Top 10 Disney Villain Clichés

  • Published on Apr 9, 2017
  • Top 10 Disney Villain Clichés
    We’ve all seen these Disney villain clichés over and over again! The traits, motifs, and story arcs surrounding these classic baddies that have been used on more than a few occasions! In this countdown we’re taking a look at the Top 10 Disney Villain Cliches. We’ve included clichés like the fact that they look evil, they show no mercy, they almost always have villainous henchmen, most of them die of scary deaths, they were evil from the start and that what they wanted destroys them.
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Comments • 324

  • Shreya - The Marvel fan

    The best place where we can get to know cliches is the Comments section 😁

  • Kanon Julian Loves You

    Sooooooo, what your saying is... disney has always promoted LGBTQ+ in movies

  • TVBnine
    TVBnine Month ago

    6:08 you bastards

  • maddy miller
    maddy miller Month ago +1

    10: they can’t look good as a subtle message to be wary of people who look nice? Well damn, they gotta look straight up ugly to be evil.
    09: They can’t have a heart? No reason as to why they are bad? Well damn.
    08: I have an evil laugh and I’m still cool to be friends with. You’re making those with evil laughs look bad, Disney.
    07: my name has mad in it, does that make me evil?
    06: No back story to see why the why they are, nothing in their lives that made them go evil? Yep, that’s Disney for ya.
    05: Cause being girly is bad? I don’t like being girly, but damn, I don’t wanna see it be turned into being a bad personality.
    04: Cause we can’t have a death that’s honorable or remotely depicting that they are seeing the errors of their ways? I’m starting to think that Disney is overrated and filled with cliches and plot holes.
    03: Always gotta have some form of person that’ll bend over backwards for them if they need, they just don’t wanna get their hands dirty. Nope, they gotta have some lackeys do their bidding for the sake of being evil. They can’t just do something on their own.
    02: Gotta lie to their victims to get their way, and the hero’s always gotta fall for their lies. The hero’s are essentially morons that can’t see right through the villains lies, not gonna call em out for being dumb enough to believe the lies.
    01: And they pay the price for wanting to get something and going after it, one of these days someone is gonna call out the cliche for humor and they are gonna capitalize on the concept of breaking these evil tropes.

  • MaryFangirl
    MaryFangirl 3 months ago

    How would Jafar be gay?? He shows many times what he would like to do with Jasmine...! N° 5 is nonsense.

  • Nicholas Blaschke
    Nicholas Blaschke 3 months ago +1

    I'm Glad Iago Doesn't Work For Jafar Anymore

  • Leon Paelinck
    Leon Paelinck 4 months ago

    number one: they lose

  • Gods Child Videos
    Gods Child Videos 4 months ago

    I think Maleficent's laugh is the creepiest

  • Michael Mc Knight
    Michael Mc Knight 4 months ago

    Yzma and Ursula are purple

  • Rin K.
    Rin K. 4 months ago +1

    6:42 you all forgot about you-know-who being crushed by a bell.

  • Tom Holland
    Tom Holland 4 months ago

    Poetic justice I believe they called it.

  • amy clarke
    amy clarke 5 months ago

    10 they are sometimes camp especially the woman how they are made i am 4 the lgbtq move ment 9 most of them scar,frollo and Ursula seem to be played by a English person i mean voiced 8 weird laughter 7 hench people are involved 6 they can be witty 5 a name like cruella well speaks 4 itself 4 has sometimes a good song like scar with be prepared 3 dark deaths of the villians that are as bad as horror films or worse 2 they are cunning 1 i like some of them more than the hero at times 😣

  • That guy over there
    That guy over there 5 months ago

    7:26 at least he gave her the teddy back

  • Melissa Cooper
    Melissa Cooper 6 months ago

    There is one exception. In Snow White and the Seven Dwarves the Evil Queen didn't have any henchmen. She only had the huntsman try to kill Snow White for her. When he failed to do so we never see him again. So mainly she plotted her evil schemes alone.

  • Joana Dias
    Joana Dias 6 months ago +1

    I don't think that villains being "effeminate" is a trend. Mostly because what you call "effeminate" for me is just pure elegance.

  • Brian.   Gonzalez
    Brian. Gonzalez 6 months ago +1

    disney villain. Ursula. drams are we show was ass again. las nght

  • Snake Eyed Ghoul
    Snake Eyed Ghoul 6 months ago

    Let's be real, if you name your child "Evil McDouchebag" they'll probably grow into their name

  • Avian Maye Roperez
    Avian Maye Roperez 6 months ago +1

    calling everyone a fool

  • Pink and blue Tiger
    Pink and blue Tiger 7 months ago

    And varian from tangled the series breaks all these rules

  • pania m
    pania m 7 months ago +1

    "death by falling" should be a cliché itself.

