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Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King | Official Teaser | Netflix Anime

  • Published on Oct 5, 2022
  • The Netflix Series "Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King" starts streaming from March 31, 2023, only on Netflix!
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    Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King | Official Teaser | Netflix Anime
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Comments • 3 749

  • CherryBarcia
    CherryBarcia Month ago +14770

    Black Clover fans-we need to watch the hell out of this movie to show Pierrot how much this series means to us. Don’t let this go the way of Seven Deadly Sins

    • Riley Ninja
      Riley Ninja 2 days ago

      Yea. Maybe help them put the same level of effort boruto adaptation

    • Jennee J
      Jennee J 5 days ago


    • PrimeOctober
      PrimeOctober 6 days ago +1


    • Ashton Edmonds
      Ashton Edmonds 6 days ago


    • Jello
      Jello 6 days ago

      Finna keep watching it till season 2 drops

  • Amadou Diop
    Amadou Diop 17 days ago +195


  • SMToon Malay
    SMToon Malay Month ago +612

    Black Clover is highly underrated, the overall story is easily one of the best.

    • valaja
      valaja 3 days ago

      @I Don't Care 🤣🤣can u tell me which anime is better in today's world

    • I Don't Care
      I Don't Care 3 days ago +1

      No its not underrated it deserves the place where it is it's not that good anime.

    • Nat Malvaz
      Nat Malvaz 3 days ago

      @valaja I've seen plenty other magic anime, and enjoyed them... this one had something that reminded me of magi and the others mentioned that bored me 🤷🏻‍♀️. Not calling it a bad anime.

    • valaja
      valaja 3 days ago

      @Nat Malvaz 😑😑seriously magi? Then I am pretty sure u can't watch any magic anime in the future
      Best of luck

    • valaja
      valaja 3 days ago

      @Suggondees it does good work of old cliche stuff. So in this new ages with wierd animes that's a fresh take

  • Loxiga
    Loxiga Month ago +320

    Black Clover deserves frequent episode releases, without a doubt!

    • Loxiga
      Loxiga 10 days ago

      @brawlahlla gaming theyon need a season 2, they just need some eps. that's what they want

    • brawlahlla gaming
      brawlahlla gaming 11 days ago

      It's because they don't have enough materials in the manga for a season 2

    • Loxiga
      Loxiga 20 days ago

      @Zordlin fr 🥲

    • Zordlin
      Zordlin 20 days ago +7

      they ended before literal peak too

    • Prince Theo TM
      Prince Theo TM 21 day ago +3

      @Corn Pop do you mean seasonally? Bc black clover was yearly.

  • akua
    akua Month ago +9

    So it's a new story line... I really hope they animate the rest of black clover 😭 it got so good in the manga after the anaime ended 😭😭😭

  • Furuta the Clown
    Furuta the Clown Month ago +3293

    This movie looks hella good, the animation looks crispy & I can’t wait to see what this former wizard king will bring to the table

    • Jj Knight
      Jj Knight 17 days ago


    • The SunMoon Academy
      The SunMoon Academy Month ago


    • Nicholas Heron
      Nicholas Heron Month ago

      @Rhino Gaming And if you click on the link in the description to Netflix it says it is a movie.

    • Jacob Kim
      Jacob Kim Month ago

      @Toji Fushiguro this has nothing to do with the manga since Julius is here. He is the final devil Lucius in the final arc.

    • Raifyiix
      Raifyiix Month ago

      lucius zogratis

  • Natacha Santos
    Natacha Santos 15 hours ago +2

    Vamos assistir a este filme maravilhoso, e que eles tragam novos episódios. Preciso de desfecho desse anime. 😔

  • Rocks D Xebec
    Rocks D Xebec 27 days ago +75

    People needs this anime to stay forever , or at least 1000 + episode like OP

    • Rocks D Xebec
      Rocks D Xebec 17 days ago +2

      @Sidak yeah , but it's too short

    • Sidak
      Sidak 17 days ago +5

      Best anime always have a ending

  • Nyx
    Nyx 18 days ago +3

    AHHHH I BINGE THE SERIES. ONE OF THE BEST WRITTEN ANIME OF ALL, especially the characters! I can't wait 😭

    PRINCE 12 days ago +6

    Finalmente teremos Black Clover novamente 🍀🖤

  • Amit Murmu
    Amit Murmu 18 days ago +3

    One of the best anime😍
    Can't wait for the movie..

