forget 27 days ago

    What she makes her money what did epshteyn trigger out

  • Margie Kressst/
    Margie Kressst/ 28 days ago

    One ugly first daughter bitch!! Like mother like daughter!!

  • William Milne
    William Milne 28 days ago +1

    You mean Chelsea Hubble?

    MYCHANNEL 28 days ago


  • Jill Asbill
    Jill Asbill Month ago

    She looks J_wish, and so do the royal family....hmmmmmm

  • Donna Day
    Donna Day Month ago

    The poison apple does not fall far from the tree

  • nathan moak
    nathan moak Month ago

    must be nice to suck the golden teat!

  • Marilyn Scott
    Marilyn Scott Month ago +1

    I've never seen her work. All their money is stolen

  • Evella
    Evella Month ago

    What a joke, her corrupt unconscionable parents brought her up to be exactly like them! All Clinton’s, Obama, Biden, Pelosi ect. Should be in jail!

  • adlep
    adlep Month ago

    Nothing impressive about her record. Switching from Pre Med - where you have to work hard and take cal and org chemistry to "History" ? Really? And that somehow qualifies you for a number of elite jobs? Phd in "International Relations" lol nothing but a blowoff degree. Does she speak any other language ? At least one? Fuck off Clintons.

  • M J Jackson
    M J Jackson Month ago

    She is one ugly child, no wonder she had a facelift

  • Rebekah Seibert
    Rebekah Seibert Month ago

    Put Clintons in Gtmo by now!!....

  • saffron wetter
    saffron wetter Month ago

    The Clinton's are the reason our country is broken to day. And the Obama's it makes me sick to see how stuped
    our country has beem.
    To keep voting for theses Gold diggers.

  • Carmelita James
    Carmelita James Month ago

    She so ugly . She just like here parents

  • Sladjana Simic
    Sladjana Simic Month ago

    Whatever parents sin, results will suffer their children

  • OutsideMax
    OutsideMax Month ago

    The word of the day is....Nepotism

  • Abdul Rasheed
    Abdul Rasheed Month ago

    I love you Chelsea Clinton mother women's stronger politics love you my lovely remember family

  • john walker
    john walker Month ago

    Aaaarrrrrggggg one ugly ass woman

  • Sima Kloupte
    Sima Kloupte Month ago

    Chelsey got all her jobs through parent relations. She never had to go through front doors for interviews. Do not even show us her success.

  • PaleoPapa
    PaleoPapa Month ago +2

    Haitians despise the Clintons and say they’ve destroyed their country through Clinton Foundation

  • PaleoPapa
    PaleoPapa Month ago

    Miserable Clintons need to be in jail for corruption - crimes against humanity for Hillary and let’s not forget treason - can’t stand them.

  • Beatle Bea
    Beatle Bea Month ago

    Is rumor that her parents are paying for a million dollar penthouse in new York true? Chelsea and her husband and kid live there.

  • Mepluribusunum
    Mepluribusunum Month ago

    Thank God she has money. She is sadly so homely. She is no Ivanka Trump.

  • fraggin1
    fraggin1 2 months ago +2

    yeah she didn't make money off of her parents she was such a loner.... fuuckin lies

  • Joyce Clifford
    Joyce Clifford 2 months ago

    She is as crooked as her parents

  • David Council
    David Council 2 months ago +1

    Chelsea Clinton is the
    poster child for white privilege.

  • Jt MONEY
    Jt MONEY 2 months ago

    I don't know if this video is biased or not but I've never seen a more human Clinton in my entire life!!!!

  • J W
    J W 2 months ago +2

    How does it feel to have a father is a rapist and a mother a habitual killer

  • JJSC
    JJSC 2 months ago +1

    Clinton hadn't relied on her parents......are you living on planet Zargon?

    • Dianne Carrol
      Dianne Carrol 2 months ago

      She has a very impressive education, IDIOT. Sad that you don't and are so insanely jealous

  • Joe Barcelona
    Joe Barcelona 2 months ago

    Another reason for not voting for her mother in 2016.

  • Joe Barcelona
    Joe Barcelona 2 months ago

    2:00 I thought they were an accounting company? Can't they count?

    V-ROCK GAMES 2 months ago

    Someone should call CPS On Chelsea Clinton

  • chris h
    chris h 2 months ago +1

    bullshit.......she had her lucrative life handed to her.Lifetime Acheivement Award for what????

  • F. O.
    F. O. 2 months ago +2

    Looking forward to her execution

  • Eric Hansen
    Eric Hansen 2 months ago +1

    Her book on. How my daddy raped my Nanny.

  • Joyce Clifford
    Joyce Clifford 2 months ago +2

    Chelsea has no shame like her parents. Can’t believe she commented about trump did she forget what her dad did . She is mental

  • Wesley Brown
    Wesley Brown 2 months ago

    Really Gail king bill Clinton is going down and fat cow Hillary boy she looks evil

  • Mr. Jay
    Mr. Jay 2 months ago

    She reminds me of that Theranos CEO........oddly beautiful, robotic in nature, and sexy at the same time.

