Gangsters in Paradise - The Deportees of Tonga

  • Published on Feb 6, 2019
  • In Gangsters in Paradise - Deportees of Tonga, VICE embeds with four Tongan nationals who have been sent back to the tiny island nation where they were born after serving prison time in New Zealand and the United States. Former gang members, they often struggle to reconnect with the culture, the language, and the people.
    They are haunted by the stigma of their criminal pasts, which casts a pall over their employment prospects and puts a barrier between them and their compatriots.
    Government support for returnees is non-existent, wages are low, and with Tonga in the midst of a methamphetamine crisis, the temptations to revert to the lives of crime they hoped to leave behind when they left prison are high.
    WATCH NEXT: The Motel for the Homeless and Ex-Prisoners : The Stay Inn:
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Comments • 9 365

  • daveslow84
    daveslow84 Day ago

    What's with the subtitles?! They are all speaking English...

  • NYliving100
    NYliving100 Day ago

    The UN and human rights groups should take up the cause of deportees. After they serve their time, why should they be deported from their home and family? Why should their punishment be perpetual exile and poverty? AND why is their family punished, their kids especially? Their families should sue. They are who they are because of their environment, and those countries should own it, and not discard them like that to countries they know nothing about. Like the policeman said, they are HUMAN BEINGS.

  • Zesstyy -_-
    Zesstyy -_- 2 days ago

    Only Mexicans get deported? ok buddy

  • Indigo Sand
    Indigo Sand 2 days ago

    Love the raw, hard-hitting docs like this, AY!

  • Keyann Martinez
    Keyann Martinez 3 days ago

    A bad guy that admits he wants to be a good guy is so sexy in a way lol😍😍

  • yaka
    yaka 4 days ago +1


  • conquistor teh cube
    conquistor teh cube 5 days ago

    Lesson learned ask the Filipino if he is subbed to pewds if u want to get high with the filipinos

  • peoplevsradio317
    peoplevsradio317 8 days ago

    Straight from a deportees mouth... Donald Trump is getting rid of the worst of the worst.
    The media will have you believe he's attacking women and children... a man that is in the middle of it and can see what is happening clearly stated that Donald Trump is getting rid of the worst of the worst. His words not mine

  • Kenneth Scott
    Kenneth Scott 8 days ago

    I live in Hawaii 3 years there gangs not that tough. Come to Baltimore and you will see the different.

  • Nazim Uddin
    Nazim Uddin 8 days ago

    This isn't Jonah from summer high heights 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • oblezni
    oblezni 9 days ago

    Сделайте русские субтитры. Н английском и так вся ваша аудитория понимает.

  • surf5rgurl
    surf5rgurl 9 days ago

    "Shot him four times in the stomach." Evil laughs. CRAAAAAYYYY!

  • RiddimSTAR1
    RiddimSTAR1 9 days ago

    I love my brothers from Tonga. Fefe Hake. Royal Tongan Marines. Till we meet again. 🇺🇸🇹🇴🇵🇷

  • Martin Conta Gets Banned

    Tonga doesn't want their criminals back, but the retarded American liberals would love to have you here. They even want to give you free money, that other people have to work for.

  • Hillbilly Dranyam
    Hillbilly Dranyam 9 days ago

    Give them a second chance? How about the violent records starting at 9 and 10 yrs old? Dozens of arrests and convictions, being released and hurting others again before finally deported. Take your medicine Thugs.....🤔

  • Martin Conta Gets Banned

    Imagine having a huge baby crap tattoo across your chest

  • Xodus
    Xodus 10 days ago

    Very educational doco loved the work and realness in the vid.. keep up the good work. A smart man learns from his mistakes, but a wise man learns from the ones others make.. there seems to be a drug dealing scumbag everywhere destroying people's lives for money.. They are the real problem.

  • Julia Guerrero
    Julia Guerrero 10 days ago

    my manager is from Tonga

  • WideAwakeism
    WideAwakeism 11 days ago

    Cuba Gooding Jr. @19:24

  • WideAwakeism
    WideAwakeism 11 days ago +1

    This better be good... I had to sit through a 15 second tranny ad. smh

  • btv
    btv 11 days ago

    he shoots a person and thinks its fucking funny. we don't want people like him in the usa.

  • Kia’s Korner
    Kia’s Korner 11 days ago +1

    I recently watched the other episode that was based in Tijuana regarding the Mexican deportees. The police officer on that episode said the same thing that this officer said. The countries who are deporting these people are not telling these countries that they are sending back their citizens. They don’t tell them who they are, what they did or anything. Very interesting how communication may change things.

