**Award-Winning** Drama Short Film | A Modest Defeat | Omeleto

  • Published on May 13, 2019
  • It's civil war in suburbia between two young siblings.
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    A Modest Defeat is used with permission from David Barr. Learn more at omele.to/2Q15wSM.
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    Two young siblings duke it out for domination in suburbia. Big brother Tommy has the advantage: he's older, bigger and tougher, and he's not afraid to play dirty, whether it's stealing his little sister Tiny's food at dinner or distracting her at a school-wide relay race so that she gets off to a late start.
    But Tiny has a plan to level the playing field, one that capitalizes on her smarts, ingenuity and resourcefulness -- and she goes to great lengths to score herself a small but very satisfying victory.
    Writer-director David Barr's cheeky, charming family comedy is a study in sibling rivalry, told with a genuine sense of sweetness that never feels too cute or cloying. Told with almost no dialogue, the storytelling nevertheless captures Tiny's world, full of the small but significant indignities that she suffers at the hands of Tommy.
    With a lack of dialogue, the film is reliant on good performances to communicate character and emotion. Young performer Sophia Ally plays Tiny, bringing appealing intelligence and nuance to a role that could come across as twee. She's rightfully indignant, hurt and disappointed with how Tommy treats her, but she's also smart, and goes about her plans with a sense of pluck, confidence and patience. Tom Harrison plays her brother with just the right degree of stereotypical big-brother attitude, and his behavior comes across as casually bratty, but never hateful or full of vengeance. This isn't a dysfunctional family, but an archetypal one.
    With a measured, gentle narrative pace and deliberate editing -- and backed by an excellently evocative musical score -- the audience watches Tiny research, trial and ultimately execute her ingenuous plan, building to a funny, endearing reveal. Tiny's achievement is not just brilliant in itself, but also in her precocious understanding of strategy. In this particular game of sibling rivalry, winning doesn't happen by being stronger or faster, but in being smarter in finding a different way to the finish line.
    Many family-oriented films can err on the side in cuteness, but what works in "A Modest Defeat" is how it recognizes the intensity and seriousness of the emotional life of children, even as its aesthetic decisions elevate the story to the level of a modern fairy tale. Young children in any situation often strive to feel a sense of agency and efficacy, to feel more than pawns of the bigger forces around them. They may not be scientific geniuses like Tiny, but they can rely on inner resources like cleverness, calm and equanimity to eke out the victories that build confidence and self-worth in the long run.
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    **Award-Winning** Drama Short Film | A Modest Defeat | Omeleto
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  • Omeleto
    Omeleto  Month ago +379

    Omeleto is the home of award-winning short films. We showcase Sundance winners, Oscar noms and critically-acclaimed filmmakers from every genre. Subscribe for more: sub2.omele.to

    • Daisy Light
      Daisy Light 18 days ago


    • Meena Chaulagain
      Meena Chaulagain Month ago +1

      Hello I have similar Heart touching story would you like take my story

    • denisejustdenise
      denisejustdenise Month ago +2

      It is refreshing to experience a short film without its comment section blessed by filled with theories great and small, simple and complex, as to what the intent of the creator(s) was/were. This was a delightful little film!

  • disha kapur-dishu
    disha kapur-dishu 45 minutes ago

    Omg what a thought .. what a script .. cute one ..

  • BTS_kate _lover
    BTS_kate _lover 5 hours ago +1

    Am I the only one that gives my younger brother food compared to taking more food from him? Just me? Okay

  • トパ美音
    トパ美音 12 hours ago



  • MiyuCZ
    MiyuCZ 17 hours ago

    Why bother, the processed garbage he's eating would get him sooner or later :D

  • shiropa mallik
    shiropa mallik 20 hours ago

    Just WOW👏👏

  • Maliha Hussain
    Maliha Hussain Day ago

    Built her own Tardis...The Doctor would be so proud 😄

  • Nilsu Kirilmaz
    Nilsu Kirilmaz Day ago

    So now Tiny is the bully.She could’ve split equally.She is doing the same that doesnt change anything.

