Here's Your Top 8 (Presented by Xfinity) - The Voice 2019

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • Here's a quick look at the Top 8 as we head into the Semi-Finals - presented by Xfinity
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    NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season's blockbuster vocal competition.
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    The four-time Emmy Award-winning The Voice returns with the strongest vocalists from across the country invited to compete in the blockbuster vocal competition show's new season. Rock icon and pop culture phenomenon Gwen Stefani reclaims her red chair alongside superstar coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton as they return for Season 17. Carson Daly returns as host. The show's innovative format features five stages of competition: the Blind Auditions, then the Battle Rounds, Knockouts, Playoffs and, finally, the Live Performance Shows.
    Here's Your Top 8 (Presented by Xfinity) - The Voice 2019
    The Voice
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Comments • 301

  • Chris Fontaine
    Chris Fontaine Month ago +1

    my prediction for top four since they aren't uploading the videos yet tonight...
    Who I would really like
    Once upon a time I thought Marybeth was going to win this year, she's good, although has had some inconsistencies

  • Mildred Rowland
    Mildred Rowland Month ago +1

    Make it happen for Ricky!!! He is a very good singer.

  • Nourhan damer
    Nourhan damer Month ago

  • Carolina R.
    Carolina R. Month ago +1

    Where is Khalea???? She is the Voice of this season!!! 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

    • Thomas Hayes
      Thomas Hayes Month ago

      I agree she was one of the best. What is wrong with these coaches. Blake's fawning over Kat is ridiculous. And a little creepy.

  • Dylan Sousa
    Dylan Sousa Month ago

    Ricky best singer this season

  • Zara Sally
    Zara Sally Month ago +2

    I so badly want Will to make it to the finale💖🙇

    KENYAN VANATTA Month ago +1


    KENYAN VANATTA Month ago

    For me I’ll love and love this show this year and these singer’s and they can sing and they can sing and they all are so sweet and they all are so cute and they all are so special and they all are so talented and are my favorite and favorite and they are Hello Sunday these two girl’s and this boy Will and this boy Ricky 💖💖

  • _a_timida
    _a_timida Month ago +2

    Rose is the best by far 😍

  • Larysa Yevdokymova-Rizk

    KAT, KAT, KAT🌺🌺🌺

  • Jarek K
    Jarek K Month ago

    POLAND :)

  • Bobbie Sue Sanders
    Bobbie Sue Sanders Month ago

    Well I am deaf and can't hear their voices but I love the show "THE VOICE". I just love to watch it . I am an expression person. I just watch their expressions they make on their faces and their body language. I wish that whoever wants to try out "THE VOICE" in the future please don't wear nose pierce as that is so disgusting turns me off. You won't get my vote if you wear them on the show.

  • adams481
    adams481 Month ago

    Worst season ever

    • muhammad tufail
      muhammad tufail Month ago +1

      To me this the best season ever as a whole of course no one is compareable to JORDAN SMITH , SAWYER FREDRICKS , CHRIS BLUE , TESSANE CHIN , ALISON PORTER and KIRK JAY ( s15,s actuall winner) but as a whole this is the best season

  • Ketura Koswal
    Ketura Koswal Month ago +2

    Hello sunday
    & Kat...❤

  • Vishal Radhay
    Vishal Radhay Month ago

    By votes it will be: Jake, Katie, Kat & Hello Sunday. Sad that Will and Rose will fall short.

  • Jerry Dalrymple
    Jerry Dalrymple Month ago +1

    Legend will win. 🎙🎶

  • FrxstyWxlf
    FrxstyWxlf Month ago

    Unofficial Voice Fan Discord Server!

  • CAT lover
    CAT lover Month ago

    I love Team Blake..all of it.
    Katie is disgusting💩

  • Ianhimmelstein
    Ianhimmelstein Month ago +6

    The duets should be
    Marybeth and Hello Sunday
    Rose and Katie
    Will and Ricky
    Kat and Jake

  • Ianhimmelstein
    Ianhimmelstein Month ago +3

    My dream finally would be

  • Gooo Cowboys!!!
    Gooo Cowboys!!! Month ago +1


  • pitinannan
    pitinannan Month ago

    I'm really happy for Kat !

