• Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! Today we take a trip down memory lane and I give you my opinion about every major Miley hair moment ever! Some were real good and some were real bad!
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  • Vegan Beauty Girl
    Vegan Beauty Girl 15 hours ago

    love this but honestly i swear miley lived in extensions from 2008 through to we can't stop :')

  • Amelia Luchini
    Amelia Luchini Day ago

    Yassss! Hannah Montana!!

  • Madaria's Craft
    Madaria's Craft Day ago

    Oh miley can do no wrong in my book.Her hair is gorgeous and thick she does whatever she wants and she rocks it for the most part.She bad and she knows it.

  • galdranorn vikingsdottir

    3:17 for a sec i thought, "why the hell did he put in pre drug-addiction lindsay lohan there" lol oupsie

  • Jennifer Santos
    Jennifer Santos 2 days ago

    Brad you are bae 😍

  • Sam Seeraj
    Sam Seeraj 2 days ago

    has he never heard of Pink? She rocks those rockstar hair styles. like miley didnt start it

  • Taylor Berry
    Taylor Berry 3 days ago

    2010 redhead Miley 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • moayad al lahamm
    moayad al lahamm 3 days ago

    Hannah Montana stans , WYA

  • Sheena Zamani
    Sheena Zamani 4 days ago

    when u realize ur miley 2016 and u need to fix ur roots :/

  • Ximena Ibáñez
    Ximena Ibáñez 5 days ago

    Where's the bun? She looked so cute!

  • Emily Strong
    Emily Strong 5 days ago


  • Nicole Lopez-Villegas

    I feel like blunt bangs only ever looked good on Anne Hathaway in Devil wears Prada. So sexy...I thought lol and whenever I get them (which I always regret) I wanna look like that but I neverrrr doooo

  • georgina pallister
    georgina pallister 5 days ago

    Miley always had hair extensions

  • makeupbyjoachim
    makeupbyjoachim 6 days ago

    do demi and gaga, kesha and jeffree star!!!

  • Kaylee Cooper
    Kaylee Cooper 7 days ago

    i feel like 2010 miley hair was a wig

  • ashley patnode
    ashley patnode 7 days ago +1

    Oh brad be nice lol those roots are to grow out that undercut as quick as possible... just don’t touch

  • angel rose
    angel rose 8 days ago

    Please do a Khloe Kardashian hair evolution!

  • Karla Pothá
    Karla Pothá 8 days ago

    Next: DEMI LOVATO!

  • Liam Kokesch
    Liam Kokesch 8 days ago

    I like short hair Miley the best...

  • Andrea Hairston
    Andrea Hairston 9 days ago

    BRAD......... I’m obsessed with these episodes but you definitely have to add Rihanna it will be like 40 minutes lol!!!

  • autumn hardy
    autumn hardy 9 days ago +1

    in 2012 my 8 year old self was so upset when miley went “bad” because i grew up watching hannah montana and i was like she’s gone :/😂❤️

  • Artimals 2019
    Artimals 2019 9 days ago

    Yas Hannah Montana fan yas!!! 😄😚❤️❤️❤️

  • Whisper Silhouette
    Whisper Silhouette 10 days ago

    Miley took Brad and straightened him out like a noodle

  • Ryland Daleson
    Ryland Daleson 10 days ago

    Plz do taylor swift hair evolution

  • Emma Bath
    Emma Bath 10 days ago

    I love hair evolution videos by omfg they make me feel so old haha
    Where my 93 liners at

  • Emma Bath
    Emma Bath 10 days ago

    Brad you said your itnto kpop a g dragon evolution would be awesome Expecially because he has SOOOO many different and crazy looks and invented neon hair

  • kittymukki
    kittymukki 10 days ago

    DO TAYLOR SWIFT 😬❤️😬❤️

  • commentatrice anonima
    commentatrice anonima 11 days ago +5

    Could you react to Billie Eilish hair colors? She's had so many haha

  • Dee McNeal
    Dee McNeal 11 days ago

    Shes such trash .. Ick

  • Samara Park
    Samara Park 11 days ago

    Brad fangirling is all I need 😄😄💗💗.

