Dubai 2019 🔥 Deep House Mix by Bes & Meret

  • Published on Jan 18, 2018
  • Karmaloft Music DJ Mixes. Breathtaking, electronic music by various artists all mixed together into one continuous DJ Mix. Mix #35 by Bes & Meret. A joyride thru different electronic tunes with a deep, electronic but melodic character. Enjoy!
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    #deephouse #dubai #dubai2018 #chillout #deepmix #chillmix
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Comments • 134

  • Keep It Underground
    Keep It Underground  Year ago +18

    Karmaloft Music Podcast #35 is here. Comment and tell us your feedback!

  • jeanjean l.c
    jeanjean l.c 5 days ago

    شكرا جزيلا على هذه الموسيقى الجميلة التي تضيء يومي وتسخن القلب

  • Fabrizio Zollo [ zo ]
    Fabrizio Zollo [ zo ] 23 days ago +1

    Nice mix!
    I've done one similar on my channel

  • DEEP LOUNGE MUSIC by Oliver Stone

    nice music...I like it👍

  • Fidel Amaya
    Fidel Amaya Month ago

    Woooow beautiful song I like

  • Edgar Martirosyan
    Edgar Martirosyan 2 months ago

    Armenia my language is beautiful armenia 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲duduk

  • Dr.L BeaTs
    Dr.L BeaTs 3 months ago


  • Tornike Cixiseli
    Tornike Cixiseli 3 months ago

    Buddha Bar track DJ RAVIN, NO DUBAI 2019

  • Ghenadie Andriuta
    Ghenadie Andriuta 4 months ago

    Это ненормальная музыка❤☀️🙂Я обожаю Восточный мотив!!!

  • Carolyn ARGENTINA
    Carolyn ARGENTINA 4 months ago


  • Jesus Son
    Jesus Son 4 months ago

    Galatians 4:1-7 New International Version (NIV)
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  • Martin Guia
    Martin Guia 5 months ago


  • mourad alkass
    mourad alkass 5 months ago


  • Hubraoul
    Hubraoul 5 months ago +1


  • Sniper BAGHDAD122
    Sniper BAGHDAD122 6 months ago

    Omg it’s actually kept me low , bravo👏🏼💋

  • Vy Le Thị Thúy
    Vy Le Thị Thúy 6 months ago

    Very good music so

  • Andreas Kuschel
    Andreas Kuschel 6 months ago

    Super Musik, Chill out der Besten Sorte Danke

  • Fer Ant
    Fer Ant 6 months ago

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  • Louis Rodriguez
    Louis Rodriguez 7 months ago

    Loving the sounds... is this mix posted on your SoundCloud profile? If so, I can’t seem to find it... Gracias por los sonidos!!

    HUNGSG BESAMEMUCHO 7 months ago

    super MUSIC

  • мир Шарипов
    мир Шарипов 8 months ago +3

    Душу лечить!!!))) Спасибо большое 💪

  • Aran Medina
    Aran Medina 9 months ago +1


  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 10 months ago +1

    Sweet music, sweet. I love it; keep it up! Thanks. 😎

  • Vince Vinsola
    Vince Vinsola 11 months ago +1

    00:00 woman is singing in Armenian and it's Duduk the instrument

  • Glauco Galdino de Freitas
    Glauco Galdino de Freitas 11 months ago +1


  • Xristos Konstantinidis
    Xristos Konstantinidis 11 months ago +2


  • Don Haas
    Don Haas Year ago +1

    Very soothing music.

  • Adauto Keler
    Adauto Keler Year ago

    SHOW DE MÚSICAS.... TOP 10.!

  • Josefa Gonzalez Garcia

    Tu música me trasporta a lo más alto sigue haciendote grande felicidades !!😍😘😘

  • olik karap
    olik karap Year ago +1

    it is in armenian!!! THX!!!

