How Big Meat Made Bacon a Meme

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 6 815

  • Lepercon Boi
    Lepercon Boi 16 hours ago

    Well I’m getting cancer

  • Classicc Blue Jay

    Bacon causes cancer? Whaaaaaaaaat?
    It's not like just about EVERYTHING causes cancer.

  • Dani de Janeiro
    Dani de Janeiro Day ago

    Wait, so a thing we like was aggressively marketed to us by a board of overrich capitalists? Yeah, nah, you didn't ruin bacon. Nothing can ruin bacon.

  • Daniel Quinn
    Daniel Quinn Day ago

    Just don’t eat bacon everyday job done

  • Madison Green
    Madison Green Day ago

    *distant laughter from the Muslims*

  • PatCat
    PatCat Day ago

    Sorry, but pencetta is the origin of bacon. Yes, I am Canadian (sorry was a dead giveaway).

  • Tyler Baraby
    Tyler Baraby Day ago

    Hello other youtube commenters.
    If the statement, "big deal, everything causes cancer anyway!" counts as a rational one in your mind, please make sure to get cancer and die.
    That is all.

  • Doctor Ryodine
    Doctor Ryodine Day ago

    How shallow does one have to be to base their personality on fucking bacon?

  • Frigid Samurai
    Frigid Samurai Day ago

    I've always wondered why bacon is so popular. It's not that good at all

  • spatyo
    spatyo Day ago +1

    This is the first Adam Ruins Everything episode where I noticed that facts said are wrong and manipulated.
    Now I will always think about this when watching episodes. So I think I won’t watch any

  • Lexter Is Here
    Lexter Is Here 2 days ago

    muslims like me are happy we don't have a big chance of getting cancer

  • scotblue
    scotblue 2 days ago

    i really hate that man

  • Operation Blackout Agent 82

    Next Adam ruins everything

  • TajimaMunenori
    TajimaMunenori 2 days ago

    The gas man!

  • D Castera
    D Castera 2 days ago +3

    I just went to a diner they were serving bacon milkshake

    METALMAN4Wii 2 days ago

    We won't bow down to Islam! USA 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸.

  • quackk
    quackk 3 days ago

    The meat industry wants to know your location.
    “We’re gonna beat the shit outta you for exposing us!”

  • quackk
    quackk 3 days ago

    I hate bacon. It tastes like shit. Hot dogs also taste like shit. Basically, all processed meats taste like shit, and I refuse to eat it. YAY!

  • HypaWill07 Games
    HypaWill07 Games 3 days ago

    If bacon can cause cancer, I will become Muslim.

  • Cenjurion Urion
    Cenjurion Urion 4 days ago

    Oh my god epic meal time is trying to kill the world and themselves, Why Harley?

    JM PLAYZ YT 4 days ago


  • Flamboyant Warlock
    Flamboyant Warlock 4 days ago

    Adam: "Bacon can cause cancer"
    Me: "who cares? At this point, tt's probably easier to list the things that don't."

  • mixed Animation
    mixed Animation 4 days ago

    Notttttttt the bacon

  • mixed Animation
    mixed Animation 4 days ago

    I can’t eat bacon it’s made of fat pigs and I’m not a cannibal

  • Foxy=Love
    Foxy=Love 4 days ago

    I’m gonna go cry in the corner with my bacon burger now

  • Undead EAS Productions

    To Bacon lovers: Bacon is not new. Been around for centuries

  • Martin Dolan
    Martin Dolan 5 days ago +1

    The only thing that taste better than bacon... more bacon! BTW turkey bacon is an oxymoron, you can't make turkey in to bacon. That's why Jesus turn water in to wine and not turkey in to bacon, imagine how many lives could have been saved thru the years, but he couldn't so he didn't

  • Cidawd
    Cidawd 5 days ago

    2:37 Cross Promo!

  • Ryantube 777
    Ryantube 777 5 days ago

    I eat turkey Bacon cuz Idont eat pork

  • Casey Long
    Casey Long 5 days ago +2

    I was eating bacon while watching this… oh well.

  • Imagin3Wagons
    Imagin3Wagons 5 days ago

    I just like Turkey bacon tho

  • Myungho Chung
    Myungho Chung 5 days ago +2

    I just watched this after eating bacon 😰😰😰🥓🥓🥓

  • Pansexual Panic
    Pansexual Panic 6 days ago +5

    I never liked bacon it was always to greasy and fatty for me. Good for me!😊🤣

  • Litter Box
    Litter Box 6 days ago +5

    I think my love of bacon came from tasting it...but what do I know...

    • DancingCheese
      DancingCheese Day ago

      jmarks881 Again, don’t really understand why you’re defending _bacon._ I also don’t understand what point you’re trying to make, you aren’t even the original commenter.
      Look, the reason bacon is bad for you isn’t because of “chemicals.” It’s fat. And it’s fried. It is a carcinogen, and not in the way that people say GMOs cause cancer (which is bullshit). There is direct proof that bacon and other processed meats can increase your chance of cancer and cause many other problems later in life.
      And again, I didn’t tell anyone to stop eating bacon. I told them to stop defending it like it was their child.