  • Veronica Matchett
    Veronica Matchett Month ago +2

    Katie has an awesome voice and does a mean cover; Rose has an awesome voice and she makes whatever cover she sings her own - that's the difference, IMO. I really want to see Rose go all the way and take this season, along with Gwen.

  • Scorpio Fish
    Scorpio Fish Month ago +2

    The only ones that can change it up ( in performance and voice) always is Rose, Ricky & Will Rest do the same thing same voice . Remember they get a contract they need to be changing all the time

  • Nadina Dima
    Nadina Dima Month ago +1

    Team Legend

  • Isy Bear /Gaming/Tracy Playz


  • Icey Bro
    Icey Bro Month ago +5

    I love how everyone is saying they Ricky, Jake, Rose, and Katie should all be in the finale. I can see it too. I also see Kat (though I’m not as big of a fan of her) going into the finale since she has an interesting voice and talent. And maybe Will?

    • Thomas Hayes
      Thomas Hayes Month ago +1

      I think Kat is way overrated, Shelton is laying it on a bit too thick. Sweet girl with a soft voice but does nothing for me.

  • Eduardo Jeria
    Eduardo Jeria Month ago +5

    Rose Short Winner!!!

  • Hưng Nguyễn
    Hưng Nguyễn Month ago +2

    I think team Legend wins this season.

    • Nicki Johnston
      Nicki Johnston Month ago

      Yes he has a good chance at getting 2 in a row he's got 3 singers still will everyone else has 2 and 1
      This season is definitely on John legends side might be on someone else's side next year

  • Gerald Geshohe
    Gerald Geshohe Month ago


    • muhammad tufail
      muhammad tufail Month ago +1

      NO they will not be the first in s4 THE SWON BRORTHERS from TEAM BLAKE made it to the finale and they ended up in 3rd place

  • Miranda Dombrowski
    Miranda Dombrowski Month ago

    I'm still salty about Max getting eliminated

  • Anime Never Stops
    Anime Never Stops Month ago +11

    HS is so overrated like they only a teenager.... But what bout joana

  • Oofer Boy
    Oofer Boy Month ago

    My top 4
    Hello sunday MAYBE

  • muhammad tufail
    muhammad tufail Month ago +2

    This is based on personal preferance
    Ricky > Katie > Rose > Will > Jake > Kat >>>>>>>>>>>Hello sunday >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Marybeth byrd

    • muhammad tufail
      muhammad tufail Month ago +1

      @Jacarious Oneal I also thought that but then marybeth was letting me down and hello sunday improved a lot so thats why I now think that HS are better than Marybeth but also I dont want HS to make it to FINALE because even though they have improved but still they are nothing as compared to ROSE , KATIE , RICKY , JAKE and WILL

    • Jacarious Oneal
      Jacarious Oneal Month ago +1

      muhammad tufail Marybeth is actually better than hello Sunday

  • Zoé Sala
    Zoé Sala Month ago +2

    Someone.can tell me where is Preston??

    • Zoé Sala
      Zoé Sala Month ago +2

      @Zain ab Tufail 😭

    • Zain ab Tufail
      Zain ab Tufail Month ago +3

      He was eliminated in the knockouts against Marybeth Byrd I still think that he deserves to be here instead of Marybeth

  • Abelputra 12
    Abelputra 12 Month ago +3

    Rose and katie should be in the finale!! Support from Indonesia ❤️

  • aidan dveirin
    aidan dveirin Month ago +3

    Let’s go Will!

