More Of Jon Stewart's Interview With Stephen Colbert

  • Published on Nov 28, 2018
  • Jon Stewart asks Stephen Colbert about his transition to the Late Show, or how he went from being Stephen Colbert to being Stephen Colbert.
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Comments • 589

  • Chanti
    Chanti 6 days ago

    so beautiful to hear the part about biden. I honestly felt it while watching it. It was so special. I rewatched that interview like a million times.

  • Lizz Locke
    Lizz Locke 8 days ago

    I'm glad Stephan enjoys what he is doing!

  • HantuBorneo
    HantuBorneo 12 days ago

    I miss obama and jon stewart

  • Ronak Khandelwal
    Ronak Khandelwal Month ago

    Stephen Colbert is the best daily show host ever

  • Helen Campbell
    Helen Campbell Month ago

    A real pair of mother ****** lovers !!!!!!(ahem)

  • ElectroIsMyReligion

    I forgot that Jon is equally as a phenomenal interviewer as he is a comedian maybe. You can really tell how comfortable and amazing he still is when hosting.

  • Erica O'Brien
    Erica O'Brien Month ago

    I could watch these two men talk for hours.

  • Jon T
    Jon T 2 months ago +2

    One of my favorite memories is going to the Colbert Report in NY and being in the audience. Before the show he used to come out and take questions from the real him, not his character, and it was JARRING. I remember thinking someday he'll probably have a show as himself lol

  • AncientOneProductions
    AncientOneProductions 2 months ago

    its all out in the open

  • Windy Daley
    Windy Daley 3 months ago

    trump's recent NC rally seemed like one of Hitler's rallies. Trump (real name Drumpf) should go back to his ethnic country--Nazi Germany, a regime that killed over 6 million innocent people and started a world war that killed millions more. Trump may very well be the son of Satan. Read 2 Corinthians 11. 14 Trump's earth dad was KKK, but his spiritual dad is more than evil. Why do you think that Trump is so orange? His Chinese sign is fire. Go back to the hell from where you crawled from, Drumpf. Drumpf was born on Saturday, June 14, 1946--The sixth day of the week, the sixth month of the year, and the sixth year of the decade--666--the sign of the beast. He lies enough to be the son of the father of lies, and he worships other demon-like dictators.

  • Hi Nevermind
    Hi Nevermind 3 months ago

    I love how seamlessly they can go back and forth between being serious and humor

  • AkJonny1965
    AkJonny1965 3 months ago

    Get Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee and Bill Maher on the same stage for a 2 hour special. Please!

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 3 months ago

    You give children a mask because they find it easier to be themselves iwth one not because they then get more blocked up and stymied.
    Colbert character was not a veneer it gave incredible depth and richness to his reactions to things.We do feel vunerability and most cannot express it o feel it is unseeml to do so, but colbert character did express vunerability with such incredible brilliance. It was not a facade it was a million bits of psychology and truths about humans. Who has pulled you two to bits so that you two then do for each other. Jon is reducing Colberts act, and his own too, as in how the hell can he pretend to go on being intelligent. how can he go on being intelligent and call Stephens strange mixture between him and his character as a varnish or a facade. his characters were not opinionated, one part was an idiot but it was all mixed up with COlbert himself and it allowed him to say things with so much depth. .