  • IXO Gaming YT
    IXO Gaming YT Month ago +81

    I love this anime ❤️ I am waiting for this movie for two years, now it's finally come🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Donna Smith
    Donna Smith Month ago +81

    There are no words to describe how happy I am for this film. Absolutely love Black clover 💚💚💚💚💚

  • #GuitarCovers
    #GuitarCovers 22 days ago +1

    The way the anime just stopped mid arc makes this movie that much more amazing. Finally get to watch some more black clover without just rewatching the series again and again lol

  • Jas H
    Jas H Month ago +2

    I'm going to cry! Happy tears ofcourse lol hands down my favorite anime of all time! Play on repeat!

  • -Purple is my fave color-

    Now, it's available soon on Netflix definitely watch this movie. I missed this so much. 😍

  • Bryan Scott
    Bryan Scott Month ago +11

    This is great! I just finished black cover last week! Watched the whole series in about 2 weeks lol The way it ended had me in shock lol

  • ジェームズ・モラレス

    We seriously need this back in our lives!!!!

  • Zeldrus AMV
    Zeldrus AMV Month ago +5223

    After 2 years of no black clover. ITS FINALLY BACK. IM GONNA WATCH THIS MULTIPLE TIMES

    • FunniLittleSANS
      FunniLittleSANS Month ago

      2 YEARS ALREADY!?!?

    • The SunMoon Academy
      The SunMoon Academy Month ago


    • Denzely3
      Denzely3 Month ago


    • Aden Shaw
      Aden Shaw Month ago

      its been a year people in the comments are so gullible

    • Jay Mendoza
      Jay Mendoza Month ago

      @MrMirco003 nobody asked u it’s only annoying if u watch English dub

  • Jermain Daley
    Jermain Daley Month ago +2

    Respect to those in the comments who show love and appreciation to black clover for being on parr and even better than alot of these other popular animes 👍👍

  • Akagami No Shanks
    Akagami No Shanks Month ago +3

    We need to break some records to show Netflix The Anime power 😊

  • Zephyr
    Zephyr Month ago +1

    don't let this anime flop after the movie like what happened with seven deadly sins.
    I want our show back and I'll rewatch the hell out of it to do it.

  • Bahtipicha
    Bahtipicha Month ago +11

    BlackClover surely has the potential to be top tier anime.

  • DarkFoxTeam
    DarkFoxTeam Month ago +2300

    The Black Clover movie is almost here! We’ve waited so long for this, so let’s do our part by watching it on Netflix as soon as it’s out!

    • Herotrapinch
      Herotrapinch 10 days ago

      i don’t think it is canon ether

    • Dev Panda
      Dev Panda 17 days ago

      @vrum255 it was supposed to be, not anymore

    • vrum255
      vrum255 17 days ago

      @Dev Panda huh lol this is a movie

    • BaltaHI
      BaltaHI 20 days ago

      @Zora well the movie realease dat is march 31, and netflix said the movie would be on netflix in march, sooo

    • Ty D
      Ty D 20 days ago +1

      I’m paying my subscription that month !!

  • Eden Zero
    Eden Zero 27 days ago +7

    Thank god they're bringinf this anime back, its one of the best anime series ever!

    KSA4FUN Month ago +14

    reading the comments made me feel happy 😊 for how much support from the anime community ❤️ 😀 this awesome anime have,
    it is one of my favourite and we want to see the movie and into the next chapter to reach the climax ending it deserves

  • Dr. Mordos
    Dr. Mordos 21 day ago +2

    буквально вчера досмотрел, очень жду фильм и продолжение

  • XxDream_CasterxX 2020
    XxDream_CasterxX 2020 14 days ago +2

    Bought all the bluray sets on Amazon, it's actually pretty good. I know they have animation issues but people just need to chill and enjoy the story. Hey,You never know if it'll get a remake.

