What's the difference between RFID, NFC and BLE?

  • Published on Jun 27, 2016
  • In this 16 minute video, I go over the highlights of the differences of the three technologies and describe different use cases for each of them.

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  • Leo Everett Madrid Jr.

    Well done. I'm designing neuro-networks and will be using NFC as part of the system and this was very helpful in helping me understand how to utilize these technologies in tandem. I was a trainer in the Navy and by my standards this is a very high quality informational video. Thank you.

  • H Higgins
    H Higgins Month ago

    Hi Jennifer. I just came across your video, looking for a information for a friend.
    Howard from the CWNP Forums.

  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams Month ago

    @Jennifer Hueber
    Very informative video Ms. Huber. Do you think that RFID is the best technology for detecting if a movable object is out of range without, alternatively, using some sort of optical or proximity sensor?

  • David Heller
    David Heller 2 months ago

    Why people think RFID is mark of the beast?

    • David Heller
      David Heller 29 days ago

      Affixton96 It doesn’t too vague.

    • Affixton96
      Affixton96 Month ago

      @David Heller If you read Revelation 13: 16-17, the RFID chip appears to fit the criteria to be used as the Mark of the Beast. RFID chips allow people to buy and sell, and it can be injected into the hand instead of being embedded in a card. That's why some people think it is.

  • FriendsoftheGerund
    FriendsoftheGerund 3 months ago

    Jennifer thank you for the helpful videoscope.
    We are all aware that your generation has been gypped in not havin had proper education, owin to the Skull and Bones infiltration of the educational system with the conscious intent of "dumbin down" America. That is not your fault.
    Now you have the opportunity for a segment of your knowledge base to be upgraded beyond what schoolin offered to you.
    "Tween" is a variant of the word "two".
    "Between two" and "among three or more".
    So if one says "between three things" it can be only "between" two of them, with the third one bein uninvolved in the relationship.
    "Datum is" and "data are". You wouldn't say "the birds is", would you Jennifer? Then pray don't say "the data is" but say "the data are" and "the datum is".
    Thank you.

  • Tru Keesey
    Tru Keesey 3 months ago

    Huber blood flows in my veins, from my Dad's side.

  • Chris Brogan
    Chris Brogan 4 months ago

    Thanks for this. I appreciate the info.

  • Caio Gagliano
    Caio Gagliano 7 months ago

    I have a question. If the only function of BLE is to send an UUID, is it a simplex mode? Cause Bluetooth has the capability to be even full-dulpex...

  • Travis Willis
    Travis Willis 8 months ago +3

    Nicely done. It is great simple to follow explanation. I am constantly having to explain these three technologies. Fast forward to 2018 and things are definitely converging in use and capabilities.

  • Lucy Lu RFID NFC
    Lucy Lu RFID NFC 10 months ago


  • Angelo Gabriel
    Angelo Gabriel 10 months ago

    Not what I was expecting to learn, but good material nonetheless.

  • Kevin Joseph
    Kevin Joseph Year ago

    Thanks a lot Jennifer for creating such an informative video.

  • Naomi Zhu
    Naomi Zhu Year ago


  • Miava sas
    Miava sas Year ago

    I like the vid

  • Lloyd Wilhelm
    Lloyd Wilhelm Year ago

    You lost me at BLE do not understand how all those signals stay separate and don't interfere or maybe they do when at Walmart my cell drops calls.

    • Jennifer Huber
      Jennifer Huber  Year ago

      The signals operate at different frequencies, in the same way that FM radio stations do not interfere with one another. Your cell phone operates at a totally different frequency than RFID or BLE does. They all are methods of communication that don't use wires, but they all operate at different frequencies and therefore don't interfere with one another. I hope this helps.

  • Patti Lacey
    Patti Lacey Year ago

    This was very helpful. Thank you for your educational video.

  • Laura Money
    Laura Money Year ago

    great vid, thanks!

