Summoner's Rift Dev Map Tour - ENG ver. with Q&A from developers.

  • Published on Jun 11, 2014
    Twitch was busy with E3, sorry for lags.
    Continue reading for a summary of the stream!
    Riot CaptainLx ( Animation ) and Riot Nome ( Gameplay ) are our hosts.

    Blue side is themed, art and buildings, like Paladin, Red side more like a Mage.
    Hints of red and blue denote different areas of the map, specifically where you are near buff camps and if you are near Baron.
    South (bottom side Red buff area) is most luscious, and wild. It's how the art team imagined Summoner's Rift would look like if Baron wasn't on the map.
    In relation to jungle camps reacting and having new animations: "We didn't want it to look like monsters were waiting at a bus stop". To address that "proximity animations" were implemented - monsters react to players approaching them. Note that this is CLIENT side as to avoid alerting enemy players of your presence.
    Will the size of the lanes change? While it may look larger or narrower it's the same, only a lot more cleaned up which does give the sense of it having changed. The navigation mesh was kept the same.
    There will be LOTS of easter eggs.
    The map seems darker because of the new focus on visual hierarchy - they want the gameplay (read as user interface, spell particles, and character models) to pop out more. This is subject to change depending on feedback, it may end up being brightened up.
    Example: the vista above top lane is very bright because it's not a "gameplay" area.
    The minimap did change, with the main focus of it being clearer and easier to read. They stressed like everything else, this isstill a work in progress.
    Subtle changes to fog of war - clearly be distinct where Fog of War is and where it isn't. Quadrupled Fog of War textures - aiming for a hard line of "this is fog of war".
    Spawn animations for minion camps "pre roll" - Spawn times have not changed. "Eyes on game and not timer"
    Can't see animations if you can't see the camp. Spawn animations only happen when the minions respawn, not when you walk by.
    Didn't change how thick the walls were, only cleaned them to match up where the actual wall is starts and stop.
    Will new boss monster changes be harder? Baron on live currently casts his one big ability randomly so these new mechanics will be more reliable. For example, Baron will do 3 auto attacks and then cast one of his spells. As you can see below, he has a few new attacks!
    New camera angle will reduces the "fish eye" effect.
    If you can play SR now, you will be able to play this new map. Performance is of the highest concern.

    There is no set date. Since the announcement, the team has beenactively addressing feedback and making sure it works well. They want to make sure it to runs on "every toaster on the planet".
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  • faressdka
    faressdka 5 years ago

    pre dragon spawn time, its a fight for which team gets 2 see the animation :P,

  • CurlyHeadedFark
    CurlyHeadedFark 5 years ago +1

    RIP Botlane tri bush wall smiley face

    • Mr. N
      Mr. N 5 years ago

      Yea , :/ but Iam sure there is better stuff in the new sr :)

    • DailYxDosE
      DailYxDosE 5 years ago


  • 23gameoverlord
    23gameoverlord 5 years ago

    is it just me or do the new lanes look a little more wider, other than that i like where the maps desgine is going, the bases look amazing & the Monsters look more badass & not really...funny looking.

    • derpblock
      derpblock 5 years ago

      They said they put the camere more higher so everything looks smaller (the champion) compared to the map

  • Cameron Johnson
    Cameron Johnson 5 years ago

    my only question is why the hell were you trying to record this while fucking watching e3

    • ilyazelek
      ilyazelek 5 years ago

      Twich was lagging because of E3, i didnt watched anyting, i swear...

  • PanicGiraffe
    PanicGiraffe 5 years ago

    Anyone care to explain the black malzahar?

  • khryzyyy
    khryzyyy 5 years ago

    Most of the champions graphics dont really fit with the map texture...Riot should rework every champion

    • khryzyyy
      khryzyyy 5 years ago

      @Nick P Well,that is nice to hear...Thanks for the reply

  • SiNi Stopwolf
    SiNi Stopwolf 5 years ago +1

    Will we need better PC's , i didnt understand that part ...

  • Logan estrella-hooten
    Logan estrella-hooten 5 years ago

    I loveyou

  • Aamro Sabbagh
    Aamro Sabbagh 5 years ago +2

    and these people are awesome *HIGHFIVES RIOT*

  • Aamro Sabbagh
    Aamro Sabbagh 5 years ago +1

    poor people still waiting in the stream lol