  • Ever Moreira
    Ever Moreira Month ago +2182

    Black Clover is highly underrated, the overall story is easily one of the best.

    • vic780
      vic780 Month ago

      @Neow I've been watching black clover since the first episode got released lol . It wasn't really famous because that time boruto was still going strong with naruto and many other animes especially mha with all might with was stealing the show worldwide aswell . YES it wasn't so popular but it got what it needed enough to stand on its own the worse time black clover faced for that poor animation of Asta first devil hand transformation which i totallyagree they butchered it but it ended on such a high note elf war arc then devil war arc plus timeskip and nw Black clover will never be canceled there's always something we can look forward to till the show comes to and end . Bruh there's so many good shows which has no season announcements one of it is noragami , ngnl

    • Neow
      Neow Month ago

      @vic780 You wouldn't say that during 2017 the time it was released. Sure it's famous rn but the time of it's release it got shit on for days until some good bc episode came out and that sparked up bc's rise

    • Sabir Ismailov
      Sabir Ismailov Month ago

      @G L O R Y 栄光 lmk some animes you consider one of the “best”

    • The SunMoon Academy
      The SunMoon Academy Month ago


    • Sleezy
      Sleezy Month ago

      @SilverReaps thank u it’s overrated

  • Dark Eye
    Dark Eye 15 hours ago

    I hope after the movie, more people will come to love G.O.A.T Clover.

  • uhbarp
    uhbarp Month ago +2

    Most underrated show. When I say underrated I mean compared with other animes in the same period and all over the world popularity..

  • Omni Watcher
    Omni Watcher 13 days ago +1

    Can't wait for this! Kinda wondering if Asta will make this sword into an Anti Magic Sword?

  • Leif A
    Leif A Month ago +5

    one of the best anime out there. Has been looking forward to the movies since the series ended.

  • speedrunner182
    speedrunner182 Month ago +2

    I’m so damn hype for this. Would of loved to see it in theaters but this will do. Black clover no matter what is an awesome series and I’m glad it finally is getting the movie it deserves. Let’s hope it’s successful enough that they continue the anime where it left off.

  • The Nobody
    The Nobody Month ago +5

    I’ve never been more excited for a movie 🎥 can’t wait

  • Shubham Garg
    Shubham Garg Month ago +1

    Well trailer looking good soo far , happy to see return of black clover after a long wait …. Hope the series will continue soon as well

  • Zio Lan
    Zio Lan Month ago +10

    Anyone else for watching this every day until they bring back the anime?

    • Amadou Diop
      Amadou Diop 17 days ago +1

      Yes black clover fans must do this

  • Just Some Guy with a mustache2

    Can't wait, studio pierrot are out there making a name for themselves once more, I hope in the future they make black clover seasonal and not ongoing like boruto and one piece 😍

    • Spaghettiman
      Spaghettiman Month ago

      @FandomCraft you do realize the reason why the anime is shit and not as good as the manga and has a fuckton of fillers is due to what your asking? Like bruh FUCK NO.

    • Nyabl
      Nyabl Month ago

      Hello! Glad to see your comment again after so long. Hope you have been well.

    • Kerv
      Kerv Month ago

      @FandomCraft Mf you just said you don't want it to take forever to finish. Do you want it to take a long ass time or not, choose one lmao

    • FandomCraft
      FandomCraft Month ago

      @Kerv I prefer slow pace

    • ZDOG 7 2.0 Prince
      ZDOG 7 2.0 Prince Month ago

      @Raider much rather that then some rushed bs

    DAZTA SENPAI Month ago +4

    Siiiiii, black clover el besto shonen!!! 🔥

  • M B
    M B Month ago +2

    Literally just finished episode 170 and so bummed out there isn't anymore, love this show, nice that there is a movie and a season 5 coming up, ohhh only if i had patience :p

  • Alexyus 909
    Alexyus 909 18 days ago

    I'm so happy that while we wait for the manga to continue enough we can see this movie!!! Look so cool

    《LORD BRYAN》 10 days ago +1

    Espero que a série também venha🔥❤️🥺.
    Tô louco pra assistir Black Clover dublado, em um bom streaming.

