Top Tech Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs.1000 - 1500 🔥🔥

  • Published on Jul 1, 2018
  • Bluetooth Speakers Under 1000 / 1500 | Top Tech | wireless speaker under 1000 | Cool tech | cheap speakers india | budget gadgets | Tech Essentials | Budget Tech
    In this video I bring in 7 cool tech wireless Bluetooth speakers under Rs. 1000 / 1500 that are interesting .
    Cube Speaker :
    Boult Crystal :
    Zook ZB-Jazz :
    Xmini Nano X :
    Zebronics Passion :
    Soundlogic Touch Light :
    Robot Speaker :
    Please do ask if any queries about these cool tech speakers under 1000 - 1500 and I will answer them
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    Music Credit: XIBE- heart Bleeding ( Vlog no copyright music ) , Soundbible
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  • Tech Shan
    Tech Shan  Year ago +81


    • Rohan Kumar
      Rohan Kumar Year ago

      Can you please review Portronics Drum

    • Atharva Shukla
      Atharva Shukla Year ago

      Hey Shan grt video bro

    • Pravin Palanivel
      Pravin Palanivel Year ago

      zook speaker than bro best one to me it looks cool too with some extra features

    • what i did
      what i did Year ago

      I love the Zebronic with FM inbuilt

    • desh katakwar
      desh katakwar Year ago

      I think the speaker with lamp is good one From the list , that justifies the price

  • P.Govindaraju
    P.Govindaraju 5 months ago

    i like the sound quality of Zook

  • shivam Goyal
    shivam Goyal 11 months ago

    Hii shan
    I am confused which speaker to buy from Boult crystal or potronics sound pot or zoook zb

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  11 months ago

      If u love bass boult crystal or zook ub jazz

  • Dhanush Aryan
    Dhanush Aryan Year ago

    1st one and Last one is awesome music palying thnQ.

  • godavari sarma karri

    Just beyond awesome Shan!!😎😎😎
    Loved the cutie robot speaker though!!😊😊😊😊😍😍😍

  • i vikash
    i vikash Year ago

    Thanks Shan 👍

  • shakeeb2787
    shakeeb2787 Year ago

    Hey Shah, can you help me with choosing a bluetooth headphone with mic under ₹3K
    Not able to decide.

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago

      watch my recent video i have featured one

  • Tushar saini ji
    Tushar saini ji Year ago

    Give any one

  • Vrajesh Mistry
    Vrajesh Mistry Year ago

    Hey shaan, i bought photron P10 BT speaker from Amazon. Using it since year. Good Bass boost, clear & neat sound. Around 700 inr. Value for money speaker. Cons- it has a smaller battery life of 2- 2.½hours.

  • Melmelmax gomes
    Melmelmax gomes Year ago

    Enjoyed the video ... The RUBIKS CUBE speaker is cute!!! Loved it ,😍😍

  • Sumit Ram
    Sumit Ram Year ago

    My fab ZOOK ZB JAZZ 💗
    Great video Sir 👌👌

  • Pravin Palanivel
    Pravin Palanivel Year ago

    i am a fan of you bro ... i like the zook speaker its cool and you too Shan

  • Rajesh V
    Rajesh V Year ago

    Sir which watch you are wearing ?

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago

    PRERIT PAWAN Year ago

    Informative video as always

  • Mudrit
    Mudrit Year ago

    Bluetooth earphones

  • Sahil Verma
    Sahil Verma Year ago +1

    your collection is amazing..
    every speaker of 7 is unique and awesome in it...
    i loved the x mini nano because of its portability and soundlogic touch light..for its looks...

  • Sandip Guneshwar
    Sandip Guneshwar Year ago

    Lookswise -->
    1]The Robo speaker is cute kinda looks like Eve from WallE. Also
    2]Touchlight have good looks & multipurpose.
    Sound wise -->
    1]Zook &,
    2]Boult are awesome.

  • Tech Ladder
    Tech Ladder Year ago

    Sir this Bluetooth speaker look is good and my sister is going to start a dance channel so I thought about this💖💖💖

  • Dinesh Jha
    Dinesh Jha Year ago

    Not just the make & structure, the sound of this masterpiece is also inspired by the solidarity & depth of a crystal. Its high resolution & surprisingly big sound, portability, stable wireless connection makes it the perfect audio partner for your bedroom, travels, office & more. With the rustic yet sleek rope, you can tie crystal to your backpack and brag its unique design

  • Darius Stone
    Darius Stone Year ago

    These are really fancy speakers. Each has its own use. Some are pocket sized while others have lights.
    But I liked the sound logic touch light.

  • Shubhangi Kochkkan

    I liked your honesty in reviews,all d best for future👌

  • Fantasy cricket prediction

    Superb👌 product but cube type speaker is my favourite❤

  • Mannu Sahu
    Mannu Sahu Year ago

    #Zook jb Bluetooth speaker is awesome I like it ,
    Gift is not important me.but I like your social service

  • Neeraj Kumar Sahu
    Neeraj Kumar Sahu Year ago +1

    x mini Nano X Bluetooth speaker is best and it's sound quality is good .

