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  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
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    This is the story of the first Australian car company. From humble beginnings making saddles horses, to unleashing some of the baddest machines the Land Down Under has ever seen! From the 48-215, to the Monaro, Commodore, Torana, Maloo and beyond. This is the history of Holden!
    Hosted by James Pumphrey
    Edited by Alex Rodriguez
    Animation by Raghav Arumugam
    Written by Nolan Sykes
    Directed by Colby Mann
    Thumbnail photo:
    Vorka Imagery | Dean A.
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Comments • 6 489

  • Donut Media
    Donut Media  6 months ago +1812

    Alright you Aussies, which Holden is your favorite? Yanks, which Holden do you wish came to the US?

    • Ben Chesterman
      Ben Chesterman 2 months ago

      2008 hsv clubsport is $15000usd in Australia (400hp ) dirt cheap for the performance

    • Benjamin mole
      Benjamin mole 4 months ago

      @Draven Alexander i already drive one

    • Draven Alexander
      Draven Alexander 5 months ago

      @Benjamin mole If you want the Commodore get a Chevy Caprice.

    • Bo Malo
      Bo Malo 6 months ago +1

      I would actually love a maloo in the states lol

    • Danny Zeigler
      Danny Zeigler 6 months ago

      Tell James to do up to speed on John Lingenfelter

  • Hayden's Hack shack
    Hayden's Hack shack Hour ago +1

    Ford is gay 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • Sky!Drag 26
    Sky!Drag 26 Day ago

    How could he miss the final send off for Holden gts W1 the beast above all beasts

  • Isaac Legg
    Isaac Legg Day ago

    Commy not commo

  • Uncle McChicken
    Uncle McChicken 2 days ago

    Plz do the Australian ford

  • NHBlackDC5
    NHBlackDC5 3 days ago

    I like this channel I just wish he didnt have to yell so much

  • George Salzman
    George Salzman 3 days ago


  • Brian Henry
    Brian Henry 3 days ago

    You are Amazing Dude! Keep it coming. You’re RU-clip persona is truly unique. 🚀🚀🚀

  • valsi
    valsi 3 days ago

    Did he just call it a commo

  • Raphael Halili
    Raphael Halili 4 days ago

    Do one about the xr6 turbo!

  • Ben Lovett
    Ben Lovett 5 days ago

    Can you please film these videos while sober?

  • FaloopinDaloop
    FaloopinDaloop 5 days ago

    Rip Holden.

  • Advice
    Advice 5 days ago

    I’m a Australian and I HATE Holden

    • Plumby
      Plumby Day ago

      You are disgusting

  • CodyGreer17
    CodyGreer17 5 days ago +3

    Yeah bathurst. 2019 bathurst is on tommorow.

  • Corey Lane
    Corey Lane 5 days ago


    HAI-MOORE 5 days ago

    Look im aussie and all im saying is... holdens are for bogens

  • GTOHawg
    GTOHawg 6 days ago

    I am so glad I found this video. I own a 2004 GTO and I will never get rid of it. I have a few videos it you wanna check it out. Of course it now has a LS3 418 stroker. Most comfortable car I ever owned. The seats are the most comfortable I ever owned. Wish I could get a UTE. 🤤 🤤

  • James Robertson
    James Robertson 6 days ago

    I believe there was a VT type Caprice with the American V8 in it that was also sold to Americans as a police car because they were not making any rear wheel drive front engine cars and you also did show a picture of the VK Commodore but there's VH Commodores and all the way up to the Commodore that they put their Nissan engine in but you should have covered cos that was they were some beautiful cars those ones the VK with the body kits flares that was some of my favourite Commodores especially the Blue Meanie also you could mention the fact that Holden's were sold as SS Chevrolets in Africa and there's also a rotary engine put into a Holden in a Mazda type deal
    I think it's kind of unfair not to cover every model a little bit because some the H I believe was one of Holdens originally one of Holden's most popular cars and the HQ Monaro was then a major seller he didn't show those either they deserve respect all of the models that they created

  • Nowah Taylor
    Nowah Taylor 6 days ago

    I want to hit the pedal to the medal as hard as his dad hits him

  • Yromart hew!! // Your name is W.

    Why natuski was here

  • Van Die
    Van Die 6 days ago

    does he not even mention all the Mad Max cars ??

  • Denali Guy
    Denali Guy 6 days ago

    Sweet Camaro

  • Corey Dabrowski
    Corey Dabrowski 6 days ago

    I'm surprised they didn't mention the HSV W(Walkinshaw)427 Commodore

  • Billy I
    Billy I 6 days ago


  • Billy I
    Billy I 6 days ago

    We drink vb. Not coohpers, only the hipsters drink that..

  • Cracked Emerald
    Cracked Emerald 6 days ago

    Tomato? Tomato
    Monaro? Monaro
    Hotel? Trivago

  • jason beaugrand
    jason beaugrand 6 days ago +2

    1/2 way through and no roopwrs!?!? Give it to me right meow!!!🇨🇦👍🏻

  • Bruce Miller
    Bruce Miller 7 days ago

    Do you have vauxhalls in america?

  • arthurneddysmith
    arthurneddysmith 7 days ago

    9:17 Queensmaths? You guys know that your US measurements ARE imperial measurements, right? Australia uses metric. It's the US that uses imperial "queensmaths".

