Top 10 Celebrities Who Got the Last Laugh on Haters

  • Published on Nov 14, 2015
  • He who laughs last, laughs best... And these celebs had us all in stitches! Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Celebrities who Got the Last Laugh on Haters! For this list, we’ve looked at those times when celebrities or people in the public eye hit back at criticism or self-inflicted bad press by poking fun at themselves, and subsequently turned a bad situation into a good one! Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at :)
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  • UMN Mode
    UMN Mode Day ago

    Anyway, i love Eminem, beck, and iggy

  • UMN Mode
    UMN Mode Day ago

    I wonder how much they charge for tickets to the razzies.

    SLIM SHADY FAN 8 days ago

    Now this looks like a job for me so everybody just follow me! Cuz we need a little... Controversy cuz it feels so empty without me!.

    SLIM SHADY FAN 8 days ago

    Taylor Swift is she mad?... No she's INSANE!.

    SLIM SHADY FAN 8 days ago

    Slim shady my Homie!.

    SLIM SHADY FAN 8 days ago


  • Dr Albert and Gaming Al

    Who would hate on Obama the best president of america? I would hate on donald Trump instead

  • shooglechic
    shooglechic 10 days ago

    When you throw a banana that actually might have helped the opposing team win.

  • RacoonDog90
    RacoonDog90 11 days ago

    Obama's not celebrity... was the president... try again Mojo.

  • LokimonWasHere
    LokimonWasHere 11 days ago

    Arrested for throwing a bannana.. what has the world come to ?

  • Jo Ann S
    Jo Ann S 11 days ago

    Best revenge is to live well ! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Bєтα • Tнє Bяυтαl 7 Fσσт Kιllιηg Mαcнιηє

    Yet people still continue to call Eminem homophobic.

  • Jurgen Ruppel
    Jurgen Ruppel 16 days ago +3

    Amy Schmuuuumer is so lost next to real stars!

  • Ivan Domingo
    Ivan Domingo 17 days ago

    Eminem looks like Winona Ryder

  • Reed Mack
    Reed Mack 17 days ago

    Didn't Eminem do venom then I LOVE U

  • Reed Mack
    Reed Mack 17 days ago

    I had no clue how funny Obama is BEAT THAT TRUMP

  • Reed Mack
    Reed Mack 17 days ago


  • Andrew Breeding
    Andrew Breeding 18 days ago

    Iggys terrible

  • John Rouse
    John Rouse 18 days ago

    When did Obama ever release his birth certificate???

  • Sam D
    Sam D 19 days ago +4

    When Obama ridiculoued Trump publicly on that same stage Trump took his presidency. Talk about payback.

  • douglas byron Smotherman
    douglas byron Smotherman 19 days ago +1

    The guys of Metallica Halle Berry think she's very pretty

  • douglas byron Smotherman

    Halle Berry's what is good looking for an African American woman I didn't want to be have that award show I think they did theirs on Spike TV years ago Metallica couldn't give and I buried the award Spike TV bunch of assholes

  • douglas byron Smotherman

    The reason why I hate lip sync so much because you have people are not even trying to sing at least with American Idol and America's Got Talent and the voice at least they're all trying to at least show their talent by singing or whatever else they're doing not putting on some piece of crap before it's

  • douglas byron Smotherman

    I hate lip sync that show sucks

  • douglas byron Smotherman

    I can say one thing I was never Taylor Swift fan find out why people who were Taylor Swift fans when she was a country singer and now they hate her because she went from being country to pop so she lost a lot of Hardcore fans that's why a lot of people don't like her I can't stand her myself

  • douglas byron Smotherman

    I don't care if people are gay or straight far as gay people over concerned just don't involve me in it that's all what they do behind closed doors is there on business

  • douglas byron Smotherman

    Eminem is such a damn liar crazy didn't know Elton John was gay but then he's going to sit there and git bash gay people and s*** I have gay friends and stuff all right now so f*** that mother f*****

  • douglas byron Smotherman

    I f****** hate White Chicks it was f****** stupid and never she been f****** me in the first place if people will not watching around because they know they'll get their asses whipped

