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The Taoist Approach to Mental Health and Wellbeing: The Barefoot Doctor at TEDxHackney

  • Published on Jul 23, 2013
  • The Barefoot Doctor, Stephen Russell is an acclaimed and controversial interpreter of the philosophy and the methods of the ancient Taoist warrior-sages. Working across all platforms he teaches how these may be best deployed to ameliorate the human condition from the inside out. He's dedicated nearly 50 years to his specialty, has authored 17 books, including HANDBOOK FOR THE URBAN WARRIOR, produces 'psychoactive' electronic dance music, and founded the 'conscious clubbing' movement. He is an avid bridge-builder between the worlds of esoteric study and contemporary culture and has a following of millions around the world.
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  • Barbara Christensen
    Barbara Christensen 7 months ago +5

    What a "gift" to the Universe the Doc is....how fortunate I am to finally learn from him despite his not being on
    Mother Earth anylonger.....He is a true blessing to society worldwide.

  • Conversations for Change
    Conversations for Change 3 years ago +43

    I met the Doc back in the 90's. He is consistent and always honest... good to see him here, first time I had realised he had done a Ted talk... must have some taoist synchronistic relevance right now. Handbook for the Urban Warrior is good but my fave is Handbook for Heroes... and personal plug... I get a shout in the Handbook for Lovers. Cheers Doc.
    Mark This.

  • Karen Lee
    Karen Lee 2 years ago +16

    I was doing mundane chores while listening to this random talk, but when I heard the part about the speaker putting his hands on the person's back (kidneys) and the ensuing heat that flowed out, I perked up. That is when I realized the speaker is legit. I practice qi gong with a healer in Asia and this is a key part of the process, which is incredibly methodical and "scientific". Unfortunately, we have not well bridged the knowledge gap between western and eastern medicine and hence practitioners of western medicine still often discredit eastern methods and categorize them as "alternative". Rather than treat symptoms after the fact, these Taoist-rooted practices help ensure balance within the body. By preventing stagnant qi or qi blockage, they can thwart disease and prevent illness from taking root in the first place.

  • Maria de los Angeles Castro

    Wow, that smile at the end really warmed my heart. I’ve always like the teachings of the late Wayne Dyer but never really thought of actually practicing Taoism until very recently and I must say, I am in love. Thank you for such a great talk!

  • Mary Ann Wuebker
    Mary Ann Wuebker 2 years ago +207

    How interesting. I just listened to this, having never seen him before, went to Twitter to connect with him, found he just passed and the Celebration of his Life is today in London.🙏🏻

    • Spaide man
      Spaide man 9 months ago

      Taoism is the most selfish religion, encourage its followers to open burning despite living in apartments. They choke heir neighbours children and babies with their smokes while pray for great health and $$$ for themselves. ,

    • Dutch Anarchist
      Dutch Anarchist 10 months ago

      Yin and Yang. There is death in life and life in death.

    • Tony Watson
      Tony Watson Year ago


      THE CENTRE OF YES YES Year ago

      That's lovely....he obviously connected with you already xx

    • Perry Pelican
      Perry Pelican 2 years ago

      Too bad but there are quite a few people who have a better handle on their internal energy. Look for qi gong but be careful of frauds. There are always idiots who try to take advantage of a good thing.

  • xstrawbrysx
    xstrawbrysx 2 years ago +9

    I’m very much open & willing to learn, since my brain tumour (2007) I don’t find it as straight forward to obtain information. Listening to your talk has done me the world of good & given my thirst of knowledge a much easier to understand perspective, thank you 🙏💐👏 x

  • Mauricio Aldana
    Mauricio Aldana 2 years ago +6

    I love to hear people think aloud! Thank you, Stephen!

  • Activated Oxygen
    Activated Oxygen Year ago

    I really really liked this talk, his courage to come forward like this with his life lessons, etc.. Wow!! Visionary !

