Apple Killed the Mac Mini.

  • Published on Dec 17, 2018
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    It’s been YEARS since Apple has released an update to the Mac Mini, the most AFFORDABLE Mac available… But it’s not so affordable anymore. So who’s it for now?
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Comments • 4 891

  • fiallos1
    fiallos1 8 hours ago

    Time to crack the books on MacOS

  • fiallos1
    fiallos1 8 hours ago

    I miss the Mac mini server

  • Soldato Caparzo
    Soldato Caparzo 3 days ago +1

    Mac OS is ALWAYS smooth.

  • Frank Park
    Frank Park 3 days ago +2

    Using an aluminum laptop cooling pad seems to prevent overheating on my Mac mini; makes a huge difference.

  • Justus Stern
    Justus Stern 4 days ago

    Who wants this bullshit ?!?

  • silpheedTandy
    silpheedTandy 4 days ago

    1:50 are rotary phones still supported by the infrastructure where Linus lives?!

  • Dominic Natoli
    Dominic Natoli 5 days ago

    I know that the Mac Mini has a unique cult following from the Apple user base. They have been used as Minecraft servers, render boxes, tv set top boxes, hosting for websites, mesh computing for large workloads, and a small desktop.

  • alzea arafat
    alzea arafat 7 days ago +2

    PC peasants keep complaining about hardware specs, but never mention about Apple perfect ecosystem, design, simplicity, optimized OS and build quality. LOL.

    • alzea arafat
      alzea arafat 6 days ago +1

      Jonny wut? You kidding right? Many professional use Mac instead of PC.
      I’m a full time UI/UX designer, and developer myself. You can check my web:

    • Jonny
      Jonny 6 days ago

      Yeah true!
      until you do something else than writing articles for your food-blog while enjoying your pumpkin-spice latte in Starbucks and have to do some real stuff instead...

  • Stanislaw Bieniek
    Stanislaw Bieniek 7 days ago

    What monitor are you using in this video?

  • OMA2k
    OMA2k 9 days ago

    4:08 Why did they make harder to open the Mac Mini this time? In the 2011 model you just had to rotate the plastic lid to open it, just like a jar of jam. In this 2018 version you have to use some tool to force the lid out, which will probably scare some users away from upgrading their machine at home instead of at an Apple store at a premium. Plus now opening the Mac Mini like this will probably void the warranty, while with the old model opening the lid wasn't an issue for the warranty, since opening the lid was something expected by Apple (the lid actually had markings indicating this, so it was something that Apple used to let users do)

  • Ziia z
    Ziia z 9 days ago +1

    What is this monitor name?

  • Ben's Boring Videos
    Ben's Boring Videos 10 days ago

    I was about to ask "Why the hell would anyone need 10 Gb networking" ... Then 3:02 happened. Editing 8k video files over the network. Ahhhhhhhh, gotcha.

    • Eric Freiberg
      Eric Freiberg 9 days ago

      But i frequently ask myself... 4K is only neccessary if you have at least a ~30-40" TV... who's got a 60-80" TV at home which could possibly allow you to distinguish 4K and 8K from each other?
      (And who's got the money for an 8K TV? Actually, there are almost none on the market, too.... so.... yeah...)

  • Shawn Burton
    Shawn Burton 10 days ago

    or maybe call it the Mac Daddy, lol

  • Allan Moraes
    Allan Moraes 10 days ago

    So, I am looking for a minimalist design for gaming and based on your videos looks like best cost vs performance relation is on a miniPC like NUC or that gaming variant I don't remember the name right now, did I read it correctly ? I've watched a few videos and MacMini and MacPro(the old 2014) are far from good choices for that... So, what you suggest ? good price, minimalist design, etc...

  • Ryan Lutz
    Ryan Lutz 11 days ago

    Larry the Cucumber!?

  • Dantino
    Dantino 13 days ago

    for 700$ you can buy a mini itx build with waaaaaay better specs (a ryzen 5, 500GB SSD...)

  • Carlo Pisani
    Carlo Pisani 14 days ago

    so apple sucks ... ain't it?

