• Published on Jan 10, 2019
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  • Bitty M
    Bitty M 14 hours ago +2

    Your like the fun aunt on RU-clip who takes you out for ice cream to talk about boys😂😂😂

  • King Cooper
    King Cooper Day ago

    She looks like Sansa Stark

  • Wild Andrea
    Wild Andrea Day ago

    If your ever going to do a drugstore product video try the wet and wild foundation the elf full coverage concealer

  • Michelle Keller
    Michelle Keller 2 days ago

    Yes!! Blending...

  • Kayla Hogan
    Kayla Hogan 2 days ago +1

    For pores I’d just say get more facials and they can professionally do extractions. For maintenance you could use a AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser. It basically, gently chemically exfoliates rather than a physical abrasion. (My nana is an aesthetician and I’ve used her skin care line for years I love it). You could do the peel off masks but I feel they’re too rough sometimes.

  • P4Stalot
    P4Stalot 2 days ago +2

    I definitely need an entire video on blending.

  • Hailey VanArsdale
    Hailey VanArsdale 3 days ago

    Flower eyeshadows are amazing!

  • September Rayne
    September Rayne 3 days ago

    Do an updated E.L.F haul and tutorial. They have stepped up their game.

  • Stav Danon
    Stav Danon 3 days ago

    Flawless by Friday Booster Serum shrinks pores :) (and pimples and smooths the skin)

  • L L
    L L 3 days ago +1

    Thanks for the video, I’m going to have to try that highlighter.

  • Carly Hanson
    Carly Hanson 3 days ago +2

    Finally someone agrees that the makeup revolution concealer is terrible...The only thing similar to shape tape is the tube it comes in

  • Kayla Wilson
    Kayla Wilson 3 days ago +1

    You bought sooooo much makeup and you only used 1/12 of what you bought 😂

  • Cassidy Dandy
    Cassidy Dandy 4 days ago

    Blending 101 video PLEASE

  • Alejandra Pina
    Alejandra Pina 4 days ago +5

    Jaclyn, you sound like drugstore makeup terrifies you. Or like you've never seen it before. Humble down.

  • Emily Mountan
    Emily Mountan 5 days ago

    Giiiiirl I love your new Pallet. Thanks for making it. :)

  • Chinderella
    Chinderella 5 days ago

    Pore solution: Mary Kay Timewise Microdermabrasion Step 1: Refine. It doubles as an exfoliant for your face and is the only product I feel that actually has beads small enough to clean out my pores. I've had acne and terrible pores my whole life and this stuff has been a life saver for my nose and skin in general. It's available on Amazon so you don't have to worry about finding an actual Mary Kay salesperson.

  • Amber Frazier
    Amber Frazier 6 days ago

    BLENDING yes!

  • Tong Seng Ou
    Tong Seng Ou 6 days ago

    Your brother comes from Cambodia?

  • Jayda Weishaar
    Jayda Weishaar 6 days ago +1

    Blending Video with favorite brush descriptions!!!!!!

  • AB Beauty
    AB Beauty 6 days ago +3

    "taste like balls" OMiG hahahahaha you made me laugh so hard. I can totatly relate to that pore situation so i have been using the Maybelline blur stick, i recomande if you havent tried it. " just keep drinking, drink drink drink " hahahah im gonna have that stuck in my head hahah Cheers Girrl Love you. xoxox

  • jannette santiago
    jannette santiago 7 days ago

    Love your hair Dark looks good on your skin! And eyes

    PARIS MITCHELL 8 days ago

    I literally love this look your soooo beautiful you inspire me ❤️

  • Braelyn Hunt
    Braelyn Hunt 8 days ago

    I'm the worst subscriber ever! I've been watching you for forever and just realized that I wasn't subscribed 😳 I'm literally the worst! I'm trying to start my own makeup channel here and would love your palette my friendet me narrow it once and I fell in love but then he rudely moved away haha. Love ya Jaclyn I always play your videos when I'm getting ready in the mornings because it feels like I'm getting ready with my sister!

  • baddie B
    baddie B 10 days ago

    drop dead fred !!!!!