  • Secret EyeSpot
    Secret EyeSpot 4 years ago +15

    Im glad he talked about the powers and problems of Psychedelics..
    Sometimes in an induced state of mind.. depending on the dose and the nature of the medication.. the body effects hinder the intellectual enhancements. One wants to think and experience from the deepest level of cognition in ones present awareness of Mind, but the feelings one feels have their own electrical charge that are somewhat inhibitory if one does not know already how to move that energy back to the executive center.. I believe the implications one can gather from this insight is that: one MUST engage in some kinesthesiological exercise that is holistic in practice, whether aerobic or anaerobic.. that commands control over the peripheral and primary pathway of nerves that flow from the brain.. so as to achieve "balance" between the poles of ones being..

    • Lucid
      Lucid Year ago +1

      Interesting thought. Might try exercising next trip

  • Kathryn Phillips
    Kathryn Phillips Year ago

    Loved this💗 Bought his book years ago
    Brilliant!.. so great to hear him talk 🙏
    Thankyou for sharing 💗

  • Richard Stevens
    Richard Stevens 2 years ago

    I have a very similar story studied Aikido, meditation and healing from 14. I am aware of other students who the Japanese Sensei's (treacher and master) have chosen to extend their teaching. My training stated in 1974 in Plymouth then move to London where I continued my practice and for work at the BBC. I am still follow the Tao in Zen and practice the meditations and healing I was taught and went on to learn other technique from India and the far east.

  • Voice
    Voice 6 years ago +16

    loved this wish they gave him more time

  • Dutch Anarchist
    Dutch Anarchist 10 months ago

    Lately I'm very much interested in Taoism and I feel like I've never been mentally more healthy. Thing I struggle with (a little bit) is that they are forcing me to take anti pscychotic medication, even though I have never been a threat to myself or anyone else (well they say I risk making people angry and that I once walked on a roof). I'm very much interested in how toaism relates to schizofrenia and if solid toaist practice can heal it.

  • Marian Hanson Counselling Service

    I wish this could have been longer. Very interesting ❤️

  • Adam Telford
    Adam Telford 3 years ago +6

    Thanks for this video, a great introduction to Taoism 👍🏻

  • Tony Prower
    Tony Prower 5 years ago +14

    This guy helped me change my life 10 years ago with his manifesto book . recommended.

    • Paul
      Paul 5 years ago +4

      Tell us more

  • Terence H
    Terence H Year ago

    Become aware of both sides of life. So very true, and practiced for years. Thank you.

  • Dr. David Miller
    Dr. David Miller 11 months ago

    Oh my. About 20 years ago I ran into a DVD set of his then lost it when I started moving to different countries for work. Just found this on RU-clip now I hear he’s passed. Sad to find that out!!

  • Mormegil
    Mormegil 3 years ago +7

    This guy is amazing. Ive seen him talk in London before!

  • Terence H
    Terence H 2 years ago +1

    What a great talk. I enjoyed his story.

  • Lance D
    Lance D 3 years ago +8

    Thank you so much for existing Stephen. I just finished one of your books. I love you too man. More than you'll ever know

  • Rick Diamond
    Rick Diamond 2 years ago +3

    Very good talk. I feel there is a lot of truth here. We are not what we think. We are that which does the thinking.

  • Joe Piervincenti
    Joe Piervincenti 3 years ago +19

    it is true that pain brings suffering and that suffering comes from not being able to get what we want. All through life we follow the things that other people say we want and what we should do. That is the source of a great deal of conflict. The messages that tell us what we should do and what we should want is the problem. In other words these are the social norms and social roles that have been prescribed for us. Therefore the more we want the more we suffer. The Tao but more so the ideas and principles of Buddhism such as non-attachment, not wanting etc, go far toward illuminating the way. Does that solve the problem of chemical imbalances in our organism? No. Does it offset imperfections in someone's DNA? No. So within the framework of a healthy individual smelling flowers, singing songs and having a good time is probably one of the best remedies for mental health. After all didn't Krishna play a flute in the meadow? 😎

  • Soul Mechanics
    Soul Mechanics 3 years ago

    A true spotter. Brilliant. Your upbringing mirrors my own Sir. Well done.