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 3 months ago

    They persuaded you not to steer the ship so tightly! You should not have let them do that, your show was better than this is. Don't you see any difference between the old and new show, the old one had a much fuller flavour.
    Why does Jon talk as if it was good for you to be whatever you are now, a much less varied person. a sort of piece of bread, instead of a really good bar of chocolate with the bread too, a french tea. . Does Jon understand what was once so brilliant about you he wants you to be like him or he just wants you to be less good.layers to his jokes did not he see how many layers of psychological reactions you had to events. I just ask myself if the genius in the old shows was Jon who found a away to bring out hte best in each person and each one was exceptoinal in their own way, but you and jon most especially so or was somsone else. .respoonsable for how brilliantly all of your different personalities and abiliies were used. The Jon talking here seems to be grooming you to be boring, so it must have been someone else who made you be your, fullest self, before.
    I saw a film with Scorsese in the role of the protagonist, made early this century and I was strongly reminded of Jon in the person Scorsese acted, though Jons role in his show was much more that of a very respectable family man than the heroe Scorsese played was, but his hero, like Jon, really minded about minority groups and was really pulling people together in a way that made him seem to be a bit of a genius. I keep wondering who was the genius of the show .
    Also, I never forgot how nervious Jon was when Larry King interveiwed him, so it I always had in my mind, that maybe Jon was not what he pretended to be. Yes brilliant and wild about minority groups and helping the underdog but not the, clean as all hell guy, he pretended to be.
    I love Jon but what has happened is a bit horrible and if he came out a bit more, would he then lighten up and be his old self. It would be so typical of Catholics to tell him that it was better to do the real thing, like go door to dood to help veterans, than to give a show that informed me so much. Other shows talk of politics but they dont also keep me so informed. They, Catholics, did not like him, at least he teaches so much that tehy dotn like, and IN just think that they did for him in some way. I certainly have masses of experience of them trying to do for me, enough to recognise their actions and to know they would not like his show, though they would not openly say as much, they are slow to show their conservative faschist side side and certinly dont do it in public. They are so good at using people to get what they want, to push others, as Jon is pushing Colbert here or to push their opinions and Jon is married to one.
    Jon here seems to be slipping in an occassional comment that sound as if he is accusing Colbert of things here. I don't want John Oliver to hate me, but he has more the character to have stolen the show, he reminds me in some ways of the clever, clever people i have known so much more than Colbert does. Maybe Colbert was pulled against Jon, in part by others.

  • thesilverfish5
    thesilverfish5 4 months ago


  • Syed Humza Reza
    Syed Humza Reza 4 months ago +1

    That right there is true friendship.

  • Uma Chan
    Uma Chan 4 months ago

    I have to admit that the first couple times I watched the Late Show with Colbert I just wasn't feeling it. It wasn't close to what he was doing before and only once he started the new format did it really start to click.

  • Bruce Soto
    Bruce Soto 6 months ago

    Love this guy,s!!! The way both of them make us laugh and think at the same time is great, Please never stop!!! Thank you from the 💓.go Jon& Stephen

  • Mathieu Torres
    Mathieu Torres 6 months ago

    Jon is still one of the best interviewers out there. I miss him.

  • Natalie Xu
    Natalie Xu 7 months ago

    instead of right opinions he now has left opinions.

  • Tiffany Alexandria
    Tiffany Alexandria 7 months ago

    That was the coolest and most exciting part of him taking over the late show!! It still is.

  • FrogCast
    FrogCast 7 months ago

    worlds best bromance. you two need to do a podcast or run for president!

  • oil9vinergar
    oil9vinergar 8 months ago

    Ocasio-Cortez = Chavez rotten-fruit = Venezuela of socialism is slavery, killed off the Amazon hq deal.... NYChitholes are staying NYChitholes.... Marx and Engels are the original social parasites: tuneyadstvo, now joined by NYChitholes..... Why work and pay taxes when NYChitholes get free money from us the taxpayers, who do work and pay taxes eh....

  • toverkleet
    toverkleet 8 months ago

    Jon almost glows with pride for his friend :)

  • Akemi M.
    Akemi M. 8 months ago

    Holy shit THIS is how you interview someone!

  • Tar Alanshori
    Tar Alanshori 8 months ago

    it's ironic that most american comedian are actually a genius pretending to be stupid
    while their politician just bunch of idiots pretending to be smart

  • communistjesus
    communistjesus 8 months ago

    Stephen & Jon not since Peanut butter and jelly....,........

