i tested mind blowing food CONSPIRACIES of 2018

  • Опубликовано: 7 янв 2019
  • you know how much i love paranormal and conspiracy theory videos and i found some sketchy things that happened in the food industry in 2018. in this video we expose them and we test how scary they are, i hope you like it and subscribe thank you!
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  • Amin Abdi
    Amin Abdi 34 минуты назад

    Rip to the people that died cuz of pret a manger

  • Addison Wimsatt
    Addison Wimsatt Час назад +4

    I was eating strawberries while watching this and had to check them!😂but seriously I'm not joking! I checked them

    • Amin Abdi
      Amin Abdi 32 минуты назад

      Addison Wimsatt check them

  • XT x AB
    XT x AB Час назад +3

    Who else is from Australia I don't need likes but who else?

  • Daisy Kempis
    Daisy Kempis Час назад +4

    And who cares if it’s horse meat.Not meant cruel or something but horses are no different than cows or pigs and people get rely shocked about stuff being dog or cat meat even tho they are not worth any more or less than other animals. People should just overall stop eating animal products

  • Daisy Kempis
    Daisy Kempis Час назад +3

    They could just put metal detectors in the lamps above the food and it would alarm if metal comes underneath it

  • Daisy Kempis
    Daisy Kempis Час назад +2

    Why do people find this entertaining? But then again, I watched the whole video

  • Winona Dmello
    Winona Dmello 2 часа назад +2

    RIP to all the people who died because of these stuff....😭

  • YoshiNinja
    YoshiNinja 2 часа назад +3

    “4 of them are contaminated and 4 of them are safe” *counts 9 strawberries” Wait a minute...

  • Donna Zborovsky
    Donna Zborovsky 2 часа назад +1


  • Tay Xenia
    Tay Xenia 3 часа назад +3

    He’s scared of the strawberry’s 🤣🤣🤣

  • Russ G
    Russ G 3 часа назад +2

    Cut your strawberries lesson learned

  • Samaj Morgan
    Samaj Morgan 3 часа назад +2


  • Sophie fortnite plus
    Sophie fortnite plus 3 часа назад +5

    I’m eating Raman and I found a butter label in it😱😕😞😔😟😬

  • Meryem JABRY
    Meryem JABRY 3 часа назад +1

    I absolutely love 💕 your video’s ❤️❤️❤️ Can’t wait to see more

  • Laura-jane Boadelair
    Laura-jane Boadelair 4 часа назад +1

    -Coming from the UK, London, never going tesco again.-

  • Zuzanna M
    Zuzanna M 4 часа назад +2

    Phahha we have the same kettle

    • Ava Redfern
      Ava Redfern 29 минут назад

      Pahahha no one cares

  • Kitty Girl
    Kitty Girl 5 часов назад +5

    I'm from Australia and my mum went crazy with cutting strawberries. She bought maybe...15 punnets at once to cut up >.

  • Daisy Pink
    Daisy Pink 5 часов назад +1

    Omg I’ve been shopping at Tesco my whole life😮😂

    THEANDROIDHACKER 6 часов назад +5

    I can't tell weather he said cat calf or cow anus

  • Janea Vandehei
    Janea Vandehei 6 часов назад +5

    I feel heart broken for the people that have experienced this and for the people that passed.

  • Anna Hoang
    Anna Hoang 6 часов назад +3

    That’s why I cut my strawberries in half

    JIMINAHH 6 часов назад +6

    I have strawberries in my fridge right now and I’m scared to eat them..

    JIMINAHH 6 часов назад +1

    I have strawberries in my fridge right now and I’m scared to eat them

  • Lynzi M
    Lynzi M 10 часов назад +6

    I've actually found a needle in a strawberry and almost swallowed it...

  • Verly Tiffy's
    Verly Tiffy's 11 часов назад +2

    I live in indonesia and Im really sad for them ..

  • Zakaria Hossain
    Zakaria Hossain 11 часов назад +2

    Do you love eating food

  • amaara
    amaara 12 часов назад +3

    there was a needle in my spaghetti packet like two weeks ago. it was from morrison’s 🤭

  • summers clara
    summers clara 12 часов назад +1

    Glad I don't have any Tesco near me

  • xxxtentacion
    xxxtentacion 12 часов назад +6

    I live in Australia n since the needle thing happened I’ve been cutting up my strawberries before I eat them

  • Maggie Crttndn
    Maggie Crttndn 13 часов назад +8

    I live in Australia and I just cut up all my strawberries before I ate it

  • Mikey Quinlan
    Mikey Quinlan 14 часов назад

    Rip to all the poor people that has happened to me twice now with dairy and gliten

  • Dan Jones
    Dan Jones 14 часов назад +1

    I am so sorry for that girl that died from Simi damn airport

    BTS IS AWESOME 15 часов назад +4

    I live in Adelaide and I was literally not eating strawberries until it was okay.

