How the NBA looked the last time Lebron James missed the finals

  • Published on Jun 1, 2018
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    Here's how the NBA looked the last time Lebron James missed the NBA Finals.
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  • Dom2k
    Dom2k  Year ago +149

    Here's how the NBA looked the last time Lebron James missed the NBA Finals.
    He's been doing it so long we haven't even noticed how much has changed!
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    • Steven Kunzer
      Steven Kunzer Year ago

      Your videos are better than the actual NBA is

    • Coheed Whisk
      Coheed Whisk Year ago

      Dom2k has the worst voice ever, must’ve got on RU-clip at the right time. Horrible person

    • Wassup Bois
      Wassup Bois Year ago

      Nathan Rice nope

    • Bernard Keaton
      Bernard Keaton Year ago

      Cherry Jumpman Let me help you... Just quote Roberto Duran
      "NO MAS" 😂😂😂😂

    • Bernard Keaton
      Bernard Keaton Year ago

      Cherry Jumpman Checkmate

  • OPS Alex
    OPS Alex 5 months ago

    I was like 6 or 7

  • Jouel Cosme
    Jouel Cosme 5 months ago

    DAMN the whole world was way different and change last time LeBron didn't make to the final

  • Vinnie The Poop
    Vinnie The Poop 6 months ago

    He missed it this year, so... 😀

  • White Stephen A. Smith
    White Stephen A. Smith 6 months ago +2

    Bruh he aint even in the playoffs now😂😂😂

    DTB vOMEGA 7 months ago

    Exactly like it does now

  • Andy
    Andy 7 months ago +1

    If he does, we need an updated version of this. Last time Lebron missed the playoffs.

  • BleezyB - VEVO
    BleezyB - VEVO 8 months ago

    Lol it’s about to look like the third season curry & Kd played together. Russell Westbrook averaging a triple double for the third year in a row, and Luka Doncic winning ROTY.

  • Ambi Dextrose
    Ambi Dextrose 8 months ago

    When Gilbert Arenas was considered one of the league's most lethal scorer.

  • Brett Smith
    Brett Smith 9 months ago

    My boi Hennessy

  • Brodstar 123
    Brodstar 123 10 months ago

    Do you know what else wasn’t around?

    Lebrons hairline tho😂

  • Jesus Zamarripa
    Jesus Zamarripa 10 months ago

    Hennessey smith 🤣🤣🤣

  • Slim Chain
    Slim Chain Year ago

    As a Laker fan, the NBA died in 2011.

    • Mistah Unknown
      Mistah Unknown Year ago

      @Slim Chain You basically described the NBA from since the last 5 decades to now

    • Slim Chain
      Slim Chain Year ago

      @Mistah Unknown Well compound that with the beginning of ridiculous superteam era & the jump in flopping, walking, & no defense..

    • Mistah Unknown
      Mistah Unknown Year ago

      Just because your hero failed to take make the NBA finals in 2011 doesn't mean the NBA "died".

  • Gladys Rotich
    Gladys Rotich Year ago

    What about Part 3 of "The Greatest Playoff Series of All Time"

  • MrRodwest21
    MrRodwest21 Year ago

    Lol bru said yall dont even know who Michael redd

  • warofmankind
    warofmankind Year ago

    Cool video man..mbut this isnt news to me i remember most of these facts....half of these kids know the post mavs chip nba

  • jessie fabillar
    jessie fabillar Year ago

    NBA fans the who tired knock mj out of being GOAT by flopping, tanking and picking out his teammates given they so much money when there champions then there losing.. he leave them high and dry. Thank you lebron for showing who really are.

  • G Lyle
    G Lyle Year ago +1

    To put this in perspective, the last time LeBron wasn't in the Finals I was in the fourth grade...and now I just graduated!!!

  • A P
    A P Year ago

    LeBron in la to sell tickets for the franchise

  • A P
    A P Year ago

    I tell you what hes not going this year either not with that la team

  • A P
    A P Year ago

    LeBron can be the goat of losing in the finals hey he got to be good at something

  • A P
    A P Year ago

    Jordan made it every year in Chicago. Just saying

  • A P
    A P Year ago

    He missed the play-offs his first 2 years

  • Parker Garcia
    Parker Garcia Year ago +1

    Wasn’t you the one that said LeBron gotta turn into the music Harare to win the mvp and he pretty much did lmao 😂

  • MoneyTakerBaby
    MoneyTakerBaby Year ago

    This is why Lebron can't be on Kobe's level. When Kobe was in his prime, obviously they made the finals 3 straight years, yet Lebron couldn't make the finals once. Wasn't till the superteam shit, and if the league didn't disallow the Chris Paul trade it's likely Lebron could have, maybe 1 ring and Kobe could have 7. If the Lakers didn't invest in Steve Nash the worst MVP ever, 2006 no way Kobe wasn't MVP. No fuckin way, the pieces of shit who decide the MVP fuck up consistently though, and the entire NBA itself is questionable as a real competitive sports organization. It's pathetic the way things are run in so many ways I can't even get into it, I love basketball and still watch but not as much. This whole "sign a contract, but cancel when you want" thing is just making the league too much of a lottery of playing your cards right it seems. I mean we can all say oh if CP3 didnt get hurt, if Kyrie didnt get hurt, It woulda been Houston vs Boston, but that's just not life, the best team doesn't win every year and the best athlete isn't always the best player in any given year.