  • Natalee  Steele
    Natalee Steele 9 months ago

    It's so cool hear these kind of 'behind the scene' stories 💖💕

  • Allen Janz
    Allen Janz 9 months ago

    Its nice to see that Jon Stewart has recovered from his daily show ptsd enough that he can crawl out from under Stephens desk. He must have a great shrink. I didnt expect him back on earth so soon.

  • Omar AA
    Omar AA 9 months ago

    I forgot how much I love Jon Stewart

  • theseinstrumentals
    theseinstrumentals 10 months ago +1

    always glad to see Jon but what was this for?? it read like LSSC was canceled and Jon was praising Colbert and reminiscing about the show.. found it really weird 🤔

  • A Haeg
    A Haeg 10 months ago

    Most real, I have ever seen SC.

  • mark ross
    mark ross 10 months ago

    Obi Wan interviewing Luke

  • Mike Sideburns
    Mike Sideburns 10 months ago

    Imagine a program so out of ideas other than beating the liberal drum, you have to have your old boss back on to circle jerk about the good ol day.

  • Shiva's Chimera
    Shiva's Chimera 10 months ago

    No they didnt.

  • wnsbug
    wnsbug 10 months ago

    i like this man

  • Ayana Holder
    Ayana Holder 10 months ago

    Yes..Tom and your writers know u very well. Ur my fave late night cause the wit is sharply intelligent. It's not common humour and I love it. And i think it perfectly reflects your real-person character because u perform the monologues so effort and naturally. This IS ur true calling. Keep up the good work...keeping us laughing 😊

  • Doomguy
    Doomguy 10 months ago


  • Advocate For A TYT Canada

    I would be honored to be called friend by either one of these gentlemen.

  • James Staples V
    James Staples V 10 months ago

    if I were gay I would wanna be the meat in their human sandwich ! }'0>

  • boobtuber06
    boobtuber06 10 months ago

    2:30 if he doesn't answer the election of Trump, then Stephen's a complete liar

  • End-Gamer
    End-Gamer 10 months ago

    I love how John just takes other people's shows over and it works. John made me realize how fucked up this country/world is. And I thank him. Carlin showed me the door, John helped me walkthrough it.

  • zahra zarqaa
    zahra zarqaa 10 months ago

    I like this, this was interesting.

  • lizza
    lizza 10 months ago

    OMG falling in love with Stephen yet again...

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 10 months ago

    What i lerant about catholicism in adult life was so very different from what I had been taught as a child. As a child I was taught a lot of very charitable ideas, the things jesus who was a very nice person taught and as an adult I met people when i was trying to help others who tried to teach me to be nasty, for one because if you are nice to people they might get proud or vain and for another, because you have to absolutely thrash people just to make sure you leave no sin undiscovered, so as to make sure they go to heaven.
    They try to tell you you had bad motive for any good deed you had ever comitted, and a worse motive than you thought you had for more doubtful actions.They tell you they can see into your soul, and that you cannot tell what is happening at rock bottom in your own mind and what they see is bad motives for everything.
    In brainwashing terms, this is called getting people ot deny themselves. If you can get people to admite they are thoroughly bad, then they are not only denying themselves but the parents and teachers who educated them with out managing to make them really good. This leads to making the victims of such psychological attacks ready to accept the ideas of the catholic or other sect taht is attacking the victims. It leads to the vicctims imagining that their own education was wrong so accepting that it needs to be replaced by the sects teaching. It also leads to a lot of guilt false and real tha allows the religous to get money out of the victims.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 10 months ago

    Jon you give a very sad look to one side when you say to Colbert that the son he mentions as his favourite son is the name of your son. My experience is that Catholic try to steal the hearts and minds of my children, have done, my sister for example, I so regret having had her and her children who have her ideas around in hte holidays with my children. I would not if I had a child again, let a catholic near my children. THey also refer to people they are trying to"help", bring round to a strict version of catholicism is helping as far as they are concerned, as children.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 10 months ago

    Jon. Apart from dealing with political turds, were there turds that were closer to you? A push and shove in The Daily Show that pushed you out or made things so hard that it broke you. You are looking well again, so glad to see you looking well.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 10 months ago