  • SuperNils666
    SuperNils666 21 day ago

    What a fuckin stupid video hahaha

  • Jane Golbach
    Jane Golbach 22 days ago +2

    The person to the right at the thumbnail looks like a nightmare... really... loke one of dem weird exotic paintings u could find in the attic😢😢

  • Pewdiepie shall win
    Pewdiepie shall win 27 days ago

    10:20 its weird how u assume the redditors really didnt want money to go to the school of deaf.
    Also taylor swift does some pretty visual based performances and 10 thousand dollars isnt that much for taylor swift i think she shouldve played there either also or instead of giving money, cuz she wasnt really obligated to give money but she was a little obligated to play, and her playing would be the only way to actually get the "last laugh", unless redditors really do hate deaf people.
    I also like how taylor didnt say anything bad about or be very aggresive in any way to the redit thing, cuz it was a rather good joke

  • Pewdiepie shall win
    Pewdiepie shall win 27 days ago

    5:23 why would he be arrested it prob wasnt a racist thing hes not black nor is he dark enough so he cant very well be considered a monkey, and i dont see the relevance of a banana in any other way, and also i dont think that he neccasarily thought of it as an attack when he was on the field, he mustve been tired and hungry so mabye he just ate it cuz he wanted to cuz a fan threw it for him, im only saying that part cuz this video is about celebrities who got the last laugh but if he did it unintentially then it wouldnt really count

  • Pewdiepie shall win
    Pewdiepie shall win 27 days ago

    1:49 thats not supposed to be a mean tweet

  • Laurie Ann Hunter- Heartwing Arts

    Still hate pretty much everybody on this list except for her and nobody out-trolls her! ❤️

  • Hunni
    Hunni 29 days ago

    I think I'm the only one that liked Catwoman

    • xejelah
      xejelah 13 days ago

      I loved it. It had good parts and cheesy to the extreme parts.

  • Jonathon Brown
    Jonathon Brown Month ago

    That wasn't a girl without makeup, that was an albino.

  • Melissa Callia
    Melissa Callia Month ago

    If a white person did what snoop dog did, but too a black person it would be considered racism. Lmao wow

  • Jacob Carlson
    Jacob Carlson Month ago

    Anne Hathaway is fucking perfect. Hot as all hell, smart, funny, and talented, and she's not afraid to whip those awesome tits for a role. Seriously prude bitches, your willing to blow some dudes brains out on screen, but take off your top? No way!

  • Jacob Carlson
    Jacob Carlson Month ago

    I don't know who Patricia Arket is, but she's not an "A lister".

  • KDonkey4lyf
    KDonkey4lyf Month ago

    If only they continued that crying scene in Monsters Ball a few seconds...

  • James Trenoweth
    James Trenoweth Month ago

    Eminem was giving the most unforgettable hug.

  • JoeysSecretLover
    JoeysSecretLover Month ago

    Iggy Azealia didn’t own anybody or anything.

  • Delsur27
    Delsur27 Month ago

    Playing a song with Elton John doesn't make it ok to write, sing or rap prejudice and stereotypical lyrics about the LGBT. It's like saying you can't be racist because you have a black friend or have taking a picture with a person of color.

  • France Lewis
    France Lewis Month ago

    Iggy doing that aint a come back thats just reinforcement

  • France Lewis
    France Lewis Month ago

    James blunt is good

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    Alves you funny prick xD

  • Macro Hard
    Macro Hard Month ago

    "James blunt looks like my left testicle", still funny AF.

  • Noteyouraverage
    Noteyouraverage Month ago

    Dam James is savage XDD

  • Jasbir Jassi
    Jasbir Jassi Month ago

    George Michael should be number one when he realised outside,after he got busted in the toilets

  • John Jordan
    John Jordan Month ago

    Yeah and BARACK OBAMA also lost 19 trillion dollars, he ruined everything, oh but apparently that's racist

  • John Jordan
    John Jordan Month ago

    Donald trump is way better at roasting people than Barack Obama, he didn't even roast that person he just said random nonsense instead of facts

  • Shawn Danlovich
    Shawn Danlovich Month ago

    This is the last time I watch this shit, keeps getting worse

  • Jonytron2000// J.T.2.

