I Bought All The Smartphones On Wish...

  • Published on Nov 11, 2019
  • Buying ALL THE SMART PHONES on Wish!! What are the best android or iphones on wish.com? We bought the cheapest and the most expensive even free smart phones off wish to see if they’re as good as the real ones! Should you buy your iPhone or Android Samsung phone off Wish?
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    Kevin Macleod - incompetech.com

    If you read the entire description, comment down below: "Wish gang" so I know you're a real one and I'll reply
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  • ItsYeBoi
    ItsYeBoi  Month ago +936

    What item should I buy all of on WISH next??? Comment your ideas below 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Melissa Boudreau
    Melissa Boudreau 5 hours ago

    Yes I do

  • ka a
    ka a 7 hours ago

    LOVE wish!
    Voce que e novo no app,na sua primeira compra esta rolando um cupom de desconto para sua primeira compra com 50$ de desconto! USE O CUPOM : cbvbhsxj. Primeira compra pela metade do preço é bom demais!!!

  • Deep pb47
    Deep pb47 10 hours ago

    Give me nowa6 in give away

  • 80S Baby Latrice
    80S Baby Latrice 11 hours ago

    My daughter really wants a new iPhone for Christmas did you do the giveaway for the 11

  • Makomaster
    Makomaster 16 hours ago

    I would love to win any pleas send me one i do not mine what it is

  • Willie Mae Wright
    Willie Mae Wright 19 hours ago


  • Shaun Plassery
    Shaun Plassery 20 hours ago

    My name is Shaun, live in Canada and love the raptors. Coincidence.....

  • DC5 Productions
    DC5 Productions 23 hours ago

    I’ll take the iPhone 6 if you’ll autograph the back of it 👀

  • RNG MrDefaultAsian

    On the note 20 pro they finessed you it's basically a Samsung a70 or a90

  • eli eli
    eli eli Day ago

    Why i got a wish commercial on this

  • DreamKrushGaming

    Hahahahaahah revenge on u with j

  • retaj mohammed
    retaj mohammed Day ago +1

    I got a wish ad before starting the video

  • L3M1
    L3M1 Day ago +1

    Im spanishhhhhh

  • Jasper Dillard
    Jasper Dillard Day ago


  • Samuel Ocelot
    Samuel Ocelot Day ago

    Wish gang

  • Nhickzz Efondo
    Nhickzz Efondo Day ago

    though you have all your needs.. you have more money.. i think you should help other poor people .. despite of wasting your money.. 😊😍

  • Cool_Jos01
    Cool_Jos01 Day ago

    14:52 my mom when I win a argument with her

  • MarkellSmh
    MarkellSmh Day ago

    “hearing aids” seems legit 😂

  • jenniferhenz8
    jenniferhenz8 Day ago

    Land on phone

  • Melissa Hernandez

    I would be scared to buy and phones from wish I am watching this on my iPhone 7

  • Kamikaze kleo
    Kamikaze kleo 2 days ago

    Wish gang which is best phone

  • Qenehelo Mahabane
    Qenehelo Mahabane 2 days ago

    Don't care if it's the best of all. Will never get it. Please give me the iPhone..., Please

  • DavTube
    DavTube 2 days ago

    Please do a video where u buy cases from wishh

  • Qenehelo Mahabane
    Qenehelo Mahabane 2 days ago

    Your Review is funny. Liked it. Though I also didn't know most the phones. Should have probably done the water test BEFORE DROPPING them. But entertaining.

  • Rocco Ferrer
    Rocco Ferrer 2 days ago

    seriously you fucking piece of garbage there are people out there who cant find employment because they cant afford even on of these cheap phones, and here you are. do some fucking charity work, you slimeball.

  • Rocco Ferrer
    Rocco Ferrer 2 days ago

    you rich theater kids are the worst. i remember giving you and your stupid earring a wedgie while you were rehearsing a scene from 'bye bye birdy' after school in the cafeteria. you fucking loser.