  • Lestpure10
    Lestpure10 Month ago +674

    Goosebumps all the way!!! Thank you to the animators and the people who made this happen. Let's all support and make them realize that Black Clover is hell of an anime to watch

    • Adeel Azmat Cockpit
      Adeel Azmat Cockpit Month ago

      @Drike 95 I came here to check why so many nerds are watching this flop anime lol 😆. These people take break for a year to sell their manga to u fools lol

    • Drike 95
      Drike 95 Month ago

      @Adeel Azmat Cockpit you being here means you also like this "shit" anime

    • Drike 95
      Drike 95 Month ago

      @Adeel Azmat Cockpit you being here means you are also a nerd 😜😜😜 hahaha have a nice day

    • Adeel Azmat Cockpit
      Adeel Azmat Cockpit Month ago

      You all are nerds

    • Adeel Azmat Cockpit
      Adeel Azmat Cockpit Month ago

      These anime are shit noobs

  • Lonely Ocean
    Lonely Ocean Month ago +2

    I'm not ready for Black Clover to end it's so good and it all happened so fast I feel like Asta still has a far way to go before he becomes the Wizard King there's still so much of the world that I wanted to see I just don't want it to be over yet,so many unresolved plots for the side characters.
    I'm going to watch the hell out of this movie when it comes out.

  • InfectedGuitars
    InfectedGuitars Month ago +2

    Looks amazing and can't wait for more Black Clover!

  • Helenilson Carvalho Flor

    tenho que aplaudir a netflix por estar focando bem nos animes

  • Asyhlum Insane
    Asyhlum Insane 13 days ago

    favorite anime hands down always has been i love how its doing good finally

  • PoisonQueen 001
    PoisonQueen 001 Month ago +599

    Oh my GOSH, the movie looks like it's going to be AWESOME!! I need more Asta, Yami, Noelle, and all the rest of the Black Bulls!! I am totally there for this event!!

    • VeltroX
      VeltroX Month ago

      @MrFunny No its not, the description is just wrong. We have no informations about a new season of black clover. The movie is to be released in 2023. If you click the link in the description it also says animated movie.

    • MrFunny
      MrFunny Month ago

      Pr sure its a series

    • Losima
      Losima Month ago

      dawg read the manga

    • Drike 95
      Drike 95 Month ago

      @VeltroX YEAHHHH, have a nice day!

    • VeltroX
      VeltroX Month ago

      @Drike 95 Yes we should.

  • Unami-Kun
    Unami-Kun 6 days ago +1

    Oh god please no I’ve stuck with this show since before it was getting popular I don’t want to see Netflix ruin it man it’s to good and it’s intros are to amazing 😢

    • Omari France2
      Omari France2 4 days ago

      They're not making it.Its going to be streamed on Netflix not made by

  • Maieron Gangmei
    Maieron Gangmei Month ago +7

    I could have wait for this forever 😍

    PRINCE 29 days ago +3

    Que apoio seja imenso pra ter continuação

  • Hinokami Kagura
    Hinokami Kagura 23 days ago +2

    It's a really good time to be a black clover fan not only do we get the excellent final manga arc, now we get a spin off movie. amazing.

    FG ITACHI Month ago +1

    I've watched black clover past year. It wasssss sooo goooddd I fell in love with this anime now it's in my fav anime's list along with Naruto, one piece and mha I'm waiting for this movie to release 🔥😆

  • saikyo jushin
    saikyo jushin 6 hours ago

    This is great. Asta only had wears that cool shurg for less than half of the spade arc, it's nice to get a movie wear it is featured throughout the whole thing.