  • Fantasii Reyes
    Fantasii Reyes 10 days ago +7

    I work at target and we just got in a brand called profusion and it’s so bomb and pigmented haven’t heard a complaint about them definitely would love to see u try them

  • roselyn mejia
    roselyn mejia 10 days ago +1

    i never realized how pretty she was omggg 😭🤩

  • Notyourbussines
    Notyourbussines 10 days ago

    6:29 my cat when i want to hug her

  • Kenzie Christopulos
    Kenzie Christopulos 11 days ago


  • Nicole Loccisano
    Nicole Loccisano 11 days ago

    hey jaclyn you shouldn't be afraid of a nose job! I as well broke my nose and had a deviated septum , I broke It when I was about 14 and I got my nose job when I was 17 I couldn't take being bullied for my crooked nose and people would always say how big It was, due to my deviated septum It cause my right side of y nose to be larger. The surgery is not bad at all and the recovery is not painful. I'm not good with pain and I was totally fine, if you decide to get It done after your surgery you need to get salt water saline nose spray It will be your best friend though recovery It helps you breathe and get all the nasty stuff out. Its not painful, I had very light bruising under my eyes but Ice took that away. I def recommend It and there's nothing to be scared about!!! and if you have any questions about It please comment back I can tell you all about It ! love you jaclyn !

  • Kylie Mainusch
    Kylie Mainusch 12 days ago

    blending 101 YASSSSSSS GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tiny Teeny
    Tiny Teeny 13 days ago

    Cambodia?! Is Jaclyn Hill half Cambodian?!😲

    • Tiny Teeny
      Tiny Teeny 10 days ago

      Aaliyah Craig idk ..but she mentioned her brother went back to Cambodia..

    • Aaliyah Craig
      Aaliyah Craig 11 days ago +1

      I’m half Cambodian and is she???

  • Bianca Rios
    Bianca Rios 15 days ago +1

    You should try the Milani Bold Obsessions! It’s beautiful

  • Natalya Seery
    Natalya Seery 16 days ago

    Idk if you consider this drugstore but I really like the Kokie illuminating concealer it’s a little dewy and I think it’s a just like shape tape

  • lily whittington
    lily whittington 17 days ago +1

    try the sophx palette! its heightened quality
    like she she can see this

  • Galina Mamontova
    Galina Mamontova 18 days ago

    I'd really love it if some of y'all checked out my page and gave me some feedback! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Christina G
    Christina G 21 day ago

    Really enjoyed this video! I love first impressions videos because it helps me decide whether to buy a product. Also love videos where only one brand of makeup is used. Maybe those videos are too overdone for some people, but I really love them.

  • Veronica Garcia
    Veronica Garcia 22 days ago

    blending video!!!

  • SnowWhite702
    SnowWhite702 23 days ago

    Some Morphe pallets actually fckn suck. Like 35M pallet. I was so excited to buy it & even used your code at checkout, NONE of the colors are pigmented & even when my brush is wet and I tried my finger too. What do you suggest I do? Help lol 🆘

  • trish8161 Dunbar
    trish8161 Dunbar 24 days ago

    Try the company e.l.f The lipstick is my lifesaver

  • Renee R
    Renee R 25 days ago

    I really like the makeup on you.🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Adia Lena
    Adia Lena 26 days ago

    10:01 Kylie Jenner WHO?!

  • Betsy Moniycat
    Betsy Moniycat 27 days ago

    Team drugstore

  • Reina Cedeño//The Ponticello

    The wet & wild highlight looks good but dos a little texture effect. Casey Holmes also tried it and the same happened to her. I will try for myself one day.

  • Angela Dalessandro
    Angela Dalessandro 28 days ago

    I dislike a lot of drugstore eyeshadows. I’ve tried so many and haven’t found any I LOVE. I like morphe but some people don’t consider them drugstore.

  • WolfStar GD
    WolfStar GD 28 days ago

    Is that a band on your left ring finger?! 😮

  • Sammie Wied
    Sammie Wied 29 days ago

    I have sensitive skin too and I either use baby skin or master prime ( the green one because my skin is red).

  • Kristy Garcia
    Kristy Garcia 29 days ago +1

    Elf eye shadows are good! You should try those next

    • Angela Dalessandro
      Angela Dalessandro 28 days ago

      I tried them and hated them 😩

    • Courtney Cornett
      Courtney Cornett 28 days ago

      Kristy Garcia agreed, when it comes to drugstore elf is the best, my $10 elf palette lasts longer on my eyes than some of my $15-20 drugstore palettes. I think it’s comparable to the new Ella Mila palettes (I have one of those too) that are $29

  • 王俊伟
    王俊伟 Month ago

    Good video! I'm liked and share 859 times :D

  • calafeast
    calafeast Month ago

    I love this morphe slut. She is kinda like a drug pusher. Hot mess!