  • Zavier
    Zavier 15 days ago

    That bish is so hard to take apart

  • Aksshat Sharrma
    Aksshat Sharrma 17 days ago +1

    1:25 turn on auto generated subtitles and read the price. I think that should be the price lol

  • Matheus Serra
    Matheus Serra 18 days ago

    the Soc Intel core i3 8100 that Apple uses in the newest version of mac mini has higher performance than the previous generation intel core i5 7300HQ!!! this is awesome, for this reason that i3 hasn't turbo boost cause its base clock is higher than the core i5, but Apple haters will say : "ITS JUST A CORE I3 COSTING U$$ 799.... BLA BLA BLA.... all this without mentioning that the core i3 8100 uses the same integrated GPU of i5

  • Boba Squid
    Boba Squid 18 days ago

    Apple is a huge waste of money. Always.

  • Adigun Forest
    Adigun Forest 23 days ago

    Complete trash.

  • niggler
    niggler 24 days ago

    Yo fuck apple what the hell

  • Will Baker
    Will Baker 24 days ago +2

    I would watch this channel more if you weren't such a marketeer :(

  • Dingy Paper
    Dingy Paper 24 days ago

    Gigidy goo

  • Temptør Enthusiast Gaming

    LTT still showing dudes tight derrieres....damn mack weldon

  • Cre8tvMG
    Cre8tvMG 26 days ago +10

    "46 screws later..." how it used to be!
    Ah - 4 T6 screws later. That's better.

    • Alex Pochettino
      Alex Pochettino 9 days ago +1

      There are days when I'd take 46 screws over 4 torx screws

  • sgradone
    sgradone 26 days ago +1

    Apple deliberately designing something that heats up and reduces its life span sounds like a good way to ensure people will need to buy another earlier than they'd need to.

  • Butfacemc Fartsalot
    Butfacemc Fartsalot 27 days ago

    did apple make it BIGGER? 0:00

  • Skullet
    Skullet 27 days ago +1

    4:00 It looks like Anthony dropped that deliberately? I'm guessing they didn't get the original drop on camera as you can also see the screen is cracked before he drops it. :)

  • Leandro Tami
    Leandro Tami 28 days ago

    Mac minis could be the same size as an Apple TV. I don't get it why they stick with this size. I wonder if it was to do with those macOS server farms that depend on Mac minis

  • SeanBuckShot
    SeanBuckShot 28 days ago

    Easy Segway this time

  • BerfroidMorzen
    BerfroidMorzen 29 days ago +1

    which model is that Dell monitor? liked it.

  • Tommy Two Tones
    Tommy Two Tones Month ago

    Just stop, Apple. We don't care.

  • CrossGrain
    CrossGrain Month ago

    Would love to see a vid about how to liquid cool a 2018 mac mini. I've got one combined with an eGPU and use it for video creation.. just got done with a 13 hour AE render session, and it did fine, but was at 100° C for most of the time. Thermal throttling like crazy :-/

  • Thanh Trung Nguyen
    Thanh Trung Nguyen Month ago

    Mac mini support not film 4K on iturnes, only only HD you think about it before you buy.

  • Wojtas!
    Wojtas! Month ago +2

    What happens, if you just... Smash the T2 chip?

  • Generate Joy
    Generate Joy Month ago

    what the fuck was this ad dude??? at 0:58... "Apple Killed the Mac Mini." -this is your title - doesn't say anything about T-shirts and shit...

  • Scott Quinn
    Scott Quinn Month ago

    So, I became blind in 2010. I’m looking into the six core Mac Mini with either 8GB or 16GB of RAM. Obviously I wouldn’t be doing any video editing outside of perhaps some simple splicing of video to create some basic Vlogs, and thats even if I chose to work with someone on doing that. I’m thinking this would be a great computer for daily tasks and some minior music production that would rely on the CPU way more than the graphics card. Would this be an accurate thing to assume?

  • Hex
    Hex Month ago

    Hey, can you try replacing the thermal compound with noctua or your favorite compound?

    • CrossGrain
      CrossGrain Month ago

      I'd love to see this combined with some sort of liquid cooling solution!

