Top 10 Things Child's Play (2019) Got Right

  • Published on Jun 26, 2019
  • Chucky's back and this reboot is nothing but spectacular horror! Child's Play (2019) delivered a wonderful experience from start to finish, making every other horror reboot look bad. Today, we are counting down what Child's Play (2019) got right, and what made it such a surprisingly entertaining horror movie! What do you think Child's Play (2019) did right? Let us know in the comments!
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Comments • 1 897

  • Jode
    Jode 7 days ago

    Why must people change the original look to something ie: Freddy chucky etc when they are perfect and epic??????? I struggle to understand this and I find I just am not into the movies as much as the original for this reason alone :( why why whyyyyy

  • Eyeliner Tears
    Eyeliner Tears 23 days ago

    Say what you will about seed of chucky and bride of chucky, at least they stay true to the original

  • yup
    yup 28 days ago

    this reboot looks like crap lmao.

  • Abby's World
    Abby's World 28 days ago

    The new chucky is like an Alexa

  • Chibi The Floof
    Chibi The Floof Month ago

    I still feel like they should have used a little more cgi scenes with chucky cause honestly those scenes were really cool to watch.

  • ASTROmeggie
    ASTROmeggie Month ago


  • Gachawolf_PlayzRoblox 12073

    Chuckys first victim was the cat ;-;

  • Abby's World
    Abby's World Month ago

    Maybe soon the main character can be a kid or teen with austum or adhd, that would be interesting because I have adhd

  • Psychotic Hitcher
    Psychotic Hitcher 2 months ago

    This reboot is a reboot that will forever change the way people see Chucky. It's one of the best reboots to a familiar and popular '80s slasher that deserves at least a trilogy.

  • • 69 years ago
    • 69 years ago 2 months ago

    When is the sequel!??!

  • • 69 years ago
    • 69 years ago 2 months ago

    This slasher is now... a better slasher!!

  • • 69 years ago
    • 69 years ago 2 months ago

    I loved this movie. Just great! Like it more than the old chucky tbh

  • LegitLuna
    LegitLuna 2 months ago +1

    I could have swore he was Jack Black 😂

  • ravager0292
    ravager0292 2 months ago

    good movie a solid 3/ good humor nice story god doe and violence t it lacks that which made chuck scare us away from every owning a god guy doll, this felt more of a black mirror homage than an actual movie and considering oly last year cult of chucky came out and reminded us of how amazing a franchise like this can be i wouldn't mind having both film series coming out a year apart.

  • Shawn Schaworski
    Shawn Schaworski 2 months ago


  • Eddie Kaspbrak
    Eddie Kaspbrak 3 months ago

    BuT KarEn He'S juSt a MiSs uNdErsTooD DolL givE hIm a ChAnCe

  • Bob Barger
    Bob Barger 3 months ago

    wow i wanna see that movie

  • Santiago Montoya
    Santiago Montoya 3 months ago

    Curse of chucky was wrong coz if Andy was a kid so was the girl

  • Unknown Astroid _
    Unknown Astroid _ 3 months ago

    Not gonna lie but I really enjoyed this movie. Despite the humor the movie was pretty scary the way it came out. I really hope to see a sequel

  • AngryWhiteGuy
    AngryWhiteGuy 3 months ago

    Should've kept the old story

  • Joshua Ackland
    Joshua Ackland 3 months ago

    Nope Asian murder bot you got nothing right you suck as a channel

  • Lesly Navarijo
    Lesly Navarijo 3 months ago +1


  • Lesly Navarijo
    Lesly Navarijo 3 months ago +1


  • Lesly Navarijo
    Lesly Navarijo 3 months ago +1

    They smart

  • brooo stob it
    brooo stob it 3 months ago

    Its really sad at the scene were andy betrayed chucky through luring him to the room with his friend back at the door cause that scene chucky have a trust on andy...

  • michael borg
    michael borg 3 months ago


  • Masterghost unlimited
    Masterghost unlimited 3 months ago

    i find this movie more promising since this got the scare factor and making technology more dangerous very well done and perfectly executed

  • MsBrendalina
    MsBrendalina 3 months ago

    This remake would be a LOT better if they didn't make the doll so goddam fugly.
    There is just NO WAY I can suspend disbelief and swallow the idea that any parent would buy that hideous thing for their child (or that any child who received it wouldn't immediately throw it in the garbage)

    Like...I just don't see how anyone at any stage of production saw that final design and thought it was a good idea.

