The Witcher Season 2: Yennefer's Fate Revealed

  • The Question Every Witcher Fan Is Asking
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    When the Netflix trailer came out for The Witcher, fans of the book series of which it was based on were skeptical. Could a brooding Henry Cavill pull off playing Geralt? Would they show stay true to the original story? As it turns out, viewers were not only content with the way the show turned out - but obsessed. It became one of the most watched shows of 2019, making it officially binge worthy. One of the main reasons why we think it did so well was because of its captivating characters that had people placing it on top of their must watch lists. One of the characters that had the internet buzzing was Yennefer of Vengerberg - a sultry and all powerful sorceress. Today, we’ll be looking at how she came to be the woman that she is, what her relationship is like with Geralt, and finally revealing what happened at the end of the season. As we all remember, the final episode of The Witcher saw Yennefer fighting for her life at the Battle of Sodden Hill. In a final attempt to kill off the Nilfgaardian warriors, she draws her power from chaos and unleashes it in the form of a massive fire blast. Though she is successful at taking out the soldiers, there is no sign of her after this sacrifice. While in the franchise she survives, it is uncertain what her fate is after this moment. Curious? We have the answer. Watch the video to find out.
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Comments • 80

  • Eric Praline
    Eric Praline 2 months ago +96

    Read the books. They‘re awesome.
    *Do it.*

    • Alba Primus
      Alba Primus 2 months ago

      No I don’t think I will
      -Captian America 2019

    • Fay Fay
      Fay Fay 2 months ago

      Were do ingest the book

    • Eric Praline
      Eric Praline 2 months ago +1

      phantom j on average about *375 pages per book* (ranges from under 300 to over 500 pages). *Altogether it‘s about 3000 pages* - but mind you, that‘s if you include the pages that contain previews of the next book in the series and stuff, so it‘s actually a bit less. It might seem daunting at first, but it‘s really not that much per book if you consider the fact that it‘s split into eight books.

    • Jonny b
      Jonny b 2 months ago +1

      @Eric Praline good lord how big r they

    • Eric Praline
      Eric Praline 2 months ago

      Britta G. Pedersen much more on point than my reply 😂 You did forget Season of Storms though

  • Marjie Pujante
    Marjie Pujante 10 hours ago

    I like geralt my god so handsome

  • gavrilo pricip
    gavrilo pricip Day ago

    They should of called it the "CHEEZ WHIZard" instead of "the Witcher" .It's way more Xena Princess Warrior/Hercules Kevin Sorbo then Game of Thrones.Only a pimply 13 year chronic masterbating "InCel" gamer living in his mother's basement could get over how corny and inane the dialogue and hammy acting is !

  • Ryan dontworryboutit

    Love the show but they fucked up the battle of sodden hill big time. Yen was not supposed to be the commander by any means. Vilgefortz was supposed to be the commander and true hero of that battle! They better add in future seasons where he absolutely destroys yenifer. In books he is as strong as both yenifer and garalt combined. Only other complaints is they didn't make the witcher as bad ass as he should have been he is too emotional in the series and they made yenifer too strong but with saying that she is definitely one of the better enchanter/witch

  • Melczech
    Melczech 29 days ago

    Every time he said “Jeralt” it was like hearing finger nails on a chalk board! 🙉

  • Connor Kingston
    Connor Kingston Month ago

    Ummmm obviously not no we still have a pitchfork to go.

  • Julie
    Julie Month ago

    I thought it was Jennifer ;-; ight but I now don’t like her role at first I rlly pity her and feel bad but now that she became pretty and stuff her character she had to become sassy

  • Remember Your Nostalgia.

    I love it

  • T1000
    T1000 Month ago

    Emo Legolas? Really?

  • Gray Wulf
    Gray Wulf 2 months ago

    Hosting a raunchy gathering... 🤭

  • Prismolly
    Prismolly 2 months ago

    I really dont appreciate you referring to the best character as “becoming the woman geralt falls for” she is a legend, a general, a deviant hero, a master mage.

  • Niox Binzky
    Niox Binzky 2 months ago


  • CyberPS1X
    CyberPS1X 2 months ago

    I hope they remove the horrible Triss character.
    She is Just horrible. I can forgive every thing.. Even black driads and afroelves. But god pls find another actress which suits her character.

  • huricane threeonesix
    huricane threeonesix 2 months ago

    I mean you'd only have had to watch one episode to know how Geralt is pronounced

  • Eric Hargrove
    Eric Hargrove 2 months ago

    Nobody with half a brain would think they killed of Yennefer in the first season...
    She's a main character throughout the series...

    Just let Pitch Meetings be the only thing you guys upload anymore please.

