BTS (방탄소년단) WINGS Short Film #4 FIRST LOVE

  • Published on Sep 8, 2016
  • BTS (방탄소년단) WINGS Short Film #4 FIRST LOVE
    Short film credits:
    Director: YongSeok Choi (Lumpens)
    Assistant Directors: Wonju Lee, Edie Ko, Nuri Jeong, Jihye Yoon
    Director of Photography: HyunWoo Nam
    Art Director: Moonyoung Lee
    Special Effects : Yoseop Park
    Original story by: Linn Choi

    BigHit Entertainment. All rights reserved.
    Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
    Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea

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  • who cares?? 12
    who cares?? 12 11 hours ago

    🔥🔥B U L T A O R E U N E 🔥🔥

  • Jihan Aswa
    Jihan Aswa 23 hours ago +1

    I don't understand you bish

  • -knjxjhs -
    -knjxjhs - Day ago

    “Would I have changed?
    If I had chosen a different path
    If I had stopped and looked back” this is from the song Path,

  • Tiandra Wilson
    Tiandra Wilson Day ago

    "There are numerous ways in which God can make us lonely and lead us back to ourselves. This was the way he dealt with me at that time."

    Perhaps referring to the fact that Yoongi got expelled from the school and decided to cut his ties with the rest of the boys. He ignores them all and mainly keeps to himself after his expulsion, not paying care to them til Jin plans the meet up for all seven. He breaks into a store late at night seemingly detached from his conscience, indifferent of all the repercussions he'll go through, and he begins to play a piano. There's a poster on the glass outside the store that looks like the beginning scene of Fire mv when Yoongi shook hands with man who burst into flames.

    Many people choose to believe that the piece he was playing were some of the chords in Begin. He stops playing the piece in the middle, hanging his head as if ashamed of himself. He hears a whistling, also linked to Begin, and turns around, he leaves the store and continues along the road, looking around for where the whistling is coming from. He stops in the centre and turns around, almost getting hit by a car, referencing to a car accident he met in as a trainee.

    At the infamous 1:46, he stands in the road as we hear the squelching of tyres before it cuts off. It leaves not much to the imagination except that he got hit. It turns out he wasn't hit as he runs to the scene of the crime. The same bathtub in Lie shows up.

    His ending note reads, "Would I have changed, if I had chosen a different path, if I had stopped and looked back?" This can be taken either as, if he hadn't fought that teacher, he wouldn't have gotten expelled from the school and would have kept his ties with his friend. Or, if he hadn't fought with his best friend he wouldn't have ran out and gotten drunk that night, losing all sense of morality he ever had.

    He goes back to the store to see a police car crashed into it. A fire starts, burning the old, brown piano he was playing and he's defenceless to watch as it burns, the whistling and music becoming more frantic as the camera closes. His circle shows up, black with white representing the piano he's always associated with. It's quite a shock when his circle combines with Jimin's instead of his "best friend" Jungkook's and they form together to look something of a tyre track.

  • u succ
    u succ Day ago

    y'all know the theories of jin being a time traveler and butterfly effect? that car almost hit yoongi and there's a possibility that that was jin on his way to save the other members before yoongi. i have so many untold theories argh.

  • Tae Tae Kook 2008
    Tae Tae Kook 2008 2 days ago

    What is oxygen again? (this is so exciting)

  • K-Pop Fan Forever
    K-Pop Fan Forever 3 days ago

    Each story has a connection to each film. Watch everything closely guys.