  • Calecia Buckley
    Calecia Buckley Month ago +3

    Rose r Kate for me.🤩🥰

  • Sachin Jain
    Sachin Jain Month ago +2

    Emojis for escuchó artist
    Rose 😮 (in a good way.)
    Ricky 🤩
    Marybeth 🙂
    Kat 😇
    Hello Sunday 👌

  • StonedKid
    StonedKid Month ago +4

    Grand finalist prediction:
    Rose (Team Gwen)
    Ricky (Team Blake)
    Katie (Team Legend)
    Will (Team Legend)

    • StonedKid
      StonedKid Month ago +1

      @muhammad tufail I am still mad about Max Boyle being eliminated. He couldve been the Team Kelly Representative in the Finals

    • muhammad tufail
      muhammad tufail Month ago +1

      I also want Will in the FINALE but Ib know Jake will make it ( he is also good)

  • Jayson Vistal
    Jayson Vistal Month ago +3

    My top 4:
    Will Breman
    Max Boyle

  • Mariana Proctor
    Mariana Proctor Month ago

    Is it weird that i don't really care for Ricky?

    • Nicki Johnston
      Nicki Johnston Month ago +1

      I actually don't either I think it would drive Blake crazy if he only had 1 singer left before the finale and if John won again

  • Gerard _
    Gerard _ Month ago +5

    Ricky and Rose for finale 2

  • Emily Martin
    Emily Martin Month ago

    Go Mary Beth!

  • Kimberly Lair
    Kimberly Lair Month ago +1

    I love Ricky Kat and Katie 💙❤️❤️
    And I am actually from Cookeville TN 😝

    • Hootleader 1996
      Hootleader 1996 Month ago

      Kimberly Lair just because your from cookeville means absolutely nothing

  • anitabreakone
    anitabreakone Month ago +2

    Not right without Joana. 😞😞😞😞

  • RutherFord Camerino
    RutherFord Camerino Month ago +10

    My top 5:
    Ricky Duran
    Katie Kadan
    Rose Short
    Jake hoot
    Kat Hammock

    • Black Beauti
      Black Beauti Month ago

      RutherFord Camerino Kay is overrated

  • Lisa Murphy
    Lisa Murphy Month ago +4

    On the final show they should give a special award for the best performance of the season. Like Max Doyle's "When the Party's Over". I watch the show for these special performances - they make the show - but as with Max the artists are often just tossed off the show and forgotten.

  • Amonté Sings
    Amonté Sings Month ago +16

    My guess for top 4 is:
    Rose (Gwen)
    Ricky (Blake)
    Katie (John)
    Jake (Kelly)
    Jake & Katie will obviously get voted in. Ricky or Rose will get the third spot with the other winning the IS. (Both have had steady support voting-wise, but I’m leaning a little more towards Rose getting the third PV)
    They haven’t had all four coaches represented in the finale in quite some time & I think they’re going to push for Rose to make it to the finale for Gwen especially since they’ve been hyping up this couple rivalry thing between her and Blake.

    • Nourhan damer
      Nourhan damer Month ago

    • nicolas
      nicolas Month ago +1

      Amonté Sings no way... Ricky will get PV and Rose will be up for IS but I think Kat might win

  • febi kariko
    febi kariko Month ago +4

    2. Kat
    3. Rose
    4. Jake

  • Umair Ch
    Umair Ch Month ago +2

    Joanna myracle Jake kyndall damali Rose Katie Kat/Ricky should be semi finalists.They all were better than them standing in the semi final....Like if agree

  • Valgene Traylor
    Valgene Traylor Month ago +2

    Shows like the voice, American idol are mint to make more rich whites or they are saying caucasian are better singers than blacks

  • eduardo emir juro lazo

    Rose is the voice

  • Luis Filipe
    Luis Filipe Month ago +3

    Rose, Ricky, Jake and Marybeth in the finale! PLEASE AMERICA PLEASE!

    • Nourhan damer
      Nourhan damer Month ago

  • Arlene Grace Ishikawa
    Arlene Grace Ishikawa Month ago +22

    I hope team Gwen will win this time

  • Danny Moss
    Danny Moss Month ago +3

    I kat has the best voice of all them because she sings with her style not trying to be like the original artist she does her probably the most talented is Ricky.....but I don't either one will win I think American always goes with the underdog so say Ross or Katie will win

