James Harden drops 43-point triple-double as Rockets crush Cavs | NBA Highlights

  • Published on Jan 12, 2019
  • James Harden records his 6th triple-double of the season with 43 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds to lead the Houston Rockets to a 141-113 rout vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers. Harden extends his streak to fifteen straight 30-point games.
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Comments • 170

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  • beach life
    beach life 9 months ago

    James harden is at his peak just killin it

  • Bryan Destine
    Bryan Destine 9 months ago

    Peep that he did this is 3 quarters

  • ANSA Fulshear
    ANSA Fulshear 9 months ago

    Game has never been easier for JH

  • hundred cs
    hundred cs 9 months ago

    Best player in the league

  • boogie lingo
    boogie lingo 9 months ago

    Harden the type to play in the 4th quarter with a 30pt lead just to stat pat, & get a triple double 😂😂

    • giorgi chochia
      giorgi chochia 9 months ago +1

      He recorded another NBA record 40+ point triple double in 29 mins in just 3 quarters and didn't play in fourth you fuckn ignorant hater....

  • ghbutler
    ghbutler 9 months ago

    He still can't play defense lol

    • giorgi chochia
      giorgi chochia 9 months ago

      In top 5 in steals and recorded 2 steals and 2 block this game too still some casuals like you are living under the 2015 rock... (Though hope you were just trolling :))

  • Bo Rood
    Bo Rood 9 months ago +2

    Cavs game is just a glorified practice.

  • live life
    live life 9 months ago

    That step back cheese though all butter

  • Shawn Golmes
    Shawn Golmes 9 months ago +1

    unbelievable James harden playing like he is a video game I mean this is game after game after game best offensive player since jordan

  • Justin 2914
    Justin 2914 9 months ago +1

    Man he keep droppN numbers like this and being efficient like Klays 4 dribble offense. How can he not be MVP?! Js

  • Saint Aubyn TFG
    Saint Aubyn TFG 9 months ago

    What Harden is doing is cool, but realistically he’s working 5x harder to match Steph, LeBron, Russ, and those guys. He’s goin to burn out in April. Steph Curry, LeBron, and Giannis are probably the top 3 Most Valuable Players in the league

    • Headshot Sensei
      Headshot Sensei 9 months ago

      And if Capela had a jump shot Houston would be a dynasty

    • Headshot Sensei
      Headshot Sensei 9 months ago

      Curry has kd and Klay to save him when he goes cold for a quarter. Lebron has a better squad and Russ has 2013 Paul George rn. Harden does the shit with just Capela

    • CJ GoogleMail
      CJ GoogleMail 9 months ago

      What kinda dick are you smokin

    • Newmans_Own
      Newmans_Own 9 months ago

      Have you watched his games? Harden's not working hard for his production. Steph has to run around like a chicken with his head cut off, LeBron and Westbrook have to muscle inside and go 1,000 mph to jink their defenders to inefficiently score (same with Giannis). Harden shoots step back threes, that makes his defenders helpless when he just dips his shoulders.

    • Shawn Golmes
      Shawn Golmes 9 months ago

      top three so you saying harden is not in the conversation that's blasphemy! he is mvp hands down

  • worldofgnr
    worldofgnr 9 months ago +1

    How many triple doubles with 40 pts does Harden have so far? I think 12, right? That is record!

    • worldofgnr
      worldofgnr 9 months ago

      That is old era, irelevant so Harden is now record holder. @jchavins

    • jchavins
      jchavins 9 months ago

      not really….you forget Chamberlain...Harden is not even close

  • worldofgnr
    worldofgnr 9 months ago

    Is this world record in consecutive 35 pts games? I think he is on 16
    now. Anyone knows? What is most consecutive 40pt and 30 pt games.

  • WatchNo Face
    WatchNo Face 9 months ago +3

    1:26 sickest move ive seen all year 💯

    MAZINGER Z 9 months ago

    You can tell the Cavs are tanking very hard for a shot at GOAT Zion. Dan Gilbert will find LeBron's replacement real soon.

  • Sideways Optimus
    Sideways Optimus 9 months ago

    Absolutely amazing! How the Rockets pulled off such an upset over the worst team in the league boggles one's mind! Who's next? Knicks? Suns? I bet Toronto and Golden State are shaking in their gym shoes!

  • D Z
    D Z 9 months ago

    James Harden might not be a complete player but he might be top 5 in 3s by the time he retires.