  • Arthur Santel
    Arthur Santel 2 months ago +1

    even if she could fix her infertility she wouldn't be starting a family with Geralt since witchers are sterile too. It's mentioned in their argument in the episode with the dragons.

  • Anthony Miller
    Anthony Miller 2 months ago

    Granted this has already been said by everybody, but you need to do your research SR. Or at least actually watch the show.
    1) His name is not Jeralt
    2) Yennefer lost her ability to bare children when she agreed to the spell to rid her of her deformities, not to become a Sorceress
    3) Of course she's coming back. Anyone who's read the books or played the games knows that. Not to mention they wouldn't write off a main and key character after the first season. 🙄

  • Andre Goncalves
    Andre Goncalves 2 months ago +1

    I hope she becomes bad, she would make a perfect villain

    • I cant think of any usernames
      I cant think of any usernames 2 months ago +1

      very unlikely. If you read the books and play the video games she basically becomes ciri's mum and geralts main lover...

      she won't become evil, but she is stubborn and independent.

  • Roman
    Roman 2 months ago

    I'm glad they finally made a TV show about the adventures of Gerald Ford, former president, turned witcher.

  • Kindiah
    Kindiah 2 months ago +1

    why no pitch meetings this week? 😡

  • Shay _432
    Shay _432 2 months ago

    Actual title of video: things that happen to yenefer in the books and season 1. Also 🤣🤣JERALT

  • Decayed DarkSoul
    Decayed DarkSoul 2 months ago +4

    I'm just glad Jeralt found Princess Kiri in the last episode.

  • takingbacksunday913
    takingbacksunday913 2 months ago

    Its Geralt with a G not a J dude

  • Dariusz Surmacz
    Dariusz Surmacz 2 months ago

    I would like to know how many people subscribe to this channel only for Pitch Meetings?

  • Prence
    Prence 2 months ago

    IMO Yennefer is my favorite of this show. Freaken hot AF!

  • David Parkes
    David Parkes 2 months ago +6

    Spoiler Alert: she'll live.
    Seriously though, Lauren & co WON'T get rid of such an important character to the overall story this early. Sorry Geralt/Triss fanboys.

    VIZIN 2 months ago


  • Manuel Samudio
    Manuel Samudio 2 months ago

    this guy ruins screen rant in every video he makes

  • Dohregard
    Dohregard 2 months ago +1

    Jeralt, and you watched this series did you?

  • Nodoko713
    Nodoko713 2 months ago

    I came for some insight but this was a pure lost of time. Of course Yen will be back on season 2. The books say she is supposedly dead on the battle of sogen. But she isn’t!
    And no they will no kill her so easily after one season! A major character and fan favorite 🙄

  • Subo Ranatunga
    Subo Ranatunga 2 months ago

    Could you guys please stop naming these kinds of videos with spoilery titles? Without even watching a single episode of this show, I now know that Yennefer ends up either ambiguously dead, or actually dead. So, thanks for that.

  • Sifat Siam
    Sifat Siam 2 months ago

    she love two guy? hahahahah

  • Ximina
    Ximina 2 months ago

    No one who's actually read the books would be "panicking" over her disappearance.

  • The- potato-warrior
    The- potato-warrior 2 months ago

    Toss a coin to your bitcher....

  • Steven Moore
    Steven Moore 2 months ago

    This video is a great example of why people only sub to screen rant for pitch meetings

  • X SkippySticky
    X SkippySticky 2 months ago +10

    "Yen will return" how this is news? Everyone knows if one of the main character dies we will see it happen 😂

  • vanity7920
    vanity7920 2 months ago +2

    TF. Who seriously thought the Witcher was going to kill off Yennifer??

  • Dysputant
    Dysputant 2 months ago +2

    Players playing games since 2007 :
    Yes, plz teach us about this universe...
    In my story Yen ended with Gerald in villa on Grape farm in Toussaint :)

  • Internet Cop
    Internet Cop 2 months ago

    Yennefer isn't going to die since she's one of the main character of the books and games

  • wejder12345
    wejder12345 2 months ago

    Really there are so stupied fans that they thought that Yeneffer disapered? :D

  • eric dietz
    eric dietz 2 months ago

    Ah, no reason she can't try repeatedly to have kids with him.. just to be sure. You have to be sure!

  • Charles
    Charles 2 months ago

    Stop having people who have no clue what they're talking about make these videos. So many facts wrong. Plus who the hell is Jeralt?!

  • Jonny FiveO
    Jonny FiveO 2 months ago

    Is this show called The Witcher, or The Yennefer?

  • Sweet Kairamell
    Sweet Kairamell 2 months ago

    I love The Witcher books... But show is HORRIBLE, BAD, JUST BIG NO!