  • Sayaneel Dutta
    Sayaneel Dutta 2 days ago

    Hey you **** don't you know how s10 looks like

    NATE DOGE 2 days ago

    Oh all s9’s look like that with camera there related to potatoes

  • eXo Dreamkiller
    eXo Dreamkiller 2 days ago

    Wish gang gang gang

  • Dariana María Tomi
    Dariana María Tomi 2 days ago

    6:14 it is correct because who wrote it has no sense, I speak Spanish, if somebody wants to know something in Spanish I can translate it

  • Noah Bailey
    Noah Bailey 3 days ago

    If you still have the phones I'll take one.

  • The Scare CrowS
    The Scare CrowS 3 days ago

    Can i have the IPhone 6?😜😂

  • José Catalão Ferreira

    The wheel after he spined it says just phones

  • ItzNojuzx
    ItzNojuzx 3 days ago

    Android is way way wayyyy better than iOS

  • Sup Its Kimberly
    Sup Its Kimberly 3 days ago +1

    You know what you could do with one of those? .........

    Donate one to me☺😏😏

  • Pro Hydra
    Pro Hydra 3 days ago

    You should buy all the electronic on wish like video games

  • Pro Hydra
    Pro Hydra 3 days ago

    You should buy all the electronic on wish like video games

  • kiara ramos
    kiara ramos 3 days ago

    Do the apps work, I need a new phone. My phone looks worst than the iPhone 6 screen 😂😅

  • zeedest
    zeedest 3 days ago

    Pm me. You can send them to me. :D

  • W1NT3R
    W1NT3R 3 days ago

    I would like one of the phone

  • Go Out With Me, Levar Burton

    Hi. Sometimes the gimmicks turn me off, but this was generally a fun video. I think I'm one more video away from subscribing :)
    Please stop the especially obvious gimmicks. I mean, maybe people actually like them. But if it seems I'm not alone in this... Please stop.

  • Ethan Domino
    Ethan Domino 3 days ago

    Very Derek Gerard inspired I love it

  • little cute man
    little cute man 3 days ago

    Wish gang

  • Marcia Kora
    Marcia Kora 3 days ago

    Can I have a iPhone pls I don't have one

  • SN1PER4Ze _YT
    SN1PER4Ze _YT 4 days ago +2

    Ive been in jail buy me a phone instead of breaking them😢

  • F4austas Šim???is
    F4austas Šim???is 4 days ago

    19:17 says not working but I can clearly see the sreen is turned on

    • eXo Dreamkiller
      eXo Dreamkiller 2 days ago

      F4austas Šim???is no it turns on but nothing else

  • Owen Davies
    Owen Davies 4 days ago +1

    You should go on amazon and get the Samsung galaxy a70

  • Keyth Karega
    Keyth Karega 4 days ago

    plz i dont ha ve a phone

  • Dalton Fears
    Dalton Fears 4 days ago

    Is there a link to the best phone that you purchased?

  • I Got Demons
    I Got Demons 4 days ago +1

    The thing is when he’s pinned the wheel changed to all his phones so he planned it

  • Neema Mansur Nkya
    Neema Mansur Nkya 4 days ago

    I want them plzzzzzzzz

  • Hassan Brahmi
    Hassan Brahmi 4 days ago

    Hi my name is aya and I heard you where doing a giveaway and I really need a iPhone for school so if you could please I would love to win the giveaway

    I'm a big fan!

  • long run
    long run 4 days ago

    Csn i have the one who has four caneras oks

  • Stephanie Louise
    Stephanie Louise 4 days ago

    Scrolling through the comments....

    Is anyone gonna talk about how he switched the all the options on the wheel to phones?????

  • 100000 subs for this Polite Cat

    05:22 *Let's save some money babyyyyy HD Big tiddie Smart phone*

  • Zharif Noor Ramdhan
    Zharif Noor Ramdhan 4 days ago

    MKBHD, is that you

  • shisui uchiha
    shisui uchiha 4 days ago

    i still want it please

  • Dj kyng
    Dj kyng 4 days ago

    Bro the purple phone somehow looks better quality than the camera recoding the video resolution wise

  • Jake Rondeau
    Jake Rondeau 4 days ago

    How many people have the iPhone 6 and was waiting for him to say nice things