Reggie is dead?? - Crash 2 Versus #5 (Finale)

  • Published on Feb 23, 2019
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Comments • 109

  • Brionis
    Brionis 5 months ago

    Since naughty dog made crash team racing as their last game do you think you'll do a nitro fueled versus?

  • Chaninzard674
    Chaninzard674 6 months ago

    Tyler and Josh, please do a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: World of Light Versus. Here’s what I came up with.
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: World of Light VS
    1. Dismiss all Spirits currently in your inventory
    2. Play on Normal difficulty
    3. First to rescue every Spirit found in World of Light and defeat Galeem and Dharkon wins
    1. Switcheroo - Play with left Joy-Con in right hand and right Joy-Con in left hand
    2. Lone Wolf - Play without a spirit team for 5 mins
    3. Self-Destruct - Self-destruct
    4. Pacifist - Play without attacking for 5 mins; if a hit lands, add 1 min
    5. Fighting Spirit - Beat next spirit battle on hard difficulty

  • Cuddle Queen
    Cuddle Queen 7 months ago

    Hey. I have a question for Tyler and Josh, or anyone who knows the answer. How do you set it up to record/stream with your separate computers in one picture like this? I’ve only seen how to do it over the same network. How can it be done on two separate computers, on separate networks?

    • Cuddle Queen
      Cuddle Queen 6 months ago

      ColtonKP Hmm. How about when they live stream?

    • ColtonKP
      ColtonKP 6 months ago

      It's recorded separately and then edited together. :)

  • Fairytale
    Fairytale 8 months ago

    System of a down arent actually split up, they still play together they just (most likely) arent gonna make new music for the band since Serj and Daron both want different things so they are mainly focusing on their solo carreers when it comes to new music

  • Matthew Folk
    Matthew Folk 8 months ago

    What about a breath of the wild race? I've done one with a friend and it was so much fun. I'm guessing other people have asked for this as well.

  • Nigel H.
    Nigel H. 8 months ago

    "Is this one of the octopuses that's sure of itself, or is this one trying to dry out it's armpits" That line broke me. Imagine having to make sure 8 different pits didn't stink sounds horrifying.

  • Ginger Legend
    Ginger Legend 8 months ago

    This versus is good proof of Josh and Tyler's character development. Tyler's making slightly more logical jokes and is caught off-guard by josh's jokes. Sometimes he;s even like "let's maybe not talk about that."

  • Magic
    Magic 8 months ago

    fuck i miss the dubstep over the top intros

  • The DustBuster
    The DustBuster 9 months ago

    Let's get a petition for paper Mario versus

  • meta527II
    meta527II 9 months ago

    5 people don’t know how much nitro can kill a bandicoot

  • Ikine
    Ikine 9 months ago

    Y isn't normally a vowel, but it can be considered one if there aren't any other vowels in a word.

  • CaironyxHD
    CaironyxHD 9 months ago

    you guys seriously deserve more views, been here since galaxy versus!!

  • BubbaZ85
    BubbaZ85 9 months ago

    Donkey Kong 64 Versus when?

  • TacoBell100 Awesome VMW

    Do a WarioLand Shake it versus.

  • SpectrumTwelve
    SpectrumTwelve 9 months ago

    Y is a fucking vowel, fight me.

  • SpectrumTwelve
    SpectrumTwelve 9 months ago

    Josh is a Baby Boomer at heart born in the Millennial age

  • Breezy Breeze
    Breezy Breeze 9 months ago

    Your intros always make me smile if not laugh

  • TriforceP
    TriforceP 9 months ago

    I, too, learned that Y was *sometimes* a vowel

  • Reighnvhasta
    Reighnvhasta 9 months ago +5

    Guys, this has honestly been one of my favorite versus series in a long time. The commentary feels like a versus from their early days.