  • Maytal Acedo
    Maytal Acedo 9 months ago

    I know right. I can't wait 4 wreck it Ralph 2. 😁

  • Mason
    Mason 10 months ago

    wheres monolouging

  • im gay
    im gay 10 months ago +1

    I’m shock that the “All villains color will always be green” didn’t make to the list

  • Rainbow Alpacas and unicorns

    How about this:

  • Sleepingeevee 6
    Sleepingeevee 6 11 months ago +1

    “ while it’s never the hero’s fault a villain meets their death.” *shows a picture of Ursulas death *
    Dude. Come on!

  • Alle Lewis
    Alle Lewis 11 months ago

    You forgot about the amazing villian songs!

  • Chat The Cat
    Chat The Cat 11 months ago

    I actually thought Kaa was a girl the first time I watched that movie lolololololloll.

  • Anakin SkyWalker
    Anakin SkyWalker Year ago

    Maybe the villains laugh a lot because them trying to take over the world just seems too hilarious to actually work.

  • Anakin SkyWalker
    Anakin SkyWalker Year ago

    Disney needs to make a movie where the villains win at the end and the hero loses... setting up a sequel... Just food for thought

  • MaddestMike
    MaddestMike Year ago +1

    For that matter, WHY would it look bad to have the hero kill the villain when the villain clearly had it coming?

  • Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith Year ago +1

    8:28 “It’s called a cruel irony, like my dependence on you...”

  • Maya WisVids
    Maya WisVids Year ago

    Hades is the best villain in my opinion and hes not that cliche

  • riteofspring1913
    riteofspring1913 Year ago

    The upper class English accent

  • Erik Münso
    Erik Münso Year ago

    is this channel the Disney-Mojo? what is female about it?

  • V. C.
    V. C. Year ago

    What's the difference between msmojo and watch mojo?

  • T W.M.
    T W.M. Year ago +1

    Okay I got most of the cliches but a bit lost with 5. This one doesn’t seem to be a cliche nor make sense. it seems like more of tacking personality traits and misinterpreting to add it to your list as them being LGBT. Jeffar wasn’t gay. The snake was hypnotising mogoly to trust them and scare was a manipulator. This one doesn’t seem to make any sense when put three seconds of thought into it.

  • Donut Dog
    Donut Dog Year ago +2

    "Never showing the gruesome part of a death"
    Except Tangled.

  • Cheshire Cat 5732

    To be fair about the feminine thing, I haven't noticed before, but I think that the reason for that is that Disney's first few villains were women, and they tend to apply characteristics of villains like the Evil Queen, Maleficent and Lady Tremaine onto their later villains, it would make sense for them to come across as a little feminine.

  • ComplicatedPanda
    ComplicatedPanda Year ago +1

    Here's a cliche: Men treating women like dirt (generally the women win but still) I'm not a feminist but I will point out a few examples who treat women like toys:
    As I said, I'm not sexist, just a Disney trait.

  • Flameheart from Thunderclan

    That's because traits such as patience, serenity, being calm, etc are seen as motherly or "effeminate," but they also make a good villain terrifying.

  • Purple Rathalos
    Purple Rathalos Year ago +2

    If you think about it, none of these fit one particular Disney villain: the Carnotaurus from Disney’s Dinosaur.

    • Purple Rathalos
      Purple Rathalos Year ago

      Eh, it's more intimidating than evil in my opinion.

    • Durp D Durke
      Durp D Durke Year ago

      Purple Rathalos
      Except for the fact that the carno looks evil.

  • Ur Naan
    Ur Naan Year ago



  • Ur Naan
    Ur Naan Year ago

    I bet you my right kidney you won't heart this

  • Luke Althaus
    Luke Althaus Year ago

    When you think about it, The recent 3D movies have abandoned these cliches, which shows how they have grown in originality

  • Yel El
    Yel El Year ago

    What about they all acting evil due to envy

  • Thundery Snow Dragon

    I can understand why scar is evil if you read the book and all that stuff his original name was Taka, which means "dirt,", "trash," or "want" in Swahili. I the book he tried to get a rhino away from the lions' waterhole but the rhino attacked him so he got a scar he named himself scar to remind him of his mistake. nobody loved him not even his family,
    what would you feel like if you wated you whole life to become king after your brother but his son becomes king insead his life means nothing then tbh

  • Hanna Mitsutomi
    Hanna Mitsutomi Year ago

    Uh... I have never thought that the villains were gay in any way. Why must everything be offensive? Stupid.

