Another Top 10 Career Ruining Movies

  • Published on Mar 17, 2015
  • Here's more of the Hollywood blockbuster bombs that left audiences scratching their heads, and a blemish on the careers of actors who dared to include them on their resumes. Join as we count down our picks for Another Top 10 Career Ruining Films. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at :)
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Comments • 2 883

  • linc thomas
    linc thomas 16 hours ago

    halle berry was shit in john wick 3, she didn't add to the movie at all, they could have done without her and the film would have been so much better

  • Nate Rothman
    Nate Rothman 4 days ago

    Lindsey Lohan killed her career by herself. It wasn't a movie that did it, it was her own bad choices.

  • Dorvita
    Dorvita 9 days ago

    aww noooo I LOVED AI and the league of extraordinary gentlemen

  • Guardian Morohtar
    Guardian Morohtar 10 days ago

    10:42 in his defense he is a good actor when given a proper script. Truth be told, I really hate how actors in the sequel trilogy (and the characters for that matter) get an unfair treatment.

  • Returning Shadow
    Returning Shadow 10 days ago

    Apparently you people at Mojo completely ignored the fact that Spielberg was NOT the original director. He only stepped in after Kubrik DIED while filming it. That's why the movie literally had TWO different tones to it.
    You also forgot that Osmond also was in a movie AFTER AI called Secondhand Lions with Duvall and Caine that many found enjoyable.

  • Tom O'Connor
    Tom O'Connor Month ago

    thanks for this how to tutorial! im gonna try this out tomorrow

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil Month ago

    7:44 What the hell?

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil Month ago

    Spider-Man 3 - Topher Grace.

  • Bearly Tatum
    Bearly Tatum 2 months ago

    Another compilation of the same videos with a different title. 🙄

  • meilee44
    meilee44 2 months ago

    Swept Away was worse than Catwoman!

  • Patrick Tilsley
    Patrick Tilsley 2 months ago +1

    Cat women was a very good movie!! And her acting was very good!!

  • Alex The Fangirl
    Alex The Fangirl 2 months ago

    Im surprised Katie Holmes isnt one. She used to be a great actress and then Jack and Jill ruined her carreer.

  • Pink Del Rey
    Pink Del Rey 2 months ago

    I love Superman Returns and the league of extraordinary gentlemen!! I got them in DVD!!!

  • Alicia Mae
    Alicia Mae 2 months ago

    The league of extraordinary gentlemen is a great movie, and I find that is an unfair judgement of Sean Connery. He was clearly getting older and has many, many years of great films and roles to his name! It’s quite possible he just wanted to retire and enjoy the rest of his life. Just because it was his last film doesn’t mean it was the film that ended his career. He’s a cinematic legend.

  • gary hansen
    gary hansen 2 months ago

    Wow. 2002 was not a good year for acting careers

  • odudi
    odudi 2 months ago

    When it comes to superman even though some of the movies were ho hum and the 4th one was bad when i hear superman the only one who nailed the part was Christopher Reeve. Just as when i hear the name Lex Luthor the only one i think of is Gene Hackman. I thought Catwoman was an alsome movie...well i had the tv on mute and drank a 12 pack of beer.

  • Nick Sikes
    Nick Sikes 2 months ago

    I actually enjoyed some of these movies.

  • Chris B
    Chris B 2 months ago


  • Kojoanna
    Kojoanna 2 months ago

    I liked AI and Hally Berry is still going good😊

  • noemistephanie93
    noemistephanie93 2 months ago

    Eddie still started in movies after that like Dreamgirls and Norbit

  • noemistephanie93
    noemistephanie93 2 months ago

    Jlo is still working in movies and pretty successful, I'd say the movie killed Ben Affleck's career if anything

  • Mike Beares
    Mike Beares 2 months ago

    I never understood how shitty movies can ruin actors careers. If they directed or wrote the movie I’d get it but not roles who gives a shit I mean really

  • Eyes Malloy
    Eyes Malloy 2 months ago

    Branden Routh may have looked a little young to play the adult Superman, but he did a fine job in the role. In fact, I think Superman Returns is a very underrated film that nicely follows Superman I and II (since III and IV never happened).

