I Called the Police on My Own Mom

  • Published on Apr 4, 2019
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  • Jaxon Wright
    Jaxon Wright 12 hours ago +1

    Made me cry

    • Anam8or
      Anam8or 2 hours ago

      Btw I was ur first like

    • Anam8or
      Anam8or 2 hours ago

      Jaxon Wright ikr

  • suzie peaches
    suzie peaches 13 hours ago

    Why can’t we at least let children medical be free come in I’m not paying taxes for schools

  • HeyNighTRB
    HeyNighTRB 15 hours ago

    Why you not take your sister

  • Manuel Ochoa
    Manuel Ochoa 17 hours ago

    you said me and my sissers and you didnt say sisters

  • Worfe Torfe
    Worfe Torfe 17 hours ago

    I was born pre-mature.

  • PK_SnipeZz
    PK_SnipeZz 19 hours ago

    6:53 has the thumbnail

  • The Byrne ba siblings
    The Byrne ba siblings 21 hour ago +1

    Wow such a fighter one like one clap

  • Sarah Ghribi
    Sarah Ghribi Day ago

    Wow. What a Bitch.

  • ScienceDude A.K.A Baddbutt Sci Geek

    This is the a**hole mum.
    She has 2000 health and 500 shield.
    How much damage can we do?

  • SxnseiGOD
    SxnseiGOD Day ago +1

    why does one of her sisters look like her grandma?

  • Rowen B vlogs
    Rowen B vlogs Day ago +2

    This is The mom
    1 _-like-_ comment= 10 slaps


  • MINEcraft gAmeR
    MINEcraft gAmeR Day ago

    Wathcing this video fills you with determination

  • superrainbowgirls super

    I fell a bit bad for her mom and her dad though they where desperate 😥

  • Jaqueline Sanchez Coss

    Dis is how many times this voice was used

  • Ms Tree
    Ms Tree Day ago

    You are a strong person and for what it's worth I hope you and your foster parents can make up

  • Lucy Lin
    Lucy Lin Day ago

    Do adopted children normally get to meet their birth parents/family??
    Like- sorry that's the thing I took from this, but W H A T ?

  • hi idiot
    hi idiot Day ago

    4:59 I know this is a really sad story and I shouldn't be making jokes but is that vision just asking

  • Nicholas Johnson

    Her biological parents were awful. Her adopted parents were awful. Can't she ever get a break?

  • Roblox Police59
    Roblox Police59 Day ago +1

    6:56 sisser? 😂

  • yellxw lemons
    yellxw lemons Day ago +4

    *How much times they actually used this voice*

    | |
    | |

  • Some Weird Stuff I Posted on Youtube

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    Video: 7:47

  • Indominus -
    Indominus - Day ago +1

    This is me
    He is very sad
    1 like = 1 rope

  • Gaming Ronster
    Gaming Ronster Day ago +1

    Fighter in a bad way

  • Ian Cummings
    Ian Cummings 2 days ago +1


  • Omega Saturn
    Omega Saturn 2 days ago

    You know that Calamitas fears you when you arrest your own mother and walk away like nothing ever happened.

  • Princess P
    Princess P 2 days ago

    When I was 4 I started drinking

    My Moma’s vanilla coke

  • Leland Delaney
    Leland Delaney 2 days ago

    For me and my siser

  • Palacsinta Fánk
    Palacsinta Fánk 2 days ago

    I don't get why y'all hate on that poot mother. Stop it. She is just hurt.

  • Jose Coronado
    Jose Coronado 2 days ago

    white people yo💀

  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook 2 days ago

    Why do u guys even hate ur own mother they are mad at you because they want u to be a better person not to just abuse u they always work even they have sick they take care of you they gave birth to you

  • W E R I D and O D D
    W E R I D and O D D 2 days ago

    This is me

  • Olivia livia
    Olivia livia 2 days ago


  • Shawna Delorme
    Shawna Delorme 2 days ago

    Me at the beging 😐

    ALANNA HARRISON 2 days ago

    What’s a siser? 6:57

  • Harlan Amos
    Harlan Amos 2 days ago

    Mom looks like the default on fortnite

  • warning caution
    warning caution 2 days ago +1

    The dad drinks
    The mom smokes
    Who do you hate the most?

