Pictures That PROVE Japan is Not Like Any Other Country!

  • Published on Oct 14, 2018
  • Japan is a country that has a lot to offer-a lot to teach-this world, and for those who have never been there, you may not even know just what they do differently that we could learn from. In Japan, you’ll find exciting things that you’ve probably never even thought about; things good and bad, but all interesting. We’re here to show you some of those things and to show you Pictures That Prove Japan is Not Like Any Other Country!
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    6. Woah. Awesome!
    Apparently, this note says, “I accidentally knocked over your bike and broke your bell. I am very sorry.” Let that sink in. Not only was someone courteous enough to leave a note explaining what happened, but they also left money to get a replacement as well. We’re sure there are other countries where people are this friendly and honest and take responsibility for their actions. Then you go to some places where, if someone picks a parking spot where their car won’t fit… they’ll either bump into surrounding cars on the way in and not care at all, or they’ll fit and then slam their doors into the vehicles around them, again, not caring one bit. If only we lived in a better world. If only we lived in Japan.

    5. So Thoughtful!
    As we all know, a lot of sticks of gum come in wrappers which are perfect for helping to dispose of said gum after it loses its flavor and is ready to be spit out. But what about the packs of gum that don’t come with the pieces individually wrapped? Like the packs of Eclipse in the plastic containers or those that come in those half foil, half plastic packets where you push the gum through the foil. With those, you don’t have anywhere to dispose of the gum when you’re done with it, besides, you know, the trash. Well, in Japan, they have packs of gum that come in plastic containers that also include a sticky note pad inside so you can tear off a piece of paper and wrap your gum in it. The Japanese seem to think of basically everything, don’t they? They’re so thoughtful!

    4. Cool Lockers… Literally
    Some malls offer storage lockers for your stuff while you shop, but a lot of times these lockers cost you something and store only things that you don’t mind sitting at room temperature. In Japan, some shopping malls offer these great, refrigerated storage compartments to keep anything perishable you may be carrying good, and that’s just fantastic. We all know those times where we go shopping out of order or forget we need something from somewhere, but if we go to the grocery store first, we feel the need just to head home to get our perishable items in a fridge. But with this system, it doesn’t matter what order you shop in because the Japanese have your back! The lockers can only hold so much, though, so don’t expect your entire shopping trips worth of groceries to fit, but for just a few things, this is perfect!

    3. This-We Need This!
    You know when you go out to a restaurant and can’t make up your mind on what you want to get to eat, and it’s made all that much more difficult because you can’t see what the plate is actually going to look like before you get it? Well, some restaurants in Japan take care of that up front and give you a little sneak preview of just what you’re diving into before you make the leap. Some displays have fake food in them, but that show how each of their menu items is set up, so you can avoid the disappointment when you finally decide on a meal and it comes out and is much smaller or less appetizing looking than you’d thought it would be. This is also a great way to sell more food and to have happier customers, and, not to mention, less food sent back because someone is unhappy. This book of pages we need to take from Japan is getting rather large.

    2. Hehe
    We all know that the Japanese are the Kings and Queens of the selfie, so why wouldn’t their touristy spots have built-in cell phone holders for the perfect selfie angles and shots? You can find stands like this one in many places perfect for snapping a quick pic, and with them, it’s much easier to get a good shot that’s basically already all lined up for you! Set up your phone, snap a quick picture, and move on so someone else can get a photo too! The only problems are that all of the pictures taken from these have to look the same! There’s not much differentiating one can do with taking an image from a predetermined place. But still, this is cool, and helpful when you need the perfect picture in picturesque settings!


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  • Azliana Lyana
    Azliana Lyana Year ago +5

    LOVE Japan, will visit that country again for holiday!

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    Fabian Vallejos 11 months ago

    I like your the video I hope yuo like our posts and you can subscribe too 🙏❤️

  • Brian Jerry
    Brian Jerry Year ago

    I wonder if the deodorant in the toilet elevator is for the air and not armpits

  • Ann P Tully
    Ann P Tully Year ago

    We could learn quite a few things from the Japanese!

  • Jeff Daniels
    Jeff Daniels Year ago +1

    The main reason is they're one culture, in America if you tried to get various people to do some of these type of things of different color than yours or different ethnic background, it starts the whole" who are you to tell me what to do" crap. P S this is not a slam on anybody's background,( notice how I have to qualify my statement) it's just an observation.

  • GreenAppelPie
    GreenAppelPie Year ago

    No shit Sherlock. And stop using the same stock photos.

  • Oldenweery
    Oldenweery Year ago

    A friend of mine was an Army orderly in a hospital in Japan during the Vietnam War and liked the Japanese so much he married a Japanese girl. He said they wouldn't carry cloth handkerchiefs because who wants to blow their nose and carry it around for the rest of the day? Tissues can be used, then discarded (they also have a lot more trash receptacles scattered around). They're so polite they don't cuss each other out (and if you yell at your cab driver, he's liable to get out of the cab until you leave!). That person leaving money and a note for damaging the bicycle bell is fairly common, too. My friend said if someone accidentally leaves change on the shelf of a telephone booth (when they had them; do they still?), no one will take it. (Jeez, I'm beginning to think we're just a bunch of crude slobs...)

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    Oh please not you Talltanic? The time has finally come for me.... To unsubscribe

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    Great Video!

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    This is probably the only place where I'd love to sign up to be a custodian - just so I could get away with doing very little to no work at all!

  • Thi Henry
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    America are lazy and rudely nation. Only thinking about themselves, just look at our government.

  • Ruth Elisa Luna
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    It is different... Talltanic thanks for sharing, usually enjoy your videos!

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    No country is like another tf

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    was i first?

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    I love Japan.

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    I love the Japanese people! Thanks for the good example!

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    624th viewer!!!!!

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    But they are very racist

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    Voice sound sexy baby.

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    I want to adopt so many of thier ideas!! Go Japan!

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    AMAZING!! Something that I have been saying for a long time now, other Countries the people respect each other and everyone helps each other here no one cares people in our Country actually enjoy annoying, disrespecting, and going out of there way seeing what hateful things they can do to someone else just go and drive and see what that is like it says it all .... OUR COUNTRY IS GOING TO HELL FAST!!!!!!! Ps- Just look at these comments self explanatory all IDIOTS))

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    5 mins late damn

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    Most countries are different from others

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    Yeah, see the difference!

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    Damn Japan

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