    • Shawn Golmes
      Shawn Golmes 9 months ago

      @D Z lol I'm definitely not I causal fan I I watch them every game damn near

    • D Z
      D Z 9 months ago

      @Shawn Golmes no one's saying he isn't great. Get out your feelings bra. Just because I critic someone doesn't mean they aren't great. Basketball casuals are so emotional smh.

    • Shawn Golmes
      Shawn Golmes 9 months ago

      @D Z brah I'm just giving you facts brah is simply great

    • D Z
      D Z 9 months ago

      @Shawn Golmes stop being a fanboy OK ma'am

    • Shawn Golmes
      Shawn Golmes 9 months ago

      @D Z harden is top 5 in steals stop hating he's one of the best to eva,do it !

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    harden mvp

  • james d
    james d 9 months ago +1

    Thumbnail looked like harden has going to volleyball serve it to me lol.

  • EMANeleVenElevEn
    EMANeleVenElevEn 9 months ago +5

    Anyone who put Wade over Harden need their heads examined. Wade had one good playoffs. I don't count what he did with LeBron, that's null and void. His regular seasons in his prime were good but compared to Harden its chicken feed. It's his flashy game that confuses you all.

    • EMANeleVenElevEn
      EMANeleVenElevEn 9 months ago +3

      @Bumpin So he went to the western conference finals multiple times, took the warriors who sweet your god Lebron to 7 games and he hasn't had a good playoffs?

    • Bumpin
      Bumpin 9 months ago

      And harden has had zero good playoffs lol

  • Tua Tagovailoa
    Tua Tagovailoa 9 months ago +3

    The beard has my MVP vote

  • Joey FL
    Joey FL 9 months ago +13

    40 point Triple Double in three quarters sheesh

  • Zion Williamson
    Zion Williamson 9 months ago +2

    Not even I can stop to beard

  • smurfpiss
    smurfpiss 9 months ago

    Where the haters at?

    • Freddy Johnson
      Freddy Johnson 9 months ago

      They're waiting for Lebron to come back before they start talking shit again...Gotta have their own mvp candidate to prop up after all

  • Camden
    Camden 9 months ago +3

    Who would've guessed Harden would win more MVPs than Westbrook and KD

    • Shawn Golmes
      Shawn Golmes 9 months ago +1

      me it was easy to see the nigga,been had talent he was doing the same thing in okc!

    • Culture Cultivator
      Culture Cultivator 9 months ago +3

      @Mr Self Nah, Harden numbers will be too good, KD wont have the wins without another All Star. Only LeBron and Harden can do this, Giannis will be next MVP after Harden reign is over, but honestly Harden should be going for number 3 and still might end up with 3 when its all said and done

    • Mr Self
      Mr Self 9 months ago +1

      if kd leaves gsw ,he might win more MVP's

    • Zayvig TheProphet
      Zayvig TheProphet 9 months ago +1

      Skintone Chicken Bone me

  • Yanick T
    Yanick T 9 months ago +56

    why people hate harden lol, he fries every team. lebron drops 40 something, media next day oh he proved he the best in the league. ..harden multiple 40s , media won't put him in top 5 and people hating on him like wtf, what this dude doing this season is on another level. yall are sickening, who can guard this dude in the league right now, what team?

    • Shawn Golmes
      Shawn Golmes 9 months ago

      @BATTZ you tell me the players doing what he is doing besides Jordan or kobe

    • giorgi chochia
      giorgi chochia 9 months ago

      @BATTZ he has put historical number and broke multiple NBA records please just stop with you ignorance... you Sound sad

    • BATTZ
      BATTZ 9 months ago

      You think because hes on a streak he deserves everything? You think there have not been other players to do the same and still not be top 5?

    • Wavy Ja'van
      Wavy Ja'van 9 months ago

      Bumpin he did not shoot no dam 50 shots wtf boy

    • Shawn Golmes
      Shawn Golmes 9 months ago +2

      he better than LeBron media ain't gonna,say it thou

  • Jan-Michael Vincent
    Jan-Michael Vincent 9 months ago +5

    That step back shot is Lethal !!

  • TragestyX
    TragestyX 9 months ago

    What is the spree at now

    ML GAMING 9 months ago +4

    I always knew James Harden was good but lately this man has just been frying everybody

  • William Vu
    William Vu 9 months ago +7


  • JackGeezy
    JackGeezy 9 months ago +1

    Who the hell is guardin James Harden?

  • Mistah Unknown
    Mistah Unknown 9 months ago

    Just wait til LeBron gets back from his groin injury, this team is going to dominate and go back to the NBA Finals. Oh wait!