    Jon Stewart, you talk of Abraham with heaven knows what intention. Your father, as far as i can make out, just did not take responsability for your mother, you and one other child as far as I can remember,so like Abraham a pretty horrible father. I cannot remember if you had a brother or sister. Abraham was willing to kill his son for God, both God and his father went for Issac. God took Colberts father and a brother or two, so God did something tough ,to say the least, to Colbert, Heaven only knows what that meant for Colbert.
    My cradle faith is Catholic, so Abraham is not too important. They find him important because he believed in one God. In fact the Hindus, who have a pantheon of Gods, believe that they all gthe gods, can all fold down into one and fold out again, so it seems that the whole business of pretending to be better because you have one God is a trick of Judao, Christian bastards., Catholics make Judaism look bad and both make some others, like hindues, look bad.
    I am curious about Abraham because he was such a dick to his enemies,.The ones he told to get circumsised, so friendly enough to talk to and then fell on them, in their post operation agony and killed them. I would go with Jacob as the old testement character I liked best. An incredibly charitable man who forgave the brothers who wanted to do for him. Wanted and did all they could to absolutely do for him.
    Another curious thing about Abraham, according to the christian bible, is that he was worried about what the Pharoe might think about his wife, about the pharoe fancying his wife. I might go up to Madrid but I would never feel worried about whether or not Queen Leticia fancied my man, I would not expect her to see him. Abraham must have been very, very rich and powerful to imagine that the Pharoe would see Sarah.
    The jews are often doctors., Abraham had Issac after being circumcised. He must have had a fimosis problem that must have stopped him from laying his wife, hence his claim to the Pharoe that she was his sister, their relationship was that of a sister and brother. Hence Sarah's laughter at the idea that he would have as many children as stars in the sky. Abrahams son with Sarahs maid must have been an adoption, must have been a child who was not just not Sarahs child but not Abrahams either.
    My cradle faith is christian, we don't put much importance in Abraham, beyond him being a man of only one God. If i like judaism it is because of how pacific rabbis are, not because of Abraham, a fact they would probably not find unacceptable.
    In Hinduism Siva wears a belt from which hang skulls. God creates and God takes life away. If you are talking of one of the Hindu Godesses, Kali to take the most death wards example of godesses, people are born from her and die and go back to her womb. heaven to heaven. In Catholisim we Just have to come to terms with the fact that God might take a loved one from us. So ,like Siva he has skulls in his belt but not expressed in the same terms. The ways of Allah are mysterious and your father just abandoned you. Maybe a drug addict ends up being better than a priest, they are more likly to be humble, always criticised instead of admired. Alternatively you can just take a pass on the whole religious business.
    Religion used to be, when it wasnot being absolutely repressive, the psycholgy of the time. They used to be The people who explained that not being vengative for example, was psychologiaclly unhealthy. Were does all this leave you and COlbert?

  • Steam Juggler
    Steam Juggler 10 months ago

    There's a day they wanted to ask somebody a serious question and failed

  • Sera - Marie
    Sera - Marie 10 months ago

    The genius of Jon Stewart's is that he knew all of this 20 odd years ago and his been coaxing Colbert to his true potential this whole time. He is one of a kind, an incredible mentor and thanks to him generations of comedians and comedic actors have been, and continue to be inspired to their true potential.

  • CelestianGC
    CelestianGC 10 months ago

    I sooooo miss Jon's show. Please come back!

  • Legwarmer Productions
    Legwarmer Productions 10 months ago

    excellent, excellent, excellent / cheers

  • Always Falling Short
    Always Falling Short 10 months ago +1

    Please Jon, help us. You are our only hope. PLEASE come back to television. Please. Your voice is so important.