  • Bf G
    Bf G Year ago

    6:09 I died laughing XDXD

  • Siobhan Challinor

    What about "FOOLS"


    Actually Scar was good that he was even chosen to be the leader of the lion guard. But he got jealous that Mufasa took the throne and he tried to come up with a plan but they disagree so Scar got angry and used his powerful roar on his group members and they all were instantly killed on the spot. So, Scar lost his powers and was embarrassed and ran off into the shadows

  • Blue-Onyx
    Blue-Onyx Year ago

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that Watchmojo just said that Disney hates LGBT when they literally celebrated pride and sell pride stuff at their parks. Hell they even casted a gay man in Beauty and the Beast

  • hung ngkim
    hung ngkim Year ago

    Heroes #1 clichés: Parentless Childhood

  • Brandon Kohout
    Brandon Kohout Year ago

    No wonder these Disney baddies that we love to hate.

  • Weiz Linthicum
    Weiz Linthicum Year ago

    It's funny they kept showing Smee for a minute there when talking about villainous henchmen. Could of been some sort of joke cause it made me chuckle.

  • Ricardo Garcia
    Ricardo Garcia Year ago

    Don't forget deep or raspy voices

  • J Patel
    J Patel Year ago

    Please do a Part 2

  • xWitverfrost
    xWitverfrost Year ago

    You forgot one thing. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

  • That one person who’s late to almost all videos

    omg i never though about how gruesome villains died.
    Da dude from tarzan falls and gets hung by a vine which probably broke his head clean off,
    scar gets eaten alive by dozens of blood thirsty hyenas,
    the dude from the incredibles gets sucked into an airplane engine and blended to a million tiny pieces,
    man, disney is dark if u rlly think into it...

  • Kir TheGreenPanda

    You forgot that they usually say "Fools" sometimes

  • Dwright Williams
    Dwright Williams Year ago

    what does your face look like

  • DouglassD
    DouglassD Year ago

    What a grating narration...

  • NezzFlix
    NezzFlix Year ago

    On regards to #7: Maleficent. The prefix "Mal" means bad, evil, or ill intended

  • Alina Rentschler
    Alina Rentschler Year ago

    My first thought after I heard "Mercy": "Oh please have mercy on meeeee" #mendesarmy :D

  • Wyldstylez
    Wyldstylez Year ago

    Well, to be fair on #2, Ariel knew that Ursula was evil. She knew that it wasn't the best decision, but she did it anyway. I wouldn't say that ALL of the heroes completely rely on them without hesitation.

  • J J
    J J Year ago +1

    Is it bad that Ursula's my favourite

  • pokemonmaster12741

    top ten underrated Disney villains

  • Burnt Ashes of a Hufflepuff

    I've been told that I laugh like a Disney villain. Before this video, I didn't believe them. Maybe I should try out for the next Disney bag guy.

  • Joo-Hwan Jun
    Joo-Hwan Jun Year ago +11

    Agree with everything, but effeminate?.....
    I was getting a more "higher social class/elitist" vibe from the villains rather than effeminate.....

  • MIRACLE 123
    MIRACLE 123 Year ago

    mother gothel:all good things to those who waits

  • Areo_ Dynamical
    Areo_ Dynamical Year ago

    How come ariel looked like she was having a seizure at the start

  • Durp D Durke
    Durp D Durke Year ago +3

    omg I absolutely despised the no.10 cliche! It's a snake! It' evil! They are wearing dark cloaks! Evil! Scorpions! Evil! Tentacles...? OH MY F ING... DO I EVEN HAVE TO SAY IT?! EVIL EVIL EVIL!

  • Jawa Al Abdallah
    Jawa Al Abdallah Year ago

    Something you definitely forgot: They all got kick-ass songs!

  • Abbenxena
    Abbenxena Year ago

    did anyone else try to pause Gaston's fall at just the right time to see the skulls in his eyes?

  • Neevkl_7
    Neevkl_7 2 years ago

    They said scary deaths BUT DIDN'T MENTION THE SHADOW MANS DEATH he was dragged to Hell by his own demons

  • Compucles
    Compucles 2 years ago

    Other evil sounding Disney villain names:
    ...and, of course, Hades

  • Thomas Harding
    Thomas Harding 2 years ago +2

    Even though Gaston was an arrogant pr*ck he was still buff as f*ck. I'd marry him. Lol.

  • Shaden Arour
    Shaden Arour 2 years ago

    More Disney evil clichés and innuendos:
    1) Lime green smoke and magic surrounding them suggests witchcraft: Dr. Facilier, Scar, Maleficent...
    2) They all have threatening & despicable yet awesome songs: Hellfire, Be Prepared, Friends on the Other Side...
    3) They were jealous, which drove them to evil.