  • King Juli en
    King Juli en 2 months ago

    As long as it's microtransaction and DRM free, I'm down with it.

  • Benny
    Benny 2 months ago

    Can you say Geralt properly please? Thanks

  • Anna K
    Anna K 2 months ago +1

    Downvoting because of the incorrect way Geralt was pronounced.
    An unnecessary mistake within a vital part of this vid.

  • Gerald Lahey
    Gerald Lahey 2 months ago +1

    Yennefer would be a good Avenger one day. :)

  • Anna K
    Anna K 2 months ago +7

    When you dunno how to pronounce THE LEAD CHARACTER’S NAME OF THE SERIES YOU ARE DISCUSSING!!!!!
    3 secs of research could have prevented this.
    So unprofessional.

  • Eric Pacz
    Eric Pacz 2 months ago


    Of The Witcher Books That Have Been Translated To English, Andrzej Sapkowski Dedicated (maybe) A Handful Of Paragraphs To Yennefer's Disfigurement. She's An Important Character, But Not The Main Character.
    Her Presentation Is To Move The Plot & Dialog Forward, But She's Not Developed To The Point Which Would Garner Immense Compassion For Her Character. She's Just a Plot-Device, That's All.

    This Netflix Series Deviates From The Source Material, And Appears To Relegate Geralt To A Secondary "Supporting" Character That Happens To Cross Paths With "Empress-Goddess" Yennefer.

  • Marc Blaize
    Marc Blaize 2 months ago

    Dude say the name right

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 2 months ago +4

    Everything you said was completely wrong

  • sarah vasquez
    sarah vasquez 2 months ago

    Witcher and bard all the way, set sail bïtćh!

  • Branfaol1
    Branfaol1 2 months ago +1

    I love it when peaple whom obviously have not seen a show do reviews or topic discussions about a show. But maybe he's only read the books.

  • Vishwas G
    Vishwas G 2 months ago +2

    evil version of legolas. really

    • T1000
      T1000 Month ago

      He actually say emo which is even worse. This vid is a piece of crap

  • Mario Giorgi
    Mario Giorgi 2 months ago +13

    Dude i dont think you watched the show or you were distracted while watching. Becoming a sorceress didnt make her barren the magic to make her beautiful did.
    Tsk tsk

  • Zylar Squart
    Zylar Squart 2 months ago

    Geralt not Jeralt asshat.

  • Hudson Stewart
    Hudson Stewart 2 months ago


  • edwardmashberg1
    edwardmashberg1 2 months ago +6

    These pukes at Screen Rant click baiting here with nothing new to say. Pure shiite.

  • Ryan A
    Ryan A 2 months ago +10

    This is terrible. Would it kill someone from SR to read the books or even watch the show? The only good thing about Screen Rant is the Pitch Meetings. Let Ryan do everything for now on.

    • Noah Crawford
      Noah Crawford 2 months ago +1

      Ikr, they say geralt's name so many times in the show

  • Joshua Furlong
    Joshua Furlong 2 months ago +8

    Starting to think these guys havnt watched it or even played a game of it. Kind of pulling a verge here

  • Uh Huh
    Uh Huh 2 months ago +14

    Stopped listening as soon as you mispronounced his name.

  • SujiMayne
    SujiMayne 2 months ago +1

    Actully, they're right. With or without transformation all brotherhood sorceresses are infertile.

  • Duane Ford
    Duane Ford 2 months ago +33

    Learn the main character's name dammit! Might as well have called her Jennifer! Yeah. Jeralt & Jennifer!

    • Someone Somewhere
      Someone Somewhere 2 months ago

      Wait... so jeraltiousjenniferious isn't her/his/its name? Questions...

    • boo bins
      boo bins 2 months ago

      Amen brotha

    • Wojciech Zylinski
      Wojciech Zylinski 2 months ago +5

      Jeralt, Jennifer, Trish and Queen Cathrine

  • WrenPhoenix
    WrenPhoenix 2 months ago +2

    Screen Rant. Could you maybe have the person doing the video actually watch the shows or movies they are talking about in the video? It is VERY evident the guy talking here didn't play the game or watch the show since EVERY person says Geralt with a HARD G AND A HARD T.

  • Aliceinwonder
    Aliceinwonder 2 months ago

    Geralt hard g hard t

  • ITSSUBTR4CT is goated
    ITSSUBTR4CT is goated 2 months ago

    Hi Andy toys

  • Levi Anderson
    Levi Anderson 2 months ago +17

    What I hope what will happen. Is by season two you can pronounce Geralts' name right.

    • Someone Somewhere
      Someone Somewhere 2 months ago

      @Levi Anderson So if I throw a dictionary at them, a random word would teach them better pronunciation? Thinking on this...