  • KaidoRaido
    KaidoRaido 16 часов назад +3

    This is why I haven’t eaten fruit for the last six months ://
    Why are Aussies so mean to eachother- I just want my fruitttt T^T

  • ZeeTheBee3
    ZeeTheBee3 19 часов назад +5

    I’m just eating chips from now on frick fruit

  • - Magical Roni -
    - Magical Roni - 19 часов назад +2

    New Zealand fam?

  • Flooofy POOF!
    Flooofy POOF! 20 часов назад +3

    In Adelaide a month or a few weeks later strawberries came back and whenever my was going to eat strawberries or making a smooth she would cut the strawberry into small pieces to make sure there were no needles

  • J and A Plays
    J and A Plays 20 часов назад +6

    Dang will not buy strawberries from Australia I guess 👌🏽

    • ZeeTheBee3
      ZeeTheBee3 19 часов назад

      It’s not that bad

  • Myka Emmichelle Umali
    Myka Emmichelle Umali 22 часа назад

    Hi Raphael! 😊 I'm a fan of your's.

  • B Bailey
    B Bailey 22 часа назад +2

    I live in Australia and I remember this story all over the news

  • lever thon
    lever thon 23 часа назад +11

    Im so lucky i didnt get a needle in my fruit who else lives in Australia?

  • Get Dunked On
    Get Dunked On 23 часа назад +1

    This made me hate food and I LOVE it >:C

  • Gen
    Gen 23 часа назад

    I'm scared in lactose intolerant.

  • Equestrian Camille
    Equestrian Camille День назад +2

    noooo!! not horsie meat :(

  • alm2184
    alm2184 День назад +1

    Also they had to take al of the strawberries and get rid of them from coles

    • lever thon
      lever thon 23 часа назад

      I know it was crazy

  • Taylor Strozier
    Taylor Strozier День назад +4

    raphael? new shane dawson? nah jk no one can replace shane but ur great ily❤️

    • hello I'm Darcy
      hello I'm Darcy День назад

      He is like Shane but with a accent
      Which I love
      But ur right Shane is queen 👑

    • hello I'm Darcy
      hello I'm Darcy День назад

      +Long Live XxxTentacion he is going to do some soon

    • Long Live XxxTentacion
      Long Live XxxTentacion День назад

      If only Shane posted conspiracy theories

  • //RadRosezMSP//
    //RadRosezMSP// День назад +2

    I'm vegan

  • Lucy Richardson
    Lucy Richardson День назад +2

    Omg I am scared I went to Tesco today after school and got some chicken nuggets

  • Jessie Webster
    Jessie Webster День назад +3

    Don’t bring up the horse meat scandal again I think Britain has just finally gotten over that.

  • Leo Lol
    Leo Lol День назад +6

    Why am i watching this while eating lunch??? I just got a lot of anxiety right now XD

  • Marie Does Things
    Marie Does Things День назад +1

    I live in Ireland and there's this girl in my school that has an allergy to nuts and eggs. Our school specifically doesn't let us bring in ANY nut or egg product just because of that one girl with allergies, if every store took more precautions, we wouldn't have death incidents.

  • Catherine Elise
    Catherine Elise День назад +7

    what is his accent?..... no hate, I just think its so satisfying

    • Naco Nav
      Naco Nav День назад

      E X A C T L Y

    • Posie Ray
      Posie Ray День назад +2

      Catherine Elise he’s Portuguese :)

  • vaani kamboj
    vaani kamboj День назад +7

    I sense shane vibe and i love it

  • Mia Payne
    Mia Payne День назад +11

    You speak so clearly it’s satisfying

  • Jade Stewart
    Jade Stewart День назад +5

    I always cut my strawberries before I eat them but not my grapes 0.0

  • Bea Mi
    Bea Mi День назад +4

    Now I allways cut or bite any fruit that i am going to eat...

  • Naz Johnson
    Naz Johnson День назад +3

    This is me when I open to people - why am I interested to know you more now?😂

  • Cruiz
    Cruiz День назад +3

    what the heck I didn't know there was needles in grapes ;-; rip australia

  • Dasia Doge
    Dasia Doge День назад +5

    My sister had a very big allergic reaction when she bought some cookies at a Subway and she wanted white chocolate cookies , but the man picked up some macadamian nut cookies(she's allergic to all tree nuts) we sat down and started eating and she took a bite of the cookie. Nothing really was happening. When we got home her eyes where starting to get itchy and her neck was red. She started to get hives and she was puffing up and I was really scared! I found her medicine and gave her the shot. She was OK ,but that idiot that gave us those cookies could've killed her if I didn't walk her inside!

