Top 10 As Seen On TV Products That Were Surprisingly Awesome

  • Published on Apr 17, 2016
  • What they try to sell you on TV can't all be crap, can it? Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 As Seen On TV Products That Were Surprisingly Awesome. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►
    For this list, we're looking at those As Seen on TV products that amazed everyone with how useful they were, how much bang they gave you for your buck, or just how cool and surprisingly innovative they were.
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Comments • 11 971

  • Lindsey Morrison
    Lindsey Morrison 22 hours ago

    Did they just completely forget about SlapChop?
    "You're gonna love my nuts!"

  • Spartacus4000
    Spartacus4000 Day ago

    That sticky roller thing rinse it once and it stops working

  • K. Cook
    K. Cook 2 days ago

    The screen door thing does NOT work for long. The magnets constantly fall out. Maybe I got a faulty one.....

  • BFT Neelix
    BFT Neelix 2 days ago

    You're smoking crack, the Sticky Buddy is frickin worthless junk. I have 4 cats, my mother bought me one of those stupid things, nope.. Yeah, they're not environmentally friendly, but I'll stick to the 3M rollers with sticky paper that you pull off.

  • S P
    S P 2 days ago

    I tried the Ah bra, for me it was very uncomfortable. It's the only one I disagree with.

  • Rose Monroe
    Rose Monroe 3 days ago

    Pedegg sucked

  • Sodiumreactor
    Sodiumreactor 3 days ago


  • TacticalPower88
    TacticalPower88 3 days ago

    Atomic lighter is pretty friggin good too lol

  • TheFuriousfunk
    TheFuriousfunk 4 days ago

    The pasta maker? You can take any big plastic bowl that is microwave safe, put the pasta in it, fill it will water and microwave for 18 minutes for perfect pasta everytime. I had one of those pasta makers that was better than the ad one, it had a strainer attached. I quit using it because it was an extra thing to clean, any bowl is good.

  • Teresa Bird
    Teresa Bird 4 days ago

    Mr. Steamy did not work well.

  • Egil Knutsen Vorre
    Egil Knutsen Vorre 5 days ago

    Where is my flex tape

  • bendy plushie studios

    If I don't see Flex seal on here I'M GONNA

    Edit: I hate this channel

  • Brooke Douglas
    Brooke Douglas 5 days ago

    We’ve had our rotisserie for 15 years. We still use it all the time.

  • John Cooper
    John Cooper 5 days ago

    How is oxyclesn not on here? It is probably the single most successful “as seen on TV” products there is. I mean you still see it in so many other products now

  • phxazjarhead
    phxazjarhead 5 days ago

    The Potato Express is awesome!

  • Nathaniel S
    Nathaniel S 5 days ago

    Uh... Sham Wow. And the Slap Chop. Vince is the man.

  • Primitive Dasavage
    Primitive Dasavage 6 days ago

    Wow flex seal isn’t on here?

  • Curlieq55
    Curlieq55 7 days ago

    My mom taught me about cooking pasta in the microwave about 25 yrs ago. She learned about it from a professional chef. It really is a life changer.

  • Jessica Campagna
    Jessica Campagna 8 days ago

    The only product on this list that I have ever owned was #1 Sticky Buddy. It was crap. I use lint rollers. It does not pick up as well as lint rollers and it does not clean as well as it shows on the commercial. I have a product similar to the pasta cooker that was made by Pampered chef. It worked pretty well. I used it for a long time until I lost the lid.

  • SlimeRancher_ 5974
    SlimeRancher_ 5974 8 days ago +9

    I disagree with #7 because you can save money
    By just poking holes with a fork with a potato
    Boom saved money

  • Kimberly Kline
    Kimberly Kline 8 days ago

    Haha. That made me laugh "boom instant potato" then what were they before they were in the microwave?

  • Thomas Hannan
    Thomas Hannan 8 days ago

    The Popeil Showtime is, hands down, the best kitchen device, I ever bought.

  • Roni Regacho
    Roni Regacho 8 days ago

    I saw it and forgot it. HAHA.

  • Studa Baker
    Studa Baker 9 days ago +1

    My wife and I would get each other As Seen On TV stuff as gag gifts for Christmas and the one that we still use is the Ov Glove. The garlic mincer was good but it broke too easily.

  • Mary Watkins
    Mary Watkins 10 days ago

    A potato cooks quickly in a rice cooker, too. i make my "baked" potatoes in the rice cooker to save time.

  • music time with frends

    my friend has the screendoor

  • Cr3at0r Cr3at3s
    Cr3at0r Cr3at3s 11 days ago

    No frick this no flex seal no flex fun

  • night fall
    night fall 12 days ago

    I don’t need sleep I need answers.

  • xPinkBlushx
    xPinkBlushx 12 days ago

    Gross. But effective haha

  • Nerida van de Velden
    Nerida van de Velden 12 days ago

    Fair Dinkum Watch Mojo! How much money did you get paid to do these infomercials?! SMH. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Mandy Simmons
    Mandy Simmons 13 days ago

    there used to be some clear foot stuff that was pretty good.

  • Logan MK
    Logan MK 14 days ago

    3:35 We have those, they're awesome ^^

  • Jim
    Jim 15 days ago +1

    I can't imagine that you actually bought any of these products before doing this video.

  • gumisora
    gumisora 16 days ago

    I really love all of them!!