  • Always Falling Short
    Always Falling Short 10 months ago +1

    Oh my god, this interview has it all. The deep, connected interview question Jon pulls out of the deep dark hole. Beautiful.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 10 months ago

    JOn you got ruined by some idiots who convinced you the real work was to do things in real life be a polititian for example as if socialism had not come to be in part because so many people talked and wrote about poverty, let people know what it really meant for the poor whose lives they did not get much of a peak into. It did not come into being because some monk carried bread from house to house, christianitynever wroked to reduce poverty in any real way and if you read Saint augustine it worked to instill some pretty horrible morality.
    NOw you have been reduced you are destroying Colbert with a demand for him to be real, as in himself in some sort of way. not that ever growing awareness of god that the mystics look to understand but an ever redu;ced idea of self.
    Colberts genius is in allowing so many parts of his nature to shine through. It is of giving a fuller version of human nature, freed up by masks as he was he gave us a fuller picture of the human. Catholic sects, like you pretend they are giving people back their real self they carefully groom people taking them step by step so hta tthey learn what is wanted of them while what they pretend to teach is the real them.
    You sound so like one of them in this interveiw. It is their way to turn people into robots in order to make them useful they convince them they are finding their religious self, so their true self, their buddhic nature a thoroughly screwwed up buddhic nature. They have done for you genious and now you are going for Colberts.
    Colberts old show his role in it must have worked somewhat like automatic writing did for surrealistm, in letting your self go, as colbert did throuhg ihis various roles, more parts of you have a chance to get out and he gave that show which was so rich and varied in his many roles areno human full of different parts? you dont get old because you get old others tutuor you to behave like an old man to ge thide bound and boring.
    . I am fighting Sauron that person from the same school as Gandalf and Castle Gandalfi is the Popes Summer palace. I am sorry I ever criticised Colberts love of the lord of hte rings, one ring to trap them all and in the darkness bind them,. Is not that ring attacking all others and enslaving them the Church who want to make everyone christian. They get really violent verbally and also physically, the repression of that heresy communism was very violent in catholic countries.
    The spell is the fear that if people are free they wil go to hell easy to instill into all followers making them agress all who are not in the fold till they get in it. fear of hell is one part of hte spell and extreme love of Jesus the other that can be used to make folllowerrs furious with anyone who follows some other leader and lwilling to lie to blacken other religions and to use violence to convert those of other persuasions or even athiests. . For the synical, the more peple they can catch, the more people htey have giving money or time, free work to the church. work for the system. DO you ever hear the charitable church ask china to be less nasty to the tibetans, not to torture them and give them forced abortoins NO you don't. the evil of the ring that crock I begin to stop grooming colbert you will kill him with prim and properness first they killled you know you are killing him. understand colberts love of that book surrealist

  • Teresa Suratos
    Teresa Suratos 10 months ago +1

    I really like how Stephen acknowledged his staff for their work :) And also, I love it whenever he talks about his wife

  • Karen Jackson
    Karen Jackson 10 months ago

    Why is Colbert getting fat on his show

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 10 months ago

    Talk about your trauma with your father dying. You said that, in the car ,on the way back from the funeral your sister made a joke and you were all so miserable, so very miserable that a joke instead of seeming inappropiate at that moment, seemed so wonderful to you, that she provided a relief from your pain, was so much what you needed desperately, that you have decided to joke ever since. To help others with pain for the rest of your life. There is one bit of the real you. You, trying to be you, has stripped you down to such a poor, reduced, more formal, more hide bound thing and you imagine y=that you have become the real you, it is sad, you used to seem so much happier with you very complex attitude to self.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 10 months ago

    We are all vunerable but the world is a dangerous place so we act strong but your mask, Colbert included an incredibly vunerable person, was mostly an incredibly vunerable person even his worst opinions reflected somone who was not facing up to reality. VUnerability like that is a thing we all suffer from in some degree and so that we are all so grateful to see it portrayed by you so sucessfully. Jon is being crazy here, you were so real when you were so many different people, so much more rounded.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 10 months ago

    Y usoued to face up to Catholics. I remember a sketch in which you were facing dark Vader which seemed ot me I was also under attack from catholic extremism, to be a way of talking about their attacks, a way of turning down their importunities.