Drinking Nasty Swamp Water (to save the world)

  • Published on Feb 15, 2019
  • While I'm normally a physics guy, got to give the chemists out there props on this one. Also props to Bill and Melinda Gates for partnering with me on this video. Check out their 2019 annual letter here- b-gat.es/2RPpLCc
    Here is a link to learn more about P&G's initiative and to donate (again... not sponsored): csdw.org/

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    9:38- Bottles - A Shell in the Pit ashellinthepit.bandcamp.com/

    Summary: I used some powder that has a flocculant in it to make swampy water drinkable. This can be used in situations where people don't have access to drinking water. Then I met up with Bill Gates and we talked about why we should help poor countries.

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  • Larry TRUELOVE
    Larry TRUELOVE 4 hours ago

    You better hope there’s no giardia. Chlorine is not 100% effective on giardia.

  • Weird Youtuber
    Weird Youtuber 6 hours ago

    I was watching this with my brother hes 8 then mark said every living thing needs life and my bro said "even fisha"

  • Korab Arifi
    Korab Arifi 10 hours ago

    Screw all ppl that disliked

  • Katia Chavez
    Katia Chavez 13 hours ago

    "Wheres my twenty bucks?"

  • Silly Kat
    Silly Kat 19 hours ago

    That’s from plague ink.

  • chigger38
    chigger38 20 hours ago

    Just found this video..... only make 12 videos a year and only uses the tools behind him twice a year

  • Kittan Artist
    Kittan Artist 21 hour ago

    Japan makes great products!
    Drug stores: made in China

  • Smell Diablo
    Smell Diablo 22 hours ago

    Pringles were made procter and gamble

  • kraps2312
    kraps2312 Day ago +1

    Hmm... help poor countries. The problem there is country and religion. Some say get rid of both. John Lennon "Imagine there's no countries
    , It isn't hard to do, Nothing to kill or die for, And no religion, too, Imagine all the people, Living life in peace. AS with some Math, this simplifies to The haves want to keep the have NOTs to be have nots.

  • HockeyGuy635
    HockeyGuy635 Day ago +1

    If I was bill gates I would be like hey u guys want 100 bucks

  • Nathaniel Hellewell

    Who noticed the "Not a flamethrower" In the background.

  • Sivansh Satpathy

    Will it get rid of bacteria??

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  • mohammed sadam
    mohammed sadam Day ago

    i need this to filter some people out of my life

    THE RED HOT TURNIP 2 days ago +1

    My mans made bill gates friking pizza rolls

  • enes kaya
    enes kaya 2 days ago

    what if you poured down 200 thousand of those into the sea

  • V 9
    V 9 2 days ago

    Lol he used plague inc at 8:23

  • ElementInfinity Wolf

    I couldn't even meet a famous person and this guy gets to meet Bill Gates...

    *u out of me favorite list*

  • Eunice Sundiam
    Eunice Sundiam 2 days ago

    I saw philipines :D

  • Spottedpool
    Spottedpool 2 days ago +1

    I’m late also no hate but they are plastic I think sooooooo they are awesome but save the turtles (btw I’m not visco I just have a turtle)

  • UmR
    UmR 2 days ago

    Girl: mark...rober
    Mark: did I tell you to say that?
    Girl: *nods head*
    Mark: wHA- YOU!-

  • Bruce Han
    Bruce Han 2 days ago

    i thought bill gates died, lol

  • Livia Phan Fields
    Livia Phan Fields 3 days ago +1

    There is an exception for no water - a tardigrade (water bear) can go 100 years without food or water. Don't believe me? Look it up - and give this comment a thumbs up.

  • TheUnknownDude
    TheUnknownDude 3 days ago

    what if there was a project where a lot of this powder is dumped in a dirty river/lake, then stirred using boat that has a spinning watermill, which moves horizontally as the mixer.

  • Elite
    Elite 3 days ago

    I don't have free water my water has arsenic

  • longestshot6
    longestshot6 3 days ago

    Damn imagine getting bill gates on ur vid

  • Retro _Logic101
    Retro _Logic101 3 days ago

    team trees 🌳🌳🌳

  • Ibry K
    Ibry K 3 days ago

    Can I get some please I need water

  • Darnell Wright
    Darnell Wright 4 days ago

    Well pizza rolls gets some free ad time

  • Wheelchair Sammy
    Wheelchair Sammy 4 days ago

    Step 1. Cut back on social program spending, that will free up more than enough to help these countries grow and prosper

  • Adarsh Chauhan
    Adarsh Chauhan 4 days ago

    How we can get these packages of powder

  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear 4 days ago +2

    What happens when you throw some powder into a lake

  • Dolphin Girl
    Dolphin Girl 4 days ago +1

    I wish he made more than 12 videos a year

  • Grandmaster Ironwill

    Lol, he used plague inc. As an example, which is honestly a good example.