    PRATHEESH Year ago

    Soundlogic Touch light is pretty cool & it's my favorite among these

  • Rakon Nahar
    Rakon Nahar Year ago

    Robotic speaker is also superb

  • Rakon Nahar
    Rakon Nahar Year ago +1

    Zoook speaker is superb... Congrats for reaching d milestone

  • Swaraj Samal
    Swaraj Samal Year ago

    Can we trust these brands? What happens if some issues arise after exchange period of ecom sites?

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago

      Most of the speakers I have been using for a while and they all are pretty good and solid. this scenario applies to any product .

  • Athar Doi
    Athar Doi Year ago

    Congratulations for 50k .....bahot sara pyar milta rahega bus week 2 video chalu kardo.... please......aur baat karu is video ki to muje to personally woh cube wala speaker jyada pasand aaya....

  • Abhishek Choudhary

    Nice video and all speakers are awesome..!

  • Shrey Gupta
    Shrey Gupta Year ago

    Love the x mini small and compact speaker. And as always love your editing 👍

  • Jitendra Sakariya

    Nice video sir. X-mini gave unexpected clear output.👌🏼
    Thanks for the Audio samples at the last of the video. 👍🏼

  • Sanchit Singhal
    Sanchit Singhal Year ago +1

    Congrats for 50K subs man!! I love you and your work. Thanks for bringing such a quality content to us. I hope we will reach a million sometime soon. Best wishes.

  • Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma Year ago

    Soundlogic touch light took my heart away 😍 It looks great as a lamp and 3.5 W speaker isn't bad if it can work as a lamp too ♥️

  • Rakesh singh
    Rakesh singh Year ago

    I love all the speakers as well as your presentation

  • Techno Tricks Hub

    useful video bro🎉

  • Vahid Ali
    Vahid Ali Year ago

    I like Robot 🔊 Speaker

  • I'm Daan
    I'm Daan Year ago +1

    omg love those speakers ❤😍 love the cube speaker and the robot speaker the most of all the speakers in the video 😀 [sorry for my bad English] 🇳🇱❤

  • Fakger Aldeen
    Fakger Aldeen Year ago

    I liked the mini x it is little bit power full tho and the robot cool tho powerfull😀😀

  • Papai Mondal
    Papai Mondal Year ago

    All speakers has its standard.
    bt mostly i like last two speakers.

  • Altap Hosen
    Altap Hosen Year ago

    Kiya baat ha sir all awesome sound

  • story Teller
    story Teller Year ago

    Awesome quality sound.. nice bass

  • Mohammad Monis Ahmad Khan

    2nd One from Right is best Speaker , But i never used bluetooth speaker

  • Dhaval Thakkar
    Dhaval Thakkar Year ago

    Another cool video. Thanks Shan! I really love the way you create these videos too!
    I liked all the speakers. But the best, I think, would definitely be Robot speaker. Reasons being: A. It is obviously very cute and can spice up your interiors or even your office desk, as you said. B. It has a really good audio output too, from what I could hear. C. The battery backup is also amazing!
    Will wait for your next video!

  • creative VS
    creative VS Year ago

    Super sir...

  • Sanchit Singhal
    Sanchit Singhal Year ago

    I liked the lamp and cube speakers the most.

  • Aravind Kumar
    Aravind Kumar Year ago +1

    I liked the soundlogic touch light and also liked the zook and thanks for the comparison under 1500 and love your videos

  • Jayanth Prabhakar

    Your upcoming video be like 'vandachi 50k' subscriber base👍👌. Congrats in advance

    • Tech Shan
      Tech Shan  Year ago

      have you checked the new tamil channel 😀

  • Jayanth Prabhakar

    Thala, no speaker needed. That watch 😍

  • u may need it
    u may need it Year ago

    Sound logic is good nd used for multipurpose i like it... Thank u shan 4 bringing all tis stuff .. i nt only like but enjoy it while watching...

  • Abhay Singh
    Abhay Singh Year ago

    Which is the song you played at last ?

  • arbaaz sayed
    arbaaz sayed Year ago

    The zook zb jazz is my choice it has all the controls it has led which is really awesome a microsd slot and you can as well accept calls it is really awesome...

  • Bhargav Uppalla
    Bhargav Uppalla Year ago

    The x mini speaker is the best small nice and beast

  • Ritik Saini
    Ritik Saini Year ago

    Cube is amazing

  • Aditya Aggarwal
    Aditya Aggarwal Year ago

    Loved your videos specially the way you present the tech items, small but beautiful. I liked all the speakers but the most I liked is the Zook ZB Jazz because of its cool design and great sound output.

  • Nagendra vishwakarma

    All are good but x mini is excellent

  • HG gamer
    HG gamer Year ago

    i want the rubic cude speaker for my self i like it very well

  • Jithu Dinesh
    Jithu Dinesh Year ago

    I'm a BIG fan of SMALL bluetooth speakers

  • times of internet

    Easy Handling

  • pruthvi bob
    pruthvi bob Year ago

    Nice bro...thak you for showing a few interesting Bluetooth speakers that can be choosed below 1500 ₹ the way like the audio of Zook...the audio is clear and smooth.. thank you bro..