  • schango
    schango 16 days ago

    My 10 year old daughter is a pro at those rubber bracelets

  • Cynthia Magana
    Cynthia Magana 16 days ago

    That mesh screen was perfect 😂😂😂

  • Tahsyn Salah
    Tahsyn Salah 20 days ago

    I spit coffee when I saw that mighty thingy pull the airplane.

  • obsidianorchids
    obsidianorchids 22 days ago

    Take a potato, poke a couple holes in it, wrap in a wet papertowel, microwave for 5 mins. 2 mins extra and I didn't waste money.
    Tbh; this list is shite.

  • Mike Perkins
    Mike Perkins 23 days ago

    I don't agree with your lame list.

  • Millennial Lane Toys
    Millennial Lane Toys 23 days ago

    The fun loom is awful! Those little bands get everywhere and make me want to pull my hair out picking them up.

  • Random Show
    Random Show 23 days ago

    Sticky buddy is a shticky

  • A girl with no name
    A girl with no name 24 days ago

    My dad actually has the magic mesh lol

  • Isabella Burghard
    Isabella Burghard 24 days ago

    What am I doing here...

  • AJ Manliguez
    AJ Manliguez 24 days ago

    After ped egg comes parmesan on top of pasta 😂😂😂 really appetizing!

  • It's Chanyeol's Fault
    It's Chanyeol's Fault 25 days ago

    1:09 The rainbow loom was better tho

  • Varun Shrinet
    Varun Shrinet 26 days ago

    Are these products available at Naaptol ??? 😆

  • TiredBoi ツ
    TiredBoi ツ 27 days ago

    Jaboody dubs Cathy

  • Daniel Schmidt
    Daniel Schmidt 27 days ago

    so what made them change their mind about the chillow?

  • xXmlgamingXx
    xXmlgamingXx 27 days ago

    6:41 i remember that you put it on an as bad as seen on tv video of yours? What had changes your mind all of the sudden?

  • David Coutts
    David Coutts Month ago

    What about flex seal

  • MariLEX
    MariLEX Month ago

    Wait didnt you put chills on top 10 worst, and went on listing how it was bad. ALSO you put so many honorable mentions from top 10 worst as seen on tv products on your second or third list as the worst ones. Question mark?

  • dying101666
    dying101666 Month ago

    I'm definitely getting a sticky buddy. I literally sleep in dog hair because I have 3 dogs.

  • John Gonzalez
    John Gonzalez Month ago

    How come every time they show someone that can't do something. It always seems to be a caucasian. I think it's time you got a cut of the money. For degrading you on a national level. 😁

  • Leon Susever
    Leon Susever Month ago +1

    #1 „The Schticky“

  • ricky spanish
    ricky spanish Month ago


  • Uñknøwn Nãmé
    Uñknøwn Nãmé Month ago +8

    (Cough)*FLEX*(cough)*SEAL* Woo sorry my allergies.

    • Hattie Farris
      Hattie Farris 16 days ago

      The flex tape us so sticky, it sticks to my sissies while trying to cut. It should be in pre cut strips and squares, and more manageable.

  • Vanessa Kelson
    Vanessa Kelson Month ago

    Potatoe express is a huge fail!!

  • XsuperbootsX
    XsuperbootsX Month ago

    chillow on both worst and best list lol

  • BassedUpMusic _
    BassedUpMusic _ Month ago

    This is one big advertisment

  • Maddie Sullivan
    Maddie Sullivan Month ago


  • Claudia Valdizon
    Claudia Valdizon Month ago

    We have Magnet Mesh

  • -antibeta-
    -antibeta- Month ago

    spoilers to save some time

    10. fun loom
    9. pedegg power
    8. microwave pasta boat
    7. potato express microwave potato cooker
    6. magic mesh hands free mesh door
    5. mighty putty purple
    4. ez moves furniture moving system
    3. ronco 550 showtime rotisserie
    2. chillow
    honorable mentions
    -orgreenic pan
    -ahh bra
    -mr steamy
    -yoshi blade
    1. sticky buddy

  • Brendan K
    Brendan K Month ago

    Hell no where is flex seal?

  • Vladimir Pudding
    Vladimir Pudding Month ago

    0:15 wait those aren’t hands

  • HeWhoChooses
    HeWhoChooses Month ago +1

    Ok, the bgm was annoying.

  • Joshagopro
    Joshagopro Month ago

    Then why is chillow on the worst asoti

  • Louie Paul
    Louie Paul Month ago

    My dad loves the rotisserie cooker, he makes pork and chicken all the time

  • fortnite virgin 6969420

    Sticky buddy is a knock off of the shticky

  • damiengeo
    damiengeo Month ago

    I remember the FunLoom.... The good all days...

  • Tim Dawson
    Tim Dawson Month ago

    I pay extra on RU-clip to not watch commercials. Here I am watching a fucking video about commercials. Damnit!

  • James O'brian
    James O'brian Month ago

    My wife tried the Ahh Bras. She said they sucked. Had the lint roller, that lasted about a month before you couldn't get anything to come off it anymore. The Purple Putty doesn't work nearly as good as the stuff you can buy off the shelf at Walmart.

  • kjw51687
    kjw51687 Month ago

    Slap chop??

  • gil boston
    gil boston Month ago +1

    Set it and forget it. I used to watch him on TV just for fun and I bought the rotisserie which was one of my best cooking gadget.

  • Bowser14456
    Bowser14456 Month ago

    Yoshi has his own knife omg

  • Bowser14456
    Bowser14456 Month ago

    3:38 For all the people that ran into glass doors. Like me 😐