Are Budget builds ACTUALLY worth it?

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
  • Budget gaming PCs are super popular, but are you actually causing yourself more harm than good when you shop for as cheap as possible?
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  • methanbreather
    methanbreather 5 hours ago

    today's budget pc is yesterdays high end machine. So...

    also, remember how intel changed the socket every year? So upgrade-ability was a non issue - at least for intel users?

  • Cancer Gaming
    Cancer Gaming Day ago

    Hey Jay
    Is this motherboard is good even now
    MSI P55-CD53
    Thanks in Advanced ❤️❤️❤️

  • ljuc
    ljuc 2 days ago

    Yuo might wanna get your video ready for Cyberpunk 2077 is coming out in spring. Making a system that wouldn't cost a fortune and wouldn't make the game to look and play like shit.

  • marlon tumala
    marlon tumala 2 days ago

    Makes sense...

  • Al Y
    Al Y 2 days ago

    Ah, well you actually wd want all the CUDA cores you can get for DEEP machine learning PC training, so having 2 or 3 or more titan like GPUS the more powerful and faster the learning process would be.

  • Roland
    Roland 2 days ago

    My 1000 dollar budget computer that I am building is better than another person's 1500 dollar computer that he paid another person to build.

  • jutubaeh
    jutubaeh 3 days ago

    9:30 most decent monitors have 75 fps and they should i think... sadlie built my sys for 60ps for below 70 - .-
    wouldnt ´´gö back´´ to 60 fps if i hadnt ^?^

  • jutubaeh
    jutubaeh 3 days ago

    make a vöödee ^?^
    would like to test out an x6 phenom... be öff course... but the first computeräres are büying ebäy - .-
    (> my ryzen X)

  • japekto
    japekto 3 days ago

    Why overclock at all? The last time I overclocked was when I really needed it (1996 with software Quake). Nowadays? Useless fluff. As if people can tell apart single-digit FPS changes...without an FPS counter

  • Vaclav Briza
    Vaclav Briza 3 days ago

    PC case is subjective, but not the power supply! That is a very crucial component and should have been mentioned.

  • Hr1s7i
    Hr1s7i 4 days ago

    Also, when buying an SSD, make absoluitely sure you're not buying cheap. Get a Single-Dual Layered Cell one, as these will be your backbone. Put the page file someplace else and such an SSD will last you for an eternity.

  • Dustin Cordell
    Dustin Cordell 6 days ago

    they work for most people becuase they play games that are 5 years old and the hardware even know its budget is more then antiquate to play older mmos and anything from 2013 to 2017 not every one has to be a overclocker super gamer :)

  • Comrade1312
    Comrade1312 6 days ago

    I want this cardboard box build!

  • Samuel Emmett
    Samuel Emmett 6 days ago

    In my opinion, you should always buy an SSD to run as at least a boot drive. 250GB is ideal so you can put some essential applications on it, but a 120GB is more than enough as a boot drive. It’s an extra $30-$40 but when you boot up the computer it feels like a $100+ difference.

  • jeet-usa(ਪੰਜਾਬੀ Γιάννης)

    Hey man nice video, can you build one for me? I will pay for your labor ...I never built any. I'm afraid of breaking or messing things up...I see you have lots of computer parts there. Do you guys build systems?

  • Native2458
    Native2458 6 days ago

    I thought ram does matter like the ryzen 2600/3600 works better at 3200 mhz.

  • Doggen
    Doggen 7 days ago

    Oops this video is 8 months old ooooooooops

  • Henry14arsenal2007
    Henry14arsenal2007 7 days ago

    I just spent 277$ on GSkill B-die ram, no regrets.

  • John Terpack
    John Terpack 7 days ago

    I'm on the "cheapest rig possible" right now. I would not advise it. Turn some tricks, sell some blood... get the cash for better parts. I just ordered a $300 X570 board today; my next rig is not going to be junk.