  • Melyta Bustamante
    Melyta Bustamante Month ago +3

    Siiii porfin un trailer que felicidad✧⁠\⁠(⁠>⁠o⁠

    “FREEMAN” Month ago

    Keep em coming!! I can't wait

  • IXO Gaming YT
    IXO Gaming YT Month ago +1

    I can watch this anime over and over l love this anime🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • The butterfly2018
    The butterfly2018 26 days ago +1

    Can't wait to watch it 😃

  • DxRz
    DxRz Month ago +3

    Dang i just wish the black clover anime didnt stop. The anime was my first and it still stays special to me. I cant wait for the movie tho 😩

    EXORCIST Month ago

    I love black clover but I wish the movie continued the spade arc from where we left off in the series I hope they release more episodes soon after this drops

  • IceFox606
    IceFox606 Month ago +100

    Animation looks phenomenal! Can’t wait! We’ve been waiting a long time for this. I know Perriot and all the people working on this film with so much passion for this series are going to blow it out of the water 😍🥹

    • Drike 95
      Drike 95 Month ago +1

      @IceFox606 thanks for replying! Also thank you for spending so much time on this reply which I appreciate it, have a nice day!

    • IceFox606
      IceFox606 Month ago +1

      @Drike 95 Wdym? We haven’t seen devil union (animated) in the trailers. Just a few shots from the manga, probably just meant to tease/hype people up. It hasn’t happened in the anime at all yet so I doubt they’d spoil it for anime fans. The last trailer was also to celebrate the manga’s 7th anniversary, otherwise we probably wouldn’t have even got it. Actually I noticed at least a few of the shots in that trailer just seemed to be reanimated scenes from the anime (with maybe a few new ones sprinkled in and obviously the Asta scene at the end). So it was basically kinda more of a celebratory “we’re still working on this!” kinda trailer
      Also as far as we know so far this seems to take place before the end of the 6 month timeskip and the Spade invasion, so no we probably won’t see it. It’d be cool tho, I’d especially love to see Nacht and Liebe in the movie. Since they’ve been introduced in the anime we might get a little bit of them (or at least Nacht) if we’re lucky, maybe in a post-credits scene or something

    • Drike 95
      Drike 95 Month ago

      Everyone do you think there will be devil union in this movie? Because in the previous trailer we've seen devil union but in this not

    • Ray-boi
      Ray-boi Month ago +4

      Yes they will! 🍀

  • Steve Harrington
    Steve Harrington Month ago +1

    This Will Definitely Break The Internet 🔥🔥🔥

  • Triton Demius
    Triton Demius Month ago +2

    I didn't think this would be on Netflix. Good to know it's easily available

  • Raul Montellano
    Raul Montellano Month ago +1

    I need to rewatch Black Clover now. I miss all the hype moments 😭

  • Sweekar Patil
    Sweekar Patil Month ago +4

    Goosebumps ❤️

  • metalxmecha567
    metalxmecha567 Month ago +266

    Black Clover fandom eating phenomenal with this one. The Grey Deer shot of Julius, Yami, Yuno & Asta looks insane. Can tell they’re gonna break out in a new scale of animation with this one especially for Tabata’s first ever official movie 🔥🔥🔥

    • ameer rusdi
      ameer rusdi 17 days ago

      @Jj Knight u know the training for them too goo fight spade people the 6 month training and the event for the wizard king movie possibly took place before ASTA done their 6 month training let say the the 4.or 5 month of their training and this pretty much anime canon like MHA or dbs broly movie it's canon but doesn't affect the new arc

    • Jj Knight
      Jj Knight 17 days ago

      @ameer rusdi well it's about the Wizard King before Julius, what do you mean by it's about their training

    • Drike 95
      Drike 95 Month ago

      @Roronoa Uchiha ok have a nice day!

    • ameer rusdi
      ameer rusdi Month ago +1

      @Roronoa Uchiha not canon too the story were at but this is before Dante come this went they still training in 6 month so we can see what they do before Dante come so pretty much this event happening when their training and this still canon like my hero movie or dbs super movie anime canon expand lore that the manga will totally reference it later on

    • Roronoa Uchiha
      Roronoa Uchiha Month ago +4

      @Drike 95 no not canon

  • Myles Fischl
    Myles Fischl Month ago

    I finished the (anime) today of it and immediately started looking up if there was a final act or arc and I’m so so hype for this I haven’t enjoyed a anime like that for a long time . One piece gets old even though it’s great and everything else I enjoy I’m caught up on waiting for all these end arcs like jujutsu kaisen and bleach is coming with the “thousand year blood war arc” or some shit 2023 gonna be great for anime

  • Leongfun
    Leongfun 22 days ago

    We need the series to continue, pretty please.