    ALEJANDRO SIME 3 days ago

    ¿ qué tal si comenzamos a reproducir?

    es solo una idea:v

  • Ugly_Duckling_Lee
    Ugly_Duckling_Lee 4 days ago

    So basically the song Yoongi was playing was begin, Jungkooks song, and they were the closest in the story. So what I think is that after they got caught in the hideout and Yoongi got expelled. Yoongi couldn’t play the piano anymore. Still wanting to play the piano, especially cuz the reason he played was because of his dead mother in the story, he breaks into a store. The song he chooses to play is jungkooks solo because he wants to meet up again or something? Misses him? Idk So my question is who was whistling?
    Theorist help me here

  • be a yoongi stan like me


  • Angie :3
    Angie :3 4 days ago +1

    Como me hubiese gustado ser army en el 2016, creo que no hay nada más bonito en la historia de Bts que la era de Wings. La escenografía, todas las teorías que hay detrás de esta era, lo bien que actúan los chicos, Igualmente, me encanta Bts pero no hay nada que me conmueva más que las canciones del 2016/2017

  • Chantal Cajigal
    Chantal Cajigal 5 days ago

    Umm? Excuse me? What does oxygen means?

  • Zuha M
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  • Yoonmochixox
    Yoonmochixox 6 days ago

    Notice how in this video there is a reference to Jimin at 2:06 and in Jimin's LIE MV there is a reference to Suga at 1:26. Yoonmin is alive!😂

  • music lover
    music lover 7 days ago

    The accident scene seems kinda scary every time I see it! really glad and hope all the BTS boys are always safe, successful,happy and healthy!!💜💜👍👍💪💪

  • Shilla Anjelina
    Shilla Anjelina 7 days ago

    Yongi-ya bogosipoyo

  • sofiaxx xx
    sofiaxx xx 8 days ago

    I quote suga :
    -"Why I have to break something, everytime?!"

  • Charlotte Stormark
    Charlotte Stormark 8 days ago

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooow lil meow meow

  • Thanh Nhi Nhan
    Thanh Nhi Nhan 8 days ago

    His first love is the love for music.

  • Flurrystorm
    Flurrystorm 8 days ago +4

    This is very old but I haven't seen a comment about this. The music starting at 2:10 is a transposition of the intro in "So Far Away."

  • kim Abruu
    kim Abruu 8 days ago +1

    ... Dios!!.. yo queriendo un piano y Ay lo queman 😑😐😧.. we nada que ver 😂 :v

  • bts&ARMY IPurpleYou
    bts&ARMY IPurpleYou 8 days ago

    Here again to listen to this 💜💜💜💜

  • Carolyn David
    Carolyn David 8 days ago watch this

  • iExoticCraft
    iExoticCraft 9 days ago +1

    go home yoongi, you're drunk

  • kimchi of bts
    kimchi of bts 10 days ago +1

    I miss wings era

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    Suga 😭🖤
    حبيبي 💔

  • Namjesus Help me
    Namjesus Help me 11 days ago +1

    Lol in the beginning when namjoon said God and he's an atheist 😂😂😂

    Do u get it ??
    No okay😐

  • Alexis Borgogoi
    Alexis Borgogoi 11 days ago

    Ok wait ... Jk saw the piano burning ... and if you notice that when Jk saw the burning piano there was a painting on the door next to the burning piano and its the same location

  • sunshinexyoongi
    sunshinexyoongi 12 days ago

    La letra, pasión de esta canción...

  • meza1123
    meza1123 12 days ago

    I'm confused about the order of this with the mvs. Can someone help me out?

    • Alexis Borgogoi
      Alexis Borgogoi 11 days ago +1

      +meza1123 ... please let me know too 😀😊

    • meza1123
      meza1123 11 days ago

      +Alexis Borgogoi oh, ok.... I'm gonna look it up better.

    • Alexis Borgogoi
      Alexis Borgogoi 11 days ago

      +meza1123 ... order ? ... I don't think so ... or I don't know about the order.... 😕 I need to research about that ...

    • meza1123
      meza1123 11 days ago

      +Alexis Borgogoi I heard that there is an order to these stories with the mvs. Do you know the order?

    • Alexis Borgogoi
      Alexis Borgogoi 11 days ago

      What u need dear?