    • jmarks881
      jmarks881 Day ago

      +DancingCheese I have liked bacon since I was little my.pefferd breakfast meat the fact it's gone up in.price makes me eat it less not more any all the chemicals in food nowadays make anything bad but I dont jave time to grow it all from scratch or the money to go organic so I will enjoy bacon

    • DancingCheese
      DancingCheese 2 days ago

      Dude the fact you’re defending bacon is kinda sad. Like sure, Adam did some sly overexaggeration (with more examination of that “20% increase in cancer risk” line it’s actually quite the play on words and actually looking at the numbers looks a lot less threatening) but it doesn’t change the fact that this is a genuine risk being hidden from us with no repercussions from the industry.
      This is one out of many, many examples of the way big companies wave money in the face of the government so they can essentially establish their own monopoly and control over their industries and customers, and currently there is nothing in place in the United States government that can reasonably solve the issue. The sugar industry did it, the cinematic industry did it, and car dealerships did it big time. You can love bacon and eat it as much as you want, no one is stopping you, but maybe you should consider being less hardheaded and taking a step back to realize what you (and the companies feeding you) are doing to yourself.
      The video exaggerates a lot of points, yes. But bacon _is_ a carcinogen.
      (Also, I’m just gonna throw out there that there is a crap ton of psychology research that suggests your opinion on food/other projects can be extremely affected by what you’re told about it before you even try it. People will think that wine tastes better if they are told it cost more, et cetera, and the intense advertisement of companies before you ever tasted bacon very well could have affected your opinion on it. Bacon does taste good, though.)

  • dbzcupcake
    dbzcupcake 6 days ago

    *eats more bacon*
    I welcome death

  • Gundamguy 2112
    Gundamguy 2112 6 days ago

    You know water can cause cancer?

  • jacobehlenbach
    jacobehlenbach 6 days ago

    But?? Bacon??

  • kalle Bundsgaard
    kalle Bundsgaard 6 days ago

    No shit Sherlock

  • Abel Binyam
    Abel Binyam 7 days ago

    What about fish sticks

  • Maja Palm
    Maja Palm 7 days ago

    No one in this comment section gets the point of the video....

  • Iraq Fuckin CountryBall

    Don't ask a Muslim
    Why they don't eat
    Bacon, they will show

  • Iraq Fuckin CountryBall

    Sponsored by
    Free Islamic education

  • MCD Reptiles
    MCD Reptiles 8 days ago

    I've been eating bacon for 20 years and guess what Adam? No Cancer!! There you have l'm living proof your videos have no scientific basis whatsoever.

  • MCD Reptiles
    MCD Reptiles 8 days ago

    Most of Adam's Videos are full crap and no scientific evidence to back it up.

  • Metzo2701
    Metzo2701 8 days ago

    I just ate 6 packets of smokey bacon crisps and I saw this in my recommendations and I shat myself

  • Yoko-Chan
    Yoko-Chan 8 days ago

    Eating hotdogs is bad for me? OMG I JUST STARTED LOVING HOTDOGS
    I use to hate them and it’s just now I found out they’re bad for me....

  • Maureen U
    Maureen U 8 days ago

    Mmm... Delicious death. 😊

  • Guillaume Globensky
    Guillaume Globensky 9 days ago

    I always had a deep love for bacon, because as a kid we were too poor to afford some. So when I had some, it was special.

  • Goldenpants 123
    Goldenpants 123 9 days ago

    but its tasty tho

  • Terrence McGarty
    Terrence McGarty 9 days ago +3

    Damn, Murph really aged since his ch days

  • The Four Knight
    The Four Knight 10 days ago

    *Animal Fat and Salt*

  • MustachePhoenix
    MustachePhoenix 10 days ago

    We know how horrible it is for you. We will still eat it.

  • * SourOctopus *
    * SourOctopus * 10 days ago

    Wait so if I eat 5 hot dogs through my life I have a 100% chance of cancer

  • Graham McDaniel
    Graham McDaniel 11 days ago

    Damn it, I ate bacon this morning.

  • Paras Phoenix
    Paras Phoenix 12 days ago


  • Oof Anchorman
    Oof Anchorman 12 days ago

    good thing i don’t eat meat

  • Brian Reaser
    Brian Reaser 13 days ago

    Are processed foods bad for you because of added nitrates or something else?

  • Oh God Its Bears
    Oh God Its Bears 13 days ago

    Weirdly enough I'm still gonna eat bacon

  • c peru
    c peru 13 days ago

    3:18 babish?

  • Burgr Productions
    Burgr Productions 14 days ago

    Welp thanks I’m never eating bacon ever again

  • trevel townsel
    trevel townsel 15 days ago

    Where is he?? Whens the next season?

