Jordan 1 SB "Lance Mountain" Mini Skate Movie + On Feet

  • Published on Jun 9, 2014
    Back in the day, the Jordan 1 would sit on shelves and make their way to clearance racks. Skaters like Lance Mountain would buy them on clearance and skate in them, with a skater's twist. More than a decade later, this solelection story comes to life.
    Jordan 1 SB Lance Mountain Mini Movie + On feet Review + On foot comparison with Jordan 1 Royal and the Jordan 1 Bred. I wore the counterpart Royal and Bred 1's to give you a "before and after" look at what happens to the collaboration after you skate / wear them.
    Jordan 1 SB Lance Mountain on feet look review
    Jordan 1 SB Lance Mountain on feet look review
    Jordan 1 SB Lance Mountain on feet look review
    Skating in the Jordan 1 SB Lance Mountain
    Skating in the Jordan 1 SB Lance Mountain

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  • gayretard27
    gayretard27 4 months ago

    that’s a fucking longboard🤦‍♂️

  • Samuel Hagberg
    Samuel Hagberg 5 months ago +1

    That's a longboard dude you make me cringe.

  • James Antony
    James Antony 7 months ago +3

    The only bad thing about this video is the longboard.

  • Derfymen
    Derfymen Year ago +27

    "Air jordan 1's were ment for skaters" *pulls out a longboard*

  • Caliskey
    Caliskey 2 years ago +1

    Lmao no joke if you use jordans for skating you a fag. I dont care if it skater history or some joradan history... You a fag. Also what the fuck is a air jordan sb lance mountain. Nigga what. Its a jordan or a sb. It has the wings logo so its not for skating.

  • Jeremy Romano
    Jeremy Romano 2 years ago +13

    man has a longboard lmfao smh

  • devon0
    devon0 2 years ago +48

    i cringed when he pulled out the longboard ngl

    • rob ant
      rob ant 11 months ago

      devon0 lmao for real

  • aldeine5
    aldeine5 3 years ago +10


  • Chris Thoms
    Chris Thoms 4 years ago +1

    whats are those pants?

  • Sun Lin
    Sun Lin 4 years ago

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  • Joe Moms
    Joe Moms 4 years ago

    What song is that bro?

  • John Matheson
    John Matheson 4 years ago

    This is an excellent video salute

  • That1GL
    That1GL 5 years ago +2

    nice video, already skated in my white pair :)

  • Universal Vision
    Universal Vision 5 years ago

    this was very creative and different .. must sub

      SOLELECTION  5 years ago

      Thx for the sub, I subbed back. Stay connected!

  • ks m
    ks m 5 years ago

    @SOLELECTION was this filmed in memphis

  • Evol_AF
    Evol_AF 5 years ago

    Damn you rockin those old school Bred1 straps! Respect for skating in some Royals tho bro! I can't find a pair for under $4-$500

    • Caliskey
      Caliskey 2 years ago +2

      Evol_AF lmao dude. Nothing is gonna happen to them. Long boards rarely ever tear up shoes.

  • Nigel Uno
    Nigel Uno 5 years ago +26

    damn u got all them jordan 1s. skateboarding wise, just cruising around on a long board you could do in any shoes with a decent sole. like how are you supposed to even get the paint off them by longboarding...

  • J Tay
    J Tay 5 years ago +1

    awesome video man, please post more

  • Noah Rael
    Noah Rael 5 years ago +70

    lol stop trying to act like you know what your talking when your riding a longboard

  • Alex Lawton
    Alex Lawton 5 years ago +1

    Dope vid