  • Teresa Iche
    Teresa Iche 9 years ago +8

    Brilliant delivery. The path of least resistance :-)

  • Brandon
    Brandon 3 years ago +34

    This was the medicine I woke up in the middle of the night knowing I needed.

  • Kathryn Phillips
    Kathryn Phillips Year ago +1

    wonderful 🙏 would have loved to hear more hes amazing such a gift..love him!.

  • Byron G
    Byron G 4 years ago +2

    Thought provoking and entertaining. The Barefoot Doctor is clearly and intelligent and enlightened man.
    Just a shame his main points were crammed into the last minute of his talk.

    • Angelicatoo
      Angelicatoo Year ago

      He has books and tapes you could get.

  • david he
    david he 3 years ago +2

    This is my first encounter with this guy and I really like his thoughts.

    • Simon Levy
      Simon Levy 2 years ago

      Read the Tao te Ching. And change your thoughts change your life.

  • Chris Kavanagh
    Chris Kavanagh 9 years ago

    Great talk. Loved it.

  • jalica1983
    jalica1983 Year ago +1

    the part where he says lean back on your shoulder blades and have your mind going back on your head is how i feel when i go deeper within myself. im amazed to hear it from somebody. i thought i was just imagining it.

  • Oz Ilan
    Oz Ilan 3 years ago +252

    Beautiful paradox: Yin Yang tells us we cannot be fully enlightened!
    By accepting and loving that, we become enlightened ❤️

    • the ༼void༽ spaghetti girl
      the ༼void༽ spaghetti girl 2 years ago +1

      @Bizzareadventure lmao so true

    • Phoenix DaVida
      Phoenix DaVida 2 years ago +1

      @One Vast and Ecumenical Holding Company Trying to verbally quantify the state of enlightenment would indeed seem a self-defeating endeavor, but here we are... Responding to our natural instinct to connect with one another, and impart our own wisdom and experience to others.

    • Phoenix DaVida
      Phoenix DaVida 2 years ago

      @Barry Woods thanks for sharing that! It made me feel very connected to read that.

    • Phoenix DaVida
      Phoenix DaVida 2 years ago

      @Tom W great quote .

    • Alison Chavarria
      Alison Chavarria 3 years ago +1

      @Tom W Thank you

  • MauiGirl 888
    MauiGirl 888 2 years ago +1

    He is a tribe leader. I felt understood. Great talk!

  • Vlada Pechenaya
    Vlada Pechenaya 2 years ago +1

    What a brilliant guy! He explained Taoism way better than Alan Watts! Also, I wish he had time to talk more about those principles, by which the humanity can reduce the levels of suffering. I wonder where I can learn more about his teachings? I wish he had a bigger time and audience...

  • Dawn Hudock
    Dawn Hudock 2 years ago

    Interesting talk loved it thank you🙏

  • Leslie Porter
    Leslie Porter Year ago

    He's right. I like him. Brilliant commentary.

  • chandra carol
    chandra carol 3 years ago +9

    I love the barefoot doctors guide 2 the TAO .
    Many year's ago a copy of that book slip it self into my hands. Thank you for your perspective of the WAY...

    • J
      J 3 years ago

      chandra carol Same here! Thanks to your comment I’ve remembered why ‘The barefoot doctor’ was so familiar. Spooky ☺️

  • Simsam Malinao
    Simsam Malinao 3 years ago +2

    Master Russel's version of the Tao is intuitive because of actual practice of the Taoist process.