  • Kezia Hartono
    Kezia Hartono День назад

    There was this time last year while I was eating a chocolate bar SilverQueen. I bought it from Indonesia. Suddenly after I was done eating it I saw a maggot on the wrap. Now I never eat the same brand

  • Lady Totoro
    Lady Totoro День назад +2

    There's NINE strawberries!!!!!!🍓

    • Hope Streater
      Hope Streater 2 часа назад

      @CatherineElise was being sarcastic omg lol

    • HC Koala
      HC Koala 23 часа назад +1

      +Lady Totoro Umm... No offense to Catherine, but always remember to stay safe on the internet, you never know who's on the other side. Just... Be careful what you say

    • Lady Totoro
      Lady Totoro День назад

      +Catherine Elise haha x3 sure luv

    • Catherine Elise
      Catherine Elise День назад +1

      do you want to be friends????? I have a feeling your a really nice person

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam День назад +1

    *PART 2* !!!!!!!!!!

    YEETUS ON YO FEETUS День назад +2

    the 1st one was scary when it happened

  • Gachaverse Potato
    Gachaverse Potato День назад

    At least I ate before this, if not I would stop eating

  • Ariel Kk
    Ariel Kk День назад +2

    I live in Australia and I’ve never headed of the “needle insadrnt”

  • Macaroni Master
    Macaroni Master День назад +2

    The Australian one damn 🤭

  • The Napol
    The Napol День назад +2

    I live in Australia.

    • Taste Good餅
      Taste Good餅 14 минут назад

      I live in America.

    • Marie Does Things
      Marie Does Things День назад

      Always cute your fruit before eating it, you never know!

  • Lygoholic
    Lygoholic День назад +1

    I’ve watched a few of your videos & I’m now subscribed. LOVE YOUR CONTEENT (also I’m now scared to even BUY anything in the store, I don’t trust it..)

  • Gachagirlxxx! Pinkyforever
    Gachagirlxxx! Pinkyforever День назад +3

    I’m Allergic to some nuts and I didn’t know it and so far I have had to allergic reactions to cashews and Pistachios

  • Rösês
    Rösês День назад +3

    This video is pretty good and I would like a part 2. 😊

  • JustLogic_
    JustLogic_ День назад +2

    There’s mad pret locations in NYC (mostly manhattan)

  • Ernesto Culantro
    Ernesto Culantro 2 дня назад +2


  • Ernesto Culantro
    Ernesto Culantro 2 дня назад +1


  • Ernesto Culantro
    Ernesto Culantro 2 дня назад +1


  • Ernesto Culantro
    Ernesto Culantro 2 дня назад +1


  • Charlotte Pomeroy
    Charlotte Pomeroy 2 дня назад +6

    i'm in australia and i found a needle in a strawberry

  • Natalie Cufone
    Natalie Cufone 2 дня назад +6

    Everyone: needles in strawberries lol
    Australians: REEEEEEEEE

    • Natalie Cufone
      Natalie Cufone День назад

      +ShapeZ Beasty same also DANG

    • ShapeZ Beasty
      ShapeZ Beasty 2 дня назад +1

      Yep.. fam during that time I stayed WAYYY away from strawberries, but before that i almost ate a needle..

  • Mary Hicks
    Mary Hicks 2 дня назад +5

    In the USA they have to put the ingredients on all food sold. If the bread is made in a facility that has nuts peanuts and other things people are allergic to on the label. Fast food even has it listed in the restaurants and the label on the sandwich you got would have the ingredients listed on it which is a sticker and if there's nuts where the sandwich is made it says it on the label and in the gas station or convenience store

    • HC Koala
      HC Koala 23 часа назад +1

      YAY we did something right for once xD 😁

  • Chelsea Equestrian
    Chelsea Equestrian 2 дня назад +6

    The needles were in New Zealand too

    • - Magical Roni -
      - Magical Roni - 19 часов назад

      I did not know that (well I live in the north island)

    • Chelsea Equestrian
      Chelsea Equestrian День назад

      +J V Geraldine, south island

    • J V
      J V День назад +1

      Chelsea Equestrian where abouts? Cause I live in Wellington porirua

    • MousieThe Midget
      MousieThe Midget 2 дня назад

      The woman who did it did it because she was being ripped off by the company she worked for though she shouldn’t have done it I don’t blame her because I wouldn’t want them not paying me the amount they said they would