  • Lighthouse Create
    Lighthouse Create 7 days ago +1

    Ryzen 7 2700x $139
    16gb + 8gb 3000mhz ram $75+$40
    GTX 1070 used* $200
    650w modular PSU $50
    1tb Intel 660p NVME m.2 $82
    Gigabyte b450m wifi Motherboard $70
    Total= $656
    Most of this bought on Black Friday/Cyber Monday! Can’t wait to build it!

    • Native2458
      Native2458 6 days ago

      Yup the best time to buy it is during cyber monday/bf. I'm concerned about the 3000 mhz instead of 3200 mhz ddr 4 ram.

  • Dragonmoth
    Dragonmoth 7 days ago

    What you said about the ram is just flat out WRONG! But i gess you know that since you tested it out a month ago.

  • Politics and Religion

    I want to build the optimal budget computer to play WOW CLASSIC.
    Not real worried about upgrading it .
    What can you suggest or have you covered this in a vid you can reccomend?
    Thanks! Great video!

  • Charlie's PlayStation
    Charlie's PlayStation 8 days ago +4

    The best budget build is a game console on Black Friday.

  • Masterchezze
    Masterchezze 8 days ago

    Yes. End video.

  • Rian Fullam
    Rian Fullam 8 days ago

    His name is 'twocents' after all

  • Uncomfortable Truth
    Uncomfortable Truth 9 days ago

    NEVER expect to get a low to mid-range CPU and "just the the fast one later". Likewise, going to SLI later usually isn't worth it. A few years down the road, the high end ones are still ridiculous, often more than a faster modern one. I just took my old Latitude from dual to Quad for $10 after reselling my old chip, but going for the top end of quads would have been $100+

  • Fabian Cambré
    Fabian Cambré 9 days ago

    So what about the i9 9900KS or Ryzen 3950X? Cause I'm at that crossroads now... Can't choose...

    • Doggen
      Doggen 7 days ago

      In my opinion amd is always better right now. Just my opinion tho!

    WATZ UP 10 days ago

    Summer I just build in the winter

  • cdreid99999
    cdreid99999 10 days ago

    Ive been building my computers since my second pc (after Atari died and i was forced to move to slower dos systems). Heres the trick to get a top end computer (eventually) cheap.
    1. Get a decent Latest gen motherboard. Then buy the lowest end processor (or better) for that motherboard. And BUY USED. Youre not buying a car unless someone overheated the hell out of pc parts they'll last long after youve moved on.
    Everything else buy used. Including RAM. The possible exceptions are storeage because it is dirt cheap. Also get a cheap tower or mid tower etc case. Get a big case. Spend $50. This nutty fad of spending a fortune on thin sheet steel boxes is fucking nuts. Things when selecting the motherboard : Ram slots, maximum ram, pci (gpu) slots.
    Do that and you'll have a latest gen computer Cheap and as you get money you can upgrade to more/faster ram, GPU's, storeage etc. If i ordered my current system online it woud cost at Least 2k. Ive spent about a grand on it over the last year

  • Chris Reynolds
    Chris Reynolds 10 days ago

    We want to see a cardboard case!!!

  • M D Adams
    M D Adams 10 days ago

    power supplies buy the best you can afford
    motherboard make sure you get good cooling and all the ports you will want
    esp w amd save on the processor you can upgrade easily
    graphics card match to cpu

  • Emerson Vargas
    Emerson Vargas 10 days ago +1

    he didn't talked about power supply, most of the time u don't need more than a 600w psu on a PC with just one graphics card.

    • Doggen
      Doggen 7 days ago

      You never need anything more than 550w

  • Daniel Verti
    Daniel Verti 11 days ago +1

    Ryzen 5, rx 580, ssd, ddr4 ram. Major budget build for me.