    • Juan Pablo
      Juan Pablo Month ago

      Try mustard. Works wonders for a short while.

  • NevEd
    NevEd Month ago

    Buddy gets 4gb 1.4 ghz i5 mac mini as part of studio kit, originally costs $550. Complete balls. Me, being the resourceful genius piece of shit with too much time that I was, got him a used dell business machine off of ebay for about $230 that ripped the asshole of the mac mini. He even scored some extra ram without me, so he has 16 gb now. Still needs an SSD but fuck it, tat can wait

  • REALDualDesertEagle

    Apple is junk anyway! Period!

  • Gecko 1993
    Gecko 1993 Month ago

    Why not call it the “Mac Maxi”?
    Oh and I smell hypocrisy with the headphone jack... I’m just saying.

  • Roger Kao
    Roger Kao Month ago +2

    At 2:06 of the clip; my heart stopped even though I know nothing is in that box!

  • Robert Crawshaw
    Robert Crawshaw Month ago +1

    Was it random ram you found, or RAMdom you found?

  • Ervin
    Ervin Month ago +4

    i dont get how the title relates to the video contents

  • mrk107
    mrk107 Month ago

    Video killed the radio star.

  • MuzikJunkyAES
    MuzikJunkyAES Month ago

    If I disable the security on the T2, does it run cooler than with it on? And, also, is it possible to disable the T2 completely? And if not, should a cooling pad be considered? Peace.

  • Brad P
    Brad P Month ago

    I buy Macs because of macOS. I really just need to build a Hackintosh.

    • codenamememe
      codenamememe Month ago

      Brad P yeah or you could just vm it.

  • Dee
    Dee Month ago +2

    Can you still install windows as dual boot on these?

    • L HK
      L HK Month ago

      Yes. Bootcamp.

  • Leonard Przybylski
    Leonard Przybylski Month ago

    2:43 Those look like USB-C. Are you sure they're thunderbolt?

    • LimaFilms Studio
      LimaFilms Studio Month ago

      Its the Thunderbolt 3 standard with the usb c connecter, like Mini Displayport and Thunderbolt 2

  • Ps Z
    Ps Z Month ago

    It's really unfair to compare an i9 Macbook Pro with an i5 Mac mini.

  • Джонатан
    Джонатан Month ago

    Does it support the Dell 8k monitor fully? 60hz

  • The Spaniel Inquisition

    FFS Apple, are they on drugs or something

  • Sacha Durand Saint Omer

    That underwear ad in the middle of a Mac review xD. Fantastic review!!

  • Matthew Stidham
    Matthew Stidham Month ago

    It looks comparable to the System76 Meerkat, for an additional $200.

  • aimRBLX
    aimRBLX Month ago +1

    big mac

  • Maddy Carbuncle
    Maddy Carbuncle Month ago

    Riley: "Appropriate costume? Check!"

  • Michael Kilsdonk
    Michael Kilsdonk Month ago +57

    That sponsor transition was so smooth I slipped

  • Lotusrk123
    Lotusrk123 Month ago

    In 2005/2006 Steve Wozniak was running Mac into the ground financially by hating on Intel processors. So he calls up Steve Jobs, freshly jobless from selling Pixar to Disney, to return to Apple to save the day (which he did by adopting Intel processors and downsizing (retiring) the PowerMac G5. Now that Jobs is passed on, Wazniak is at it again choosing the path less traveled and is paying the price: Mac just reduced production by about 25% for 2019 and is expected to leave personal computer production completely by 2021 or 22. Sometimes genius comes at a price?

  • mex
    mex Month ago

    should be called the _big_ mac.

  • Oz Gültekin
    Oz Gültekin Month ago +5

    I literally laughed out loud at the ad transition..... well played, Linus... well played.. LOL

  • Antony bro
    Antony bro Month ago

    Hackintosh .... the solution. Better cheaper.

  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta Month ago

    Remember when mac products were cool? Innovated? Had a good price? Gladly let you upgrade or replace parts?