  • Pamela Pinskey-Fischer

    What a fun story.. with absolutely no idea of how the end would come about.. Thanks.. GREAT WORK

  • Natasha Latif
    Natasha Latif Day ago

    Oh and yes...Tiny resembles alot to 👩‍💼👩‍🔧👩‍🏭👩‍🔬

  • Natasha Latif
    Natasha Latif Day ago

    Where was mom when lamp buzzes were going on in house 😑🙄🙄Where was she when Tommy used to immorally take food from Tiny's plate 🤦 Honestly the plot is extremely poor and I actually thought that at the end Tiny would save or maybe help Tomy to make him regret his behaviour. Alas! 🤦So the only saving grace for this is Tiny's acting.

  • Jasmit Chandi
    Jasmit Chandi Day ago

    Wat nonsense

  • Tamunotonye Wakama
    Tamunotonye Wakama 2 days ago +2

    At least she didn't grow up to kill her brother☺

  • anet sanchez
    anet sanchez 2 days ago +1

    Since her brother ate all the fast food she became smarter

  • Joyce Celine Asuque
    Joyce Celine Asuque 2 days ago

    sooooo what does this mean exactly? she could just go down earlier than him

  • *SARAH* Megs
    *SARAH* Megs 3 days ago +1

    My favorite part was 4:16 that black marker is just so beautiful

  • Zainab Ashiq
    Zainab Ashiq 3 days ago +2

    I think film is about before doing nothing so special she don't want to answer his brother or don't want to respond but when she invent time machine by its own talent she become confident and at that day she respond to his brother...

    DARK MISTRESS 3 days ago +3

    This was too cute....That little girl is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!

  • Regan V.
    Regan V. 3 days ago

    I feel like I lost my time watching this ugh

    NICK HEADLINE 3 days ago +2


  • Digita Shrestha
    Digita Shrestha 3 days ago

    I dont know long this was on my recommendation

  • Fabulous Brat
    Fabulous Brat 3 days ago

    I hate him

  • Madison & Morgan
    Madison & Morgan 3 days ago +3

    LmAO all she wanted was some food 🥘 so impressive how she’s so happy with that food we are related 🤷🏼‍♀️😂❤️

  • Mridu Bharti
    Mridu Bharti 3 days ago +2

    Woow she is using much more brain I mean she can easily go down before but she don't want to do that like her brother that's why she choose her own way

  • Strawberries Blueberries

    Smart girl; when I was her age I didn’t know how to read.

  • Kim Wotherspoon
    Kim Wotherspoon 4 days ago +1

    Is this a horror....

  • Toffee Tarfa
    Toffee Tarfa 4 days ago

    My God ..the comments are sooo funny .. i enjoyed them more honestly

  • Jodo Maker
    Jodo Maker 4 days ago +1

    So Albert Einstein couldn’t event a time machine,but a five year old girl makes one with a blowtorch and an iPad.Makes sense

  • Maymuna Abdul Alim
    Maymuna Abdul Alim 4 days ago +1

    Seriously she made machine to go down stairs just because her brother still her food 🙄🙄🙄 she can go early down stairs

  • Kritika Maharjan
    Kritika Maharjan 4 days ago

    She would go down earlier na...instead of creating that time machine🤔😒👍

  • Lola Soa
    Lola Soa 4 days ago +1

    She's so cute oml😍

  • Annabellamia
    Annabellamia 4 days ago

    1:00 vsco girls: iS tHaT a PlAsTiC sTrAw?!!

  • Nusrat Jahan
    Nusrat Jahan 4 days ago +1

    I like your short flim it's awesome

  • Bayai- -
    Bayai- - 5 days ago +1

    honestly bad mom lol

  • Clxudy Niqht
    Clxudy Niqht 5 days ago +1

    Everyone is saying rude things about her brother the actual kid is probably nice. It’s just his role 😂

  • ebrahim M-512
    ebrahim M-512 5 days ago +1

    wtf 😂😹

  • MrJessinfin
    MrJessinfin 5 days ago +1

    Hopefully this is just a test run, and she has bigger plans in store for that machine. Seems incredibly silly to spend weeks and late nights to do all that calculating just to beat her brother to the table. If she's that smart then she's smart enough to know when dinner time is and get there before her brother.

  • Chat Wreck
    Chat Wreck 6 days ago +1

    I loved it

  • Anugya Shrestha
    Anugya Shrestha 6 days ago +1

    Oh my god everyone stop seeing the negative side and see the positive side and it is not always necessary to search fault in everything and not to mention that’s the thing which makes you failure. BTW I also had the same question before

  • Minakshi MJ
    Minakshi MJ 6 days ago +1

    Tiny is like a tiny version of Emilia Clarke😀

  • Lily Parker
    Lily Parker 6 days ago +1

    I think.. It's like the bro can be smart like he can think how to win over his little sis by cheating, but his little sister is actually smarter than him type of thing I guess?