  • theDefault
    theDefault 4 days ago

    This is the same process that water goes to at a water processing plant. Water is pulled from a reservoir, it's dirty, a coagulating polymer is added to separate the dirt and other bad stuff from the water. Then you pump chlorine into it and send it out

  • Barney Charley
    Barney Charley 5 days ago

    I love his view like this because I just find the really cool

  • Calvin Valerian
    Calvin Valerian 5 days ago

    By evaluating your perspective on life @4:34 "it goes to work on killing the 99.9999% of all the really tiny viruses and bacteria that are left on the water

    YOU SHOULDN'T DRINK THE WATER AT @2:22 because little that you know the remaining 0.0001% will undergo cell division to become 1000% more than what the packet killed after you let them enter the incubation chamber (Your warm Stomach); NOW THEY ARE BILLIONS.

  • Calvin Valerian
    Calvin Valerian 5 days ago

    @11:20 LOL so that is the real video footage why Bill Gate went missing

  • Patrick Anchinges
    Patrick Anchinges 5 days ago

    Percentage breakdown of mark rober's income:
    NASA 10%
    RU-clip 5%
    Sponsorships 5%
    Winning bets with small children 80%

  • Shashwat Pandey
    Shashwat Pandey 5 days ago

    The best video I have ever seen ..in like ever ever.. ;)

  • SHOCK Kenzu
    SHOCK Kenzu 5 days ago

    Imagine getting chosen for a mark rover video and this is what you get to do

  • Kodek
    Kodek 5 days ago

    What would happen if we genetically put chloroplast in our cells??????? I need *ANSWERS*

  • Heaven Toast
    Heaven Toast 5 days ago

    Should’ve told him to donate to #teamtrees

  • Jim Red
    Jim Red 6 days ago

    actually this video could get more views if he places Bill Gates pic as it's thumbnail

  • Judith Allison
    Judith Allison 6 days ago +1

    Wait so bill gates has something in his kitchen that he’s never eaten

    • Lord Headass
      Lord Headass 4 days ago +2

      Judith Allison my man probably own houses that he never been in

  • Kermit the Frog
    Kermit the Frog 6 days ago

    Bill gates: I love dic*s

    Me: oh really

  • Niko D
    Niko D 6 days ago

    I feel so special because I live in Seattle I don’t get why people want to go on vacation in Seattle it rains all the time and its like 30 F in the morning and in summer its only like 62 F

  • DaMidget Pandacorn
    DaMidget Pandacorn 6 days ago

    Australia might need this

  • McSand-boy
    McSand-boy 7 days ago

    “So I made the richest man on earth...
    _some pizza rolls”_

  • Moba Kok Plagiat
    Moba Kok Plagiat 7 days ago

    This dude use plague inc clip

  • Benjamin Fu
    Benjamin Fu 7 days ago

    Opossums: Logan Paul's cousin smh

  • Sadie cable
    Sadie cable 7 days ago


  • Red Robot
    Red Robot 7 days ago

    The child was funny by telling the truth.

  • Yusuf J
    Yusuf J 7 days ago

    WOW you got Bill Gates | hOw MuCh DiD YOu pAy

  • HENDARYIE tjoeng
    HENDARYIE tjoeng 7 days ago

    7:15 came here proud people

  • Ehsan Moradi
    Ehsan Moradi 8 days ago

    I love uncle billy 😅😅

  • Army1SG Ret
    Army1SG Ret 8 days ago +40

    “He’s a little confused, but he gets the point”

    • Stix
      Stix 4 days ago +1

      What? How?

  • Igit Igit
    Igit Igit 8 days ago

    Wears backwards hat with bill gates. Explains the conversation alone in his backyard with a nice styled cut. I dun get it.

  • Weston Forced-last-name-display

    Bill is not the richest man on earth

  • Parth Ahuja
    Parth Ahuja 9 days ago

    "thanks so much, bro"
    My heart stopped my mommy took me to the hospital