    • Levi Anderson
      Levi Anderson 2 months ago

      @Someone Somewhere I hope this is a joke (there's no sign that it is). The audiobook, interviews with Sapkowski and the stars of said show (one of them, a literal nerd of the series and games) pronounce it as Geralt with the G sound (English). This reminds me of some people miss pronouncing Darkseid as Darkseed. It's just as much of a headslapper as when people think Thanos is a copy of Darkseid.

    • Someone Somewhere
      Someone Somewhere 2 months ago +3

      Geeroaoiaalt isn't the correct pronunciation?

    • Levi Anderson
      Levi Anderson 2 months ago +1

      @Noah Crawford 👍

    • Noah Crawford
      Noah Crawford 2 months ago +3

      We can only hope

  • Ed Musto
    Ed Musto 2 months ago +118

    Ah yes, my favourite character from the witcher, Jeralt.

  • Spenser Deardorff
    Spenser Deardorff 2 months ago +77

    When Screen Rant mispronounces the names which are very clearly pronounced in the show...

    • Venom
      Venom 2 months ago

      Because he is either black or immigrant

    • Rithrius
      Rithrius 2 months ago +1

      @ILike2PlayBass Pitch Meetings are TIGHT!

    • ILike2PlayBass
      ILike2PlayBass 2 months ago +4

      They do it all the damn time...Pitch meetings are the only thing worth watching on screen rant, everything else just seems like they dont even try...

    • Rithrius
      Rithrius 2 months ago +8

      I'm frankly surprised they didn't also mispronounce Yennefer as "Jennifer".

  • OgTortoise X
    OgTortoise X 2 months ago +1

    Weakens her enough to allow for her disappearance? What?
    Shenanigans! I declare shenanigans and gully plot holes!!

    • Joseph Handibode
      Joseph Handibode 2 months ago

      Nope there is a reason , read books. Think about there were witches on other side

  • Ha ha Ha
    Ha ha Ha 2 months ago +1

    It’s sooo good ahhhhhhhhh

  • deltavagen
    deltavagen 2 months ago

    Yen is so hot

  • R0gue0ne
    R0gue0ne 2 months ago +4

    Geralt. Not Jeralt.

  • Aeternuss
    Aeternuss 2 months ago +1

    More Witcher and less Yennefer please

    • Tina Bojan
      Tina Bojan 2 months ago

      Not gonna happen if they follow the book storyline

  • Luluko
    Luluko 2 months ago

    Anyone really surprised? She still lives in the witcher3 game which plays prolly 15 years later or so.

    • Tina Bojan
      Tina Bojan 2 months ago

      The books run from 1240 to 1272, and the games takes place after the main story arc in the books.

  • No Diggity
    No Diggity 2 months ago

    Is her fate that she is killed and replaced with someone who can act and is attractive? If so I'd bed down

  • Efe Kingsley
    Efe Kingsley 2 months ago +157

    Yennefer lost her womb not as a result of being a witch but as a result of the transformation that fixed her spine

    • Irhad Dedovic
      Irhad Dedovic 23 days ago

      @Wojciech Zylinski I actualy like it that they changed some stuff.Adaptation in my opinio should bring some new things to the table.I like it when they do that on the other hand I don't like when they go in the complitly new derection and changeing everything.

    • lone_wolf
      lone_wolf 2 months ago

      @Rick Moser its not until later on in the books when triss and gearalt have sex and its more along the lines of she tricks geralt

    • balMURR mung
      balMURR mung 2 months ago

      I think humans using magic causes them to be sterile thru time. Yennefer meanwhile loses her fertility due to her physical transformation, for she can naturally weilds chaos for having quarter elf blood.

    • Rick Moser
      Rick Moser 2 months ago

      @Kyle S yes we know that already lol

    • Rick Moser
      Rick Moser 2 months ago +1

      @Wojciech Zylinski in the books dont they forcibly sterilize the mages i know the witchers mutations render them infertile

  • Dragon Pinedragon Enterprises

    I kinda know she didn't die the reason is because most powerful wizards and mages go in to a kinda hibernation state after using a very powerful spell just like Merlin and when they return to the world they are even more powerful i think that is what will happen to yenner she gets new magical powers and she becomes more powerful in the next season

  • Vicarious Gamer
    Vicarious Gamer 2 months ago

    So Geralt's "wish" was that he and Yennifer would have a child ?

    • Joseph Handibode
      Joseph Handibode 2 months ago +1

      No. To be with forever so jinn would not kill her. Ah if it were about a child, jinn would have given her one. Read books.

    • Tina Bojan
      Tina Bojan 2 months ago +2

      No, his wish was that their destinies be entwined by their love.