4 Levels of Spaghetti & Meatballs: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • Published on Nov 19, 2018
  • We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of spaghetti & meatballs. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which one was the best?
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    4 Levels of Spaghetti & Meatballs: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious
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  • Jairpierre Gaming
    Jairpierre Gaming 9 minutes ago


  • Ylime223
    Ylime223 5 hours ago

    Why does level two always look the best

  • Althrese Merino
    Althrese Merino 8 hours ago

    I see Lorenzo, I click.



  • TheRachPatch
    TheRachPatch 10 hours ago

    Franks spaghetti actually looks fire 🔥

  • Shawn Sisler
    Shawn Sisler 13 hours ago

    #3 chef, Beef, pork, and veal... Veal is beef you nut, it's 16-20 week old calf, but it's beef. Calling it veal doesn't change what it is. People need to know how young veal really is and how it's raised. I'm not a vegetarian or vegan, f*ck, I'm a farmer's daughter. What is done to "veal" calves is disgusting.

  • jazzhands coolcool
    jazzhands coolcool 14 hours ago

    Yo Epicurious! You should totally do a kids/teen version in this series = )

  • Zach Weitz
    Zach Weitz 16 hours ago

    Lvl 1: I’m gonna chop up this onion
    Lvl 2: Dont do that AHAHAHAHA
    Lvl 3: I killed Thanos and carved his gauntlet into this knife with my bare hands.

  • lillian garciap
    lillian garciap 17 hours ago

    Does anyone have Lorenzo's instagram?

  • Simeon Moeai
    Simeon Moeai 18 hours ago

    I dont know why but level 2 food always looks better than the rest.?

  • Taemeister
    Taemeister Day ago

    The expert is one of those losers from Gordon Ramsey's cooking shows

  • Shraman Lokhande
    Shraman Lokhande Day ago +1

    When your dog taakes a dump in the yard 2:03

  • baby nono
    baby nono Day ago

    Level 2 chef is cute

  • FrankJavy
    FrankJavy Day ago

    lorenzo should be at gordon ramsey´s level by now

  • trinichick76
    trinichick76 Day ago

    She broke my heart along with that pasta.

  • Ricrexx
    Ricrexx Day ago

    1:55 my man mixing meatballs with his ring on

  • annie lablanclover
    annie lablanclover 2 days ago +1

    Level 3: i cut these onions with my eyes

  • Dariel Flamel
    Dariel Flamel 2 days ago

    Level 3 can't even break an egg.He saw an eggshell in the meatball hahah

  • Jessica Dudson
    Jessica Dudson 2 days ago +1

    I could watch a full episode of just Frank or Lorenzo and I would love it.

  • tread nokash
    tread nokash 2 days ago +1


  • Sha_ Pasuzi
    Sha_ Pasuzi 2 days ago


  • Sonia Cameron
    Sonia Cameron 2 days ago +1

    Level 1: I got this potato from Walmart
    Level 2: i made a potato farm
    Level 3: I stole mr potato from peppa pig and chopped him up

  • Kevin Veltre
    Kevin Veltre 3 days ago +5

    This might just be the funniest comment thread I’ve ever seen

  • Vania Adhista
    Vania Adhista 3 days ago

    i like lorenzo's laugh

  • Francesco Moretti
    Francesco Moretti 3 days ago

    Spoiler: in Italy this plate doesn't exist. (You know I'm Italian. Sry for destroying your ideology)

  • E.G.G
    E.G.G 3 days ago +2

    Frank:looks at camera
    Now we scoop

  • Jack Bergman
    Jack Bergman 3 days ago +2

    i can never unhear that at 3:04 frank is rapping to the music

  • XO XO
    XO XO 4 days ago +1

    0:00 - 0:04 lowkey asmr

  • soggy Chips
    soggy Chips 4 days ago

    Level 1: I used canned tomato sauce
    Level 2: I make mine
    Level 3: I farm and grass-feed my pots and pans.

  • Chad Eggertsen
    Chad Eggertsen 5 days ago +1

    Hey Epicurious, I really want to make these but you never display the amounts or ratios of ingredients. I know this is primarily entertainment rather than cooking education, but can you please start showing the amounts or linking to recipes?

  • Ender Gasim
    Ender Gasim 5 days ago +1

    Lorenzo: don't add olive oil into the pasta water
    Gordon Ramsey: Olive oil in
    Lorenzo: ...
    Gordon Ramsey OLIVE OIL IN!!