  • Vishnu Lal
    Vishnu Lal Year ago +1

    So chill, good at evening

  • Ghalbartz
    Ghalbartz Year ago +4

    Where's the tracklist?

  • Kay Thom
    Kay Thom Year ago +2

    A play list would be helpful so that I could go out and buy the music from the artist as some of these tunes are wonderful !!

  • Emanuel Breahna
    Emanuel Breahna Year ago +1

    Wow super.😍😍👍👍

  • frédéric weiss
    frédéric weiss Year ago +1

    very good


    Wow! Sooooo Nice!

  • M45 Frankfurt/Manisa

    Dal derinlere dogru muzigin esliginde ,sadece sen ve muzik ,.insani alip gidiyor...Harika ,cool gemacht ,für mich bist du eine der besten.

  • Marcela Krulišová


  • Muzanih Arafah
    Muzanih Arafah Year ago +1

    fantastic mixen

  • AX Junior
    AX Junior Year ago +1

    UhulmOdo fock

  • rosenberg sam
    rosenberg sam Year ago +4

    Excellent mix. That's real Deep House.

  • andrej sinclair
    andrej sinclair Year ago

    Brilliant mix 😁👍😃

  • Pascal Verbanck
    Pascal Verbanck Year ago +1

    rien a dire car ces de la music douse est merci a vous forain 68 bravo bonne soire a vous adore par mes amis forain de facebook

  • Thierry Trivery
    Thierry Trivery Year ago +1

    Indochine stade de france

  • Imre Nagy
    Imre Nagy Year ago +1

    elvagyunk mi itt is :D

  • Nicky Langa
    Nicky Langa Year ago +2

    Proper set ♥

  • Ivaylo Alexandrov
    Ivaylo Alexandrov Year ago +2

    best for this year

  • PaulOfCreation
    PaulOfCreation Year ago +3

    I'm the new guy here, please consider me for a future playlist

  • Josefa Gonzalez Garcia

    Yes yes escelent👍

  • Rose Fernandes - Artista

    Im artist, from Brazil

  • Regina Uziel
    Regina Uziel Year ago +3

    Armenian music. Jan jan

  • Pascal Verbanck
    Pascal Verbanck Year ago +2

    belle music bon choix mreci a vous forain68

  • Tk K
    Tk K Year ago +2


  • Janina Krystyna
    Janina Krystyna Year ago +3


  • Adrian Barbieru
    Adrian Barbieru Year ago +2

    excelent remix,love this remix .good work

  • Lethu Khumalo
    Lethu Khumalo Year ago +2

    It's all about House 🎶!!!

  • Daniel khobotlo
    Daniel khobotlo Year ago +1

    nnete sebele, shabashoeeeeee hle banna

  • Murray Lloyd
    Murray Lloyd Year ago

    Ha this is my stuff keep it coming Murray doc booty graber oyaaaaaa

  • malik jedda
    malik jedda Year ago

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    Let's support each other
    1) sub my channel i will do the same
    2) leave a comment “done”
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  • Матвей Баксов

    Ш Н Я Г А

  • Carsten by Carls - Motorsport time it will get be " 10 bpm" more ;-) deep sound isn`t a chill out area ;-)

  • Pascal Verbanck
    Pascal Verbanck Year ago +2

    belle musika jadore sa mes amis forain aimme bien bravo forain68

  • Linda Vanpol
    Linda Vanpol Year ago +2

    great music

  • Pascal Verbanck
    Pascal Verbanck Year ago +2

    belle music belle voix bonne chanteuse forain 68 bonne soire mreci

  • Aran Medina
    Aran Medina Year ago +2


    DAVIDE CORDARA Year ago +1

    very nice====

  • Rose Fernandes - Artista

    Can I put it on the music background for my video? From my art, I mean, a video I'm painting. I really liked it, congratulations! I'm, artist .

    • Rose Fernandes - Artista
      Rose Fernandes - Artista Year ago

      OK, THANK YOU!