  • Coflict LLC
    Coflict LLC Year ago

    Jennifer, that was very helpful and professionally done. I agree that when one starts talking about EAS vs EPC, or EMV vs RFID, it can lead to a lot more detail that is useful to engineers or software developers, but can confuse the general public.
    With that said, I'd like to mention the business context of the various technologies at a very high level, which may be helpful to SMBs or individuals who want to think about the practical aspects of implementing for issues of tracking, theft control, etc. When looking at criteria that includes flexibility of use, affordability, and return on investment, the technology that stands out for SMBs is clearly passive RFID, due to the new breed of readers that get up to 30 feet of read range for about $1000, and use your mobile phones as tracking devices (iPod Touch for example can be had for $160), enterprise-quality apps for tracking assets and goods and maintaining workflows at low prices, and the latest fixed-reader IOT devices running about $700 each. Thus, for less than $3000, a small enterprise (or even a homeowner who wants to track items for their homeowners insurance), can now get a complete system including mobile reader, fixed reader, tags, mobile phone, and app for under $3000. Only five years ago, such a system would have required an ante of $20K or more just to start. Anyone interested can check out mobile devices from TSL, ASR, Zebra, or Alien, the first and only IOT fixed reader here ru-clip.com/video/i2Hb8furNOA/video.html, and the new breed of inexpensive yet powerful tracking apps at supplyinsight.com.

  • Jan Geirnaert
    Jan Geirnaert Year ago

    Very clear. Any pdf

  • Jessica Chauhan
    Jessica Chauhan Year ago

    For more comparison on this topic you can refer the URL - blog.roambee.com/supply-chain-technology/evolution-in-supply-chain-visibility-barcodes-to-rfid-to-ble-beacons. Any doubts/queries on this topic is welcome.

  • Ian Hannant
    Ian Hannant Year ago +14

    This video is incorrect and mis-informative about the excitation of security tags for theft prevention, almost all of these tags do not contain any RFID Components, the Square Coil Patches are resonant tank circuits and operate ~13.8MHz, if they are not blasted at the till, it interferes with the resonance of the gate and triggers the alarm. The larger plastic tags, just have a coil and capacitor in them. The lower frequency systems use a special type of metal and a magnet. These devices are resettable with an AC field. None of them are RFIDs. Hope this helps.

    • FriendsoftheGerund
      FriendsoftheGerund 3 months ago

      Ian your comment is most informative and helpful, thank you.
      "None" is an abbreviation for "not one". As the expression "not one" is singular, we must use a singular verb to "agree in number" with the subject of the sentence. Therefore, when commentin, we key "None of them IS an RFID.
      Thank you for your participation in the intellectual foundation of the seed culture of the next age.

    • Angelo Gabriel
      Angelo Gabriel 10 months ago

      Ian Hannant very good point, thank you for pointing this out, I do find this difference very important, and wouldn't have thought of it without you saying it. As I work with Access Control, the difference is quite important on the field. Thank you again!

    • Owen Prescott
      Owen Prescott 11 months ago

      Don't forget this information is useful to future thieves ;)

    • Ian Hannant
      Ian Hannant Year ago +7

      I depends on who you are targeting your videos at, for the general Jo, who does not care anyway, or the future engineers of our world. A good engineer would care about this kind of detail as it is important. But for all the up and coming engineers out there, you are mis-educating them. Why go to the effort of make the video in the first place, if its not accurate. It doesn't reflect well on yourself. but your presentation, effort and intent is good. We will have to agree to disagree, but respectfully, your are still wrong...

    • Jennifer Huber
      Jennifer Huber  Year ago

      I’m not going to argue with you. I think it is splitting hairs, you don’t.

  • Mr Mr
    Mr Mr Year ago

    Great video, I want to have a permanent solution in my work vehicle so I can see if any tool is missing from within the vehicle. What method would you recommend? I’m an iOS user.