  • Brigitte Stack
    Brigitte Stack 2 months ago

    I liked A.I. and bio dome but maybe that's just me

  • Ana Ilieva
    Ana Ilieva 2 months ago

    Wtf hayden was awesome

  • SealTeam Ryx
    SealTeam Ryx 2 months ago

    Bio dome wasnt that bad idk why it ruined his career and In the army now was funny wtf?! Now jury duty was bad... just bad lol

  • Justin Bel
    Justin Bel 2 months ago

    I think Pulp Fiction ruined John Travolta’s career, also did this comment triggered you?

  • nongthip
    nongthip 2 months ago

    Cat Woman was also so awful due to extremely bad use of CGI

  • X Y
    X Y 3 months ago +1

    A. I. - Artificial Intelligence was good

  • F.B.I Agent
    F.B.I Agent 3 months ago

    Okay, so, let me just semi-defend 'Superman Returns'.
    At the time, absolutely nobody knew that it was supposed to be a sequel to Superman II, people thought we were just getting a reboot of Superman. When it came out, it was panned for being too much like the Superman of old. If Singer had let everyone in on it from the start instead of trying to keep it quiet that it was a secret sequel, it would've been more successful.

  • White Blogger Black Specs

    10:58 pussybreath

  • Tyler Jones
    Tyler Jones 4 months ago

    I like I know who killed me, am I in the wrong here?

  • pleiades drew
    pleiades drew 4 months ago

    What about the sound of music? It was panned by critics. I rest my case.

  • pleiades drew
    pleiades drew 4 months ago

    You are wrong about AI. He was amazing and brilliant.

  • JP Mackey
    JP Mackey 4 months ago

    10. Well, Brandon Routh was seen on the previous list.
    9. OK, I almost confused him with Pauly D.
    8. THAT movie killed his career?
    7. I’m sorry, but I’ve never heard of him.
    6. I don’t think J-Lo should be on this list. It was a minor blemish on her career.
    5. I heard this was movie wasn’t that great.
    4. Mmm...this movie ruined LiLo’s career?
    3. You know what’s so juxtaposed? There was an Oscar special featuring this movie and it was nominated for Razzies.
    2. Yikes. If a movie causes an actor to retire...
    HMs: I wouldn’t have recognized Madonna in that movie. And I’m surprised Hayden Christensen made the list - what about Star Wars III?
    1. I knew Catwoman would be on this list.

  • DancingLeo94
    DancingLeo94 5 months ago

    Fuck you, League of Extrordinary Gentlemen and Catwoman was great

  • Samantha
    Samantha 5 months ago

    Lol a movie ruined Lindsay's career? Mmm no.. more like she made a ton of bad ideas, got a nasty attitude then couldnt find good work because no one wanted to work with her so she took what she could get.

  • mizztella87
    mizztella87 5 months ago

    The background music is so effen annoying!!!

  • Jimmy's smile
    Jimmy's smile 5 months ago

    I take defence in Pinocchio ,in Italian is an amazing film

  • Liss Firefly
    Liss Firefly 5 months ago

    A.I. was awesome. Where do you get these lists?

  • Liss Firefly
    Liss Firefly 5 months ago

    Superman Returns was leaps and bounds better than The Man of Steel or Batman Vs. Superman. And Routh has a major leading role in Legends of Tomorrow. Also, Pauly Shore's career was terrible before Biodome.

  • Kathy K
    Kathy K 5 months ago

    Personally, I enjoyed Striptease & League of Extraordinary Gentleman. The one with Madonna should’ve been in the top 10. She’s not the best actress. I love Halle Berry, but she never should’ve done any comic book character movies. I also didn’t like the X-Men movies cuz I didn’t feel she was the best choice as Storm.

  • a warriorspirit
    a warriorspirit 5 months ago

    You forgot one again. Ben Affleck in Daredevil! He totally sucked.

  • Daisy Hayes
    Daisy Hayes 5 months ago

    I absolutely love some of these movies!

  • Hachi j
    Hachi j 5 months ago

    I disagree with number 1 Halle Berry's career was fine after

  • Shannon Mason
    Shannon Mason 5 months ago

    guh what's with that accordion playing painfully in the background

  • Qui Santewa
    Qui Santewa 6 months ago

    This background music makes we want to share a plate a plate of spaghetti with my dog lol

  • Will Huey
    Will Huey 6 months ago

    but a few years later demi moore starred in gi jane

  • Christine Green
    Christine Green 6 months ago

    Harrison Ford is the only actor who played in any of the Star Wars movies who had a decent acting career afterward.

