Currency may be next front in US-China trade war

  • Published on Aug 8, 2019
  • Some investors fear a currency war between the US and China is coming after Beijing allowed the Yuan to fall below a key symbolic level and President Donald Trump labeled China as a currency manipulator. CNN's Julia Chatterley explains.
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  • Nichole
    Nichole 3 months ago


  • Data Is Amazing
    Data Is Amazing 3 months ago

    Hi Ho Silver Away!!

  • Joel Bondurant
    Joel Bondurant 3 months ago +1

    ₿itcoin + Gold > Negative Yield Military Paper

  • Joel Bondurant
    Joel Bondurant 3 months ago +1

    ₿uy ₿itcoin, buy gold, bye military banks.

  • Richard King
    Richard King 3 months ago

    Hey world listen up don't buy anything from Chinabuy it from America if we don't make it make a plant that does make it if not go without it

    • ex0duzz
      ex0duzz 3 months ago

      Richard King ok throw away all your clothes and electronics, and you be the first one. Open a manufacturing plant in USA and compete. See who buys your stuff in USA. You will be bankrupt in one week.

  • Markus Reynolds
    Markus Reynolds 3 months ago

    Dumbo at the wheel

  • E-oy
    E-oy 3 months ago

    Great explanation and report!

  • P G TAN
    P G TAN 3 months ago

    Trump is the one weakening other currencies in Asia becos of his tariffs . Many Asian countries trade alot w China n China trade alot w US . When DJT hit Chinese imports w 25% tariffs , China's economy was already slowing down . Result : everyone in Asia start to weaken their currencies .

  • Jr G
    Jr G 3 months ago +1

    ☝️ *a country must prioritize and protect its own products or products from co- territories / friends...* 👍
    ☝️ *a Government & Media must protect its own people and promote legal laws & sense of equality & balance...*

  • Hilary Thomas
    Hilary Thomas 3 months ago


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  • Bill Christian
    Bill Christian 3 months ago

    More of the same donkey ideas a con man would make up. Many other countries have fallen pray to the US manipulation of their currency, from the US. It sounds funny when the US whines about a nation, that uses the US strategy to protect its own currency against an attack from the US. Trump never wants a deal, when he can damage another country instead. The US foreign policy dictates just that one policy of punishment.

  • Mark Fischer
    Mark Fischer 3 months ago

    The dollar is actually strengthening against other currencies. The correct response is to keep raising tariffs to match the decrease in China's currency. The economic war the US is waging should be extended to Europe also. Bankrupt all of them

    • Mark Fischer
      Mark Fischer 3 months ago

      @ex0duzz you're the idiot. When it costs an infinite number if yuan to buy one dollar you'll be able to buy the whole country of China for ten cents. Even at that price it would be no bargain.

    • Mark Fischer
      Mark Fischer 3 months ago

      @ex0duzz Wrong strategy IMO. Raising interest rates would crash all the other currencies. We should want a very strong dollar. Other countries are already locked into dollar denominated dollar buying and selling in the world's largest economy and market and in dollar denominated debt. We can crash all of them at once and there's nothing they can do about it. 5% interest rates in the US, negative interest rates everywhere else.

    • ex0duzz
      ex0duzz 3 months ago

      Mark Fischer USA is actually telling China to intervene and keep the yuan high. So you don't even have the faintest clue what you're talking about. Go back to 8ch and the_donald, what you doing on CNN fake news video?

    • ex0duzz
      ex0duzz 3 months ago

      Mark Fischer the tariffs are the cause of China's currency devaluing. China isn't doing anything. The more tariffs you put the more China's currency with devalue you idiot. Lol

  • michael jango
    michael jango 3 months ago

    I tune in CNN by mistake I don’t like CNN I don’t feel it like News Media for me it looks like just propaganda platform

    • Bill Christian
      Bill Christian 3 months ago

      Michael make no mistake. Analysis and opinion have replaced the new sir. If you didn't want to be subjected to a little propaganda, you could just view VOA, that offer colorized silent videos and allow the viewer to fill in any needed blanks.

  • Inconspicious Fellow White Man

    Buy the dip Bitcoin

  • I O
    I O 3 months ago

    currency rate fooled by american politics, the world exchange rate should equal u.s.dollar to any currency must be one is to one

  • Gianttesticles
    Gianttesticles 3 months ago

    How come there are no comments allowed on your 4/8chan video? Scared of the truth or do you just love censorship?

  • me huss
    me huss 3 months ago

    You just put out an article to deceive Americans about the economy saying that the economy is doing great and you are wondering why people are not buying houses even though rates are low. Are you an idiot CNN ??? We are headed towards a bad recession and all your infos about the economy is bullshit. Tell the world the truth. People are struggling to pay rent let alone buying a house.