    • Versus
      Versus  9 months ago

      Thanks so much, we think so too! 🥰

  • Briam Lowne
    Briam Lowne 9 months ago +5

    "Y isn't a vowel??" It's literally used as a vowel in your name, Tyler

  • Alexir31
    Alexir31 9 months ago

    🎶Josh is bad at video games, it makes him really horny🎶

  • Isha Valluri
    Isha Valluri 9 months ago +2

    Colton's words on the screen at the end were great! Lol

  • Hydra Muller
    Hydra Muller 9 months ago

    system of a down chop suey

  • Adam Rhodes
    Adam Rhodes 9 months ago

    Y is sometimes a vowel. I think it has to be the last letter to be a vowel.

  • Kyo PR
    Kyo PR 9 months ago +1

    OMG watching josh play makes me have diarrhea 😷 cuz he sucks at platformers Hahaha

  • goatstrick
    goatstrick 9 months ago

    @ 20:15
    You bastards I almost spat my drink all over my computer! Holy shit I absolutely lost it

  • Kcytoad
    Kcytoad 9 months ago

    Hey guys, even though I know it's not true, I wouldn't use the hypothetical death of someone in your title for clicks. Just my opinion.

  • Bogdan100pink
    Bogdan100pink 9 months ago

    The loser should eat a Durian like how crash eats wumpa fruit's

  • louis webster
    louis webster 9 months ago


  • xxdudeyy Dude
    xxdudeyy Dude 9 months ago

    Josh needs to learn about "Masochism" as well as "CBT" fetish.

  • ThePsychoTitan
    ThePsychoTitan 9 months ago +1

    Tbh, yall should versus on skyrim lmao. I think it could be fun to watch, or some good rpg other thn zelda. Maybe even versus on th PvE side of fortnite(been playing it for over a year, highly recommended)

  • Burning Night
    Burning Night 9 months ago

    21:05 Lol, Josh, that's the fastest conversational 360 I think I've ever seen.

  • D3-LL
    D3-LL 9 months ago +6

    I fail to see how switching up a pattern is "bad game design". The challenge of those levels where you're riding things is to react to incoming obstacles. Switching up the pattern is the designer's way of making sure you're not just auto-pilotng it.

    • D3-LL
      D3-LL 9 months ago +2

      Rewatching the level again, they literally give you a checkpoint RIGHT before that one guy. Even if you get hit by him, you're not losing that much progress (they even give you a life before the checkpoint, so there's no danger of a game over).
      What might have happened is that guy was just a troll by the developers, but no harm should be done, really. Certainly not "bad game design", though (if there were no checkpoint beforehand, then yeah definitely).

    • GooberTheGrand
      GooberTheGrand 9 months ago

      Imagine you were trying to jump on a goomba in mario but it just exploded and killed you. That would be unfair because it's completely different from the rest of the game. There are better ways of keeping you off auto pilot.

  • Trafalgar Law34
    Trafalgar Law34 9 months ago

    Josh's laughs is so hilarious

  • Organization XIII
    Organization XIII 9 months ago

    This was a super boring end to a versus, Josh played horrible, he wasn’t really even trying

  • Joey
    Joey 9 months ago

    The System Of A Down song Tyler was thinking about is Cigaro, and it’s talking about his dick, not the ball sack.
    The lyrics are:
    “My cock is much bigger than yours, My cock can walk right through the door, With a feeling so pure, It’s got you screaming back for more”

  • Yukinari
    Yukinari 9 months ago +1

    I wouldnt put Matpat on the same tier as someone like Pewdiepie for their controversies but i can safely say its harder to respect him now. Separating the art from the artist is really difficult on youtube when the art IS the artist. The voice, the editor and the owner of the channel who profits from it. Its not as clear cut as say Hat in Time's controversy.

  • John Berchmans
    John Berchmans 9 months ago +1

    Tuclan rise up! Great to see Tyler finally win a Versus again! Can't wait to see Crash 3, and other future LP's from you guys (where the heck did Super Mario Odyssey go again?)