  • rickmaggie1
    rickmaggie1 6 months ago

    Biodome was a great movie, I watched it several times.

  • Kyla Dyer
    Kyla Dyer 6 months ago

    I liked catwoman

  • Therese Rystedt
    Therese Rystedt 6 months ago

    Bio-Dome did not ruin Paulys career since he never had any. He´s never been funny.
    How ever it did ruin Stephen Balwins career for good.

  • Thanos
    Thanos 6 months ago

    Number 1. Malcolm McDowell- Caligula

  • ram white
    ram white 6 months ago

    I like the MASK

  • Edward Gately
    Edward Gately 6 months ago

    I call total BS on AI. First off Pay it Forward, from what I remember, was slammed by critics, bombed at the box office and was a really terrible, pretentious movie. AI, on the other hand, was a great movie and HJO gave one of his best performances. The problem was it should never have been released during the summer when people are expecting feel-good movies.

  • standrew
    standrew 6 months ago

    I don't care I like Catwoman!

  • Stefen Echols
    Stefen Echols 6 months ago

    Brandon Routh was a great Superman. Not his fault at all

  • Dustin R
    Dustin R 6 months ago

    I loved biodome

  • Motionlessinbrides
    Motionlessinbrides 7 months ago

    I actually liked Catwoman, it's not the best but it was good.

  • NadiaQuinn Delphine
    NadiaQuinn Delphine 7 months ago

    What killed The career of Connery was him turning down the role of Gandalf in LOTR. He would have ended up with close to half a billion dollars because Jackson and the studio offered him a huge percentage (15%) of the total LOTR total box office franchise sales. Connery claimed he did not understand the story or script. Which baffles me because LOTR is at its core the classic good vs. evil plot. Take out all the details (which are amazing and out of this world) and you have a story of an underdogs chance to beat the root of all evil against gargantuan odds. He could understand the plot of League of extraordinary gentleman but failed to comprehend LOTR and the absolutely unmatched premise that still to this day holds its own against any fantasy movie ever made. I’m glad he turned down the role as Gandalf though because Ian McKellen was born to play Gandalf. The movies would not have been as good and heart warming without Ian. He gives Gandalf a sense of humbleness that makes the character so greatly adored. If anything Connery would have made a good Soloman, but once again they hit the nail on the head with Christopher Lee. I just can’t imagine how Connery is not kicking himself for passing up on 450 million dollars and more importantly passing up the chance to be part of the greatest film trilogy of all time.

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith 7 months ago

    Watch Mojo, at this point, you DO realize you just keep making the same "list" video over and over with small variations, always featuring the same films, right? I mean, you must! If the list is about bad actors/films, we know we're gonna see "Gigli" or "Batman and Robin," etc. somewhere in there. If it's about good actors, plots, or films, then surely somewhere on the list will be "In Bruges," "Usual Suspects," etc.. Get some new ideas, and start putting some different movies on your lists!

  • doctorfeelucky
    doctorfeelucky 8 months ago

    Wow! Looking at Catwoman, now, every little bit that appears on this video is shit

  • Games That I Play
    Games That I Play 8 months ago

    What about the Mexican?

  • andrewhigham407
    andrewhigham407 8 months ago

    Jennifer Lopez is fantastic in Shades of Blue and The Cell.

  • hcaz
    hcaz 9 months ago

    AI is great

  • Michael Torres
    Michael Torres 9 months ago

    Bio-Dome is awesome!!

  • Brandon Moskos
    Brandon Moskos 9 months ago

    This is a dumb list. This channel gets worse and worse.

  • Yewande Koyenikan
    Yewande Koyenikan 9 months ago

    Swept away was awful! Catwoman was fantastic! Some part of me still like twilight franchise

  • Lino Ruiz
    Lino Ruiz 10 months ago +1

    Pauly Shore yu boring fuk,,,plz kill yurself,,,and kill all your shirty movies too,,,

  • Mark Ukrainetz
    Mark Ukrainetz 10 months ago

    AI was one of the worst films I have ever seen. Just as bad as 'The Terminal'. yikes!

  • Luis Reyes
    Luis Reyes 10 months ago

    To be honest: NOBODY misses both Pauly Shore and Jaimie Kennedy.