  • T. B.
    T. B. Month ago +5

    What I wanted to happen:
    Hello Sunday and Hoot eliminated direct.
    Kat, Rose and Marybeth advancing straight to the finale.
    Ricky, Will and Katie Kadan in Middle 3 with Ricky winning Instant Save making the finale to be: 4. Ricky - 3. Marybeth - 2. Rose - 1. Kat.
    What will actually happen:
    Marybeth and Kat straight out.
    Hoot, Katie Kadan and Ricky advancing straight to the finale.
    Hello Sunday, Will and Rose in Middle 3 with Hello Sunday winning Instant Save making the finale to be: 4. Hello Sunday - 3. Ricky - 2. Katie Kadan - 1. Hoot
    Another season that had everything to be great and will end again with a melancholy finale and another basic and generic country as champion since the Playoffs. Unfortunate.

    • Jacarious Oneal
      Jacarious Oneal Month ago +1


    • T. B.
      T. B. Month ago +3

      @muhammad tufail I wish you were right but it's 17 seasons and I've seen a lot of nonsense happen, even this season so I don't doubt anything else.

    • muhammad tufail
      muhammad tufail Month ago +6

      @T. B. Hello sunday will not be in the FINALE and how can Rose not be in the FINALE

    • T. B.
      T. B. Month ago +3

      @Vincent Simbol which would be even more absurd.

    • Vincent Simbol
      Vincent Simbol Month ago +4

      Hello Sunday making the finals, that's mental, weren't they instant saved before

  • T. B.
    T. B. Month ago +3

    We all already know what Hoot won this season. I'm not going to merit being the favorite profile of The Voice's voting public: generic and basic white country singer. I have nothing against country singers to make it clear. I loved Sundance Head. He sang Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus, Etta James, showed versatility, not in the comfort zone. Hoot does the usual, not risking, beyond his simple vocals. The problem is this bonus of more streams. Hoot has won all 3 so far and as the votes are cumulative, he has already reached the final with 15 times more votes than the others. Carson even failed to announce at the last show that Hoot received another bonus in an attempt to keep some excitement still in contention. If production zeroed the votes at each stage, it would be the right one. The participant received the bonus for example in TOP 13, when going to TOP 11 one did not take the votes multiplied by 5 from the previous phase. It clears the votes of all that advanced world. Thus, the 4 that reach the final arrive with chances to win but as it is currently cumulative, Hoot is 15 times ahead of the others. No one has a chance anymore. Show is over. Chris Kroeze was runner-up with two bonuses in a season full of country singers, now imagine Hoot with three bonuses and being the only country singer. I repeat: my point of criticism here is not Hoot, which in my opinion is basic, generic and more of the same, being another winner well below several other voices as we have seen in so many other seasons, but the cumulative voting system that needs be changed, otherwise the show totally loses interest because we already know who wins 2 months before finishing the show.

    • Kimberly Lair
      Kimberly Lair Month ago +2

      Good Lord I hope he doesn't win... Cookeville Tennessee already has way too high an opinion of themselves and if a boy that was born and raised in Texas and Dom Republic, and that's lived here for only 10 years wins... Oh God.. these people around here are making his "success" about them for attention... This town never heard of Jake Hoot till he mentioned that he lived here... Now they are all his besties and would die for him... Give me a flippin break 🙄
      Kat or Ricky will have my vote... Maybe Katie

    • muhammad tufail
      muhammad tufail Month ago +3

      He is not bad but he won,t win either Ricky or Katie will win

  • T. B.
    T. B. Month ago +1

    Kat Hammock's talent is for the few. Most prefer performing pyrotechnics, acrobatic jumping and jumping on stage, dancing choreography with uncontrolled screaming. It's "easy" to get attention. Kat simply sings in her sweet, velvet, angelic voice. It does not change your personality, your style. It does not force anything, it has nothing fake. Everything about Kat is pure, genuine, true. It's a unique voice for people with finer tastes, who don't get carried away by the visual explosion of performance with dance, choreography and pyrotechnics. Kat is different in her simplicity of being, just singing without forcing herself not to be. As I said: Kat's talent is for the taste of the few. She is a rare and precious gem.

  • Gordon Cravens
    Gordon Cravens Month ago +2

    Team Blake