    • Prince Vegeta
      Prince Vegeta Month ago

      +Parker's Brick Box Click Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Turn automatic updating on or off. In the Important updates menu, select Never check for updates. Deselect Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates. Deselect Allow all users to install updates on this computer and click OK. Done and updates are gone. Anything else?

  • Angus Fraser
    Angus Fraser Month ago

    There were 2 sponsors

  • Sir Glorg
    Sir Glorg Month ago

    lmao :D Glad it only costs 100 USD for the ethernet port, and we don't need to buy those expensive thunderbolt2ethernet adapters, which cost around one third the price? LUL :D that's just ridiculous ....

    • skifree
      skifree Month ago

      Can I get a link to said adapter....For $30 that would be a steal to get a 10 gigabit adapter.....Too bad they don't exist and you are more likely just confused and comparing it to a normal 1gb connection

  • Cereal Pirate
    Cereal Pirate Month ago

    Iove osx ... but I absolutely hate Apple !!! They dont even try to hide the fact that they are screwing their customers now days. what happen to the fun in building and upgrading .... oh yeah it died with the REAL Mac pro... you know the 80lb monster that was beautiful as well as up gradable. I spent just under a grand and built a computer that would have cost me well over 3 thousand for an Apple equivalent. You just dont get what you pay for when you buy Apple these days. Steve Jobs wouldnt have screw us that bad... at least I would like to think.

  • LJH08Ralith
    LJH08Ralith Month ago

    The problem is for the price... for an upgraded version.. (i5 / i7 larger ssd etc.) you can get the iMac for just a tad more with actual graphics. Without an ssd maybe but you can add one to it still aftermarket as far as I know...

  • who8myfish
    who8myfish Month ago

    Buying a Mac Mini and attaching an external GPU will leave you with the worlds most expensive entry level gaming rig.

  • NerdIt
    NerdIt Month ago

    1:55 he has the same alienware desktop as me

  • Colton Harter
    Colton Harter Month ago +1

    OH DANG. Got that good segway double whammie going on! Whoo

  • OBV Maze
    OBV Maze Month ago

    Im watching the sponser

    No homo

  • benedict cumberbatch
    benedict cumberbatch 2 months ago

    Anthony sounds like gabe

  • john conners
    john conners 2 months ago +3

    Apple installed the EXPIRATION chip.....good job

  • milkamilla
    milkamilla 2 months ago +4

    I've used the mac mini at work for a while because it's useful for iOS app development, you can use all of your components and the specs were ok for that purpose. The size is also great. But as always with Apple, you get mediocre specs for high end prices.

    • Eddy G
      Eddy G 26 days ago

      It's not the hardware you're paying for's the wonderful operating system that so advanced compared to windows......wait........

  • DNSEA Ekazim
    DNSEA Ekazim 2 months ago

    My jaw dropped at 2:05

  • mark burban
    mark burban 2 months ago

    ohh seeing this chip is so hot, why not do a watercool it.. you could do something really awesome with that mac body form factor; like a giant circular heatsink / radiator module.

  • Robert Drinkall
    Robert Drinkall 2 months ago

    Let's hope Apple kill all their other products as well!

  • cesar d leon
    cesar d leon 2 months ago

    How will it work for full hd video editing???

  • zezba9000
    zezba9000 2 months ago

    This mac is stupid. If you can't replace the hard-drive (you know the part that goes bad first)... you can't repair your computer in the future. RAM lasts way longer than hard drives do. Apple is conning people.

    OLDSKOOL978 2 months ago +1

    Hackintosh kills the Mac mini. I'm using an x99 edition 10, 64gb ram , 6900k at 4.2 stable. Mac osx Mojave.
    its not all that hard to setup and once you got a good setup, your good to update install drivers.. do everything as if it were a real Mac (I even use "lost my iMac") airdrop works... and my water cooler really makes this thing a final cut powerhouse.

    • OLDSKOOL978
      OLDSKOOL978 2 months ago

      yeah but how far into the future? apple isnt going to drop support for all of their current computers over night..