  • Angie Ruby Price
    Angie Ruby Price 3 years ago +6

    Thank you Barefoot Dr...I still remember your brilliant metaphor from your book. ' Dance with the dinner lady' I do that when I caught up in the struggle of my life
    Thank you❤

    • Skippy
      Skippy 9 months ago

      Angie, could you provide more information about this please? 🙏

  • Jerome Armstrong
    Jerome Armstrong 5 years ago +21

    Sweet. Wait for it. He absolutely nails it in the last twenty seconds.

  • Kathleen Regina
    Kathleen Regina 2 years ago +1

    Wow - I never caught his name. What a great talk. Thankyou! :)

  • Haroldo Neto
    Haroldo Neto 2 years ago +56

    6 years ago and look at that he was right about the economy

    • Lea Moonlight
      Lea Moonlight Year ago

      Just a bit late lol

    • razz P
      razz P Year ago +3

      you can make money in any economy, as long as you know how.

    • Nina
      Nina 2 years ago

      I just saw that

  • Siebe Dom
    Siebe Dom 5 years ago

    Fantastic talk!

  • Annie
    Annie 3 years ago +2

    Sigh.... I’m grateful I came across this. Beautiful explanation of the Tao....
    And exert from the Tao Te Ching :
    When the world lacks the Way, horses are bread for war. When the world has the Way, warhorses are freed to roam the land.

  • minichanz
    minichanz 2 years ago +1

    That was bloody awesome!!!

  • Abdeldayem Medani
    Abdeldayem Medani 2 years ago +1

    One of the greatest speech

  • Curious Diva
    Curious Diva 4 years ago +8

    Interesting. Although, I'd prefer his talk was more structured. The main point of the talk was rushed, just because he didn't check the timing. But thanks for sharing knowledge.

  • Rogelio Soto
    Rogelio Soto 5 years ago +2

    I like it! Thoughts too deep for the common man! 👍

  • Cindy Weir
    Cindy Weir 2 years ago

    To me it means balance such as the World struggling to balance the warrior with the merciful.

  • Danny Sze
    Danny Sze 3 years ago +26

    I used to be a pious Christian. Now I am an agnostic Christians. there are a lot of good teachings from Buddism, Taoism, Islam, Christianity. I believe in the universe which manifest itself in all different religions and beliefs.

    • sam reh
      sam reh Year ago

      I believ nothing. I don't follow any dogma. I do practice tai chi. In my opinion, there is no beginning and no end, but there is change. And I try to adjust to these changes to live an interesting life.

    • Danny Sze
      Danny Sze Year ago

      @Christ In me I believe jesus is a son of god. I also fascinated by zen buddhism.

    • Christ In me
      Christ In me Year ago

      An Agnostic Christian sounds like a contradiction though.
      Christianity is suppose to be about believing in Jesus and his teachings, but being Agnostic just means that you are skeptical about the existence of such things.
      Technically you can not be both Agnostic and Christian.
      If you believe in the universe then, in this way you would believe in every religion.
      Even the ones that go against Jesus.
      What you are is skeptical, but that's okay too.

    • Jayson T
      Jayson T Year ago +3

      Jesus was a yogi

  • donkeykong33
    donkeykong33 6 years ago +5

    amazing. will definitely do some research on daoism.

  • Asbestoz
    Asbestoz 9 months ago

    Bro imagine being a young man in the 70s. I am so jealous

  • Deni Case
    Deni Case Year ago +2

    Gone too soon and very much missed. 🙏

  • Nazario Bazan
    Nazario Bazan 4 years ago +74

    So basically, don't be the swimmer separately swimming in the river, be the water flowing in the river

    • Dal Cloud
      Dal Cloud 2 years ago +1


    • Caro
      Caro 2 years ago +4

      Alan Watts put it beautifully: Wu Wei is the sail boat tacking easily with the wind, not the row boat.

  • graham ellis
    graham ellis 2 years ago

    Thank you Doc.

  • Daniel Moore
    Daniel Moore Year ago

    I do Tai Chi and it does take practice to produce the Chi, meridians.
    Chi is a form of energy we create in our core and it expands out, then spiritually connects the universe together.
    I get a tickling feeling in my spine behind my core.