  • Beef Boss
    Beef Boss 2 дня назад +4

    My friend legit found a dead catipillar in his cottage pie like he god sick

  • Amy Stringfellow
    Amy Stringfellow 2 дня назад +3

    Yes I’m in USA so I don’t have to worry about that

  • Amy Stringfellow
    Amy Stringfellow 2 дня назад +6

    You’re making me not wanna eat

  • benjamin hernandez
    benjamin hernandez 2 дня назад +1

    >_< =_= 😢😿

  • Bryan Hernandez
    Bryan Hernandez 2 дня назад +2

    Why didn’t she consult someone. Tf? If she’s allergic she’d be alive if she read and asked

  • Bianca Anghel
    Bianca Anghel 2 дня назад +8

    The way you talked it makes me feel like it's something behind me

    • Gachaverse Potato
      Gachaverse Potato День назад +1

      Bianca Anghel IKR the way he’s talking wow

  • AJHV
    AJHV 2 дня назад

    i love you

  • matilde pedersen
    matilde pedersen 2 дня назад +2

    Maybe That person has diabetes

  • Norah Hofstede
    Norah Hofstede 2 дня назад +4

    I once ate a cookie from a shop where I asked is it diary free they said yes 1 hour later i was laying in the hospital..

    • Lunar The Wolf :D
      Lunar The Wolf :D 3 часа назад


    • Norah Hofstede
      Norah Hofstede 4 часа назад

      +Lunar The Wolf :D no it was because they did not clean de mixer during the making of normal and my cookies

    • Lunar The Wolf :D
      Lunar The Wolf :D 2 дня назад

      Oof did they go to jail?

  • Hedda Østby
    Hedda Østby 2 дня назад +2

    This is soooooo creepy

  • Kiopic
    Kiopic 2 дня назад +5

    I am watching while eating 🌚

  • Lolz Asific
    Lolz Asific 2 дня назад +1


  • Chloe Poole
    Chloe Poole 2 дня назад +5

    I haven’t had a strawberry I’m like 4 months

  • Chloe Poole
    Chloe Poole 2 дня назад +5

    Omg my mum won’t let me have strawberries anymore because I live in Australia and she is scared that I will die 🙄🙄🙄

    • Aaron Whiteley
      Aaron Whiteley 21 час назад

      Sorry for being rude, yes i am chill

    • HC Koala
      HC Koala 23 часа назад +1

      +Aaron Whiteley Chill ... And watch your languege!

    • ı ssıɯ ǝdos
      ı ssıɯ ǝdos День назад +2

      Aaron Whiteley are u okay ? Calm down

    • Lunar The Wolf :D
      Lunar The Wolf :D 2 дня назад +1

      +Aaron Whiteley you dont have to rude

    • Aaron Whiteley
      Aaron Whiteley 2 дня назад

      Ive eatin heaps, havent had any! Ur mum is a fucktard u may as well not eat anything ever again

  • BlueGreen_Gacha_Wolf_ Cute
    BlueGreen_Gacha_Wolf_ Cute 2 дня назад


  • BlueGreen_Gacha_Wolf_ Cute
    BlueGreen_Gacha_Wolf_ Cute 2 дня назад +1

    I am in lithuania and it is the same it is werd

    • Red X
      Red X 2 дня назад +1

      BlueGreen_Gacha_Wolf_ Cute No it’s not, im lithuanian and no it’s not the same.

  • E Cat
    E Cat 2 дня назад +6

    We were advised to cut up all our strawberries before eating.

    Australia is a meme

  • The Random
    The Random 2 дня назад +2

    I did not eat small fruit and berries until 3 months even after she was found 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
    Edit: I did not know about the grapes

    • Julie Merjan
      Julie Merjan 2 дня назад

      Yeah I'm Australian and in NSW and haven't heard about the grapes..????

  • Tina Makaua
    Tina Makaua 2 дня назад +1

    I'm in New Zealand,Porirua

  • DragonLady E
    DragonLady E 2 дня назад +6

    Im in Australia and this actually happened to my friend but luckily that never happened to me because lol my mum said the strawberries are to expensive

  • Mizku roblox
    Mizku roblox 2 дня назад +6

    Thank God I live in Finland 🙏😳

    • Mizku roblox
      Mizku roblox 19 часов назад

      +Lunar The Wolf :D.... 0_0

    • Bhavi Sudheer
      Bhavi Sudheer День назад

      Maybe there r incidents which r not openly spoken about.

    • Lunar The Wolf :D
      Lunar The Wolf :D 2 дня назад +1

      Luckkyyy im i Aust........

    • Ella Musics
      Ella Musics 2 дня назад +1

      @Mizku roblox
      Me tooooo