    • Edi Utomo Putra
      Edi Utomo Putra 2 months ago

      With T2 chip it might be in the future no more hackintosh, and Apple will become the most closed ecosystem ever 😅

  • Ram Laska
    Ram Laska 2 months ago +3

    5:30 Ugh. Never buying a computer that uses a "security chip" to take choices away from me.
    [Comment angrily typed on my Macbook Air]

  • grounding123
    grounding123 2 months ago

    BOOM THERE IT IS!!! -- good oldie

  • Kyle B
    Kyle B 2 months ago

    Any idea if they fixed the vulnerability where the Intel ME Region was not locked on these?

  • Jim Y
    Jim Y 2 months ago

    since rendering with ray tracing only uses CPU and takes most of the time in a movie production, I guess macOS is the better option than Win10

  • FDSeoul
    FDSeoul 2 months ago

    Gigabit ethernet, I have yet found the need for this shit and still managed to be very productive. More Shit from MaCgimmick over price shitlot.

    • skifree
      skifree 2 months ago

      Then it clearly isn't for you...meanwhile everyone over there at LMG works off their 10Gb ethernet ports to a work server as a way of consolidating their massive footage library.....
      In fact from their other video that mac mini WAS actually deployed for LMG....something along the lines of windows ingest programs are not as well polished as the macOS alternatives and they were experimenting if using these as ingest stations would be better.

  • Kevin Brotherton
    Kevin Brotherton 2 months ago

    Nice Apple friendly review. Did you plug in the Apple Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard? Oh so you haven't encountered the bluetooth and WiFi dropouts that everyone is complaining about. I replaced mine (after 2 months of troubleshooting) and the replacement is no better. This makes the Mac Mini a frustrating package. :-(.

  • Tom Babula
    Tom Babula 2 months ago

    Doesn't replacing RAM yourself voids Apple warranty though?

  • TheJooomes
    TheJooomes 2 months ago

    Still more reliable than Windows.

  • 9Tensai9
    9Tensai9 2 months ago

    I would totally buy that if it wasn't this fucking.expensive.
    Like, ok it's apple but man... way too expensive.

  • Knight of Christianity
    Knight of Christianity 2 months ago

    the new mac mini is right there on apple homepage, however an ignorant low IQ android fan will always crave fake news about apple

  • charles 3925
    charles 3925 2 months ago


  • J B
    J B 2 months ago +2

    so they took an Airport and turned into a computer

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis 2 months ago +1

    Apple is evil please do not cover there products the only goal Apple has is to steal from consumers and make the tech industry worse

  • catalysts17az
    catalysts17az 2 months ago

    what type of HDD does it have? NVMe? M.2 Sata? Sata 2.5? i need to know please

    • Oxy
      Oxy 2 months ago

      catalysts17az NVMe

  • Carlos Mundaray
    Carlos Mundaray 2 months ago +1

    jejjeje excelente

  • Wil Raubach
    Wil Raubach 2 months ago +3

    At 2:06 my heart stopped beating 🙈

  • Niko Nikkerston
    Niko Nikkerston 2 months ago

    try to install windows 10 on that mac mini it should be easy

    • Niko Nikkerston
      Niko Nikkerston 2 months ago

      +Trevor Dupp nice

    • Trevor Dupp
      Trevor Dupp 2 months ago +1

      I just did it on my 2018 macbook using BootCamp Assist - it was insanely easy, and worked the first time out the gate.

  • Links Loki
    Links Loki 2 months ago

    Too many compromises, bad value.

    • Hana Diamond
      Hana Diamond 2 months ago

      I guess it depends what you compare it to. Once you go north of $2K, it's a better value to get an iMac if you have the space for it, but on the lower end, no Mac could touch it. It's the only Apple product that lets you start at a relatively low price and upgrade later. (For $1,500, you get a Mac Mini that vastly outperforms a $6K Macbook Pro aside from the GPU.) . My plan is to add an eGPU in year 2 and expand the RAM 3rd party style. I'm guessing your reaction wrt the old Mac Mini is that started so much cheaper - but it didn't have a cutting edge CPU in it.

  • Nathan Mason
    Nathan Mason 2 months ago

    I have your fingerprint now 2:17. Using that information I've come to conclude... You have small hands.