  • Helena Stumpf Morelli
    Helena Stumpf Morelli 2 years ago +1

    That's probably one of the reasons why animes are so popular - yeah, they are cliched and that includes villains - but anime villains are frequently more complex than Disney ones. Let's see:
    1 - Many anime villains are gorgeous (while Disney villains are almost always ugly, save a few exceptions like Maleficent or Hans).
    2 - Frequently, anime villains were not evil their entire lives - they've became insane because of abuse, or were eventually corrupted by the system, etc.
    3 - Ocasionally, some anime villains show a bit of compassion, or have someone they truly love, like a little sister/brother, etc.
    4 - Not all the anime villains are hopeless - some may eventually change and redeem themselves, like Vegeta.
    5 - In the animes, the good guys kill the villains.
    6 - You not always finds out that someone is a bad guy, until it is too late - like Soo Won, from Akatsuki no Yona.
    7 - There are many kind of villains in animes - the effeminated ones, the macho ones, cute girls, sexy women, repulsive ones...
    Maybe I'm wrong, but my guess is that probably the gradual change of Disney villains was inspired by animes. Probably.

    • Compucles
      Compucles 2 years ago

      5 - Well, I was pointing out that some mangas/animés are like Disney movies in that the heroes try to avoid killing the villains unless they have no other choice. It's not that they don't always die but that they rarely die, and if they do, it's usually not directly by the hero's hand. Naturally, there will always be exceptions, but for manga/animé heroes like the Straw Hat Pirates, Fairy Tail Wizards, and oh it's actually a plot point for Kenshin Himura in "Rurouni Kenshin," they do indeed act a lot like Disney heroes in their mostly technical pacifism.

    • Helena Stumpf Morelli
      Helena Stumpf Morelli 2 years ago

      5 - That's okay. I just said that good guys kill villains in animes, not the bad guys ALWAYS die. I actually was planning to say that occasionally some anime villains survive or run unscathed, but I didn't know how to say that (English is not my native language) And I didn't remember a good example, either.
      6 - Please read the end of the post -when I said that anime probably influenced the creation of these different villains, I referred to Hans and Merryweather.
      Besides, technically, Ralph is a villain only in his game - that's his job, nothing else. But you see that he is a good guy, even gentle, when he gave that cherry to Q-Bert. He gets along with the other game villains - whom look nice guys, too - and with that bartender. Even Felix adressed him as a "friend" or "pal", in spite of his initial discomfort.
      . The big point of Wreck-it-Ralph is that the characters judged a guy for the role he or she had in its game - Vanellope was mistreated because people believed that she was a flaw and didn't supposed to exist. But yes, Turbo-Candy King was an interesting villain. Though I don't consider his role a surprise, since he behaved nastily from the beginning, much before his identity was revealed.

    • Compucles
      Compucles 2 years ago

      5 - Not always. Some animés like "One Piece" and "Fairy Tail" are notable for having most (with some exceptions) of the villains survive their downfalls.
      6 - Too be fair, Disney has switched it up a few times in recent years with the villains Hans (Frozen), Callohan (Big Hero 6), and Merrywether (Zootopia). There's also "Wreck-It Ralph," where the in-universe villain became a hero, and the villain's true identity was saved for the climax.

  • Helena Stumpf Morelli
    Helena Stumpf Morelli 2 years ago

    Really, this thing of falling from high place is tiring.

  • CatieTheAwesome
    CatieTheAwesome 2 years ago +1

    I didn't know Scar was gay.

  • Yanika Morris
    Yanika Morris 2 years ago

    Acting Effeminate in disney villains huh?........I LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Singing Hope
    Singing Hope 2 years ago +2

    Okay seriously people need to stop putting shit out there about Disney because parents are retarded now a days and think the dumbest shit about EVERYTHING, with that said I NEVER as a child nor as an adult EVER notice what is being said about number 5. I never noticed any character ever acting in a homosexual manner until the Beauty and the Beast 2017 movie. And no LeFou isn't a glorified gay flag as someone with is both bisexual and bigender I found it very under the radar compared to television that children watch ALL THE TIME.

  • Laura James
    Laura James 2 years ago

    'Never showing the most horrifying parts'. Scar was eatan alive, Clayton's neck was horrifically broken, Frollo fell into molten copper, and Ursala was stabbed by the jagged front of a boat. We saw enough to deduce that.

  • Hannah Shribman-Brown
    Hannah Shribman-Brown 2 years ago

    If we're counting 3D animation, Syndrome from The Incredibles wasn't evil from the start, either. He became that way after rejection.