  • Taylor Williams
    Taylor Williams 11 days ago

    Lea meachile hair evolution

  • Talitha Rose
    Talitha Rose 11 days ago +4

    Title should be brad being a super fan for 17 minutes straight 😂
    Love it ♥️

  • rrrashes
    rrrashes 12 days ago

    in 2011. pancake top was a thing :///

  • vampyr zireael
    vampyr zireael 12 days ago

    you should do a video about rihanna’s hair evolution

  • Cobie-lee Black
    Cobie-lee Black 13 days ago

    You should do a Britney Spears hair evolution video 🙊😂

  • Emmaline Rose
    Emmaline Rose 13 days ago

    After watching this you would have loved being my hairdresser. I love having a punk hairstyle. Not on purpose but I had a Miley pixie cut for awhile.

  • Regina Pollack
    Regina Pollack 13 days ago +2

    "Mom, I just can't be tamed."😂😘

  • Joanna Middendorp
    Joanna Middendorp 13 days ago +2

    “Is that the year we’re in?” Me all the days of my life 😭 Thank you for adding a sparkle in my day.

  • Sarah Schmidt
    Sarah Schmidt 13 days ago

    Me: Yassss 2010. Was that the time when Can't Be Tamed came out? Because that was her time!
    Brad: I think that was when Can't Be Tamed came out.
    Me: Thank you, Brad!

  • J B
    J B 13 days ago +3

    Omg finally somebody who loves short hair Miley as much as me yass

  • Aviana Persia
    Aviana Persia 13 days ago

    You should do other celebrities hair evolution

  • LexisBaaby23
    LexisBaaby23 14 days ago

    Thats crazy, because her hair with bangs in 2008 was my favorite on her!!

  • Elmira Tchagop
    Elmira Tchagop 14 days ago


  • Juzelle Venter
    Juzelle Venter 14 days ago

    i just subscribed over the unsubscribe comment after a few months of procrastinating with your channel,
    thank you

  • Victor Zamudio
    Victor Zamudio 14 days ago

  • Victor Zamudio
    Victor Zamudio 14 days ago

  • Valters Slūka
    Valters Slūka 14 days ago

    Do the same thing with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry

  • Ebony Cameron
    Ebony Cameron 14 days ago


  • likes chanel
    likes chanel 15 days ago +1

    She got Justin Beiber hair lol

  • Charlotte F C
    Charlotte F C 15 days ago

    Bang voyage!

  • Ra r
    Ra r 15 days ago

    do harry styles and selna gomez

  • Lauren Alexander
    Lauren Alexander 15 days ago

    miley has lovely hair :)

  • Danitza
    Danitza 16 days ago

    Hersh er berg... hershberg...uh...hersh... Hahaha 😂💀💀

  • Bubble gum
    Bubble gum 16 days ago +1

    Ok he’s just a huge fan of miley cyrus🤷‍♀️

  • Donna Thomas
    Donna Thomas 16 days ago

    With bangs Miley looks like Kathryn Newton from The Society

  • Sophia Aleese
    Sophia Aleese 17 days ago

    Brad you offended me ... I have bangs I look up to you 😭 jk live your EXTRA LIFE

  • Meryem
    Meryem 17 days ago

    I love you brad, you're so sweet💗

  • Emma Stasiak
    Emma Stasiak 17 days ago +1

    Brad, absolutely love you and love watching your videos! Thank you so much!

  • Yass Potato queen
    Yass Potato queen 18 days ago

    You get THE best of both worlds

  • Emily Dupuis
    Emily Dupuis 18 days ago +2

    I like you turtle necks
    who else can pull off turtle necks?
    steve jobs and brad mondo