  • dedoshucos
    dedoshucos 3 months ago

    In the 1970s a young entrepreneur by the name of Bill Gates questioned authority at IBM and founded Microsoft because he felt he could create a better product than the multibillion-dollar company.
    He defied the odds and created the MOS. As every inventor had done before him, from Alexander Graham Bell to Thomas Edison to the Wright brothers anyone who has ever invented something QUESTIONED AUTHORITY at some pivotal point.
    This is why I believe China under its current Authoritarianism system can never match the innovations created by the West. Because in order to innovate you must QUESTION AUTHORITY, you must question the "norm". Something that the CCP fiercely cracks down on.
    That's the reason the CCP feels it must steal intellectual property from countries with Freedom and civil liberties like the West and Japan, because although China can manage the technology well, and reverse-engineer it, China CAN ONLY duplicated, NOT replicate it nor invent it one of it's own.
    It cannot innovate because it's intellectuals are not allowed the freedoms that their Western counterparts are. Rather they're encouraged to steal the innovations from free-thinking westerners in high-tech companies and even universities.
    This is why China, despite eventually reaching the largest GDP in the world, will never reach superpower status.
    It will always need the free-thinking West as a source of "innovation thievery".
    You can't have it both ways, you can't oppress people's liberties and expect them to lead the world in innovation also when you don't allow them the very basic freedoms of speech and liberties.

  • Mo Cuishle
    Mo Cuishle 4 months ago +2

    No one’s gonna watch CNN’s fake news anymore.

    • Brian Muvuti
      Brian Muvuti 3 months ago

      CNN and msnbc are mainstream. Faux is bullshit.

  • Red Bull
    Red Bull 4 months ago

    The clothes China 🇨🇳 makes and the hardware USA 🇺🇸 makes are compatible to cheat you guys...

  • Yeow Aun Lim
    Yeow Aun Lim 4 months ago +2

    Would America be a Currency Manipulator if it actively devalues its own currency against its trading partners?

    • Bill Christian
      Bill Christian 3 months ago

      They already are the biggest manipulator. The US currency has little reserve to back the paper money it prints and forces rate cuts to keep people borrowing money, that they do not have. Makes for a huge recession for anyone living on Earth. This manipulation has allowed the US government to borrow $22 trillion dollars of its national debt with zero hope of repaying a dime. I bet you would enjoy doing this in your personal life, where you can just continue to spend, borrow and never pay anything back.....WOW, you would be the envy of all your neighbors, Yeow.

  • Niedland Benjamin
    Niedland Benjamin 4 months ago

    Hehehe... The US cannot be involved in a currency war. The moment they start is the moment the US dollar stops being the reserve currency. No country, even US allies, would like to wake up tomorrow and know that the dollar has less purchasing power. It would take someone very stupid to try this

  • Sandy
    Sandy 4 months ago +1

    Watch Dr Richard Wolff on TMBS yesterday - he explains the US / China trade history in terms lay people can understand. Or go to Democracy At Work on You Tube.

  • ILoveCoffee
    ILoveCoffee 4 months ago +2

    So not intervening to artificially raise the currency makes you a currency manipulator? Trump is making US look like a 3rd world authoritarian country hated by everyone. They hate China, they are anti-chinese , and they want to see China burn. They lie all the time and accuse China of things they have no done.The media is of course complicit , since they hate China too, but then they portray themselves as Liberal, when in fact, the are the biggest racists out there.

    • Teringventje
      Teringventje 3 months ago

      @ILoveCoffee - mate the USD is the world reserve currency, a little interest changes barely affect it.

      Like I said, the way monetary policy (hence interest rates in some degree) has been conducted was aimed at inflation targeting, price stability and economic growth. Currency value was least of their concern.

      A low growth, low inflation world economy almost always results in currency wars. This is already happening a few years now

      However, are you one of those who think central banks set interest rates?

    • ILoveCoffee
      ILoveCoffee 3 months ago

      @Teringventje How are they keeping their currency low, and what is the outcome of low interest rates?

    • Teringventje
      Teringventje 3 months ago

      ILoveCoffee - hhaha mate... keeping their currency low (that while the USD was strong but ok) was least of their problem the previous years. Low interest policy was not aimed at keeping the dollar low🤦‍♂️.

    • ILoveCoffee
      ILoveCoffee 3 months ago

      @Teringventje Yes. Like when the FED keeps the interest rates low to devalue the dollar.

  • l аm frоm Каzаkstаn
    l аm frоm Каzаkstаn 4 months ago +2

    My brother China will destroy economy in Americrap.

  • WINNIE-the- POOH diplomacy


  • Giaken Don
    Giaken Don 4 months ago +1

    it's not just trade war all along.