    Also RIP Reggie

  • LilSquiddy
    LilSquiddy 9 months ago

    When is 4 way versus coming back???

    ECHICAGOBEARSDBZ 9 months ago

    1.You guys bitch way too much about the level design 2.So you lick panic of the disco's ass but you can't even give a tiny bit of respect to a fantastic band like system of a down? Also they have gotten back together just haven't released an album yet, and for the record lots of people care about the band making new music

  • Rachel Jordan
    Rachel Jordan 9 months ago

    why'd you leave the keys up on the table?

  • GooberTheGrand
    GooberTheGrand 9 months ago

    The loser challenge should involve Josh spinning a lot like crash and getting dizzy. And then have some other stuff happen idk.

  • GooberTheGrand
    GooberTheGrand 9 months ago +9

    2 things:
    Josh didn't even get the crystal in the 4th level.
    Y is definitely a vowel. Every word needs a vowel so if y wasn't a vowel, words like "sky" would make no sense.

    • Dylan Fitzgerald
      Dylan Fitzgerald 9 months ago

      Every Syllable requires a vowel

    • D3-LL
      D3-LL 9 months ago +2

      Y is both a consanant and a vowel, I think.

  • 14Jderby
    14Jderby 9 months ago

    Haha vermont as well northern hicks are all over new england

  • Duke
    Duke 9 months ago +1

    one dislike is cortex

  • NoobonInstagram
    NoobonInstagram 9 months ago

    But that's just a game thyroid

  • Mashudes
    Mashudes 9 months ago +2

    That talk about game design was dumb lol.
    "It's bad game design if you can't breeze through it!" and then comparing it to cat Mario or unfair online games LMAO. Y'all are worse than those "Crash is the Dark Souls of platformers" article writers. Mario and Zelda spoiled you two by babying you through their games.

    • GooberTheGrand
      GooberTheGrand 9 months ago +1

      I don't think they meant it's bad because they can't breeze through it, but rather because it's unpredictable. The pattern of the enemies is inconsistent. It's like if a goomba in mario suddenly exploded when you jump on it. It would be different from all the other goombas in the game.

  • Rainbowmon of the Care-monic Spirits

    The thing about the "octopus" enemies is that the first few always have their tentacles at their sides, the next few always have them above their heads, and all the ones after that switch at consistent intervals. So I disagree with it being like the "lumberjacks" from before.

  • Bufudyne
    Bufudyne 9 months ago

    Loser's challenge: Escape from the winner's house with your life. Wrestling has Sports-entertainment, so let's make this E-sports-entertainment.

  • Murray Webb
    Murray Webb 9 months ago

    I agree with Tyler, world 5 is easier than world 4

  • Big Brother Xellos
    Big Brother Xellos 9 months ago



  • theminecraftace
    theminecraftace 9 months ago +8

    Dress up as Crash Bandicoot and say "Woah!" every time you get hit by something.

  • King Knuckles
    King Knuckles 9 months ago

    Why, what made you think it would be okay to call it that

  • KiwiFuzzball
    KiwiFuzzball 9 months ago

    chop suey? is this the song title you were looking for?

  • Aquagreen53
    Aquagreen53 9 months ago

    So much love for GameTheory

  • Lorenzo Tambosi Rocha
    Lorenzo Tambosi Rocha 9 months ago

    Holy shit YOU DO sound like Matt Patt

  • JJPM
    JJPM 9 months ago

    Classic way to end a versus👌👌

  • MrTheratedG
    MrTheratedG 9 months ago

    Well tyler won but that just a game theory

  • thedizzytuna
    thedizzytuna 9 months ago

    Hot wax isn't even painful and it leaves your skin feeling super silky smooth it's really relaxing

  • Crazygamer1995
    Crazygamer1995 9 months ago

    Do you know the person is replaced Reggie use to work in EA