    BTS TXT 13 days ago +1

    first love ain't always human, it could be things that got ur back when ur at ur worst

    BTS TXT 13 days ago

    what if my first love is you, suga?

  • Thalita Ferreira
    Thalita Ferreira 13 days ago

    Muito show a hora que o carro passa por ele 😍

  • léia pereira alves da silva

    Espero que um dia eu possa sair do meu pais só pra conhecer o suga e os outros membros

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  • Grace Sarte
    Grace Sarte 16 days ago

    That whistle creeps me out

  • Uma K-pobre iludida
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    Suga é maravilhoso,apenas isso q eu digo

  • njskygjhjmthjk
    njskygjhjmthjk 16 days ago

    1am and I'm getting scared watching it alone

  • Amrita Manoharan
    Amrita Manoharan 16 days ago

    See I know yoongi’s and jungkook’s stories are linked but isn’t bathtub with water (2:06) linked to jimin? I’m so confused even after the webtoon...actually a piano on fire is there in lie short film referencing yoongi..but it’s hobi who is directly linked to jimin...someone please explain

  • ray
    ray 16 days ago +1

    I'm not crying trust me I'm not

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  • istri sah jungkook real

    Suga bungkusss !!

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    Manasa Kandula 18 days ago

    I’m here after reading Demian....Anyone else?

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  • stardust
    stardust 18 days ago

    Please, explain. Been an Army only for 5 years.

  • yunki min
    yunki min 19 days ago

    Because sugas first love is jungkook

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  • Kim Nana
    Kim Nana 19 days ago

    That's really make me cry i dont know why 💔

  • Little Sailor
    Little Sailor 19 days ago

    7 April YEAR 22

    I stopped walking at the clumsy sound of a piano. The only sound in the empty construction site was the popping of a fire someone had lit in an oil drum. I knew the sound of the song that was playing. But why? My drunken footsteps stumbled. I closed my eyes and walked carelessly. As the heat of the fire grew, the piano sound, the night air, and my intoxication all grew fainter.

    I opened my eyes at the sudden sound of a horn as a car grazed narrowly past me. In the confusion of the headlight's brightness, the wind of the car's passing, and my own drunkenness I stumbled helplessly. I heard the driver curse at me. As I came to a stop, prepared to curse right back, I suddenly realized I could no longer hear the sound of the piano. Amidst the sound of the blazing fire, the wind, and the silence left in the wake of the car, the piano sound was gone. It seemed to have stopped. Why had it stopped? Who was playing it?

    The sparks from the fire surged forth from the drum barrel with a sharp noise. I looked at it for a long moment, spaced out. My face became hot with its warmth. It was at that moment I heard the clanging sound of a fist slamming down onto piano keys. On instinct I looked behind me. For a moment my blood rushed so rapidly that my breathing became erratic. The nightmares from when I was young. It was like a sound I'd heard there.

    Suddenly I was running. Against my own will, I ran towards the music store. My body turned of its own volition to look behind. I felt somehow like that was something I had repeated countless times before. It was a sensation of having forgotten something important.

    The music store had a broken window. Someone was sitting in front of the piano. Although many years had passed, I recognized them in an instant. The person was crying. Their hands curled into fists. I didn't want to be involved with someone else's life. I didn't want to comfort anyone else's loneliness. I didn't want to become a person who meant something to anyone. I had no confidence that I could protect them. I didn't have the confidence to be at their side until the end. I didn't want to hurt them. I didn't want to be hurt.

    I walked slowly. I wanted to turn back and leave, but I approached them without realizing. A wrong note rang out of the piano. Jungkook lifted his head and looked at me. "Hyung."

    It was our first time seeing each other since I quit high school.

  • Coral Reef 5587
    Coral Reef 5587 19 days ago +1

    This must be implying to when suga was hit by a car he felt broken and scared. Idk this is just a theory.

