• Published on Mar 1, 2019
  • SIDEWINDER ORIGIN STORY | Fortnite Short Film | SEASON 8
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    Here we go for another installment of the Fortnite series, leave a thumbs up for more!
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  • Andrew
    Andrew 3 months ago

    “Oh YeA bAbY”

  • CharlieBearr
    CharlieBearr 3 months ago

    Fun x3

  • stewie griffin
    stewie griffin 4 months ago +1


  • Between The Future And The Past


  • Shaggy the dilophosaurus

    *oH yEaH tHiS iS gOnNa Be FuN*

  • Leonora Seno
    Leonora Seno 5 months ago

    I hate u killing defaults

  • Shadow Playz
    Shadow Playz 5 months ago

    Sidewinder is basically Calamity

  • Juan Andrés
    Juan Andrés 5 months ago

    Oh yea baby this iss gonna be fiiiinee

  • Jeremiah wilson
    Jeremiah wilson 5 months ago +2

    3:57 i never knew a golden ak was useless

  • Mesik!
    Mesik! 5 months ago

    The voice of sidewinder is very annoying

  • Kiroradasu The specter
    Kiroradasu The specter 5 months ago

    Tbh she reminds me of miss fortune

  • Moon Gaming
    Moon Gaming 5 months ago


  • I’mNoOne 11
    I’mNoOne 11 6 months ago

    I ship that snake
    girl and Blake hart

  • Addokalil Muridi
    Addokalil Muridi 6 months ago

    Weird but cool

  • Natalie ledesma
    Natalie ledesma 6 months ago


  • Natalie ledesma
    Natalie ledesma 6 months ago

    How do. You Gus’s get so good

  • jake Frost
    jake Frost 6 months ago

    Loo ve your vid and llama

  • Galaxy Phoenix
    Galaxy Phoenix 6 months ago

    I never played apex legends but it’s the as fortnite I just want fortnite to have super powers pls pls epic games

  • Galaxy Phoenix
    Galaxy Phoenix 6 months ago

    Apex legends is trash

  • SleepyBun•w• Fortnite! :3 3:

    Ahem actually the season 6 skin girl cow girl saw a snake in water and he grab it and turns into that

  • AOD_Gas
    AOD_Gas 6 months ago

    Hold up first of all she didn’t have a weapon so she went to a camp then she used a cannon to kill a bunch of players then uses to launch herself to another player 3:07 Where does that pump come from?

  • The big Fortnite gamer
    The big Fortnite gamer 6 months ago

    Omg I just watched one of these I heard little turtle and I started crying because of the nostalgia

  • thekidboss Scott
    thekidboss Scott 6 months ago

    Why did she said oh yeah this is going to be fun to times

  • Bradley Taylor
    Bradley Taylor 6 months ago

    I love this videos intro of music

  • tanya hdz
    tanya hdz 6 months ago

    I thought she played minecraft

  • Silvana Foti
    Silvana Foti 6 months ago

    Raptor is the best😀

  • Penny Masters
    Penny Masters 6 months ago


  • Fortnite-king
    Fortnite-king 6 months ago

    Oh yeah baby this is gonna be fun

  • Jelle Vernimmen
    Jelle Vernimmen 6 months ago

    Best films ever

  • Ferry Cherry
    Ferry Cherry 6 months ago +3

    Who remembers princess kelly from Minecraft leave a like if you do

  • Skullz
    Skullz 6 months ago

    Lol the pirate sounds like lazerbeam

  • Skullz
    Skullz 6 months ago +2

    Lol little Kelly thinks she owns everything. I swear I hate that attitude ..
    Oh ThIs Is My IsLaNd ..
    How tf is it hers. . man this is getting weird .. it's same with wick as well ..
    She also says she's been here since the start .. according to the time line raptor and wick and carbide came wayy before her .. she came in like late season 4 ...

  • sunny deol
    sunny deol 6 months ago +1


  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 6 months ago

    I still think raptor should leave little kelly and show date someone else

  • Vivian Goode
    Vivian Goode 6 months ago

    Calimaty is evil

  • Bebsi Playz
    Bebsi Playz 6 months ago +1

    9:56 Litle kelly in background

  • Viper Vortex
    Viper Vortex 6 months ago

    Loved the video sooooooooo much😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Cameron Gabriel
    Cameron Gabriel 6 months ago

    Imagine an episode where Peely just 360 no-scopes everybody.

  • Isaac Mosley
    Isaac Mosley 6 months ago

    9:55 you see little kelly run at bottom right corner

  • Lollie Pop
    Lollie Pop 6 months ago

    Hiioiii little Kelly I am a fan love rather thank you so much hun

  • Rehanah Tayab
    Rehanah Tayab 6 months ago

    sidewiner looks like calamitous

  • Jaro Jaric
    Jaro Jaric 6 months ago

    wheres calamity?

  • Jaro Jaric
    Jaro Jaric 6 months ago

    9:56 is that little kelly behind him? ahaahaha

  • john junior
    john junior 6 months ago

    Raptor 😂😂😂😂

  • Chris THEBEAST
    Chris THEBEAST 6 months ago

    My man's raptor needs someone better😂

  • Chris THEBEAST
    Chris THEBEAST 6 months ago

    Why don't you put raptor and lynx together,I mean there was a point where little Kelly didn't want him

  • Apostle22
    Apostle22 6 months ago

    Oh yeah baby this is gonna be fun 2 seconds later oh yeah baby this is gonna be fun

  • Emily Hernandez
    Emily Hernandez 6 months ago

    i love it keep makeing great videos

  • Micah Matheney
    Micah Matheney 6 months ago

    This is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • virtualworldoverload
    virtualworldoverload 6 months ago

    Is sidewinder calamity's cousin? Oh I hope she is

  • squid kid
    squid kid 6 months ago

    I love your vids 😗😗❤❤❤

  • Mar io
    Mar io 6 months ago

    In my opinion banana skin is awesome I’m not lying

  • Samantha Martin
    Samantha Martin 6 months ago

    I love all your videos! You guys are the best!

  • Samantha Martin
    Samantha Martin 6 months ago

    She said, "Oh, yeah, Baby! This is gonna be fun," twice! xD

  • Ezequiel Navarro
    Ezequiel Navarro 6 months ago

    troopers aim XD(edit)

  • Riley Mann
    Riley Mann 6 months ago

    LITTLE KELLY do you like drift

  • Homer 2305
    Homer 2305 6 months ago


  • Marvin Mariama
    Marvin Mariama 6 months ago

    She keeps saying one word fun like if agree

  • Zack Sensei
    Zack Sensei 6 months ago

    The Snake girl reminds me of smug wendy

  • Lisa Day
    Lisa Day 6 months ago

    i already have tier 100