  • Tristan Stanley
    Tristan Stanley 5 days ago

    Each level chef destroys what ever the previous one says

  • Martina Wolf
    Martina Wolf 5 days ago

    Level 1: I cut the spaghetti.
    *Italian noises of discontent*

  • Alex Feng
    Alex Feng 5 days ago +1

    Level 3: so I’ve decided to create programmable matter so I can make what ever I want with a simple fire of a neutron from my brain, and I’ve used it to create the other chefs to create some artificial competition

  • Rj Larocque
    Rj Larocque 5 days ago

    U should have me on level 2. I have been making spaghetti and meatballs since I was 2. I am Italian so I am a pro

  • LWG123
    LWG123 5 days ago

    Camera zooms in on Frank intensly
    Frank: Now we scoop.

  • Abru P
    Abru P 5 days ago

    That's, scientifically wrong...

  • Chico LP
    Chico LP 6 days ago

    Frank and Lorenzo are my favorite

  • Big Dewey J
    Big Dewey J 6 days ago +1

    I kinda miss this food scientist

  • Evie Griffiths
    Evie Griffiths 6 days ago

    Frank (lvl 3): mhm mmmmm mhmmhmm.... just delicious mmmhmmm
    I love Lorenzo’s laugh so much

  • H. Tongburg
    H. Tongburg 6 days ago

    Level 1 amateur
    Level 2 Cook
    Level 3 Chef
    Level 4 Food scientist
    Level 5 gordon ramsay
    Level 6 Brandon ramsay (Only GD players will understand this)

  • _.Afternoon._.Tea_
    _.Afternoon._.Tea_ 6 days ago +1

    Deadass Lorenzo is my favorite

  • chaostheory16
    chaostheory16 7 days ago

    Is no one gonna point out that they totally skipped the meatball browning/cooking step while the chefs were cooking?!?!

  • Notgon Nalie
    Notgon Nalie 7 days ago

    Actually salted water takes longer to heat up Frank!

  • Mullermem Loving
    Mullermem Loving 7 days ago

    Egypten dident Frank just Make hvis own Walter pan

  • thedarkboi 675
    thedarkboi 675 7 days ago

    Instead of your going to love my nuts it would be your going to love my b a l l s

  • Jack Liu
    Jack Liu 7 days ago +1

    Wtf break the dry pasta in half? That's a big no no. You can twist the pasta in a spiral shape and let it cook down.

  • Jessica Vera
    Jessica Vera 8 days ago

    Franks looks so good!!!

  • MyLifeInBinary
    MyLifeInBinary 8 days ago

    I'm a level 5 chef. I pay money at restaurants to get someone else to make spaghetti for me.

  • Rowan Ward
    Rowan Ward 8 days ago

    "If you really love people you make them fresh pasta" wow now I'm rethinking every relationship I've every had

  • Matej Modric
    Matej Modric 8 days ago +2

    When she brokes the spaghetti, i've heard my heart broke....

  • Heartwing Arts
    Heartwing Arts 8 days ago

    I can’t trust a Level 3 if I don’t know how long he’s cooked...😐

  • Heartwing Arts
    Heartwing Arts 8 days ago +1

    I love how everyone loves their own dish! There’s a place for everyone and their dish!

  • Heartwing Arts
    Heartwing Arts 8 days ago

    Level 3: If you love people you make your own pasta

  • Heartwing Arts
    Heartwing Arts 8 days ago

    Level 1: Garlic
    Level 2: Garlic
    Level 3: Garlic
    Level 4: only a monster skips garlic

  • N Yo
    N Yo 8 days ago

    The second chef Said don’t add oil to the pasta water. Yet Chef Gordon Ramsay says add olive oil to the water. Yeah I’ll believe Chef Gordon Ramsay before that fool.

  • Amrita Kaur
    Amrita Kaur 8 days ago

    this comment section is GOLD

  • RyanIsFlyin
    RyanIsFlyin 8 days ago

    Swear to god Lorenzo a whole mood

  • Ryn
    Ryn 8 days ago

    Salt has a higher boiling point because it is an ionic compound, therefore it makes the water boil SLOWER but the water will be hotter - Me. An AP Chem kid

  • Kennedi How Lucas
    Kennedi How Lucas 8 days ago

    Level one I and ok olive oil
    Level two HAHAHAHAHA
    Level three I like to season my hands before cooking