  • janis Guerrero
    janis Guerrero 20 days ago

    kurt cobain

  • Амина Щедилова

    Русские вы где

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  • LlamaLoverSienna 11
    LlamaLoverSienna 11 21 day ago +1

    2:15 im not good at this but i think that he felt like he remembered something so he left and in a diff timeline than Jin created, he didnt leave the store but jin went back so yoongi would live and yoongi remembered?

  • agust olasobo
    agust olasobo 21 day ago +1

    Army since 2015; proud of them.

  • Army of Bangtan Sonyeondan

    Wow i came back here right after watching bbma to see the old bts again well not really old it was 2017, because during the last few days, i was like wow its been 6 years n it doesnt feel long, and now when i look at them i have to come back again to these videos, because im happy 4 them..and i see ARMYs are coming here, some may be old some may be new, but i love you fam. I cannot watch bts old videos for a long time because i will cry. When i see them win an award i always come back, but watch 2 to 3 videos and then go back to where we are now. 💜💜💜💜

  • Lachimolala Carebonara

    Aki ksaul recordando viejos tiempos,ah! Cuánto han crecido! 😭👌😍💜

  • Cirque du Creep
    Cirque du Creep 23 days ago

    begin's whistle. yoongi capturing such raw emotions... i will never not be mesmerized. rewatch marathon, well worth my lack of sleep 🎞️💘

  • Kpop Lover
    Kpop Lover 23 days ago

    I cried...

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    Suga's appeal is so damn... 😐

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    Sugaaaa! Borahae

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    Why do I Feel the same exitment after years ?

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    From behind the scene Suga tried so hard to break the door

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    At 2:17 I just started crying.

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    Damn y’all really wildin with these theories. just enjoy the damn video

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    Uh huh ... Listen boiii my first story..😂😂

  • Alice Chen
    Alice Chen 29 days ago +1

    Fun fact: In the save me webtoon, the music sheets Yoongi burns to set the place on fire are the music sheets for First Love. You can play the notes shown in the panels and hear it.

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    Tem mais musica não,nessa desgraça???
    Quero ver o yoongi cantar

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    Me dio miedo cuando sonó el silbido

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    yoongii i love u

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    I thought suga was dead at the piana

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    Как же это красиво! Браво!
    Каждый раз мурашки по коже и хочется плакать

  • Amalia Aisyah
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    I think Suga and V were fitting for their characters

  • Kyra Tunga
    Kyra Tunga Month ago

    Person: *picks rock and throws it at window*
    Me: Must be Suga
    Person: *Sits at piano and successfully rips apart my consciousness and existence by the first key*
    Me: i FuCkeN kNeW iT!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!

  • Camila Valdes
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    the sound of So far away ....

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    사랑해 옵바 수사

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    이미 민윤기는 죽었어 (내가 죽였어)

  • Mono Yeontan
    Mono Yeontan Month ago

    WINGS will always remain as that interesting era for me...

  • Graciela Montano
    Graciela Montano Month ago

    Am I the only one who said "Bultaoreune" when the fire started? Also, why do I feel like this is how Suga actually grew up?

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    Let there be a comeback #AgustD

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    I love you Suga~~

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    Opaaaa saranghaeee..😘😘😘

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    Sugaaa oppppaaa saranghaeeee...😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

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  • Ani-Me TinaLinaYT
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    So at 1:46 suga may or may not have gotten hit by a car,but remember his injury when he talked about how his left arm will never be the same, and a car accident caused that...

    • Little Sailor
      Little Sailor 19 days ago

      I don't think it's related, Yoongi is playing a made up character for BTS Universe in this video

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    Is it just me or is youtube taking away my like everytime i like it

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      Don't worry, that is common. Your like is still there. If you look in your Liked Videos Playlist, you will see that it is still in there. :)

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    The wings thing reminds me of some wii game😂

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    He can be an actor huh?

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    Much theories for my body bighit

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    RM sounds like one of those kids during English that always volunteer to read