  • John Douglas Racing Video

    I just bought a budget prebuilt with the a320m mobo... If I Flash the BIOS I can install 3rd gen ryzen chips on it... I have an R5 1400, 16 gb of DDR4 3000mhz Crucial Ballistix, RX570, 500gb SSD (I added my 1tb HDD & M.2 500gb drive to it) and 600w 80+ Gold psu for $489.00... I do not feel as if I got screwed... (I also don't care AT ALL about overclocking, so I don't care about the VRM's nearly as much, though I'd probably get some thermal pads and small heatsinks to apply myself to the VRM's if I were going to run anything on the ragged edge CPU wise on it...)

  • TheMissingLink
    TheMissingLink 12 days ago

    My new pc has a ryzen 5 3600 and a gtx 1660ti as well as 2x 8gb of ddr4 ram 3000mhz with a budget motherboard (b450 series). What do you guys think?
    I kinda hope that the next Gen GPUs won't be pcie 4 only, or at least have pcie 3 versions of that gpu, that we or rather I can upgrade just the gpu and psu at some point.

  • Lick Kitty Split
    Lick Kitty Split 12 days ago +2

    It is now. I just built a $930 computer for $680. Black Friday Deals ROCK!!

  • Mr Arby
    Mr Arby 13 days ago

    You forgot psu's

  • BoogerWatch
    BoogerWatch 13 days ago

    It's not Ey-soos, it's Ah-soos. Don't believe me? Ask the manufacturer's themselves.

    • Durzo Highwind
      Durzo Highwind 10 days ago

      It's not that we don't believe you, it's just that no one cares, not even the manufacturers

  • Christopher Decker
    Christopher Decker 13 days ago +3

    Right now, upgrading from HDD to SSD is the best optimization on a "price per pound" basis. Definitely using SSD these days 😍!

    • Christopher Decker
      Christopher Decker 10 days ago

      @cdreid99999 Try one of the less expensive NVMe drives out there if you have a M.2 slot for it and tight on will NOTICE the speed difference between it and a SATA SSD... I did. I consider a less than 30 second boot from power on to loaded up for 10 good :-) ... And go with 1TB or larger drives if you can...a terabyte will cost a little over 100... and remember the M.2 screws... not always included...

    • cdreid99999
      cdreid99999 10 days ago +2

      i have like 3 small ssd's and a 2tb hdd and the speed difference from adding the ssd's is crazy. I really want to move to m.2 when i get the cash

  • Pawz Brown
    Pawz Brown 14 days ago

    Thanks for the info very helpful

  • Nate Singular
    Nate Singular 15 days ago

    Don't cheap on motherboards trust me

  • Rudi van Zyl
    Rudi van Zyl 15 days ago

    A friend of mine clearly didn't watch this video, when he paired a 2700x with an x570 motherboard, an rx580 and 64gb of ram.... I've never facepalmed so hard in my life. Oh and this was purely for gaming btw...

  • Ayako
    Ayako 15 days ago

    Is the b450m pro4 a good choice? I’m putting in a ryzen 7 2700x

  • R3ps Gg
    R3ps Gg 15 days ago

    I have a i5 8600k and 32 gb 3000 MHz ram and a 1060 6gb would my bottle neck be my gpu or my cpu I’m playing go upgrading to a 2070 super and idk if I want to do that if I need to buy a new cpu

  • YesImEthan
    YesImEthan 15 days ago


  • HardPIay
    HardPIay 16 days ago

    So, my Ryzen 5 2600 is overkill for my gtx 1660ti ? Îs there a bottleneck?

  • Barney Rubble
    Barney Rubble 17 days ago

    Will the AX370 mother board work good with I9 9900 CPU ?

  • Xul
    Xul 17 days ago

    Regarding "not seeing the difference" between 2400 cl19 and 3200 cl 15: On an AMD-System I'd guess you would see the difference quite easily. After an BIOS update my Ram once went back to default 2133 Mhz: It introduced VERY noticable frame drops and stutter in some games (especially badly optimized ones).
    I'd understand the advice to not spend on silly "gamery" bling and expensive 3600+ RAM (since usually those ratings on the higher end are not much more than marketing, it is overclocking anyways ... so just get the cheapest b-die and just crank it up. Lower rated RAM usually just needs a bit more voltage and it is fine.), but the part about the frequency wasn't correct.
    Really bad 2400 Mhz & lower RAM actually hurts your frametimes very much. Saving 10-20 bucks to risk getting an inconsistent stuttery experience on an otherwise decent budget PC wouldn't be very smart....