  • Hailey Yoder
    Hailey Yoder Month ago

    Girl! You need some Maybelline, Covergirl, Revlon and L’Oréal shadows...they are some of the best I’ve ever used

  • princessqcumber
    princessqcumber Month ago

    I heard you say your face is puffy or whatever. NOO. You are gorgeous and youthful. Never think that bb

  • Andrea Cardinal
    Andrea Cardinal Month ago

    You look gorgeous! The physicians formula shimmer shades are beautiful! I love them! But your look is beautiful! And yes, blending video! Please! 😘

  • rashell riddle
    rashell riddle Month ago

    "because, I'm a drag queen!!" Lmao!

  • Boop
    Boop Month ago +5

    No. Morphe is expensive and I’m too broke to get things from there. Try bh cosmetics eye palettes, really pigmented

  • Trinity Koch
    Trinity Koch Month ago

    i love her fan haha

  • sharon Candelario
    sharon Candelario Month ago +6

    It was amazing . I love you. I want to get your palet from morphie when I can

  • Katie Oberrath
    Katie Oberrath Month ago +2

    I would love to see a video on blending, and a video on tips and tricks on makeup application becuase i am starting out with makeup and i want to learn. If that is not to much trouble. Thanks

  • Trinity Estevez
    Trinity Estevez Month ago

    For pores sand and sky

  • Julie Bosgraaf
    Julie Bosgraaf Month ago

    Pretty sure she doesn’t care what anyone says about her. I highly doubt she even reads the comments any more. She has a person for that.

  • Julie Bosgraaf
    Julie Bosgraaf Month ago

    Is it just me or does Jaclyn look just like Cher in this video?

  • emma haugh
    emma haugh Month ago

    does anyone know what eye brushes she used

  • Katelyn C.
    Katelyn C. Month ago

    I love you so much and I’ll never stop watching your videos, however I hope you realize how lucky you are to be able to just take three weeks off whenever you feel like it and still only post one video a week. Not everyone can take time off work whenever they need a mental health day... or 21 of them. This isn’t hate or shade, RU-cliprs just don’t realize how much they have it made!

  • Natalie Marie
    Natalie Marie Month ago

    yesss we need a blending video pls 💞💕💞💕

  • Emily Macfarlane
    Emily Macfarlane Month ago

    you should make a discount code for morphe

  • Emily Macfarlane
    Emily Macfarlane Month ago

    i really want ur big palet by looking at it im like in love with it

  • Kristine Elizabeth
    Kristine Elizabeth Month ago

    I do a voice very similar. I have been doing it for over 40 years. My kids think i am crazy but they laugh every time to where they are almost crying with the words i say with the voice lol. I'm glad you have it too xo

  • R2 Pretty
    R2 Pretty Month ago +2

    Can you do a first impressions shop miss a vid? Love you :)

  • Ebony Morris
    Ebony Morris Month ago +1

    I love you Jaclyn! You should try the Soph X highlighter palette girl.

  • Yael Hayamzadegan
    Yael Hayamzadegan Month ago

    Do a blending video pleaseeee

  • S Douglas
    S Douglas Month ago

    I love your nose; it gives your face character. I got angry at LisaLisa for getting a rhinoplasty. Therefore, please do not change your nose with surgery.

  • Jamie Stenstrom
    Jamie Stenstrom Month ago

    I LOVE the idea of this video and the one before where she bought $2000 worth of drugstore brand makeup, but she only used a very small portion of what was bought. Would’ve liked to see another video/look using the other things she bought.

  • Rheanna Dotson
    Rheanna Dotson Month ago

    oh my gosh. Girl I like you so much but now that I know you are a pk like me, oh my gosh I love youuuuuu @Jaclynhill

  • Momo Fabiha
    Momo Fabiha Month ago +1

    I still can’t forget how freaking pretty you are with out makeup 💖💖

  • Luisa Fernanda
    Luisa Fernanda Month ago

    I didn’t like makeup revolution concealer at all and it creased just like that on me too.

  • Mia Margaret
    Mia Margaret Month ago

    I really love the eye look!!