  • MrCarl27
    MrCarl27 Year ago

    It was a lot better back then.

  • Tom Giants fan
    Tom Giants fan Year ago

    Dom if you like football join Gridiorn Amino

  • im probably going to jail

    i wish i could go back

  • SinGood
    SinGood Year ago

    Smooth fucking app introduction lol ya got me

  • Jake The Chief
    Jake The Chief Year ago

    When did James beat harden

  • Liam_Jew Yes
    Liam_Jew Yes Year ago

    Damn nice transition 😂 jk I love amino

  • Yuvi Arora
    Yuvi Arora Year ago

    KOBE won 2 championships with pau gasol (18 ppg) and Lamar Odom (13ppg). Let that sink in for a minute.

  • Yuvi Arora
    Yuvi Arora Year ago

    I would have loved to see Kobe smash LeSteroid in the finals.

  • The One and only
    The One and only Year ago

    My man Ricky davis

  • Corey Kaunfer
    Corey Kaunfer Year ago

    A simpler nba, a better nba

  • Zyshawn Moore
    Zyshawn Moore Year ago

    After the result of this year's finals, we might see "The Decision, Part II"

  • TK Mothebe
    TK Mothebe Year ago

    The title is so deep

  • Dread Zero
    Dread Zero Year ago

    Having All Star Klove consistently giving u 20 and 10 is worse than having Mo Williams apparently.

  • Nintendude Gaming

    The last time LeBron didn't make the Finals, he actually had some true competition in the East (Garnett, Pierce, Allen Celtics). He hasn't had any competition close to that since really.

  • KelNoKeenanDoe
    KelNoKeenanDoe Year ago

    Bro he be sliding these Hardwood Amino ads i so smooth lmao🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • KidKinsey
    KidKinsey Year ago

    you forgot some other key momments in history
    naruto wasnt hokage
    luffy didnt have haki
    aizen was running shit
    the avengers didnt come out
    they were still battling with mics on smack url
    pokemon x and y werent out yet

  • Adrian Worsham
    Adrian Worsham Year ago +1

    The way you slid that ad in.... smooth bro smooth

  • Evil Twin
    Evil Twin Year ago

    You forgot to emphasize that Kobe won the championship that year !!!!

  • Roderic Webb
    Roderic Webb Year ago

    I remember that Curry/Ellis backcourt because I saw them live in boston and Ellis dropped 40 something and i thought he was gonna be the next big thing.... yeah lol was I wrong

  • Ymg LoveBlue
    Ymg LoveBlue Year ago

    Why are u using a voice changer

  • Rell Rezzy
    Rell Rezzy Year ago

    Do they pay you extra for the Phenomenal sponsorship transitions

  • Lumos
    Lumos Year ago

    Dom, do greatest playoff series of all time part three we've been waiting for 3 MONTHS, come on man

  • Andreas Ryge
    Andreas Ryge Year ago

    Cant wait until you make this video 4 years years from now about the W's!

  • RewindThatGaming
    RewindThatGaming Year ago

    Man so much time past, I like that era though.

  • Wassup Bois
    Wassup Bois Year ago

    I was only 1 year old the last time lebron missed the finals

  • Jonny Arruda
    Jonny Arruda Year ago

    I love the ratchet and clank music

  • Shane Carson
    Shane Carson Year ago

    Technically, there are only 3 active players from that Finals Series, as I believe Tony Allen was waived halfway through the season so

  • Caleb Douglas
    Caleb Douglas Year ago +1

    Michael Redd was my guy

  • Bishop Boyd
    Bishop Boyd Year ago

    I get it. the last time BILL RUSSELL!!!! was in the NBA FINALS!!!! in 1969!!! ANTHONY NORMAN!!! the NBA looked like this: nba had 2 teams west of the MISSISSIPPI RIVER: LAKERS,WARRIORS. CHECK THAT. SONICS,SUNS arrived in 1968mak in it 4 teams!!. fantasy league was actually the REAL THING!!! thanks 2 the ABOVE THE RIM play of the ABA!!! with its red,white,and blue basketball. this event, till this very moment was the HI TECH!!! HIGH LITE!! moment!!! mans descent upon the MOON, NEIL ARMSTRONG. better than any cell,smart, etc. Houston,NASA Center even COMMUNICATED!!! with the SPACEMEN!! from earth. 1st finals MVP in WFRs final season: the logo. Mr Clutch Jerry West!!!

  • stoner simpson
    stoner simpson Year ago

    50 win season & that was 8th in the west for okc wow

  • Brien Dunphy
    Brien Dunphy Year ago +1

    he sounds like RDCworld 1

  • Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams Year ago

    Some scrub started pause cheesin me last night after he went up 11. Then sent me a message that i suk in the half way through the 3rd when I called a timeout down 11 again. He was All Time Heat, I was 91 Lakers. Took his bitch ass to OT and lost by 1. Worthy missed a WIDE OPEN Mid Range jumper on a good release at the buzzer.
    Pause cheesin with All Time heat against a team with 2 guys with 80 overall or higher while blowing an 11 point lead. LEGEND!! HAHA.

  • IamGravel
    IamGravel Year ago

    feel old yet?

  • I web Careers
    I web Careers Year ago

    This was some of you better content, nice vid man.

  • Kaliko Khronic
    Kaliko Khronic Year ago +1

    This is a great nostalgic video. You youngsters these days don't even know Gilbert arenas used to drop 30 a night then get his gun from his locker and drive home. Lol jk