    • Eric Brown
      Eric Brown Year ago

      Rfid, you can build one yourself with arduino and get some rfid stickers for each tool. Write your own or find somebody online to write a program to display which tools are out of range. Hardware is cheap, and you can probably get someone to write the code for under a hundred bucks.

  • ThaliaSolutions_ Media2

    Excellent presentation. Thanks for sharing Jennifer

  • Anthony J.
    Anthony J. Year ago +2

    Excellent video! Thank you very much for posting it.

  • Ryan Brady
    Ryan Brady Year ago +2

    Perfect summary these three exciting technologies. Thank you!

  • William Hall
    William Hall Year ago

    Good job thanks

  • Kay Barker
    Kay Barker Year ago

    Is there a need to have something block a thief from stealing our credit card information from our wallets? If so, what would you say to look out for or is there something we can do ourselves to prevent it? It is the season unfortunately.

    • Jennifer Huber
      Jennifer Huber  Year ago

      If your credit card is simply a chip enabled card and does not have a contactless payment method, then you do not need an RFID wallet. If your credit card has a chip in it and you insert it into a chip reader to use it, that is not something that can be compromised wirelessly in the same way that an RFID chip could be. I hope this helps!

  • Paul Locke
    Paul Locke Year ago +3

    Very good presentation. I hope you will do more presentations on different subjects.

  • Legobeto Thegrreat

    Thank you Jennifer! This video was super informative and gave me ideas!

  • haginz
    haginz Year ago

    Good job, thanks

  • Salma Mansoor
    Salma Mansoor Year ago

    Very informative, thanks for sharing

  • aurenta
    aurenta Year ago +4

    Thanks Jennifer, great, clear, concise explanation. Thanks. Don't listen to some angry, sad guys around there.

  • Mohammad Alhashash
    Mohammad Alhashash Year ago +2

    clear explanation, I have learned a lot with just a single 15 min video ! thank you very much

  • snnwstt
    snnwstt Year ago +7

    Sorry, but "what is" is more than what we can do with. Near Field Communication sounds more like "do one and just one thing", such as opening a door, or confirm that I pay. No other user intervention than the only one action. Blue tooth can allow user interaction (multiple options, menus, many possible actions) while the "session" is potentially established (such as receiving a phone call in my car, or playing song from my cellphone, etc. while and my car, or my speakers, don't look like "beacons" to me, double sorry.) On the other hand, RFID are, well, much like NFC, since they don't generally imply a user "menu" or "variation" to the single thing they can do in response to the "burst" they can get. So, you see, I still have the problem to see why someone will use passive RFID instead of NFC? is it a question of range, price, THAT is WHAT the technology is, but you focused on what people do with it rather than what it is. Sorry, you use the wrong title, because it is mostly out of focus of WHAT is the DIFFERENCE between the various technologies. Not useful. Should keep on the focus of the title, or advertise that this is a list what people do with each technology.

    • Max Pawa
      Max Pawa 10 months ago

      @snnwstt "chain of command"? you can do the same commands when your phone is connected to your home wifi. the ncf is only the trigger!

    • Angelo Gabriel
      Angelo Gabriel 10 months ago +1

      snnwstt very good point! Her sarcastic answer doesn't change the fact that the video is not what the title said it is. I'm researching material about the subject, and this video was quite misleading in the end. Not useless, just misleading.

    • Justin Palmer
      Justin Palmer Year ago +1

      I would say that you are picking on a well prepared presentation. Find something better to do with your life. Jennifer, thank you for sharing. We used this video for class and it was VERY helpful! I'm thankful you didn't go into such a deep detail, it would have been harder for someone with no background to grasp. However, this was perfect amount of information!

    • Jkayppobox
      Jkayppobox Year ago +1

      Your response was thoughtful, and i just watched the video and i agree with you Jennifer.

  • The Kerbal Way
    The Kerbal Way 2 years ago

    Thank you very much for differentiating what RFID, NFC and BLE. I've learned a lot. But can NFC tags be used for attendance? for timing in and out of work?