    • Larry Keys
      Larry Keys 9 months ago +1

      Mistah Unknown 😂😂😂

  • Foolish Fool
    Foolish Fool 9 months ago +3

    This man out here disco dancing on the 3pt line these days man sheeesh

    • Joey FL
      Joey FL 9 months ago

      BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA This hit me hard G Im cryn

  • Anikeit Vadi
    Anikeit Vadi 9 months ago +12

    He did this in 30 minutes

    • yoitsjust
      yoitsjust 9 months ago

      @Danyaahla Messenger like Cali

    • Mendoza Toure
      Mendoza Toure 9 months ago

      @Daniel Holub L

    • Daniel Holub
      Daniel Holub 9 months ago

      @yoitsjust You spent 9 months in your mom's pussy. And some time in your dad's balls as well.

    • yoitsjust
      yoitsjust 9 months ago +2

      Danyaahla Messenger I spent a day in your mom's pussy

  • 1life To live
    1life To live 9 months ago +15

    The thing I love about James is I've never ever seen anyone play like him.

  • A3 -Outo
    A3 -Outo 9 months ago +1

    🏀🚀 #runasone

  • hakeem olajuwon BEST ROCKET

    harden 4 mvp stfu

  • Demitrio2015 Demitrio2015

    Every all star who shoots 30plus attempts can have 40 plus points..that's the thing people don't realize. Harden is a ballhog

    • Elwan Jilani
      Elwan Jilani 9 months ago

      Demitrio2015 Demitrio2015 Lmao not facts because his stepback is legal, yes sometimes it slips up and it is a travel but mostly it is legal and a retired nba refereee veteran declared his stepback legal, so who are we to say it’s not?

    • Newmans_Own
      Newmans_Own 9 months ago

      If any all star tried making that many 3 point attempts as harden, their shooting percentage would careen. That's like saying if every all star hockey player took as many shots as Gretzky...they'd be as great as him. What makes Harden and Gretzky great is that he can create those highly efficient attempts in isolation. And when you can do that, his teammates are wide open.

    • Joey FL
      Joey FL 9 months ago


    • Justin Stone
      Justin Stone 9 months ago

      They said the same about Kobe

    • malakai lucero
      malakai lucero 9 months ago +1

      Fg % is great tho

  • Kameron B
    Kameron B 9 months ago

    Dumb ass lifted his leg so he could make the pass

  • Chris Renshaw
    Chris Renshaw 9 months ago

    Harden is over rated has no Ring's

    • Joey FL
      Joey FL 9 months ago +2

      Lebron and Curry only got rings when playing with two other all star - shit Curry has three other all stars and another fucking MVP on his team and he's not even top seed right STFU.

    • Justin Stone
      Justin Stone 9 months ago +1

      Neither does your mom

  • Marques Smith
    Marques Smith 9 months ago +15

    Everybody in the thumbnail looking like, "43pts,that's normal for Harden" (yawn)

  • Manny Ortiz
    Manny Ortiz 9 months ago +17


    • Joel Pettit
      Joel Pettit 9 months ago

      Manny Ortiz anyone who is allowed to travel whenever they want can kinda be unstoppable 😂🤷‍♂️

  • kimberly moreno
    kimberly moreno 9 months ago +2


  • Htown Rockets
    Htown Rockets 9 months ago +56

    Harden has increased his PPG average every year since 2014 and now has a record of 12 straight games with at least 5 threes

    • beach life
      beach life 9 months ago

      He's gotten better as he's gotten older Harden is almost 30 and out here destroying teams

    • BITCH i did da race pp
      BITCH i did da race pp 9 months ago

      He hasn't even begun to peak yet, wait until he peaks all over the NBA

    • Headshot Sensei
      Headshot Sensei 9 months ago +2

      I really thought last year would be his peak. Such a legend

    • Micah Bryant
      Micah Bryant 9 months ago +5

      J0EY Hz nigga rings don't mean everything his stats alone prove that his a all time great scorer ppl like Jordan and LeBron wouldn't have as many rings without teammates like Pippen and LeBron had Kyrie, bosh, and Wade in his career

    • J0EY Hz
      J0EY Hz 9 months ago

      But has he won a ring?