  • Kirby Lover
    Kirby Lover 2 years ago

    I actually wouldn't mind hanging around Gaston, he just seemed kinda annoying, that's all XD

  • Miss Laura’s Toy Corner

    10: So true.
    9: Seriously? I love Disney but every single one?
    8: I think it was just the actors/actresses for having those kind of laughs.
    7: I never really realised it, except maybe Cruella.
    6: It is so unfair.
    5: Being gay is so not a bad thing.
    4: Thank you.
    3: Not all have henchman. I mean again think of Hans.
    2: Again, seriously? every movie?

  • Keshia Anders
    Keshia Anders 2 years ago

    What about the "calling everyone a fool" cliché?

  • Fire Queen 405
    Fire Queen 405 2 years ago

    On the topic of names, Scar was not named Scar. He was named Taka, which literally translates to trash or dirt. Take that, and the claw-like scar on his face, and some actions can almost be justified. Not really, but almost.

  • Emma Lime
    Emma Lime 2 years ago

    Ariel writes her name in the official Disney writing

  • Lucinda Mobley
    Lucinda Mobley 2 years ago

    I don't know about the effeminate aspect being a gay stereotype. I never really took some villains actions that way. With Scar and the courtsey thing, I just thought he was being sarcastic.

  • DelicateGardenPizza
    DelicateGardenPizza 2 years ago +1

    I don't really agree with the evil from the start part as as most of villains have a reason why they became evil

  • anacp212
    anacp212 2 years ago +5

    "lucifer was literally named after the devil, what did you expect" I BEEN SAYIN THIS LMAO

    • Compucles
      Compucles 2 years ago

      Hades: Pfft, who cares about a namesake? This guy right here is the bone fide original Greek God of the Underworld, thank you very much. You may now proceed to grovel at my feet.

  • Sam Farmer
    Sam Farmer 2 years ago +1

    Miles Cyrus' music video for "dooo it" is sooo just a thought but what if Snow White kept the appl and made a pie out of it and fed it to the dwarves

  • Briana Scott
    Briana Scott 2 years ago +5

    #5 Was just stupid and didn't make sense. Especially since there are non villains who act 'feminine'

  • Agju
    Agju 2 years ago +4

    it's funny that you use Ursula as an example for #2 because she told Ariel exactly what was going to happen: "I'll do this for you if you give me your voice and if you don't achieve such-and-such task by such-and-such time, or can't pay up, you will be punished."

    • Johannes van der Horst
      Johannes van der Horst 2 months ago

      But she didn't mention that she would sabotage Ariels attempts to succeed in her mission.

    • Compucles
      Compucles 2 years ago +5

      Good point. The details are even specifically stated in the contract Ariel signs. Dr. Facilier was much more deceptive about his crooked deals.

  • brryan colten
    brryan colten 2 years ago

    How about the evil plan, while every movie villain does this, Disney villains are always thinking of an evil plan

  • ❤ Варя Best Show ❤

    *٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ Классное видео! ВоУ! :) Жду Вас на нашем канале))*

  • Sandra El Bataty
    Sandra El Bataty 2 years ago +11

    You forgot the eyes glowing in the dark and the brilliant songs... Please, give yourself more time to do your research and to consult the right people: especially when it comes to Disney, rom-coms, TV shows, and Harry Potter..

  • Justin Carawan
    Justin Carawan 2 years ago +2

    Until you pointed it out, I never realized the main characters never actually killed the bad guys, that was always done by secondary characters, if at all. Huh. You learn something new everyday.

    • Compucles
      Compucles 2 years ago +3

      There are exceptions, though. Prince Eric was pretty darn brutal with what he did to Ursula, as was Prince Phillip with Maleficent. Then you have Mulan planning and Mushu carrying out a very explosive end for Shun Yu. Plus, Tiana and Iago knew full well what they were doing when they destroyed certain villainous artifacts, as did Flynn/Eugune when he cut Rapunzel's hair.

    • A S
      A S 2 years ago +1

      usually they have them fall victim to circumstance, i.e. Hunchback of Notre Dame or Beauty and the Beast, and have them fall off of something while battling the hero so the hero can try to save them in their final moments so the hero doesn't kill anyone because Disney

  • Haru Gamer
    Haru Gamer 2 years ago

    Actually there were four villains in a row that appeared to be good at first: King Candy/Turbo, Hans, Yokai/Professor Callaghan and Dawn Bellwether. Disney, STOP IT! Luckily Te Ká from Moana wasn't this type of villain. Instead, she was a villain that was actually good.