    But iggy still can't fucking rap

  • pas mas
    pas mas Month ago

    I am really surprised you didnt find even one of elon musk's responses to qualify for this list...

  • buzzclick500
    buzzclick500 Month ago +1

    Our presidents are now symptoms of everything that's wrong with us....

    • buzzclick500
      buzzclick500 Month ago

      @Dan Bertucci Time to delete your search history and log out; your parents are on the way home.

    • Dan Bertucci
      Dan Bertucci Month ago

      Lmfao! "Us"? Speak for yourself, loser.

  • buzzclick500
    buzzclick500 Month ago

    3 minutes into this, I bailed; I just ate lunch.

  • theseinstrumentals
    theseinstrumentals Month ago +1

    voiceover says he has classy comebacks qhile a screenshot show him talking about his penis in someone's mouth

  • Leland- BoB Palmer
    Leland- BoB Palmer Month ago

    Why Hate? I'd Like to "Kick it" with a Futball player! However, having a Bannana thrown at you can't compare to what Obama had to go through so why put him on this list? {Due to Trump's crazy lies & hate}..Our DULY ELECTED EX PREZ Still must suffer through idiocracy}
    Kim Kardashian IS a LIVING MEME though or by now a LIVING PLASTIC DOLL . LOL

  • Leland- BoB Palmer
    Leland- BoB Palmer Month ago +5

    The reason most people TRULY didn't like Obama was they wanted it the ONLY WHITE HOUSE.
    Yes Obama won with wit TRUMP "WON" with made up Sh*T

    • John Jordan
      John Jordan Month ago

      You are an complete idiot!!!!! Obama said that he would take care of the black community instead the blacks lost 20 percent of their jobs, and TRUMP gained back their jobs and we are still cleaning up his mess.

    • 3rd X
      3rd X Month ago

      18% of the population can't elect a president. Whites voted him in. Then Whites, took it back.

  • Joe Troutt
    Joe Troutt Month ago

    There was a V8 commercial showing a banana and comparing it to as much potassium as a bottle of V8 right before the Danny Alvez incident of getting a banana thrown at him. Coincidence???

  • crimsonrush
    crimsonrush Month ago

    You've all been mugged off.

  • Spankymcnastywaft
    Spankymcnastywaft Month ago

    Obama? Really? The guy that goes on Jimmy Kimmel and flat out states that Trump will never become president and then drops the phone like it's a mic? That Obama? Whoever put him in this list is a dumbass. He doesn't belong on it. Trump is still laughing at Obama's arrogant ass as he destroys any legacy that Barry might have had.

  • Metal RocksOn
    Metal RocksOn Month ago

    Soccer is not a sport! Stop already! What's next kickball? Dodgeball?

  • Andres
    Andres Month ago +1

    You forgot Donald Trump. He got the last laugh when he became president # 45.

    • John Jordan
      John Jordan Month ago

      You are awesome, it's about time the demos opened their eyes to see the real world instead of their opium world

  • MarxNutz y
    MarxNutz y Month ago +1

    3:09 noooo it is the People's House, dickweed.

  • stephen perkins
    stephen perkins Month ago

    you might want to tell Obama his legacy is gone TRUMP washed it all away

  • Jbramson12
    Jbramson12 Month ago +1

    Eminem is very talented, but I’m pretty sure that moment was about how awesome Elton John is

  • Nguyễn Hải Dương

    4 years after this video, if they ever consider a redo, Donald Trump has to be number one!

  • Rock Moon
    Rock Moon Month ago +1

    I prefer the boob thing with Halle Berry. She was reading a tweet about her boobs being lopsided, and her repose was "Well...when they're real that happens".

  • Ada Jones fan
    Ada Jones fan Month ago

    Søppel dritt 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • Ada Jones fan
    Ada Jones fan Month ago


  • michael langan
    michael langan Month ago +1

    No doubt Iggy has a beautiful butt, however, we should remember the butts primary function.

  • Mark Bigeloe
    Mark Bigeloe Month ago

    A listers? More like B list.

  • Sean Siders
    Sean Siders Month ago +1

    Anyone who ever pitied any of these 10 people has lost touch with reality.