  • Felicia Henderson
    Felicia Henderson Month ago +3

    Love Lash Paradise mascara....took a break from falsies and it’s been bomb lol

  • Samantha Lovato
    Samantha Lovato Month ago +1

    Dr. Brandt has an amazing pote vacuum that like seals and cleans your pores!!!

  • Megan Marshall
    Megan Marshall Month ago

    Makeup obsession cosmetics make amazing eyeshadows. I think they are a makeup revolution brand. You look amazing as always 😍💕💕

  • HandE
    HandE Month ago

    I use the St. Ives apricot face scrub. www.stives.com/products/acne-control-apricot-scrub

  • Cindy Campbell
    Cindy Campbell Month ago +1

    Your bubble personality is refreshing great review and info thanks gurl 🌻💄💋

  • HwjChimChang OFFICIAL

    U forgot about how u like the foundation. Lol

  • Trisha Murray
    Trisha Murray Month ago

    You should have used 24 hour stay by maybelline... BEST lipstick EVERRR! Lipstick is life for me and it's the ONLY lipstick I've ever used that stays on and doesn't transfer. No matter what I do my lips shed and are dry, but that lipstick literally stayed on for 3 days after washing my face multiply times with face wipes and ofra and it was still coming off three days later, lol. Tartiest quick drying matte was my favorite until I discovered that! I use this brown shade I can't remember atm and it's to die for. I get SO many compliments!

  • Trisha Murray
    Trisha Murray Month ago

    OMFFFGGG! I can do that voice too! I used to do it to everyone as a kid, but now I do it to scare my two kids 🤣 why can't we be best friends?!?😭 I fucking love you!💛

  • Scott Rhoades
    Scott Rhoades Month ago

    Please do a blending video!! 🙃

  • b w
    b w Month ago

    Good for you girl!

  • Alyssa Larson
    Alyssa Larson Month ago +23

    Jaclyn: uploads first video after a 3 month vacation
    Everyone: hates on the littlest things she says

  • Dhdd Bdbdn
    Dhdd Bdbdn Month ago

    So beautiful!!!!!

  • Jenn Lecher
    Jenn Lecher Month ago

    *If you want those pores cleaned out, this is what you want!*

  • Lady.Whatever
    Lady.Whatever Month ago


  • Angelica Brown
    Angelica Brown Month ago +1

    @JaclynHill can you do a copycat beauty review? The one by Daniel bregoli

  • Teri Havlik
    Teri Havlik Month ago

    I didn’t see the choppiness I didn’t see the fallout- I’m watching on my phone

  • Savannaha Parga
    Savannaha Parga Month ago

    It’s okay I don’t like the makeup revolution concealer either, tarte shape tape for the win

  • Raheemah K.
    Raheemah K. Month ago

    What tinted lip balm did she use before the lip stick?

  • Debra Brown
    Debra Brown Month ago

    Yes Please ONE and ONE on BLENDING:)

  • Alice Banghart
    Alice Banghart Month ago

    Bob and Fred
    The wedding we need but don't deserve

  • Shelby Anderson
    Shelby Anderson Month ago

    your foundation and brows look Soooooooooooooo good

  • Sofia Ruiz
    Sofia Ruiz Month ago

    Your eyes are gorgeous😫💞

  • Sinem Pacaci
    Sinem Pacaci Month ago +2

    The whole time I was watching this I had natural face mask on my face. A mixture of Sugar, lemon juice, and Honey (real honey). Sugar exfoliates, lemon juice brightens, and honey moisturizes.

    • Cindy Campbell
      Cindy Campbell Month ago

      Sinem Pacaci I wish I knew how I'm sure fresh rose petals and some type of sermon or oil I get mine at Walmart for five dollars 💄

    • Sinem Pacaci
      Sinem Pacaci Month ago

      No I have not, but I am intrigued. How do I make my own rose mask?

    • Cindy Campbell
      Cindy Campbell Month ago

      Have you tried the rose face mask I've tried different ones and they are so refreshing great for moisture btw me too lol🙋

  • Catalin Castro
    Catalin Castro Month ago +1

    For your pores you can use BIORÈ PORE STRIPS to remove your pores

    • Rachel Riff
      Rachel Riff Month ago

      I've been SEARCHING the comments for someone to answer her pore question. Lol thanks!

  • Ava Houser
    Ava Houser Month ago

    her eyeshadow is great!!