  • Cameron Stark
    Cameron Stark 11 days ago

    Makes me want to be a better father to my 3 year old son

    • Nigg Herc cheek buster
      Nigg Herc cheek buster Day ago

      How dare you assume your sons gender maybe he wants to identify as a vaccum cleaner or a toaster LOL

  • Rickie-NYC
    Rickie-NYC 11 days ago

    Don't cry now tough guys

    GREY DEATH 11 days ago +1

    i swear most views was for the baby crip tattoo on his chest, shit you see a mf with a baby crip tatt holding a machete you click on that shit, i sure as hell did.

  • Arkadeep Kundu
    Arkadeep Kundu 11 days ago

    Everyone heads to USA to live like all the white peole and I being an Asian I will say that white people will not always accept nonwhite people . Due to this discrimination many nonwhite go for joining gangs and at last they have to return to their own Country.

  • Lance DUB-U
    Lance DUB-U 11 days ago

    Being from Hawai’i I have a kinship to these guys. I never got into the gang life, I never did anything really bad. It’s sad they learned later in life after losing things. But obviously there are others who brought the gang/bad way of life with them to Tonga. Best wishes to all.

  • Ruy Roberto
    Ruy Roberto 11 days ago

    Stop crying... you are FREE! what are you fuking complaning about?

  • Miguel San
    Miguel San 11 days ago

    Beautiful island brotha.

  • paul orta
    paul orta 12 days ago

    I remember when vice was a good education channel. How ridiculous you had to focus on the deported perspective. Tfoh

  • Codafy Hendrix
    Codafy Hendrix 12 days ago

    These dudes looks don’t match they voice lol

  • John Penguin
    John Penguin 12 days ago

    How many times did he say you know

  • Knoxla Gee
    Knoxla Gee 13 days ago

    Ossh Kc

  • Roy Hunt
    Roy Hunt 13 days ago

    Big mover lol half ounce ahahahaha

  • Slinkylabcat
    Slinkylabcat 14 days ago

    I'm a nice person in general, but I have to ask: Are there any Polynesians who aren't fat?

  • Jack Bagnall
    Jack Bagnall 14 days ago

    I envy people who can live in nature like they do in tonga. in some countries you would be lucky to see a tree once a month. got to think who is richer those with land and nature or those living inside a concrete jungle up to their ass in debt

  • Matthew
    Matthew 14 days ago

    Motherfuckers holding a coconut in one hand and slicing it with a machete with the other LOL

  • Augustine Minimbi
    Augustine Minimbi 15 days ago +2

    The end result of neocolonialism: take all the youth out of their indigenous surroundings, sell them a dream you created, then when that dream doesn't eventuate, spit them out like poison back to their origins without a clue or a damn

  • 07 Highmarc
    07 Highmarc 15 days ago +1

    What most people who immigrate 2nd generation and on going dont understand... its good to be proud about where you from. But you grew up in a different country, made friends there, get influenced by the culture. I travelled a few places in the world and its always the same. Immigrants who dont want to immigrate and stick with their parents culture while never experiencing it. As second gen you dont have anybody there, you dont know their ways just from what your family teaches you. I respect people for not giving up on their family roots but man realise that you arent 100% part of your parents culture. Live with who you are and adapt to your life. You mexican in america? Own it. Turkish in germany? Own it. African in britain, america or whereever? Own it. Mahori in "new" New Zealand? OWN THAT SHIT BUT ADAPT!! You arent just your original heritage so you should adapt. A lot of shit comes from racism, but a lot of shit comes from not adapting as well.

    • 07 Highmarc
      07 Highmarc 15 days ago +1

      One more thing ill add watching further. F**** gun crime. I had many discussions with my american friends. Robberys are in every country. Most countries where guns are illegal dont have that problem. Robbers go in with knifes, bats or no weapons and fuck off if they get seen by the owner. You can discuss ages if it makes a difference if some countries have access to guns. Overall? America is horrible in statistics to every other country when it comes to gun crimes. Ban that shit. Will take decades to pay off maybe but it will. And to the ones critiquing, i would buy a gun right away if id live in america. But for society get rid of that shit.

    • 07 Highmarc
      07 Highmarc 15 days ago

      If anyone reads this i hope i can help with my "knowledge", have a debate or talk about the topic in general if someone thinks i am wrong.

  • Torcida Split
    Torcida Split 16 days ago

    12:07 got the same Nikes :D

  • hushg2000
    hushg2000 17 days ago

    Well, Tonga .... get ready to be Salvador, Honduras, and south Mexico ..... sending you American garbage to destroy your innocent ways of life
    Be very afraid of the American ones ... they build killers here with no love or respect
    Thoughts and prayers 😏🤓🤨

  • jzeeTV
    jzeeTV 17 days ago +2

    *_Jesus loves you. Don't give up! Call upon Him and Trust Him, today._* 🎯

  • sergio nunez
    sergio nunez 17 days ago

    i hope hes using that machete to make breakfast

  • Gabriel Otsmane
    Gabriel Otsmane 17 days ago

    every body making mistake its not very glad to see this good people still saving his life and looking for true's never to late we still fighting our soul to bee a nice people god bless u keep making Chang just for....god bless god bless

  • Arun Mathew
    Arun Mathew 18 days ago

    Vice is what real men watch.