  • Jospmicalxx
    Jospmicalxx Month ago +6

    I am 39 and still love this animation. Even though i am 80 i will continue to love everything about the animation.

  • Rajkumar Moitra
    Rajkumar Moitra Month ago

    I want to see Asta to become Wizard King with all society, power, clan, past, present & future struggles.. the show must go on....

  • Courtney Davis
    Courtney Davis 26 days ago

    I hope it continues where the series left us hanging? So ready to watch this

  • Jaaz
    Jaaz Month ago

    CanT wait to watch this anime waited for so long 💯💯

  • davidPassionWorld
    davidPassionWorld Month ago

    Please let the producer keep at it... I love this film so much and would love to see the end

  • Osama Abdelmajed
    Osama Abdelmajed Month ago

    We need to watch this movie, if it comes to the theatres watch it in the nearest cinema to you and if it comes out on Netflix we'll watch the shit out of it and give good reviews

  • SoapyReacts
    SoapyReacts Month ago +2

    LETS GO! Everybody watch the movie 5 times let's make Black Clover trend🔥

  • shamar burse
    shamar burse Month ago

    I can’t wait!!! I miss black clover so much. We all have to come together with the view’s, to make it a hit!

  • Daniel Perdomo
    Daniel Perdomo 4 days ago +1

    Netflix we need more things like this fr

  • Snow Droppz
    Snow Droppz 19 days ago +1

    Ive been waiting so long Ive rewatched the anime 20 times and started to read into the manga LES GOOOO

  • Marcelle Amenhotep
    Marcelle Amenhotep Month ago +243

    I'm gonna be watching this non stop the second it drops! Let's show our support and have this movie trending all over social media! Black Clover greatness! 💪🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Sean
      Sean Month ago +1

      Yep. I will personally watch it for 2 days straight. Have it muted and playing in the background while I’m working. This show needs all the funding

    • Shae
      Shae Month ago +1

      Frl we need the anime back immediately

    • The SunMoon Academy
      The SunMoon Academy Month ago


  • Doublekey
    Doublekey Month ago

    Oh boy, I couldn't bear Asta's screaming in the beginning of the series, but now it's much more pleasant and gives me hype!

  • Orleandro de sousa
    Orleandro de sousa Month ago +6

    Mal posso esperar 🍀❤

  • Jordan Blackmore
    Jordan Blackmore Month ago +2

    Holy shit, finally ive been waiting for more Black Clover!!!! ive recently been buying the manga. Its such a good show they have to bring it back, Hey if they are looking for voice actors for eng.dub. id be down to voice a new character. lol

  • James Bennett
    James Bennett 25 days ago

    I really wish the creators would take the time they need to rejuvenate and then work on this manga and anime. It’s honestly a really enjoyable anime.

  • Brody Markarian
    Brody Markarian Month ago +269

    The community needs to watch this movie on Netflix 1000 times!!! Get hyped, Black Clover will always be a top tier anime for me and it always gets so overlooked I CANT WAIT sad about no theater release but I get it :(

    • Shaun Milfler
      Shaun Milfler 25 days ago

      its shit and people with good taste know it. Compared to other shounen jumps yeah its lacking alot.

    • asta v3 (alt)
      asta v3 (alt) Month ago

      @crykitz your profile picture suits you
      Constant cope

    • Subham Biswas
      Subham Biswas Month ago

      @crykitz depends. For those of us who have watched too much shounen it’s ok but for others it might be good.

    • I love to trigger retards
      I love to trigger retards Month ago

      @God of gaurdians because his opinion is trash

    • Factually
      Factually Month ago +1

      @crykitz thats kinda sad bro lmao, idek why you're here if you don't like black clover you wasting your own time

  • deciuswtasby
    deciuswtasby Month ago

    Well well well. With the manga being in the final arc, this will be a nice stop gap. I’m looking forward to it 😊

  • Aariff Mohd
    Aariff Mohd Month ago +1

    They didn't held back in animation it seems😍

  • Joker
    Joker Month ago +1

    I just love this anime and it is my favourite please continue this anime

  • SJ Music World
    SJ Music World Day ago

    How many Asta and Capt. Yami fans out there ..
    Black clover rocksss...
    Let's make it a hit and must visit in theatre if it releases there.