  • Lord Fraco
    Lord Fraco 4 months ago

    Casting Aubrey Plaza was another thing this movie got right

  • Kale Calhoun
    Kale Calhoun 4 months ago

    That movie was cool and scarry I wanted to sleep with my parents

  • Kingdom of Nerdz
    Kingdom of Nerdz 4 months ago

    Chucky kind of seems like a yandere in the remake. Still love it though.

  • A C
    A C 4 months ago

    Sorry but go back to the original and even first couple sequels and the effects are 100,000,000 times better then this cheaply made film. Such a disgrace of those who had REAL talent 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Stay a way Boys and girls

    Stop useing the same god dam scenes

  • mentlinc
    mentlinc 4 months ago

    It was a good movie. They should've did more with the buddy bear, or atleast showed it's kill on screen!

  • mentlinc
    mentlinc 4 months ago

    No one sees the tie between Chucky being voodoo (magic) possessed and now tech (magic) possessed

  • Eternally Suffering
    Eternally Suffering 4 months ago

    Let's be honest, this movie is so much better than The Cult of Chucky. That movie was trash in my opinion.

  • Rosabella Bennett
    Rosabella Bennett 4 months ago

    Is chucky still Alive?! I mean I'm not scared even tho I'm 7 and I'm in 2nd grade I just don't like WHEN CHUCKY DOLL IS STILL ALIVE!

  • ADM chaos
    ADM chaos 4 months ago

    I’d like to see the family that owned buddi before Andy

  • Ben Woodhouse
    Ben Woodhouse 4 months ago

    Hated this movie, if you change Andy and Chucky's name and make chucky look even more different and this movie pretty well has nothing to do with childs play other then a killer doll. This is just my opinion tho and how I feel about this movie

  • Wayne Smith
    Wayne Smith 4 months ago +1

    If this happens I would arrest the people who made the AI and the design of the Doll! I have a lot of reasons why to.

  • Art Vasch
    Art Vasch 4 months ago

    This movie had the BEST commentary on violent entertainment. YES, it can make people feel inclined to do things, if they aren't taught what right and wrong is, beforehand.

  • Nightmare Invader Dragons& Squids reborn

    I like the older movie

  • Marco Rodriguez
    Marco Rodriguez 4 months ago

    I really like this reboot and how adapted it is in today's society's technology '😌

  • Gary Arsenia
    Gary Arsenia 4 months ago

    I hope that there's a child's play 2 in the future. The reboot is great.

  • 08chinup
    08chinup 4 months ago

    You could say this film is almost similar to Friday the 13th: A New Beginning.

  • Master Plays
    Master Plays 4 months ago

    Chucky has changed so much

  • TheCrazyfighter19
    TheCrazyfighter19 4 months ago

    1:32 ok so I’m not the only one 😂

  • Enrico Stimpson
    Enrico Stimpson 4 months ago

    Andy should have teach Chucky to love rather the kill

  • Frank Omatic
    Frank Omatic 4 months ago

    It woulda been funny if at the end they found out it was really made by cyberdyne lol Chuck was really a T99 Terminator 🤣🤣🤣

  • MrAnimater
    MrAnimater 4 months ago

    8:56 I can hear his joker coming out lmao

  • mira hall
    mira hall 4 months ago

    Everything about this movie is wrong

  • Iris Angelynn J. Serrano
    Iris Angelynn J. Serrano 4 months ago +1


  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark 4 months ago

    Is that Jack Black?

  • Daniel J Maximoff
    Daniel J Maximoff 4 months ago

    It actually got NOTHING right. Don't know what is about modernism that tends to ruin everything with technology. Much prefer the voodoo mythology and evil woody chucky.

  • Chop Lotto
    Chop Lotto 4 months ago

    Wait a minute don’t this mean that the original chucky is still alive in this universe

  • Black Joker
    Black Joker 4 months ago +1

    Everything they did in this film was bullshit people actually thinks THIS is SCARY LMAO smh

  • Hannah King
    Hannah King 4 months ago

    for one of those rare times i like a remake

  • shadow the fox
    shadow the fox 4 months ago

    Im glad that the cat didn't actually die 😥🐱🐱🐱🐱

  • Bertrand Russell
    Bertrand Russell 4 months ago

    A bit disappointed for not getting to hear Mark Hamill go into full psychopath mode raging and cussing like classic Chucky

  • Doubledeepfried
    Doubledeepfried 4 months ago

    The mom was the best thing on this movie.. (and the Robocop reference I also liked)