  • Elizabeth Thornton
    Elizabeth Thornton 3 years ago

    Good talk. Very interesting.

  • Sheila Stutz
    Sheila Stutz 2 years ago

    Very good!

  • nancy wysemen
    nancy wysemen 2 years ago

    provacative. i have experienced the heat from a chiropractor. seems useful.

  • imaginary i
    imaginary i 5 years ago

    wonderful talk- thanks

  • Lana Webster
    Lana Webster 2 years ago

    The theater of life....I like this phrase...love your accent...easy to listen to....

  • Kasumi Fu
    Kasumi Fu Year ago +3

    Dao De Jing is a great book for everyone. ^^

  • Christopher Diedrich
    Christopher Diedrich 3 years ago +4

    I read in the description that the barefoot doctor has millions of followers

  • oolala53
    oolala53 2 years ago

    Got to the actual approach only in the last minute. Left hanging. And now I read that the died in January 2020. At age 65. Could not find cause of death. Wonder if he was being treated. RIP Stephen Russell

    • lightenergy236
      lightenergy236  2 years ago +1

      He died suddenly in his sleep at home - massive shock, the most compassionate person I have even known so far, but his energy lives on. For the back of the head method he describes at the end - he mentions this many times in his books and on his website and other vids on his youtube channel : )

  • Carpenter Family
    Carpenter Family 3 years ago +5

    16:43 The message in a thimble.
    But do listen to the whole thing. 😊

  • W Sime
    W Sime 9 years ago +19

    Great. Looking for a TED Talk about Taoism and find this dude who does everything unscripted -_-

    • Sophie SF
      Sophie SF 3 years ago +8

      But he's actually aplying the energy of Tao by letting himself go with the flow of the moment instead of trying to control it with a script :o

  • Anton Nelson
    Anton Nelson 3 years ago

    Really liked what he said -

  • Matt Parker
    Matt Parker 7 years ago +5

    It's great to hear you talk again

  • Kaila Owens
    Kaila Owens 2 years ago

    Excellent! Hah. In the end--dont break lower back, fracture skull & crush scapular. Lol. JK. This is true weather u wanna give it a go or not. Why anyone would intentionally & w/o permission alter another person's adept body is ABUSE. I LOVE THIS MAN. TASHI

  • David Barry
    David Barry 3 years ago


  • chuckfish6
    chuckfish6 6 months ago

    *WARNING, essay* *below*
    One question I've had since childhood was what actually started the big bang, and what preceeded it. The concept of absolute nothingness has always confounded me. I remember being drunk with my college roommate one time, and we started talking about it, we talked for hours, but we did arrive at a conclusion: there was some sort of law or mechanism of design that set things in motion, that predates the universe, and likely transcends time. At the time I was still thinking in the context of a God, so I called it "the architect" owing to the fact that nature has function but is also beautiful.
    A year or so later I started reading some of Laozi and Zhuangzi's work in my classical Chinese class. I was blown away. How could these people from a completely different time and culture have a somewhat similar take to mine?
    Simple, we are part of a greater whole, there are some things that transcend our differences.
    I finally read the Dao Dejing last year, and what I felt was a sense of relief, something is out there, we just don't know how to describe it. I was filled with questions, but at the same time I knew they didn't really need to be asked, in a way I already knew the answer. That's the point, we are meant to ask questions, but listening is far more important. If you calm your mind, maybe you'll hear the universe whisper the answer back to you.

  • Catherine Williamson
    Catherine Williamson 7 years ago +26

    well from one barefoot doctor to the other, im surprised with all your inner growth and learning that you would have people, on your behalf, threaten me with legal action if I dont drop the name 'the barefoot doctor;. A universal term coined many years before you were born, that should belong to all of us... not just you. i for one, think the world needs healers, not brands.