  • Luke Was not here
    Luke Was not here 2 days ago


  • Tanush Rathi
    Tanush Rathi 2 days ago

    Drunk dad

  • Raghad and Esraa Sisters

    When i was 9 i started drinking

    my favorite soda

  • Miss Kitty
    Miss Kitty 2 days ago +1

    Rough life... 😬

  • Amara Turay
    Amara Turay 2 days ago

    Me: *Reads title*
    *Immediately thinks of Danielle Bregoli*

  • Abbi
    Abbi 2 days ago


  • VeryScareeDinoS -Nation

    So the meaning of this video is that you can get through stuff even if it seems impossible is that the meaning if it is I love this video

  • Lorenzo Santiago
    Lorenzo Santiago 3 days ago

    I still dont get why we have to pay so much to survive

  • Idrees TheNintenSegaG
    Idrees TheNintenSegaG 3 days ago +1

    when someone makes me angry i say:
    *Omae wa mou shindeiru*
    *Your already dead*

  • plushvid 85
    plushvid 85 3 days ago +1

    This is a very inspiring videos like these motivates me to stay strong even when life fells like hell

  • Parker Davis
    Parker Davis 3 days ago +1

    I feel so happy for you

    • Parker Davis
      Parker Davis 2 days ago

      @Chantal Martin your welcome. I wouldn't be able to go through all of that and still be living

    • Chantal Martin
      Chantal Martin 2 days ago +1

      Parker Davis thanks

  • IKconic
    IKconic 3 days ago +1

    ThaT Mum In ThE tHumBnaiL LoOk LikE FoRtnITe DeAfUlt

  • Its Ya Boi Jeff
    Its Ya Boi Jeff 3 days ago

    Her mom a default skin

  • Gaming with Max
    Gaming with Max 3 days ago

    6:53 me and my sisser

  • Raul Sanchez
    Raul Sanchez 3 days ago

    Probably fake (not the sickness that are actually real) I mean the narrator cuz I was watching another video and it was a different story sorry to lazy to edit or write more

  • Michael Salinas
    Michael Salinas 3 days ago

    I'm so sorry about that but I did do the right thing to do

  • yui chan :3
    yui chan :3 3 days ago

    I most cry😖😫

  • Verso
    Verso 3 days ago +1

    This is the girl 👧
    1 like = 1 show of respect ✊🏼

  • Samania Uddin
    Samania Uddin 3 days ago

    You could have took a wrong route no shade

  • Luke Martineau
    Luke Martineau 3 days ago +1

    Dang, are these real stories? That's a really tough life.

  • Majestic Sea flap flap

    Your so strong!

  • Cartz 41
    Cartz 41 3 days ago

    If you were in Canada this story would be different with free health care

    • Chantal Martin
      Chantal Martin 2 days ago

      Cartz 41 free health care is true but I needed 24/7 care and more surgeries but my parents couldn’t afford all the travel and stays in the city.

  • Naing Tha khin
    Naing Tha khin 4 days ago

    Ok this is the there siser healt 600 lets see the damage taken to then by commenting me

  • Naing Tha khin
    Naing Tha khin 4 days ago

    You look like you will go to hell at age 57

  • alexandriaishere_
    alexandriaishere_ 4 days ago

    storybooth is better

  • The legend 200475
    The legend 200475 4 days ago

    Too unrealistic.

  • Sophia's Life
    Sophia's Life 4 days ago +1


  • Çörpłäšh
    Çörpłäšh 4 days ago +1

    She has one brave heart

  • Kristi Pollard
    Kristi Pollard 4 days ago +2

    When you left after your mom yelled at you I would of took them with me

    • Chantal Martin
      Chantal Martin 2 days ago

      Kristi Pollard I couldn’t take them with me because legally my mom was their guardian so I needed to be smart so I called CAS

  • Jackson Conley
    Jackson Conley 4 days ago +2

    Why didn’t you try to reconcile with your foster parents and tell them everything that was happening.

    • Chantal Martin
      Chantal Martin 2 days ago

      Jackson Conley they still didn’t forgave me for what “I supposedly did” so I couldn’t face my foster mom. When she “forgave” me and allowed me back. It was literally two years after when this happened.