  • Wulliamous
    Wulliamous 7 days ago

    It’s pronounced like bathist not BathUUrst even tho it’s spelt like bathurst. I live there so I got a little triggered

  • StarFox85
    StarFox85 8 days ago

    stop it
    search help!

  • Mud-Lust
    Mud-Lust 9 days ago

    how the fuck do you have 2.58M subs? unwatchable

  • joshua G
    joshua G 9 days ago

    Gee why can't Americans do our accent they sound like a south African fried on ice

  • joshua G
    joshua G 9 days ago

    Holden VL turbo

  • Sean Jones
    Sean Jones 10 days ago

    sup mate

  • Luciano
    Luciano 12 days ago

    The Death of Holden can only be Blamed on Holden and GM. Politicians got fed-up with all the corporate lies 🤥 in order to get funding from the Australian government and cut off the money so GM decided to close all the Factories. In true was GM decision to shout down Holden and bad management through out the company.

  • xX KANE Xx
    xX KANE Xx 12 days ago

    0 to 60
    nah mate
    0 to 97
    Yeah mate

  • xX KANE Xx
    xX KANE Xx 12 days ago +3

    my Favourite holden is the Holden SS ute
    (Ford Falcon can get lost)

  • Rhys Tomney
    Rhys Tomney 13 days ago

    I don't know anyone here in Australia who uses kilowatts

  • randomjick :3
    randomjick :3 14 days ago

    You forgot the VS commy

  • Box y
    Box y 14 days ago

    all u need to say to fit in with Aussies is chuck a f@cken skid mate, light up the back tyres!!! Chuck is a vb mate mad skids

  • Brendan Kelly
    Brendan Kelly 15 days ago +1

    How do make a Aussie car more Aussie, make it come with a optional Esky with Vegemite

  • James Bedford
    James Bedford 15 days ago

    Yeah Holden Monaros are nice but Mad Max drove a Falcon XB GT so Holden will never be as good

  • Headscientist
    Headscientist 16 days ago

    Lol at of the 7 times I've watched this video because I was Australian I didn't realize that the intro was land down under lyrics

  • MemeBoyExtreme
    MemeBoyExtreme 17 days ago

    So the vs Vr VN vp Vc Vb Commodores ain’t get no love ?

    MANNIE MANE 19 days ago


  • Styles10000000000
    Styles10000000000 19 days ago

    Do z28

  • Jacob Lloyd
    Jacob Lloyd 20 days ago +1

    Can you do an up to speed episode on the Holden commodore

  • Anthony Worrell
    Anthony Worrell 21 day ago


  • matthew spence
    matthew spence 22 days ago

    Lol that ad transition was golden

  • JoeIsCrazyWillman
    JoeIsCrazyWillman 22 days ago

    HSV Maloo: coolest fucking thing on the planet! I want one Sooooo bad!
    PS: F*** GM for killing Pontiac the year before they began releasing the Ute/Maloo in the states as the Pontiac G8-ST!

  • seliM
    seliM 22 days ago +2

    Wish America actually got holdens. And I don’t mean no GTO

    • JoeIsCrazyWillman
      JoeIsCrazyWillman 22 days ago

      We were THIS CLOSE to having the Ute/Maloo...
      Pontiac was set to release a 2010 G8-ST (standing for Sport Truck), which had the base model LS1 and optional LSA & LSX 454... I was losing my shit and giddy like a schoolgirl and then GM axed Pontiac in 2009!

  • Jessica Deskins
    Jessica Deskins 23 days ago

    My name is Holden

  • Christopher Moran
    Christopher Moran 24 days ago

    I brought one of the last Aussie Holden's 3yrs ago, to this day I haven't come across any car available inthe Australian market to replace it with😪. Now I just walk or take the bus

  • Hands Of Doom
    Hands Of Doom 24 days ago

    11:21 HEY! Wolverine is Canadian, not Ausie

  • Sokuy
    Sokuy 24 days ago

    Nice reference to men at work🤣🤣🤣

  • James Slatter
    James Slatter 25 days ago

    😭😭😭😭😭 I miss you Holden...

  • William Beard
    William Beard 25 days ago

    Dont u mean the GTS R

    PETRAKIS69ER 25 days ago

    I still cry about the death of the Commodore ss Ute I miss you so much. You fuckers at gm will be sorry :(

  • Andrew Trapman Momentum Trading

    Well Done on Tribute to our Holden 👍 Proud yet Sad Aussie right here 🇦🇺 R.I.P Aussie Manufactured Cars 😢

    • Andrew Trapman Momentum Trading
      Andrew Trapman Momentum Trading 10 days ago

      @Sean Jones no probs

    • Sean Jones
      Sean Jones 10 days ago +1

      @Andrew Trapman Momentum Trading that's my plan. if I have any more complex questions about the market I'll be in touch. 🥂

    • Andrew Trapman Momentum Trading
      Andrew Trapman Momentum Trading 10 days ago

      @Sean Jones I just seen that Cheers.Im nof one to tell every one that all is fine with the World.Cause its not hence Gold and Silver are going up.
      Keep buying silver if you can whilst its cheap 👍👍🍻🍻

    • Sean Jones
      Sean Jones 10 days ago +1

      I subscribed to ur channel mate. I'm really into precious metals. I've got a lil sliver. looking to invest in more. I'm def guna check out ur vids. hopefully I'll learn something useful

    • Andrew Trapman Momentum Trading
      Andrew Trapman Momentum Trading 10 days ago +2

      @Sean Jones Agree Buddy - Every Country Should have their own car.At least one 👍