  • ExKnight39
    ExKnight39 Month ago +283

    "Persistence is my magic"
    Aside from this bad subtitle issue (for now), I'm excited for this, animation looks clean, the voice acting is sounding pretty great.

    • Aydin Adair
      Aydin Adair Month ago

      @HackerMan Almighty push.

    • DrippyD
      DrippyD Month ago

      Just something asta wouldn’t say

    • Amuro Ray
      Amuro Ray Month ago

      @HackerMan you know translations can be interpreted differently all the time.

    • SJG
      SJG Month ago +1

      Everyone understands the definition of persistence, but when he says my magic is never giving up in an angry tone it is waaay better! My opinion of course.

    • HonGury Cap
      HonGury Cap Month ago

      Persistence literally means not giving up or not easily subjected to trepidation.
      Subtitles from this channel aren't the same for the movie. It's not supposed to make you lose excitement

  • Arnold Kibeu
    Arnold Kibeu Month ago +3

    Buckle up guys we gonna watch this past our limits...

  • Soulzx
    Soulzx Month ago +1

    I’m gonna watch the hell out of it

  • Kathe
    Kathe Month ago +1

    OMG! Normal wonderful 2D animation how that's even possible 💜💜💜💜💜 So much in love with that!

  • Siddharth Kshatriya

    "Not giving up" is my magic 🔥

  • Empirical Progenator
    Empirical Progenator Month ago +99

    People need to give this anime the respect it deserves l

    • almost
      almost 23 days ago

      how is it different from any other popular animes? genuinely asking

      MILITANT HINDU🚩 Month ago

      Make 15 more episodes would be much better than a movie

    • Chidubem Unamka
      Chidubem Unamka Month ago

      @Asta’s Mamma oh so like DemonSlayer. THe DS movie was canon. But this Black Clove movie isnt.

    • Asta’s Mamma
      Asta’s Mamma Month ago

      @Chidubem Unamka Yes I know but from what I got majority of the ppl asking if this movie is canon or not are basically asking if it’s manga canon as in if the movie is continuation from where the anime left off that’s why I said it’s not canon

    • Chidubem Unamka
      Chidubem Unamka Month ago

      @Asta’s Mamma the movie is non canon meaning it wont affect the current story of the manga. But everything that happens in this movie is true and real.

  • GottaGo
    GottaGo Month ago

    YESSSS BEEN CRAVING SO ASTA AND WIZARD KING CAWK!!! Need the anime to return too!

  • Myrddin
    Myrddin Month ago

    Yoooooo I’m so hyped!!!! I’ve been needing some more Black Clover in my life fr.

  • Kelly Senna
    Kelly Senna Month ago +1

    Mal posso esperar! Muitas saudades do meu anime perfeito.

  • Geazy Breezy
    Geazy Breezy 22 days ago +1

    Can’t wait to watch this movie, it’s a shame it isn’t going to theaters frist

  • Salad Kukui
    Salad Kukui Month ago +96

    I'm just super happy they're expending the world beyond the manga. So much potential 👀.

    • jimmy Oreo
      jimmy Oreo Month ago

      @Drike 95 The movie takes place in the training arc or sometime after since you don't see Asta's new arm and Liebe. Devil union is something that happened mid spade arc, so we aren't getting that for awhile

      SHADMAN RAIHAN Month ago

      It isn't spade arc so no libre ;-;

    • Drike 95
      Drike 95 Month ago +1

      @Nate Williams ok, i dont know though if this matters but anyway, have a nice day!

    • Nate Williams
      Nate Williams Month ago

      @Drike 95 highly doubt we don’t see tiny liebe in the trailer

    • Drike 95
      Drike 95 Month ago +2

      @Nahid Enam ok have a nice day!

  • Binod
    Binod Month ago

    Finally the wait is over🔥😍