  • Autistic Andy
    Autistic Andy 10 months ago

    1:48 Largly remaining in the shadows up until recently the super-villain-alter-ego Pedo Lex Luthor. Then at 3:25 we get the now infamous "I see dead careers" meme. This video kinda keeps it real.

  • Betty James
    Betty James 10 months ago

    What about Jennifer Garner in Elektra. I don't think she's been in anything since.

  • Orlando1130
    Orlando1130 10 months ago

    Snow dogs !

  • Ot3p
    Ot3p 10 months ago

    Bio-Dome is a great movie. The fuck?

  • Barbara Vela
    Barbara Vela 10 months ago

    If I'd make a film with all these actors, i think it would be succesful

  • Luna Schauer
    Luna Schauer 10 months ago

    Number 9 don't ever watch

  • z delany
    z delany 11 months ago

    no film can ruin madonnas acting career....she doesn't have one

  • PUMPKIN12_4
    PUMPKIN12_4 11 months ago

    I don't really think Catwoman completely ruined Halle's career, she's done a few good movies since!

  • Richard Huff
    Richard Huff 11 months ago

    I like Battlefield Earth I own the DVD

  • SuperMerlot
    SuperMerlot Year ago

    that gigli thing was so disgusting

  • LadyJosie
    LadyJosie Year ago

    What do you mean? Cat Woman was great! Its the Daredevil of DC movies!!

  • LordValairium
    LordValairium Year ago

    So Eddie Murphy's career is ruined? LOL you guys are tripping.

  • KatzeDerNacht22
    KatzeDerNacht22 Year ago

    Oh my, I couldn't watch Catwoman

  • alex thelizardking

    Catwoman was #notthatbad

  • OHM
    OHM Year ago

    madonna ?? what career ???

  • Vits Vicente Torres

    To me, "career ruining" means that either the actor can't be the lead in a studio release anymore or they stop working altogether. That did happen to John Travolta, Eddie Murphy and Halle Berry, but not with those movies (OLD DOGS, NORBIT and PERFECT STRANGER). Sean Connery *chose* to retire. Hayden Christensen did another STAR WARS movie and then JUMPER, which proved that he could be the sole star of a financially successful non-sequel movie. It was *his* decision to move away from blockbusters.

  • David Ray
    David Ray Year ago

    Gigli would have sucked with or without J-Lo.

  • David Ray
    David Ray Year ago

    Haley Joel Osment was pretty good in Secondhand Lions.

  • Tim Williams
    Tim Williams Year ago

    number 9 Pauley Shore, never had a career

  • Francesca huawei
    Francesca huawei Year ago

    benigni is hardly going to appeal to a worldwide English speaking audience. I thought A.I and the League were successful

  • Alex Xolo
    Alex Xolo Year ago

    I loved Catwoman

  • Amit Kanade
    Amit Kanade Year ago

    A.I was a good movie....not all of your research are right

  • Bill Scannell
    Bill Scannell Year ago

    They totally missed the mark with Haley Joel Osment, in oh-so-many ways. First off, he's not a star anymore because he grew up. Also, A.I. might be the absolute best of the "dystopian, futuristic society" genre, and Pay it Forward is a cheesy piece o shit. My mother said that film ruined Kevin Spacey for her, and he had previously been her favorite actor.

  • TheMellowPumpkin
    TheMellowPumpkin Year ago

    Hayden Christensen semi-retired from acting. In fact, he was offered too many roles after _Revenge of the Sith_ and _Jumper_ . This spooked him from Hollywood and he became a farmer in Canada instead.

  • Ed Anderson
    Ed Anderson Year ago

    It wasn't the movie that destroyed Lindsay Lohan's career, she pretty much did that all on her own.

  • Francisco Martinez

    Has Eddie Murphy been good in ANY movie? Stand-up is his thing, sure, but he plays the same character in every film. Plus, most of his films are cheesy.

    • Ryan Paye
      Ryan Paye Year ago

      He has. Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cop, Coming to America, Shrek, Shrek 2.

  • Jose Carlos Dos Santos

    Artificial Intelligence is a so underrated movie

  • Shannon Staley
    Shannon Staley Year ago

    I don’t understand what the heck and Ben and Jennifer were thinking with that movie. Just a few years before ben made a movie with almost the exact same premise and it was called chasing Amy, except it was good.

  • Cynthia Garcia
    Cynthia Garcia Year ago

    Was Madona ever really an actress. . .