    • Jessica Spooner
      Jessica Spooner 2 years ago +1

      Catherine Williamson I think your negativity is unnecessary

    • terry J Ross
      terry J Ross 3 years ago +1

      bit like an american registered the name ugg boots
      this name was used in australia for a long time yet someone overseas who learnt the name in australia was allowed to register in USA and sue a business in australia for using the name
      hmmmm not very tao eh

  • Perry Pelican
    Perry Pelican 2 years ago +1

    This guy knows a lot and can probably move qi around. He took too much time beating around the bush. I guess he didn't want to just come right out and say that he has internal power that he can use to help or hurt others with. Qi gong is important but us westerners are just starting to find out about it. Some use it in positive ways and others use it to nourish a bad ego.

    • lightenergy236
      lightenergy236  2 years ago

      Unfortunately he had not realised how the timing worked so he was only just getting into it when he had to stop ; ) He would never use chi to harm - he was a healer. A truly special person.

  • Soukaina ElMountassir
    Soukaina ElMountassir 2 years ago +3

    I read different books on wu wu wei and Taoism and his explanation is very clear and exhaustive. Great talk!

  • Optional Lemon
    Optional Lemon 4 years ago +5

    Literally the most fascinating 18 minutes I've experienced on the internet.

  • inimacam
    inimacam 3 years ago

    He is good. thank you

  • goatuscrow
    goatuscrow 5 years ago +8

    the acid trip story was on point

  • CWC Pants
    CWC Pants 3 years ago +2

    12:43 You used an ancient Japanese energy medicine called Reiki! Some practitioners say they feel heat or coldness coming from their hands, depending on the type of healing that needs done.

    • CWC Pants
      CWC Pants 3 years ago +2

      @Kevin Zambrano Thank you! I actually designed the profile logo myself because I am a music producer/engineer/rapper and I just threw a few sacred geometry symbols for the banner! I could design something for a small fee!

    • Kevin Zambrano
      Kevin Zambrano 3 years ago +1

      where did you get your profile picture & background picture? They would make some great tattoos

  • Green Morning Dragon Productions

    4:08 You can see evidence of this yin-yang economic theory, in the Tao-Jones index. May your spirit be in peace, Doc.

  • Bob Love
    Bob Love 6 years ago +34

    not enough time
    for the subject
    thanks for sharing
    never STOP loving xx

    • Margriet Kühn
      Margriet Kühn 4 years ago

      Endless time but not now.... ? Could not hear anything cause of more reasons.... O, maybe there are subtitles....? !

  • Sonny Copeland
    Sonny Copeland 2 years ago

    Best TedX I've seen

  • Bradley Lintmore
    Bradley Lintmore 6 years ago +19

    What a shame that he didn't have enough time to relate the Taoist approach and Mental Health disorders, Unfortunately the talk over all comes across haphazard and slapdash, and I feel like I have no learnt anything.

    • BigHenFor
      BigHenFor 3 years ago +3

      Then you haven't been listening. Play the video again and listen. "The Sage does nothing, but nothing remains undone."

    • Tali R
      Tali R 4 years ago


  • Thothme.
    Thothme. 5 years ago +86

    Let me try to explain.
    See my being is being contained.
    So what you seeing isn’t me, it's just something my being is in.
    See I’m really the soul that my body keeps in.
    The energy that you only feel when I’m speakin.’
    My physical features are just features.
    My mouth is no different than speakers.
    My eyes are like cameras.
    Ears are like microphones, and it gets deeper.
    See what if when you die you really waking up?
    And what you thought was your life is a dream
    And you made it up?
    I think about the power of the human brain.
    Mother Nature made birds and we made planes.
    Fish have gills, we made scuba gear.
    The future’s near, just think about what we doing here.
    What’s the definition of a god?
    Creator, omnipotent power that sees all?
    We capable of all three, I mean really though.
    With one click of a button I could see any one.
    With one click of a button I could learn anything.
    If knowledge is power than why ain’t I already king?
    I dedicate this to the smart folks.
    And loved ones that aren’t with us.
    Light food

  • MildManneredMercifulMouse

    this guy is a notable role model.