  • Ciprian Donisa
    Ciprian Donisa 2 years ago +3

    Thank you very much. I was looking for a well organized overview on this subject just like that.

  • Mahmut Subasi
    Mahmut Subasi 2 years ago +2

    that wasnt exactly few minutes but thx

  • Rob Higgins
    Rob Higgins 2 years ago

    An excellent explanation of the differences plus real world examples

  • Surfview
    Surfview 2 years ago +6

    Great explanation. Nice educational teaching voice. I learned a lot from it. Thank you.

    • b888
      b888 Year ago

      Surfview A little too classroom voice, she can do better.

  • Shriram Vasudevan
    Shriram Vasudevan 2 years ago

    Very well Explained and its complete in all aspects!

  • Ange Dong
    Ange Dong 2 years ago +2

    wow thank you best teacher ever

  • Sinisa Tadic
    Sinisa Tadic 2 years ago

    Nicely explained! :)

  • ThatSkyGuy
    ThatSkyGuy 2 years ago

    Very helpful and informative!

  • Aristotle Doria
    Aristotle Doria 2 years ago

    very interesting video..

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee 2 years ago

    what is the RFID reader used at shops called? the tall towers which has ads on it?

    • salle rc
      salle rc Year ago

      Which would mean the tag on the product is an active RFID-tag right? (to be able to send information on a distance >10cm), or uses wifi for that. In any case that would require bigger and more expensive hardware, which would not be used on smaller products in stores. So what am I missing? Are you talking about bigger alarm-type-tags (attached to clothing in some stores for example) that is removed after payment?

    • Jennifer Huber
      Jennifer Huber  2 years ago

      That's typically called an 'exciter' because it causes the RFID tags to 'chirp'.

  • Jsia Chaparro
    Jsia Chaparro 2 years ago

    Thank you! It useful the information!!

  • Paul Russell
    Paul Russell 2 years ago

    You didn't say anything about the RFID chip on my debit/credit card. Can it really be read by someone standing next to me in an elevator with an inexpensive device they bought from Amazon or eBay? Can they drain my bank account with that info?

    • Paul Russell
      Paul Russell Year ago

      How did these demonstrations work? products.cardsafeguard.com/misc-12760582

    • Jennifer Huber
      Jennifer Huber  2 years ago +1

      Actually, you are incorrect. EMV stands for Europay, Mastercard and Visa and these chip based credit cards do not utilize RFID technology. These cards must be inserted into a card reader to be used.
      "EMV chip requires contact. Maybe your bank decided to use both technologies and your card has NFC also, but it is just the same: there is no risk in the information you can gather with a NFC scanner. It's equivalent to physically looking at your card." www.quora.com/Do-I-really-need-a-RFID-blocking-wallet-with-an-EMV-card
      Regardless of EMV dynamic or static, this is way above and beyond the purpose of the video I published here. My purpose of this video was to explain the basic differences between three different "wireless' technologies which are often confused for one another.

    • Paul Russell
      Paul Russell 2 years ago

      Definitely--thanks! You're the first person I've heard address this question clearly, and I'm afraid the general public is wasting a lot of money on products marketed to that particular fear.

    • Jennifer Huber
      Jennifer Huber  2 years ago +2

      If you can pay with your credit/debit card without inserting the card into the chip reader or swiping the mag stripe then that card uses NFC (near field communications) to transmit data. NFC card signals are detectable in a range of 2 to 4 inches, whereas RFID card signals can be detected at up to 25 feet away. The chip that is on credit/debit cards today is an EMV chip (not an RFID chip). This chip creates per transaction encryption keys (in the simplest of explanations). It is extremely unlikely that your credit/debit card data could be compromised in an elevator. Hope this helps!

  • One Comments
    One Comments 2 years ago +16

    That was nice. Thank You.