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  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
  • k ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) OK
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  • XxSleeping wolfxX
    XxSleeping wolfxX 2 days ago +1

    Video is 13:19 long

  • m r gamers
    m r gamers 3 days ago

    You know what happened to me today ? My grandpa licked me -_-

  • Aron Gaming & More
    Aron Gaming & More 3 days ago

    (- -) ^_^ ^…^ :) :( (: ): *_* &_&

  • Eliška Stará
    Eliška Stará 4 days ago

    no one:
    literally not a single soul:
    skeppy and a6d: *randomly decide to grief skeppys server*

  • EvilErrorYT
    EvilErrorYT 4 days ago

    I love these intros lmao

  • VorcefulSynce
    VorcefulSynce 4 days ago


  • DeadEnder Jinx
    DeadEnder Jinx 5 days ago

    I will pay 400k for ur server

  • Emerald Foul
    Emerald Foul 5 days ago

    Who else replayed the intro like 10,000 times

  • iiBzM - اي اي بزم


  • Sub Striker
    Sub Striker 6 days ago

    Subscribe to skeppy lol

  • Gaming With kids
    Gaming With kids 7 days ago

    At least you don’t need to wait 8 hours like 2b2t to get on your server

  • Noob Tube m
    Noob Tube m 7 days ago

    High Quality Sever👌

    KURAMA 7 days ago


  • Vox Horizon
    Vox Horizon 8 days ago +2

    i dont have a grandfather anymore SO I DONT NEED TO LIKE

  • Bruhl
    Bruhl 8 days ago

    abuse but 2 damage

  • Whyubully 3ason
    Whyubully 3ason 8 days ago

    Nice server

  • Nagito
    Nagito 8 days ago

    (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)

  • mada mada
    mada mada 8 days ago +1

    Dead people don't have tongues, joke's on you!
    *laughs then cries*

  • Saya Yeetz
    Saya Yeetz 9 days ago +1

    I swear the moose thing was moose craft or something

  • Qusaipsv
    Qusaipsv 9 days ago


  • Assxtaethicc Gayxlien


  • TheLastPurple
    TheLastPurple 9 days ago


  • Lilly Wolfy
    Lilly Wolfy 9 days ago

    I love the beginning LOLZ

  • Wavy_ Rengade
    Wavy_ Rengade 9 days ago

    with bbh pelase get a commnad block and do /tp badboyhalo to badboy halo

  • szamuray
    szamuray 9 days ago


  • Sa1typup z
    Sa1typup z 10 days ago

    My grandpa died

  • Rob77niner
    Rob77niner 10 days ago


  • chuckgaming123 brand
    chuckgaming123 brand 11 days ago

    that's how to make an anarchy sever

  • Lucas M apersonintheroom

    Jokes on you my grandpa died when i was at the ripe old age of three and I never really got to meet him. I would love for him to lick me if that means if only for a few seconds I would get to talk to him. :(

  • Xtra Craz
    Xtra Craz 12 days ago +2

    Oh no Skeppy is infected he’s purple 🆘

  • L L
    L L 13 days ago

    Hmmm I forgot this existed

  • Ninjamaster kai1
    Ninjamaster kai1 13 days ago

    Who is a6d he irrelevant

  • Tylor Vo
    Tylor Vo 13 days ago

    My grandma died a year ago I don’t think she can lick me.

  • Death KillR091
    Death KillR091 14 days ago

    I am able to eat 10kilos mashed potators

  • Flatatops †Playz†
    Flatatops †Playz† 15 days ago

    My grandpa is already dead...

  • Galaxy Gachagirl
    Galaxy Gachagirl 15 days ago

    (• ~•)

  • Alex DG
    Alex DG 15 days ago

    $20,000 take it or leave it

  • Hilmi akgünlü
    Hilmi akgünlü 15 days ago


  • Nathan Nielsen17
    Nathan Nielsen17 16 days ago

    No Context :0 2:44

  • boneslice
    boneslice 18 days ago

    chat when nothing is happening: *peaceful noises*

  • Dr. Avacado
    Dr. Avacado 21 day ago

    🇭​🇮​ 🇬​🇺​🇾​🇸​

  • Coco Gaming
    Coco Gaming 23 days ago


    ARTU FUTU 23 days ago

    You will remember this day as the day that inavadedlands become 2b2t

  • Cotton
    Cotton 23 days ago

    I bid 4 billion on the server


  • Joshua Andrada
    Joshua Andrada 24 days ago

    Ok ill put my bid of 14 mil

  • Hana Ali
    Hana Ali 24 days ago

    Why is skeppy purple?

  • ́ ·StrawberrySav· ́

    -skeppy could abuse me and I'd say thank you-

  • Tom Cent
    Tom Cent 27 days ago +1

    Funny vid

  • Sydney Rose
    Sydney Rose 27 days ago

    Both my grandfathers are dead

  • Emily Vasey
    Emily Vasey 28 days ago

    My grandma can’t lick me.
    Ya wanna know why?

    Bc I don’t have one -.-

  • Nez Minecraft
    Nez Minecraft Month ago

    I didn’t like the video (10 minutes later ) my grandpa came to my house and liks me(1 second later ) I like the video

  • Negetive Demon
    Negetive Demon Month ago

    Make it a /event of tnt
    Or have all hacks allowed for a time

  • Jianna J. Kim
    Jianna J. Kim Month ago

    What if BBH joined, wanting to troll skeppy, but then sees this

  • Reuben Parnell
    Reuben Parnell Month ago

    Skeppy: Subscribe or I will come to your house and force feed you mashed potatoes until you subscribe to me
    Me: ok, i get to meet skeppy yay

  • Exxotik
    Exxotik Month ago

    a6ddeeznuts was what baldboyhalo siad at 3:50

  • dominykas domis
    dominykas domis Month ago

    whats that music? 8:41

  • Ruby
    Ruby Month ago

    you should do /kick @r and put it in a loop
    it will kick a random player every time

  • Ruby
    Ruby Month ago

    mario craft maker 14 spoilers

  • nameless
    nameless Month ago

    1.8: execute @a ~ ~ ~ summon PrimedTNT ~ ~ ~

  • Iligames126
    Iligames126 Month ago