  • Lettuce For life
    Lettuce For life 15 days ago

    I hate the taste of bacon. Now I have a reason!

  • Leviathan
    Leviathan 16 days ago

    How do you do the special effects

  • plague plays games
    plague plays games 16 days ago

    This is why I hate bacon (please don’t hate people have opinions)

  • Teeleer
    Teeleer 17 days ago

    does the fat phobic 80's really matter? i mean in earlier episodes Adam talked about how sugar was the cause for the increase in obesity and it was the sugar companies that made us think it was fat that was making us fat.

  • Anne Archist
    Anne Archist 17 days ago

    Stop harming animals you morality impaired meat heads!

  • Cardinal Kid87
    Cardinal Kid87 18 days ago

    Adam....did a vegan put you up to this?

  • Ned
    Ned 18 days ago

    3:48 why does that scene break my heart I feel so bad for him omg

  • Person
    Person 18 days ago

    There is also duck tape bacon

  • The Amazing A
    The Amazing A 18 days ago

    What about Turkey Bacon?

  • New Goose
    New Goose 18 days ago

    I now want bacon because of this video

  • nathan behr
    nathan behr 18 days ago

    I want to live for a good time not a long time

  • Heneary Doofendorf
    Heneary Doofendorf 18 days ago

    I watched this video and the first thing I did was go to my refrigerator to get the bacon pizza I had in there... bacon is so good

  • Little Yeoja
    Little Yeoja 19 days ago

    I've been eating processesed food all my life. Shit.

  • Adrian c:
    Adrian c: 19 days ago +1

    lmao all these people saying they're still gonna eat meat despite its carcinogenic components are ignorant af

  • LaughingOwlKiller
    LaughingOwlKiller 19 days ago

    I mean....did anyone not know this? This is just taking advantage of something that already exists. People have loved Bacon for a Loooooooooooong time....Literally no food doesn't taste better with bacon. No one thinks eating it all the time is healthy....but its not going to stop us from doing it anyway.

  • AB the underrated tryhard

    Laughs in Muslim

  • Brownstone Custom Cabinetry

    5m32sec of blah blah blah my response: "mmhhh bacon"

  • Evan Rouse
    Evan Rouse 19 days ago

    I like how one of the big points is that bacon causes cancer, but basically doing anything normal in your life causes cancer

  • Sofia DeMeo
    Sofia DeMeo 20 days ago

    Pork is red meat look it up

  • RetroDOX
    RetroDOX 20 days ago

    Who eats a hot dog a day

  • Kosta Koffe
    Kosta Koffe 20 days ago +2

    Oh wow, bacon is bad for you. Someone give this guy a nobel prize

  • Mr. Reaper
    Mr. Reaper 20 days ago

    Still can't ruin bacon for me I still love it to much

  • Jyr0z
    Jyr0z 21 day ago

    *e x c u s e m e ?*

  • Demoliz Zero
    Demoliz Zero 21 day ago

    Laughs in keto

  • Jessica Jayes
    Jessica Jayes 21 day ago

    I still like bacon. Does anybody remember that rack that cooks bacon in the microwave so it got really crispy?

  • Reece Ward
    Reece Ward 21 day ago

    Do I care?! No! I love bacon. Not only that but what doesn't cause cancer except most of the things on Earth.I'm glad the meat industry is pushing for delicious food products in America. If you wish to live healthier and longer lives fine (we won't judge you) just don't ruin the fun of those who enjoy delicious cancer causing foods.

  • Ayla H
    Ayla H 21 day ago +1

    Why am I watching this? I'm a vegetarian

  • XPlodingCHKN 1
    XPlodingCHKN 1 21 day ago

    *Bacon Lube*

  • Hiro Kurenai
    Hiro Kurenai 22 days ago

    And that's why there's no bacon in Vietnam :D

  • David Hansen
    David Hansen 22 days ago

    But high fat low carb is healthier

  • Qaz
    Qaz 22 days ago

    Well worth it bacon still taste good

  • Roy Ragen
    Roy Ragen 22 days ago

    I just watched one of these about Asian American stereotypes and this one clearly has Italian America stereotypes lol

  • Audrey and Remington
    Audrey and Remington 22 days ago

    Who eats one hot dog a day? I eat a hot dog once a month.

  • Beaver Warrior
    Beaver Warrior 22 days ago

    Using the bacon lube to pork one out

  • Person someone
    Person someone 22 days ago

    Great, I’m hungry now.

  • Cassidy Jamz
    Cassidy Jamz 22 days ago

    Bacon was also the reason harambe died I can assume according to these ridiculous claims by Adam

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 23 days ago

    Not bacon nooooooooooo.

  • ZXcrossbow
    ZXcrossbow 23 days ago

    Sources please

  • Blaize Godden
    Blaize Godden 23 days ago

    Bacon. Soda?