  • martin corbett
    martin corbett Month ago

    Dan Crenshaw SNL

  • rashawn evans
    rashawn evans Month ago

    Well done

  • Joseph Martin
    Joseph Martin Month ago +4


    • John Jordan
      John Jordan Month ago

      Yeah, and I laughed so hard at Trump roasting Obama over and over again, but somehow Trump isn't reconized

  • WombatHide
    WombatHide Month ago

    Dead people can still enjoy music it's pretty bad taste that she didn't perform. Speakers to the floor is a standard way for a deaf rave and they would have loved to see her live

  • Tigger theTigger
    Tigger theTigger Month ago

    Now I want a banana.

  • Charmaine Balzan
    Charmaine Balzan 2 months ago

    Cosmic conspiracy right here

  • Julie Croak
    Julie Croak 2 months ago

    Screw obama, so glad that he is gone with his ugly manly wife

  • nxto
    nxto 2 months ago +1

    Em and Elton John 👌🏻

  • david diehl
    david diehl 2 months ago

    Obama's best at shoveling shit, too bad his real birth certificate was produced by his brother. Proving once and for all how full of shit he was. His legacy, non existent. Wiped clean off the map..

  • Rele Cyrus
    Rele Cyrus 2 months ago +4

    I will have a last laugh too

  • Keith Cassinger
    Keith Cassinger 2 months ago +2

    I agreed until they said Obama had Charisma.

  • Javier Hagendijk
    Javier Hagendijk 2 months ago

    Tailor giving 10K to a school isn't a last laugh. It's just publicity.

  • CreatingwithWingless Angel

    You forgot Trumps " cause you'd be in jail." Mic drop!!

    • xejelah
      xejelah 13 days ago

      I'm not a republican - but I thought that was hella funny.

    • John Jordan
      John Jordan Month ago

      Thank you for making this comment at least I'm not the only person who is a Republican on youtube

  • Nova Zero X
    Nova Zero X 2 months ago

    Please Subscribe to my RU-clip please

  • Marbudlang Nongdhar
    Marbudlang Nongdhar 2 months ago

    Obama's charisma is'nt enough to run the world's strongest country, now is it??!!

  • Mrs tedder
    Mrs tedder 2 months ago

    WHERES Jeffree star lmaooo

  • Georgia Rollins
    Georgia Rollins 2 months ago

    Gerard Way should have been on this list. He once performed while people were throwing things at him, and just smiled. His strategie is to just smile when they throw hat, because they never know how to respond.

  • Fiona Mckay
    Fiona Mckay 2 months ago

    Another amazing watch mojo video 😀

  • Brandon Benitez
    Brandon Benitez 2 months ago

    3:01 who else tried to find out where the hell the phones are pointing to?

  • Grant Martinez
    Grant Martinez 2 months ago

    Emenem is gay tho so its no surprise 😂

    • Grant Martinez
      Grant Martinez Month ago

      @Less Is More Who knows in Hollywood really lol seems they like throwing truth in jokes. Maybe not but he probably took it up the butt for a record deal & some more money & fam. Dr. Dre probably took his ass lol. Now wether he liked it or not wld determine his level of gay

    • Less Is More
      Less Is More Month ago

      Grant Martinez if he was gay he wouldnt have a daughter lol

    • Less Is More
      Less Is More Month ago

      Grant Martinez wasnt he joking?

  • Chantal Beck
    Chantal Beck 3 months ago

    This was just an exercise in the futility of celebrities trying to appear witty.
    Spoiler alert: They arent.

  • Beefy Mcwhatnow
    Beefy Mcwhatnow 3 months ago +2

    EM about to drop a did towards Watchmojo in 6 years in his next album.

  • Herbert's Dessert
    Herbert's Dessert 3 months ago

    How is faking your birth certificate the last laugh?

  • Elias Magdaleno
    Elias Magdaleno 3 months ago

    Love Sandra B

  • Ima Popo
    Ima Popo 3 months ago

    I was and still am not a fan of Obama as a President, but he seems like he'd be one hell of a dude to hang out with.

  • waldos magic
    waldos magic 3 months ago

    No your about to get sued by taylor swift mynameistye1