  • King Dang
    King Dang 9 months ago +82

    Harden has been looking more and more like an mvp these past months ! The rockets have been killing it. I’ll definitely give them a shot against gsw for sure

    • Pre Law
      Pre Law 9 months ago

      +Danyaahla Messenger I'd love to see it

    • Micah Bryant
      Micah Bryant 9 months ago

      Chris Renshaw you sound slow af his far from overrated his had like 16 straight games with at least 30 points Titles don't mean everything basketball is a team sport that's why guys like Jordan had teammates like Scottie Pippen and LeBron had Wade, Bosh, and Kyrie in his career

    • Pre Law
      Pre Law 9 months ago

      He would need to have the best playoff series of any player we've ever seen to beat them by himself.

    • mems1224
      mems1224 9 months ago

      @MaLJaY Worldstar Ariza didn't do shit to KD last year because no one can and offensively he was atrocious

    • Chris Renshaw
      Chris Renshaw 9 months ago

      Harden is over rated has no nba finals Ring's he is nothing

  • SK
    SK 9 months ago +10

    Harden really going to be back to back MVP 🐐 shit

      ML GAMING 9 months ago

      If he don’t get mvp after the shit he been doing this season then the world will

    • Marques Smith
      Marques Smith 9 months ago +4

      Well last year in his acceptance speech he said, "see y'all next year" so 🤷 looks like he'll be back, dude so cold

    • SK
      SK 9 months ago

      @Itachi Uchiha Yikes I mean MVP 😂😂😂

    • Itachi Uchiha
      Itachi Uchiha 9 months ago

      Ummm no

  • 3:16
    3:16 9 months ago +3

    Har_en will choke in the playoffs, like always.
    Warriors are easily 3peating!

    • Joey FL
      Joey FL 9 months ago


    • Spawn Kill Money
      Spawn Kill Money 9 months ago +3

      Imagine going to a harden video just to hate

    • Justin Stone
      Justin Stone 9 months ago +2

      Stfu catfish

    • Micah Bryant
      Micah Bryant 9 months ago

      Shut tf up it's not that hard to win a 3 peat when You have 5 all stars on your roster and the refs wear a golden state jersey

    • KingSway !
      KingSway ! 9 months ago

      He makes it to the conference finals every year tho 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • leGoat is the best player ever of all timer.

    Harden back to back MVP💯💯💯

    • Shawn Golmes
      Shawn Golmes 9 months ago

      better be

    • Joel Pettit
      Joel Pettit 9 months ago +1

      leGoat is the best player ever of all timer. Nah giannis

  • Basketball God
    Basketball God 9 months ago +3

    James harden in his prime right now but gotta see him advance in the playoffs first

    • Basketball God
      Basketball God 9 months ago

      @DatBlackBoi there were mulitple times he choked consecutive years in the playoffs.

    • Headshot Sensei
      Headshot Sensei 9 months ago

      It’s not about advance. The world is waiting for him to win like Jordan Kobe or magic. He had to carry vs the gsw Allstars. That’s it really

    • Micah Bryant
      Micah Bryant 9 months ago +6

      Other then Chris Paul I really can't name another elite scorer harden has had with him in his career with the rockets

    • DatBlackBoi
      DatBlackBoi 9 months ago +8

      He's been to the WCF multiple times and was a cp3 injury away from a chip. I'm confused why this stigma is still held against em

  • samson ihekweme
    samson ihekweme 9 months ago +18

    Once lebron left you really see how average cavs are

    • Wavy Ja'van
      Wavy Ja'van 9 months ago

      Wuzi Mu nah they could of beat them without harden

    • vrrs
      vrrs 9 months ago

      @Joey FL kyrie was gone last year and they went to the finals. And they started like 1-6 when love played.

    • Joey FL
      Joey FL 9 months ago +1

      Kyrie left and Love is injured.

    • Wuzi Mu
      Wuzi Mu 9 months ago +3

      imagine if harden wasn't out there how absolutely horrible this game would have been.

    • W Nooristany
      W Nooristany 9 months ago +2

      samson ihekweme being the worst team in the nba isn’t average

  • 1,000,000 subscribers without videos

    Top 5 SG of all time

    • Shawn Golmes
      Shawn Golmes 9 months ago

      top 3

    • Skyler Shaw
      Skyler Shaw 9 months ago

      1,000,000 subscribers without videos I don’t think right now but I can see it in 5 years from now at the pace he is going at.

    • Spawn Kill Money
      Spawn Kill Money 9 months ago

      @Grand Theft Rondo Lebron and shaq

      ML GAMING 9 months ago

      Top 10

    • Micah Bryant
      Micah Bryant 9 months ago

      Grand Theft Rondo I feel like he passes Iverson for the number 5 spot if he wins another MVP he just passed Kobe for most 3's all time