  • Dave Beecher
    Dave Beecher 2 years ago +2

    Thank you for your time,6 year's ago, glad I found your talk, today

  • Mark Ant
    Mark Ant Year ago

    RIP Stephen Russell.

  • o
    o 3 years ago

    Taoism can cleansed panic attacks... this guy is talking about the unconscious part of the psyche and how to apply Taoism to cleanse its pain.

  • Dorothy G. Tyas
    Dorothy G. Tyas 3 years ago +5

    *'Dipping and rising' references a 2 dimensional image of wave action---which in 3 dimensions manifests as a spiral (a slinky = sine wave!).*

  • carl hawkins
    carl hawkins Year ago +2

    this is way to complicated of an explanation. here is what you need to know. be like water in all things. dont overthink it.

  • Lana Webster
    Lana Webster 2 years ago

    Really enjoyed

  • dana rowe
    dana rowe 3 years ago +2

    Great Wisdom

  • Tom Thumb
    Tom Thumb 4 years ago +15

    He said his speech is not practiced....I believe him.

    • Moon Dance, R.N.
      Moon Dance, R.N. 3 years ago

      Tom Thumb, UR WONDERFUL;love all u do, @ohmoondance

  • Living Tree
    Living Tree 4 years ago


  • Danster547
    Danster547 2 years ago

    Aww he’s 43 and 3/4. Love him

  • Anurag C
    Anurag C Year ago

    thank you so much.

  • Bonnie Jeffrey
    Bonnie Jeffrey 10 months ago

    Very interesting I follow Alan Watts he's my favorite philosopher this is very interesting also check out Alan Watts he will blow your mind

  • magotchii
    magotchii 2 years ago +1

    It's astonishing that the word tao means person or people in our country and also heard that tao in another country meant I or me. Then to realize the fact that tao is in every each of us.

    • PHanomaly
      PHanomaly 2 years ago

      It's the 'way', the process of life synchronizing.

  • UpNfamish2
    UpNfamish2 5 years ago +36

    I really wish non Chinese speaking people would learn the Chinese language like native Chinese children n would learn, Chinese philosophy,history and eventually Taoism so that they would experience the richness and mysterious and wisdoms of Taoism. All the fable-like idioms from Chuangtze will make all of you feel like children in our eternal Cosmo. "Seek true happiness from the limitless time and space"

    • Steven Williamson
      Steven Williamson 4 years ago +1

      Sinocentrism at its best. Modern Chinese people have as much chance of reading Classical Chinese accurately as I do. You've already acknowledged that you have to rely on other people's translations in order to understand old writings on Tao, so you have the same limitation as any non-Chinese speaking person. Given that the inability to express the Tao in words is a central tenet of the philosophy, your argument holds no water.

    • Jost Sauer
      Jost Sauer 4 years ago

      Awesome reply UpNfamish. But I also believe that even the most sophisticated words are unable to express it correctly. I believe we need such as Tai-chi in order to understand the teachings via personal experience

    • Peter Piper
      Peter Piper 4 years ago +1

      UpNfamish2, i totally understand what you trying to say, language was born in a context, context that was different for the development of other languages. You can find the literal translation of one word from language to language, but the understanding and reasoning that comes with it, will be slightly different depending on your native language.

    • Wayne Macomson
      Wayne Macomson 4 years ago

      Learn Chinese? Be born Chinese!

    • The Jetavana Grove
      The Jetavana Grove 5 years ago +1

      That's like saying you need to speak Tibetan to understand and experience the richness of Tibetan Buddhism and indeed to attain enlightenment through Vajrayana Buddhist practices. Absolute nonsense. Get off your high horse you're talking rubbish.

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  • michele king
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    Bless You , Thank You . Bare Foot Doctor . l Love