  • Paul Frederick
    Paul Frederick 18 days ago

    Nothing sucks more than listening to advise from someone who has no conception of what they're talking about.

  • marvelous LIE
    marvelous LIE 18 days ago

    I'm throwing a Ryzen 7 2700 in mine, but have no real want or need to overclock, so those kind of features on a MB, I could do without. Which is likely why my MB for my build in September next year is around $80.

  • Paul Welsh
    Paul Welsh 18 days ago

    SLI CROSS FIRE ?????

  • TIK
    TIK 18 days ago +14

    I built a custom liquid cooled PC to browse reddit and youtube. My bank account hates me, but atleast my PC is dead silent and it looks pretty.

  • KhoiKO
    KhoiKO 18 days ago

    I build my first pc in 2015. I got a motherboard with 3 gpu slots. I only ever use one. Learn my lesson.

  • MCDubRat
    MCDubRat 19 days ago

    I would source a free case from a pre-built someone is throwing away before I built in a cardboard box frfr

  • Checkthisontube
    Checkthisontube 19 days ago

    NVidia just makes sense for highend gaming xx70 or xx80 series.
    Below that AMD just gives you a better bang for the buck.
    Also I think it is a question what you want to do in the future.
    High-end just makes sense if you plan to upgrade to high end again later.
    Else midrange is better in my opinion because you are less committed to your build and can upgrade more frequently because you have a lower overall drop in value.
    If you have a 1000 $ gpu and it breaks after warranty you lose 1000$ a 500 $ and less can't go down to minus 500 $ and more.
    If you resell you parts a 1000 $ can drop to 500 $ but a 500 $ and less card won't go for free or below that.
    That's why I hate those arguments like "I pay now but I am better off in the future".
    Most of the time the top parts just have a prestige cost to it, they just don't cost more because of their performance value, a portion is also the price for bragging rights and the prestige that comes with it.
    It becomes a status symbol like every other item.

  • Jack of Blades
    Jack of Blades 19 days ago

    Why would anyone with commonsense buy a Titan graphics card. This ive never understood

    • KhoiKO
      KhoiKO 18 days ago

      people who are rich? WHen you rich you have 3 cars for no reason. paying 3 insurance. But hey they smarter cause they making more money. Dont ever say why something is not worth price. People pay 5000$ on a made in china air jordan cause ( limited )

  • Hamlet
    Hamlet 20 days ago +8

    People justify consoles so yes why wouldn't budget builds be worth it

    • Hamlet
      Hamlet 4 days ago

      Top 10 your $400 dollar pc some shit if it can’t run assassins creed odyssey at all 😂

    • Top 10
      Top 10 5 days ago

      200 ps4 slim out performs a 400 budget pc. That’s just facts. But a console brand new and it supports games for 7 years. Name a 2013 pc for $400 that plays assassins creed odyssey for example.

    • *MeMe* *SyNdRoMe*
      *MeMe* *SyNdRoMe* 17 days ago


  • Elvis
    Elvis 20 days ago

    Im building my PC with a 300€ budget and the components are
    ASrock B450M Pro4
    AMD Ryzen 3 2200g
    Corsair Vengeance 8GB Dual Kit 3000Mz
    Be quiet 400 Watt system power 9
    Toshiba 1Terrabyte storage
    Intenso 240gb SSD
    Hope i pronounced everything right😂

  • Ab Damenace
    Ab Damenace 20 days ago +24

    You Look Like The Oldest Young Man Ever 😂

    • Hr1s7i
      Hr1s7i 4 days ago

      IKR? He looks like he was 25 yesterday, then saw some real shit.

  • Ab Damenace
    Ab Damenace 20 days ago

    Yeah If Your On A Budget 😆