  • bryan
    bryan 6 days ago +1

    You cute cheater huggable adorable awesome kid

  • Mahdi Alizadeh
    Mahdi Alizadeh 6 days ago

    Only the music is great!!

  • Lisa's Security Guard
    Lisa's Security Guard 6 days ago +1

    This video have helped me realise what a jerk I was for being so mean to my little sister as a child... And today we're close than ever not cause I was good its only cause she was so loving and supportive.... Little ones are pure

  • Salma Loai
    Salma Loai 6 days ago +1

    I love the gril the i hate him

  • I am Grootertje
    I am Grootertje 6 days ago

    Did she scare tommy by "cloning" herselves

  • baunbaun82
    baunbaun82 6 days ago +1

    Do *not* use a cannon to kill a mosquito

  • Nabila Khanam
    Nabila Khanam 6 days ago +2

    A child creates a time machine
    What am I doing?

  • Atificia Kuantich
    Atificia Kuantich 6 days ago +1

    Фу, что за бессмыслица

  • theodore vonderhorst
    theodore vonderhorst 7 days ago +1


  • Jhone Tee
    Jhone Tee 7 days ago

    She could have go down a minute or tw ealier when dinner ia serve.

  • Robert Coyle
    Robert Coyle 7 days ago

    Ho Hum... Not very creative....

  • Bikram Behra
    Bikram Behra 7 days ago

    A brother never be do like this with little sister. infact a little sister is like a baby......my thought!

  • El Sibarita Del Castillo

    El misterio

  • Nicker Lockate
    Nicker Lockate 7 days ago

    oh my Gooodddddnessss did i just saw Mathematics 😲

  • Jolanta Nebileviciene

    Wtf this doesnt make sense

  • Silvie Brontë
    Silvie Brontë 8 days ago +1

    Sorry but the whole thing just doesn't make any sense. What is the point?

  • Fatma Çetin
    Fatma Çetin 8 days ago +1

    Male jerks the same bear goods peace itself jerks a full goods peaceongun

  • Angela Smf
    Angela Smf 8 days ago +1

    Bryce walker is that you?!

  • sreevani sree
    sreevani sree 8 days ago +17

    Can anyone explain me why this film has been nominated for oscar?

  • Apda Darang
    Apda Darang 8 days ago

    So much for building a time machine she could have just been down there a little early and can help her mom too. And also I thought I was a time machine but than the drink was not same until shower in last tinys time machine . And I thought she’ll be like beat her brother up in studies and grades

  • A G
    A G 8 days ago

    Why didn't she just got for the dinner on time

  • no. rosasp
    no. rosasp 8 days ago


  • Just another guy
    Just another guy 8 days ago +3

    Am I the only one who noticed underoot of (1-20). Negative number doesn’t have an underroot.

  • Od!tord [smol innocent bean]

    Me: *sees the title ‘drama’

    Also me: *if there’s to much drama at school all you gotta do is walk away~~~*

  • Josh Anderson
    Josh Anderson 9 days ago +1

    BRAVOOOO! BRAVOOOO! That was amazing!

  • Tj
    Tj 9 days ago

    Do not like it. It's weird

  • Bipin Khatiwada
    Bipin Khatiwada 9 days ago +1

    4:10 little girl solving equation of Special Theory of Relativity 😮😮

  • Sarah Lotus
    Sarah Lotus 9 days ago

    i really loved the channels name OMLETTO ❤️❤️❤️

  • ς๏๏кเє ๓๏ภรtєг

    2:52 I thought she was carrying the bothers dead body for a second..

  • Charissa Olabowale
    Charissa Olabowale 10 days ago +2

    Tiny reminds me of Matilda.

  • Sayonara normal
    Sayonara normal 10 days ago +1

    Um.. is it just me or am I the only one who is Disturbed that her name is tiny

  • NotMyCupofTea
    NotMyCupofTea 10 days ago +1

    WHat kind of mother name's her daughter Tiny?!

  • Riley Lowman
    Riley Lowman 10 days ago +1

    Why is he so mean?

  • Richard_Ramirez worshiper

    So she's Stewie