  • Lee Kh
    Lee Kh 4 months ago +8

    No need war, just dump the dollar and stupid bond.... replace the trading medium to euro, Yuan or gold is enough to win whatever war. This trade war is just to divert the attention from trading currency war. Dollar had lost it's value not supported by gold, was then back by Saudi petroldollars and now even that is not sufficient to support their huge 30trillions debts and rising everyday. In other words why trade with a currency that has lost it's value.

    • Sandy
      Sandy 4 months ago

      This started wi US sanctions on Iran & Venezuela and now China? Buy gold people.

  • Lightning
    Lightning 4 months ago +2

    You guys want to pay for trumps tariff or just let China to lower rate and eat all of the damages? It seems Trump is blaming China for taking the damage he is causing. or does he really want us to pay for his stupid trade war? Or are we paying them anyway? pfft... wake up guys lol

  • asi somos tijuana
    asi somos tijuana 4 months ago

    So are we on a resesion or what ?

  • Moz Art!
    Moz Art! 4 months ago +2

    If Chines make Silke rode no one can stoping China

    • Teringventje
      Teringventje 3 months ago

      The trade is billateral... not just china gains. However, for now the project is pretty much shit.

  • ikm64
    ikm64 4 months ago

    No ifs, no buts and certainly no deals... The road to industrial recovery is built on sanctions and tariffs...
    No, the old jobs are not coming back...and the future of as fossilized as the product it's self...
    No, it's not about past's about the future...and to have a future, in industry, you need a home market...
    American billions made the Chinese economic miracle now it needs to make one at home...

  • Dream
    Dream 4 months ago +2

    It’s not trumps tariffs it’s the United States tariffs

    • Dream
      Dream 4 months ago

      N Silva it’s the US that is imposing tariffs as directed by Trump

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith 4 months ago +1

    China shifted the burden of the trade war to their own people, working harder for less.

    • Giaken Don
      Giaken Don 4 months ago +1

      Are you saying the burden of trade war WAS NOT on the people?

  • im trying to break out the matrix

    Bitcoin can help this by making all money currency equal 😄👍

  • Wolf Blitzer
    Wolf Blitzer 4 months ago

    tarifs for china is racism.

  • Wolf Blitzer
    Wolf Blitzer 4 months ago +3

    Petro Yuan is strong and backed.

    • Victor Ray
      Victor Ray 3 months ago

      Wolf Blitzer Del Petro is strong.

  • the great all mighty G
    the great all mighty G 4 months ago +1

    Trump just knows how to fuck shit up

  • clash funny moments
    clash funny moments 4 months ago +2

    China respect

  • Ibrahim Bauhadoor
    Ibrahim Bauhadoor 4 months ago +8

    Lol, first the US imposed tariffs on china as a mean of pressure , now that china is defending , the US label them as currency manipulator .. classic US hypocrisy

    • Teringventje
      Teringventje 3 months ago

      They have a longer history of such practices. Those words are not based on this single event. Just saying.
      And didnt trump use those words? The man says more random shit, why care?

    • Andrew Gisler
      Andrew Gisler 3 months ago

      @Hua Zhong To say you support racists because you support Trump is exactly why the left has gone insane and why Trump will win again. Trump is nothing more than moron.

    • Ibrahim Bauhadoor
      Ibrahim Bauhadoor 4 months ago

      @Jose Aguirre why soo??? Because a country is defending itself ???

    • Hua Zhong
      Hua Zhong 4 months ago

      @Jose Aguirre
      No one should be on racist side

    • Andrew Gisler
      Andrew Gisler 4 months ago +1

      @Jose Aguirre No one should be supporting the Trump's trade war either.

  • ragedave83
    ragedave83 4 months ago +3

    Hello, could you please activate subtitles in your videos? Thank you so much in advance!

  • Mystery Monk
    Mystery Monk 4 months ago

    Buy nothing from China!
    Trade with your family and friend's!

  • Hybrid InfoDesk
    Hybrid InfoDesk 4 months ago +1

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  • Rahul Kumar
    Rahul Kumar 4 months ago

    Ya.. They ar manipulating there currency for more export

    • Giaken Don
      Giaken Don 4 months ago +1

      U.S : QE QE QE QE.... Wait, you can't do this, China , that's my move!

  • Kadimcherla Naveen
    Kadimcherla Naveen 4 months ago


    • Charles Brightman
      Charles Brightman 4 months ago

      Curious, can you see my comment made before yours? Currently, the video counter says '3' comments and yet there are '4', not counting this one.

  • Charles Brightman
    Charles Brightman 4 months ago

    Space travel has gotten more expensive just in my lifetime. With economic inflation, even at very low rates, constantly increasing on average, over prolonged periods of time, what exactly is space travel going to cost in the next one hundred, one thousand, one million years from now? Economic inflation might just be a contributing factor to the demise of all life upon this planet called Earth.

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  • BRYAN crypt keeper CALLEN
    BRYAN crypt keeper CALLEN 4 months ago +3

    Yay... guns and gold...