  • Karm Films
    Karm Films 4 days ago +1

    You’re so strong

  • Cøøl Watermai Fight

    Tysm! I will do anything for me and my bro! :)

  • royalskyline 3
    royalskyline 3 4 days ago

    Hello thats me in there and im a fighter as a baby now im 21 and i. Still a fighter

  • kirito *
    kirito * 4 days ago

    This is you 🤕🥼👖

  • melrose baby3232
    melrose baby3232 4 days ago +1

    all ??that happen to you in your life

    • Chantal Martin
      Chantal Martin 2 days ago

      melrose baby3232 yes everything mentioned happened

  • Gacha life Wolfe
    Gacha life Wolfe 4 days ago +3

    When I was 1 I started drinking


  • Cynthia Espinoza
    Cynthia Espinoza 4 days ago

    How come i dont see this on the news

  • seloi roberts
    seloi roberts 5 days ago


  • Đřåģøň ŁPŚ
    Đřåģøň ŁPŚ 5 days ago +1

    This is the kid's.
    1 like=1 kiss or hug, 5 likes a meal, and 20 likes a new home :)

  • Josh Reid
    Josh Reid 5 days ago

    This is the StOrY of my parents AbAnDoNiNg me as I tElL you this fake *coughs* I mean ReAl story.

    Just stop this.

  • matija sevaljevic
    matija sevaljevic 5 days ago

    all of this would not happen if america had free healthcare.wiwa la socialism!

  • PewNew PieS
    PewNew PieS 5 days ago

    So basically
    They draw they're life

  • Kathy Hill
    Kathy Hill 5 days ago

    Drunk man 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😨😰😰😰😤

  • 熟練したSoldier
    熟練したSoldier 5 days ago

    Drunk family starter pack
    😫🍺 👾🍺
    👗 👕

  • Lps Bright chan
    Lps Bright chan 5 days ago

    Nice drawing 👍

  • Spectral Hammer
    Spectral Hammer 5 days ago +1

    Parents: we can't afford a child
    Parents, several years later but still poor: let's have 2 kids!

    • Chantal Martin
      Chantal Martin 2 days ago

      Spectral Hammer I was a bit shocked too about having two younger sisters. But if you think about it. My health was so poor that I needed 24/7 intensive care. My parents had two sons (older brothers of mine). I didn’t mentioned about them because they died a month after my first younger sister was born

  • little miss cutie cat

    A bum mother! She is a bum

  • Vladimir Putin Thot
    Vladimir Putin Thot 5 days ago


  • Mind blown
    Mind blown 5 days ago +1

    The girl from the thumbnail looks like the girl in fortnite lol

  • Famiy Golde
    Famiy Golde 5 days ago

    I was also born early, both of my lungs calapsed and I was put in an incubator. Now I have a a permenant black and blue under my nose and scars and skin tags around my body.

  • Audrey Coffey
    Audrey Coffey 5 days ago +1


    • Chantal Martin
      Chantal Martin 2 days ago

      Audrey Coffey it’s a personal matter that I don’t feel comfortable to share

  • Dr Milad Rafla
    Dr Milad Rafla 5 days ago

    Lame poopy video

  • MBOZ _
    MBOZ _ 5 days ago


  • king games
    king games 5 days ago

    nope you dont need love to climb a mountain you need some food water shelter and hiking gear

  • Rage_exelent
    Rage_exelent 5 days ago

    7:24 but what if you dont have arms and leggs and to poor to get a helicopter?

  • FireFlesh0916
    FireFlesh0916 5 days ago +1

    This is my fight song!! Im doing this with one finger so pls like lol

  • MyDudes44 ROBLOX RP
    MyDudes44 ROBLOX RP 6 days ago

    If she hasn’t developed yet then put her back in

  • oh yeah mr crabs
    oh yeah mr crabs 6 days ago

    Me: gets sick
    Mom: it's those dan phones
    Also mom: *drinks beer*

  • Fuller house Tv
    Fuller house Tv 6 days ago

    So was I

  • loa
    loa 6 days ago

    Your mom looks like a default skin and I think that was a good idea.

  • MeMitTlop
    MeMitTlop 6 days ago

    Her heart almost Brock three times ! !

  • Nilka Justiana
    Nilka Justiana 6 days ago

    Bad but really sweet