    • Keep It Underground
      Keep It Underground  Year ago +1

      Hey, thank you for listening the podcast! You can contact Karmaloft Records for permission, the links are in the description of the video. They have great music!

  • Rose Fernandes - Artista

    I LIKE,!!!!!!!!

    • Rose Fernandes - Artista
      Rose Fernandes - Artista Year ago

      HELLO I need your help, to reach a goal on RU-clip, CLICK REGISTER on my channel. Thank you my friend!

  • nduduzo ntanzi
    nduduzo ntanzi Year ago +3

    can you please upload us with your playlist

  • miriam A
    miriam A Year ago +4


  • Janina Krystyna
    Janina Krystyna Year ago +4


  • hay8000 a
    hay8000 a Year ago +1

  • hay8000 a
    hay8000 a Year ago +6

    first music is Armenian

  • Romel Ivanov
    Romel Ivanov Year ago +3

    Super !!!!!

  • Romel Ivanov
    Romel Ivanov Year ago +2

    Super !!!!!

  • Romel Ivanov
    Romel Ivanov Year ago +2

    Super !!!!!

  • David M.S.
    David M.S. Year ago +2

    First track = the BEST

  • Mircea Ciarnau
    Mircea Ciarnau Year ago +3


  • Prince Arthur Louis Pagan


    MUEDI KHUTHADZO Year ago +2

    nice one 💜✊

  • Michael Neal
    Michael Neal Year ago +3

    Excellent mix

  • Κώστας Μαντενίδης

    Thanks a lot guys !! I hear only anatolian deep or/and house thanks to all of you !!! I "fly" mentaly !!

  • James Moore
    James Moore Year ago +2


  • coco v
    coco v Year ago +3

    ca pete :-) !!

  • Pretty Nathalie
    Pretty Nathalie Year ago +1

    Que du bonheur pour les oreilles. Merci.

  • Itai Lev
    Itai Lev Year ago +3

    Beautiful and trippy.....

  • Mila Jamil
    Mila Jamil Year ago +5

    this is heaven

  • Alisson Florencio
    Alisson Florencio Year ago +2

    Essa ficou boa !

  • Eva Raiskaya
    Eva Raiskaya Year ago +9

    Загадочная, томная, чувственная музыка... Слушаешь и слушать хочется. Жаль, нет у музыки названий и авторов, чтобы знать, кому обязаны за такое наслаждение. Спасибо , автор.

    • Eva Raiskaya
      Eva Raiskaya Year ago

      Поскольку такое имя встречается очень часто, и, если честно, мне лень всё это читать, чтобы найти искомое, я останусь в неведении по поводу Вашего Давида Манукяна.))) А для наглядности дам Вам скрин, сколько результатов мне выдал поисковик :

      ANDREUTT TABOSA Year ago

      Hello everyone!.... The music break ours politics limits... The music transcend ours humans languages!!!.... AND YES!!!..... I FOUND ONE AUTHOR.... HIS NAME IS: DAVID MANUKYAN

    • Максим Комаров
      Максим Комаров Year ago

      Eva Raiskaya это Beduin думаю

  • Чёрный Гара

    It’s perfect!!!

  • a8907098
    a8907098 Year ago +1

    Nice man !!!

  • Leondrius
    Leondrius Year ago +7

    Keep it underground. Because somebody should.

    • G G
      G G Year ago

      Thank you.

  • Serge Jouglet
    Serge Jouglet Year ago +1

    Cool... well done

  • Carmen Botes
    Carmen Botes Year ago +7

    Nice... wish there was a track list

  • Dia Chi
    Dia Chi Year ago +10

    playlist please..!

  • Patrick
    Patrick Year ago +4

    Thanks a lot

  • Nico Guiñazu
    Nico Guiñazu Year ago +3

    Track 00:00?

  • Tropical Vibes
    Tropical Vibes Year ago +4