    • David Council
      David Council 2 months ago +1

      Chelsea is so ugly that
      even oral could count as anal

  • Jim R
    Jim R 2 months ago

    I wonder what charity paid for the plastic surgeries. She worked for NBC on Brian Williams' team. We now know that Williams couldn't be counted on to tell the truth. NBC paid her a huge salary to do nothing. She was hired by the Clinton Family Foundation, to walk into the building in mid-morning and walk out by Noon. Other employees were instructed to step into a side room when she came down the hall, and don't EVER say "hello" or "Good Morning" or anything else, to Chelsea. Do not ever block her way. For that difficult daily routine she was paid $800,000.00 per year by the Foundation.
    Her husband's father did time for financial scandals, and was to pay a huge fine. He also ran a Nigerian E-Mail scam. He never paid the fine, but was able to pay for the young couple's 10 million dollar home. The perfect marriage on the Two Crime Families.

  • Hillary Lies
    Hillary Lies 2 months ago

    My fellow Americans, in yet another attempt to bring the truth to so many Americans who have been fooled by Hillary and Bill Clinton, Our Forefathers plead with you to please take the time to watch these very disturbing truthful videos into the lifes of Bill and Hillary Clinton.
    I have been blocked from posting the videos onto RU-clip because of the magnitude of response I Have been getting. I have been told the Clintons have requested I stop doing this because it's working. The American people's eyes are starting to be opened because of these videos... this will be the first time I have attempted to up load them from my phone. if out doesn't work please go to RU-clip and simply start with--->> Hillary Clinton Banned Movie. watch that video and many more you still see... and please please please pass them on to all you know... the Clintons have had many Americans killed and in these videos you still see proof of that very thing... Our Forefathers our begging you to please so some research onto all the EVIL AND DESTRUCTION The Clintons have brought on tho so many innocent people...
    Alright I'm going to see if this works now.. if you see videos links below please please please watch all of them and pass them on tho as many people as you can.. thank you so so so very much for living The United States Of America enough to watch and pass these onto to all you know.

    350 pages of Hillary Clinton's carefully selected emails have been gifted to the New York Times, Americans can see just how badly the former secretary of state botched the job in Libya and elsewhere.
    Clinton went to extraordinary lengths to keep her supposedly public emails - she was a public employee, after all - private.
    She kept them on an account outside the Department of State's system, on her own server in her own home. And she had more than one account. All of these acts are breaches of State Department rules.
    Worse still, when the emails suddenly became an issue and Congress asked to see them, she conveniently erased a hard drive. You know, an accident.
    Then, in a Nixon-like move, she agreed to hand over 30,000 emails to the State Department. But she printed them, forcing the State Department to spend five weeks redigitizing them, the Washington Post reported.
    This email dump only scratches the surface: State handed over just 850 pages of the emails to the House Select Committee on Benghazi, and someone there leaked about 350 pages to the Times.
    Even so, the emails are damning, both of Clinton's conduct as a public official and her character. To wit:
    * As Libyan rebels tightened their grip on the capital and dictator Moammar Gadhafi, State Department Director of Policy Planning Jake Sullivan emailed Clinton that she now had "leadership/ownership/stewardship of this country's Libya policy from start to finish."
    The email was meant to be a triumphal pat on the back for Clinton's adroit handling of Libya's rebellion, one of the great debacles in U.S. diplomatic history.
    Despite her "ownership," Clinton later blamed the Sept. 11, 2012, Benghazi tragedy - in which terrorists murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others in our own diplomatic compound - on an obscure movie, "The Innocence of Muslims."
    * The Clinton emails also show that she compromised State Department security by keeping "sensitive but unclassified" emails on her private server. "This includes the whereabouts of State Department officials in Libya when security there was deteriorating during the 2011 revolution," the Times reported.
    * A year and a half before his untimely and unnecessary death, then-special envoy Stevens became so concerned with security in the country that he thought about leaving, Hillary's emails also show.
    And the emails indicate that old Clinton hand Sidney Blumenthal emailed Clinton regularly about Libya, a country in which he had business interests. One email stands out. Just two days after Benghazi, Blumenthal emailed Clinton, saying that the attacks "had been planned for approximately one month" and had been perpetrated by "well-trained, hardened killers" who belonged to the Libyan terrorist gang Ansar al-Sharia.
    Blumenthal completely contradicts the phony story,which Clinton and others concocted, of a spontaneous uprising resulting from the video that we mentioned earlier.
    As we said, this information is damning of Clinton's "ownership" of U.S. Libya policy. It may even scuttle her run for president. What else will emerge in the thousands of other pages of emails yet to be inspected?