  • Gasko Gaskovich
    Gasko Gaskovich 18 days ago

    17:25, that's what usa is, A CANCER in the world. They crush their own peoples souls, and others too, and then they send those crushed souls to other countries, distribute them and let them spread this cancer. usa is like a virus in a computer.

    • Nigg Herc cheek buster
      Nigg Herc cheek buster Day ago

      The world we live in isnt disney land where everyone gets together sings koombiyah and holds hands and the children laugh and play with gumdrop smiles the world is fucked and so are people we dont need a saftey net for some loser who chose to work at mcdonalds for 30 years and wants better healtcare no work hard and you shall get what you work for if i give a bum 1 million dollars he will be homeless again in a year because you are what you are thats the way the world works so hardworking people shouldnt have to pay more taxes to support drug addicts , healthcare , ebt , housing and etc no fuck that i keep my money and so does the next person because WE EARNED IT not bob the 45 year old whos been working at burger king for 27 years and wants free free free because everyone else has to pay for it just like these dicks go back to tonga you killed a guy start a new life over there and dont come back so that we can free up prison space

    • Nigg Herc cheek buster
      Nigg Herc cheek buster Day ago

      The usa is amazing you cant name one better country than america because the west is the best everywhere else is trash compared to us

  • kwatsj Kneuk
    kwatsj Kneuk 18 days ago

    Nice, in some way deporting was effective at giving them a chance of another life

  • tyson deleon
    tyson deleon 18 days ago


  • brandon merritt
    brandon merritt 18 days ago

    You know you know you know that shit annoying

  • Tim Donovan
    Tim Donovan 19 days ago

    put your shirt on and cover up your moobs.

  • Diego Quaresma
    Diego Quaresma 19 days ago

    Tongans are polynesians and i’m From Fiji and partially grew up in New Zealand where there are thousands of them, amazing people and hands down the most humble and kind i’ve ever met. Sad how life can change people irrespective of their race. Things aren’t this bad in Fiji tho, hope it stays that way.

  • Ralph Lopez
    Ralph Lopez 19 days ago

    Powerful emotions

  • 차카게살자
    차카게살자 19 days ago +1

    Korea Gangster full movie Subscribe, please

  • Cherisyev Vladeschi
    Cherisyev Vladeschi 19 days ago

    Dude with the lakers kit sounds like korg

  • rubyh 69
    rubyh 69 20 days ago

    where’s jonah?

  • Taylor Mclaren
    Taylor Mclaren 20 days ago

    I'm from Hawkes Bay NZ, my instagram (rustydogpaws)

  • American Nobody
    American Nobody 20 days ago

    I see that people regardless of where they are from don't actually READ the Bible! Sunday is the FIRST DAY OF THE WEEK, and Saturday is the LAST! "And on the SEVENTH DAY He rested..."

  • Dom Lagasca
    Dom Lagasca 20 days ago

    wait what do you us filipinos are gangsters but maybe adult here drink always so ok

  • Rosa Rodriguez
    Rosa Rodriguez 20 days ago

    I want a tongan husband❤

  • Bambang Agung
    Bambang Agung 21 day ago

    talk bullshit

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  • Frank
    Frank 22 days ago

    Prolly scared of you because you shot someone for “picking” on you and decided to fight everyone but your dad...

  • Iceman FlatEarth
    Iceman FlatEarth 22 days ago +2

    Dam I thought he was go beat up the kid he shot em 4 times dammm lol

  • Cliff Yablonski
    Cliff Yablonski 22 days ago

    Short fat squat faced invading monsters with low IQ's we need to keep out of white countries.

    • Frank
      Frank 22 days ago +2

      Cliff Yablonski psst...people can see you’re a Russian troll...

  • Henry Kane
    Henry Kane 23 days ago

    Who thought of Johna from Tonga?

  • Tim Bibin
    Tim Bibin 23 days ago

    O boy got deported in 9090

  • Afu Skuxx
    Afu Skuxx 23 days ago +1

    “ i guess I just gotta fold it up and press on with this journey... Life is moving forward”
    What a bloody line and the music is good

  • Jamie C
    Jamie C 24 days ago

    Cant help but hear Jonah from Tonga.

  • Wiley
    Wiley 24 days ago

    what for gangsters ..just fuck up guys …

  • Nia Roach
    Nia Roach 24 days ago

    The guy speaking at around 2:16 sounds like when tv put filters on criminals to try and hide and their voice so no one will recognize them.